Kaoru Chapter 18: Attention

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Kaoru Chapter 18: Attention



*** Birthday party of Lyotal Family ***


Lyotal family’s third son, Ashil von Lyotal, was nervous looking around the venue.


[Why isn’t she here yet…?
I don’t doubt her, but I am worried about accidents and mistakes. ] (Acyl inner thought)


In the venue, all of the Lyotal family are present, including the main protagonist Cedric and his guests.

In this country, the organizer won’t give the speech as soon as they are present. Because the guests are often coming late, so the organizer saves the greetings and speech after a certain amount of time.

So, the party has actually already begun.

And when Acyl was getting more and more worry, a girl appeared at the party venue.

The party organizer, Lyotal, realized that the venue, which was noisy with the conversations here and there had become quiet.


(Did something happen?) (Lyotal)


Right now Lyotal is having conversations with guests, as the organizer, he must at least check every guest that comes to his eldest son’s birthday party and says his greetings.

And when the eyes of all guests and Lyotal himself turned to that direction, there was a girl of about 12 years old.


Glossy black hair up to the shoulder, well-balanced face …

Although her catching eyes are a little strong and mean. But as a noble, it also shows the strength of their intention. That girl is wearing a pure white dress.

What a splendid thing! A dress which seems to be made for royalty. She also has a lot of shining jewelry such as necklaces, hair ornaments that with great craftsmanship!

And it isn’t just monetary value. No matter how much gold coins you spend, you can’t easily get what isn’t available if you don’t have a resolve.

Certainly, she is still a young girl before adulthood.

But that’s only a matter of waiting for a few years.

Watching that figure growing in your hand will also be blissful.

That pretty figure that makes Lyotal think so. She seems intelligent, with a strong personality, wearing a lot of jewels that are hard to obtain even with hundreds of gold coins.

Whose daughter is she? Is she some Princess of the other country? The way she laughs is also fantastic.

In the quiet venue, everyone just kept staring at the girl. The girl kept walking straight towards the front seat, where Lyotal and the protagonist of today Cedric. But before she reaches the seat, she turns to the right heading to the food corner.

And that girl gladly took a dish from the food corner, and everyone couldn’t help but protest in their mind.


(No, Don’t do it, your dress will get dirty ~~~ !!) (Everyone)


The waiters on scene flew to her right away and offered help. And the girl keeps eating dish elegantly.

And then that venue finally regained sound, the men began moving near the girl and tried to talk with her.

However, there’s a manner of saying 「 don’t talk to those who have a dish in their hands」 so no one can talk to the girl that continues to eat without interruption.

The girl continues to eat forever.

And the men nearby who are waiting to talk are somewhat fidgetting while restraining each other.

And the girl suddenly turned to the men’s direction, and she finally placed the dish on the table.


Now! …


The moment the men thought so and tried talking to her.


「Thank you for inviting me today, Acyl!」 (Kaoru) (T.N: Kaoru didn’t add -san like in the workshop)


That girl smiling and talking to Achille von Lyotal, the third son of the Lyotal Family.


「Eeh, Kaoru-chan …?」 (Acyl)


And then, there was the appearance of Acyl which was dumbfounded with his mouth opened wide.


[ What? What does it mean?
Does the girl know Achille?
I don’t mind, but as the organizer, I can’t interrupt the meeting between young people.
I have to fulfill my duty as a host … ] (Lyotal)


The Lyotal restraints himself from flying to Acyl and question him.

The eldest son Cedric was also worried and as a leading role, he also can’t leave his seat.

Today, the father and he have to fulfill their role as the owner and successor of the house.

Who in the world is that girl? And what kind of relationship does she have with Acyl? Lyotal and Cedric can’t keep their calm.


「Please introduce her to us, Achille」 (Nobles + Merchants)


The men at the place are asking Acyl.

If a girl is alone, you may ask her directly, but if that girl’s family member, friends, acquaintances, etc. are present, the first rule is to ask that person for an introduction.


「Ah, ah, she is Kaoru …」 (Acyl)


He can’t say anything more. Like she is a commoner, she doesn’t have a family name, or he asked her for help today.

If he introduces a beautiful girl with such a fantastic dress and jewels as a commoner, no-one will believe him, he may even lose face.


「 Good day everyone. My name is Kaoru. My family name is classify. I hope everyone can forgive me about it …」  (Kaoru)


Kaoru backs up for Acyl.

The men at that place have no choice but endure their urge to ask Kaoru’s family name. There’s also a manner that doesn’t touch on a girl’s identity without her will.

Of course, no one is rude enough to ask a lady about her age.


「Kaoru-san, are you engaged in an engagement?」 (Men)

「No, not yet.
In our family, we will find the one we love and decide everything ourselves …」 (Kaoru)


As Kaory replies so, the men are happy but they still try to hide it.

The men surrounding Kaoru are composed of a wide range from boys around 10 years old to the late teens, young men, and even middle age men.


「What kind of relationship do you have with Achille?」 (Men + Boys)

「Acyl is my first friend since I came to this country and I am indebted to him ever since.
He had been eating my cooking and praising it delicious everyday」 (Kaoru)


Yes, there is no lie.

As the men heard that, they interpret that the relationship between Acyl and Kaoru aren’t gone so far yet. And it seems, this girl had abandoned her name …


「Have you cooked yourself?」(Men + Boys)

「Yes, I’m pretty good with cooking.
I heard that I can eat party cuisine in this country today, so I had asked Acyl to invite me.
I wanted to compare it with food from my country …」 (Kaoru)


And the men thought that Kaoru was keeping eating a little earlier for that reason.

Although Kaoru merely wants to enjoy the food.


「Well then, please come and visit the upcoming party of our Earl family, you can taste a lot of famous cuisine」 (Earl’s son)

「No, come to our place, the chef of our family is a former cook of royal palace …」 (Unknown noble’s son)

「Well, our home also…」 (Unknown noble’s son)


And party invitation continued for a while.

Acyl was upset by Kaoru looking like that of another person, who cannot be thought of as a commoner, and wasn’t able to speak to her because of the surrounding men.






「Everyone, welcome and thank you for coming to our party today!」 (Either Lyotal)


It seems that the greeting time has arrived.

Men around Kaoru cannot ignore this event as expected and they start coming to the front seat of the venue.

Lyotal says his greeting to visitors, talking a little about the recent topics of the Lyotal family, introduce Cedric who is his eldest son and the protagonist of this party.

And he also mentions a little about the second son and the third son Achille, and also mention that Cedric and Achille are yet to engage.

At that time, he got a glance at Acyl and the black hair girl standing beside him.

After the greetings and introduction, the men also started to lean towards Kaoru again. But there were another group of people there.


「Oh my! What are those people?」 (Kaoru)


A considerable number of women were heading towards the family head and Cedric while holding something in their hands.


「Ah, that is…
My older brother, who is today’s leading character.
Those women are going to hand over the gift
But only who isn’t married, not having a fiancée or a lover can go there …」 (Acyl)


Acyl is finally able to speak with Kaoru.


「Well, I hadn’t heard about it?」 (Kaoru)

「Well, because it had nothing to do with Kaoru」 (Acyl)


Well …

Let’s change schedule and get out here!


「I’m going there a bit too!」 (Kaoru)

「Eh, wh … What do you mean, Wait…」 (Acyl)


Pay no mind to Acyl, Kaoru headed for the leading role seat.

On the way, Kaoru checked the position of a certain employee.

The position of that servant with the characteristics that fit the story of Ashil.

When Kaoru went forward, there was a row made by the ladies. At that moment, all the ladies turn back to Kaoru.


「Oh, are you also aiming for Cedric-sama?」 (Lady)


Voices were heard from other ladies lined up in front of Kaoru.


「It seems that you didn’t prepare gifts for him, are you going to greet him with an empty hand?」 (Lady)


It seems the ladies are jealous of Kaoru who had taken the attention of all men before. Or they want to fight over Cedric?


「Oh, that’s fine, you don’t have to worry」 (Kaoru)


Kaoru lightly replies back.


「Oh, yes … That reminds me, I heard that a lady who dropped her gift and broke it before, gave him a kiss on his hand and the right to call her with a nickname instead of a gift」 (Lady)


The aristocratic girl, when she said so, turned towards the front.

Perhaps, she wanted to advise Kaoru that didn’t seem to have a gift.


(Huh, yeah … well …)  (Kaoru)


The rows of the ladies gradually became shorter and finally the last one, Kaoru.


「You are……」 (Cedric)


Cedric who leaks a surprise voice to the black haired girl who he didn’t expect her to come forward.


「 Aren’t you my brother’s lover?」 (Cedric)

「Acyl is a friend, a very nice person」 (Kaoru)

「A nice person, you say…」 (Cedric)


Cedric is looking at his brother sorrow eyes and smiles bitterly.


「Thank you very much for inviting me today.
I wanted to say hello to Acyl’s brother and parents, so I was waiting in line」 (Kaoru)

「My younger brother seems to have died somewhere …」 (Cedric)


Cedric suddenly glanced at his poor brother again.


「So, I will not go empty hand with a greeting, so I’d like to give a gift …」 (Kaoru)


Looking at the girl so told, she doesn’t seem to have anything. It is certain that she can’t give the gem that she wore.


「Can you call your servant, Calvin-san?」 (Kaoru)

「Huh……」 (Cedric)


Cedric is agape with the word of the girl.

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