Kaoru Chapter 21: Invitation


Greeting my dear readers.

I have a bad news for you.

You had fallen to the dark side.

(You don’t believe me?)

In this chapter, there’re a lot of people suffering but you will just like me, ROFL LOL.

You will even asking for more and more people suffering.


Side note:

I think the one in charge are mean the guard captain and the messenger (which is a low rank noble)

If you come to a military camp or officer center or a security room and ask “Who in charge here?”

I thought we will normal get the captain guy, right ?

Kaoru Chapter 21: Invitation


* Kaoru’s POV *


Acyl returned to the workshop, told the result of the discussion with his father to Kaoru.
And when Kaoru was relieved for a moment.
A servant of Lyotal family came to relay Baron Lyotal’ word.


「There is an messenger from the royal palace. Get back at once」 (Servant)


Fast. It’s way more early than expected!
Normally, when a rumor like this spread to the royal palace, they may laugh off like some foolish things.
Only when several similar stories arrived from several sources, they may believe its credibility and reporting it above, they must consider a lot before reporting to the King.
And even if the King heard of it, it should take some time for him to decide what to do…


「Acyl-san, If you don’t mind, please go and check the date and time. Also, Please tell them that I don’t need pick up」 (Kaoru)

「…I understand」 (Acyl)


After acyl went away, Kaoru thought.
It wouldn’t be good if I rely on the people of the Lyotal family.
They should be remain as liaison and intermediary.
But the problem this time is that it’s still too early.
It’s not surprising that the royalty will act immediately if the rumors spread far enough.
Do they even check the credibility of the rumors at all?
Kaoru didn’t imagine that the female knight used the potion during the audience in the royal palace.
Even Kaoru was really smart and always thinking ahead, but it was impossible to give a correct answer unless she got necessary information.
Well, something, I will need something to earn more time …
Also, something to prevent the royal family or the senior of the high rank aristocrat get a hold of me.





「Kaoru, the invitation from the king arrived.
You are invited to have an audience tomorow morning!」 (Acyl)

「I understand」 (Kaoru)


By the time Acyl came back to the workshop, Kaoru already thought of a plan.


***Next morning***


In front of the back gate of the royal castle right after sunrise.
(T.N: Back gate is for commoners or servant that have permission to enter, front gate is for high rank noble and royal family)

There was a figure of a commoner girl. Of course, it is Kaoru.
The front gate are usually open late, and the back gate will be opened as soon as the sun rise for suppliers of food ingredients and those who work in the castle.
In addition, some people are allowed to go in and out at night if they have permission.
It was the「morning」 that Kaoru will have an audience with the King.

This world doesn’t have an accurate clock. And it’s impossible to let the king wait.
Therefore, if the invitation said 「morning」, it’s common sense to arrive earlier and wait a long time in the waiting room.
However, at any rate, this time was too early even to wait for audience.
(T.N: I guess was like 5:00 am)

Kaoru have arrived way too early.


「Uhm, can you let me pass…」 (Kaoru)


*Gate keeper’s POV* (T.N: I guess)


A commoner girl said so to the gatekeeper. No matter how we look, she is just a commoner.


「Oh, did you have the gate testimonial?」 (Gate Keeper aka G.K)

「I don’t have it, but …
am I arriving a bit too early …」 (Kaoru)

「Well then, did you get an audience certificate」(G.K)


In this country, even a commoner can have an audience with the king or minister.
However, that commoner needs to pass through alot of preliminary examination and severe identity survey, etc.
If that commoner is the village chief of a village somewhere, he may have one in several hundred chance to actually meet with the king.
And that village chief also must have an important matter to report that may involve the village’s existence or something like that.
The King and ministers are really busy after all.
By the way, young and beautiful women are easier to pass, even gate keepers or officers still play favourite with beautiful girl after all.
Although this girl is only a child, she is still a pretty girl.


「… I do not have that either 」 (Kaoru)

「You thought you can just come in the castle without any permission?
Who did you plan to have an audience in the royal castle anyway?」 (G.K)

「Well, I thought of seeing the King …」 (Kaoru)

「But there’s no permission, is it?」 (G.K)

「Yes, I have not received anything …」 (Kaoru)


I was dumbfounded. Was this girl alright in her head?
However, she is a pretty cute girl.


(Isn’t this nice?) (G.K ‘s inner thought)


I might as well do this.


「Young lady, if you don’t have permission, you can’t enter the King castle, you can’t meet the king, too」 (G.K)

「Well, that will be a problem …」 (Kaoru)

(Yoshi yoshi …) (G.K ‘s inner thought) (T.N: Uhm… I think it mean “alright” or “yes”)

「But, if you give me money, I can handle it somehow …」 (G.K)


Of course, Gatekeepers have no such authority.


「Well, but I have no money …」 (Kaoru)

(I know, I can tell by looking, …) (G.K ‘s inner thought)

「I guess it can’t be helped …
I will change my shift after a while, we can have a private talk somewhere.
If you can satisfy me, I may put a good words and help you meet the King」 (G.K)

「Eh, does that mean …」 (Kaoru)


The girl holds both hands in front of her chest and stares at me with angry eyes.


「No, I won’t accept … such a thing …」 (Kaoru)

「Oh well, it’s not such a big deal.
If you go out with me for a moment, I will try help you to meet the king!」 (G.K)


I get closer to the girl and try to get hold on her.


「No, I don’t need you to give me mercy!
I definitely won’t enter this king’s castle!
I won’t meet up with the King, I will not listen to the royalty of this country and any great noble ever again.
I swear in the goddess Celes’ name!」 (Kaoru)


Kaoru shouting out loud and running away.


「Ohh, too bad.
Well, it only works just once in dozens of times.
Too bad, she was a cute girl!」 (G.K)


This is just the usual thing, the gatekeeper didn’t care that the last word of Kaoru was a bit unnatural. (T.N: call Goddess by nickname, not Celestine-sama)


*** Maiyaru workshop ***


Acyl who stayed at my parents house last night showed up to the workshop a little late.
Because it’s normal to stay up all night, no one cares about working hours.


「Oh, Acyl-san, Good Morning」 (Kaoru)

「Oh, good morning, Kaoru …
… that’s NOT the matter!
…why are you still here?」 (Acyl)


Acyl screaming.


「Aren’t you having an audience with the King in the morning?」 (Acyl)


Acyl was trembling as he asked.


「Ah, I went to the King’s Castle, but the gatekeeper stopped me so I could not get in.
『If I wanted to get in I must either pay money or let him have his way with me』he said
Thus I told him 『I will never enter the King’s Castle, I won’t meet up with the King, I will not listen to the royalty of this country and any great noble ever again. I swear in the goddess Celes’ name』 !」 (Kaoru)


Acyl is almost fainting.
After that, he frantically ran to the Lyotal family in a desperate manner.




The king and the cabinet members who finished the morning meeting headed straight to the audience.
Then, everyone takes a seat, wait for 「Angel of Goddess」with tense face.
After all, from the last time goddess Celestine had shown her divine form, it had already been 53 years.
After that, the high priests sometimes announced that the Great Temple of Rueda Holy Country had received 「Oracles」some time.

But the contents of those 「Oracles」are only  convenience for the sacred place and the temple.
There was no figure of the goddess, only the high priests of the temple of Holy country said so.
The King doesn’t believe it, and not many people believe it.
And this time, we have witness the visit of the goddess from another world whom is the friend of the goddess Celestine. And just 2 days before we have the news about the appearance of the angel.

Is it a coincidence that both of them were involved with Balmoa Kingdom?
The Goddess was in neighboring country, but she only helped out the people of Balmoa Kingdom.
And the Angel looks like from other country as well.
We don’t know which is she from, but right now it seems that she lives in Balmoa Kingdom.
Is this Celestine-sama omen? Is there a new oracle? Is it a prophecy of catastrophe?
Everyone can’t help but get nervous.

…so late.

It has already been several dozens minutes since the king arrived at the seat and gave a good preparation.
It is impossible to make the king wait.
When the room became noisy, a report arrived.


「The girl has not come」 (Guard Captain?)


Ignoring the invitation of the king to have an audience!
No matter what that girl may be, that is unacceptable.
While the audience that gradually became noisy.
Another soldier in panic came running.


「Baron Lyotard wants to see the King immediately!
He says that there is a great urgent report on the girl’s audience!」 (Soldier)

「Let him pass!」 (King)


The king is also impatient.


「Your majesty, I came to report …
That girl was asked for money or offer her body by the gatekeeper, so she returned home without entering the castle …」 (Lyotal)

「Why did something like that …」 (King)

「At that time, she also swears in the goddess’ name that
She definitely won’t enter the king castle!
She won’t meet up with the King nor she will listen to the royalty of this country and any great noble ever again …」  (Lyotal)

「How could something like that happen」 (King)


Everyone in the audience were either surprise or despair.


「Amoros, what did this mean?」 (King)


The king questioned the one who are responsible for welcome guest.


「Yes, I had instructed those who are in charge of the main gate today. They would welcome and guide the guest If there was any aristocrat girl of other countries came in! But there was no girl that came in this morning!」 (Amoros)

「… So that means, the girl had come at the back gate early in the morning and even before the gate keeper replacement today.
Furthermore, she had come as a commoner?
… Lyotal, why was she like that?」 (King)


To the question of the king, the Baron tells stories that he heard from his son.


「Yes, since the girl named Kaoru had abandoned her country and her family name, she no longer has any relationship with her motherland.
She wants to live as a commoner in this country, it is natural that she now is just a civilian.
When she was at my party last time, she had borrowed a dress from her acquaintance so that she wouldn’t disturb the place …」 (Lyotal)

「… This was my fault because I didn’t know that girl wasn’t a noble of another country.
I thought that she would come through the main gate with a horse-drawn carriage, I had instructed a number of soldiers in advance but I should ask someone directly guide her…」 (Guard captain or some soldier)


It would be cruel to blame people in charge with this.
The king tells everyone in the audience that and gives no punishment for the person in charge.
However, with this, that girl can’t be called to the royal palace. She also won’t hear anything from the king, the royal family, the cabinet ministers, etc
Now, what should I do …

The king held his head in agony.

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  1. I want to see what Kaoru-chan would do if that guard is a such gentleman.

    But no punishment? Why? That guard demand bribe to let unknow person to go in royal castle without checking the background you know?

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    • Maybe that’s so commonplace that they don’t bother, or they have a policy that its fine to take bribes so long as they pay taxes on it


      • Yes, they said nothing about the guard.

        That corrupt guard is from yesterday shift (to this early morning)

        The one in charge are the new guards from today (after change shift) and the guard captain.

        Maybe the Author just forgot about the punishment for that corrupt guard.

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  2. Dark side? Is it like the opposite of sunny side up?

    Gatekeeper used pay with cash or pay with your body !!
    It isn’t effective…
    Kaoru uses just according to plan.
    Boycott justified.
    It was very effective !!

    Kaoru uses shocking truth !
    Acyl fainted.
    It was very effective !!
    10 exp gained.

    Baron Lyotal uses hothead.
    (Somewhat)Explains situation
    It was somehow effective
    King uses cool head.
    Gatekeeper keeps his head.

    King – 100 migraine gained.
    Baron – 200 migraine gained.
    Acyl – 250 migraine gained.
    Gatekeeper – head remained.

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    • When did the king caught the corrupt guard red handed? It is only on report so the guard can deny it and also he can say “it is the excuse to throw commoner out. Even if the commoner pay the money, I still do not let them in”

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    • After I reread it the one who being told not getting the punishment is not the gatekeeper but Amoros the guard captain and everybody who invited Kaoru but do not check her situation and escort her. It is already too late to do anything.


  3. Kaoru are good at using corrupted official. unfortunately this gatekeeper didn’t get any punishment like Rish before. With this, the plan to avoid being held by the royal family or the senior of the high rank aristocrat is SUCCESS!!
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  4. Quick suggestion:
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    …why are you “here?”->”still here?!”」 (Acyl)

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    • I don’t think so. I believe that the gatekeeper was lying, and that there was never any chance of him getting her inside. Although it does mean that the gatekeepers are easily distracted at work and can potentially be lured away from their post. So the security is still terrible on account of the complete absence of discipline from the guards, and thoroughly soiling the reputation of The King’s household by lying-to and cheating visitors, but they are not actually letting people in.


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    Alright, if they are commoner without any identification magic which they don’t have. How can you just let someone pass that gate without issue any passport invitation card or anything to identify. So if I am an assassin I could just waltz in if I have money just like that?

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    • The gate keeper just want to have money and beautiful girl.
      He can’t do anything about it (just say it to extort money)

      Commoner are only have 1 in several hundreds of chance to acttually met with the King after severe checking of background, attention ..etc.


    • Technically
      1-Kaoru is trying to cause trouble, so she’ll not admit she got an invitation
      2-She’s the VVVIP, the front gate is supposed to let her pass just by name, even without the invitation. Think the Japanese call it a ‘face pass’ where your get passed through just by facial recognition. It’s just that she’s looking for trouble so she went to the back gate instead.

      If you were really serious about protocol, technically, the KING should be the one having an audience with her, Goddess or Goddess avatar outranking kings since kings actually rule ‘by grace of God’ or at least in our world they do.


      • Well, problem is… nobody know her face beside some that saw her when she actually dress up, and girl change a lot when they dress up. Then again she just don’t want to play nice. I didn’t feel right because they done nothing wrong (that I know of) yet.


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    They are 2 different people. The Guard Captain keeps his head. The gatekeeper may not. It’s not like the Guard Captain is going to let the other guy go free after screwing up the pooch so badly.

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    • That’s cause Mile is (mostly) clueless about her savagery while Kaoru is actively doing this on purpose.. Probably cause she finds it fun to do so


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    from the last time goddess Celestine had shown her “devine”->”divine” form

    the visit of the goddess “of the other”->”from another” world

    When the room became noisy, “an”->”a” report arrived.

    That girl was asked for money or offer her body “to”->”by” the gatekeeper

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