Kaoru Chapter 22: Temple

Rin Akiha

Kaoru Chapter 22: Temple


*** Temple of Balmour Kingdom ***

Actually, it was called only as “Temple”


Because there’s only one God in this world that is goddess Celestine
There is no need to bother to name the temple because everyone in this world worships only Celestine.
Even if we try to distinguish it from sects of other countries by differences in fine doctrine, we will just call it “Goddess’ Orthodox Faction”

Archbishop Sornie (ソルニエ: Sorunie) is the one with the highest ranking in this Kingdom.

Below him, there’re a few bishops, more priests, chief priests, monks and so on.
There are several people below the chief priest in the temple of the province, and the priests who usually work in the large temple of the kingdom.

There is no distinction between men and women on these ranks.

But there are women called “Shrine maidens” (T.N: Miko) that are completely separate from these.

“Shrine maidens” have no meaning like “Bride of God” because our God is a goddess.

But goddess Celestine has a figure of a girl, and people think that they will need a girl to hold a conversation with the goddess.
The shrine maiden who had contact with the goddess, even if married or became old, their title is still retained.

The title that higher than archbishop are cardinal and pope which only exist in the Holy Country Rueda.
The Pope holds absolute power in the temple.
Unlike the King, his words might affect many countries altogether.

As for country other than Holy Empire, whenever something happens, they will need to be wary of whether the Holy country will issue religious instructions under the name of the Pope.

Goddess Celestine has the appearance of a girl. Sometimes, she appears to give an “Oracle” to inform human about disaster within several years to a decade.

But for over 50 years, there hasn’t been any Oracle and major disaster.
The new generation of those working in the temple hadn’t experienced the advent of the goddess.
The faith of those working in temple start to fade away, they use goddess’ name as a mean for moneymaking, corruption spreading.

A temple official knew that the goddess hasn’t shown for more than 50 years and that the oracle that was released from the Pope of Rueda Holy Empire.
It was created by the Great Temple of the Holy Land without permission.
They don’t really believe in Goddess, so they aren’t really scared of Goddess’ punishment.
They even dare to use Goddess’ punishment to threaten people.

Bishop Sarazan.
He never saw goddess descent’s event with his eyes, and he climbed to this rank just to have a rich life.
The image of the goddess is a gentle looking girl was also a factor makes Sarazan thinks that “Even the goddess is real, she won’t get angry over some trivial thing”


* Bishop Sarazan’s POV *


“Did you say there was an angel of the goddess?” (Sarazan)


Bishop Sarazan just got the information from lower aristocrats, spread to other priests and finally reach his ear.


“Yes, multiple nobles saw a miracle …”  (Priest)


This is stupid.
In the past record, the Goddess always makes a direct Oracle.
She had never given Oracle through an intermediary such as an angel.
She simultaneously appeared at the great temple of each country and told the priestess and the priests directly.

It’s already 53 years since the last oracle.

Was this little girl using some tricks successfully adopt it in a noble family …?
No,… wait.
Whether she is a genuine angel or not, it doesn’t really matter.
If the people and the nobles believe in that rumor, I can use her well…

Even if she is fake, I will just push all the blame to her that she pretended to be an angel and tricked everyone.
I’m also just a victim who was deceived.
There will be no problem.
I can use her to make plenty of profits …

Fortunately, the archbishop and other bishops hadn’t known about her yet.
I will be the first one to talk with that little girl and become a caretaker for her.
I can get the information from the aristocrat included the whereabouts of the little girl that the royal palace examined.
In the royal palace as well, there are a lot of people who have indulged of faith after all.


“Call Priest Dorn” (Sarazan)


Bishop Sarazan ordered the priest Dorun ready to go pick up the girl after he got the information.


* Back to Kaoru’s POV*


The day after Kaoru dropped by the castle gate.
When cleaning the front of the entrance of the workshop, a staggering horse-drawn carriage came.
And the one inside opens the window asking from inside…


“Is this place Maiyaru workshop?” (Dorn)

(Oh, somehow I have a bad feeling …)  (Kaoru)


Kaoru stopped moving the broom in her hands and answered.


“Yes, this is Maiyaru workshop, I am Kaoru” (Kaoru)


Because it would be troublesome, Kaoru decided to deal with it soon.
When he heard the reply from Kaoru, the man came down from the carriage.
The man around that age 50, had plenty of fat, wearing gorgeous clothes.
However, it isn’t aristocratic clothing.


“I’m the priest of the Great Temple, Dorun, the bishop had summoned you, come!”  (Dorn)

(Oh, another one …) (Kaoru)


Priest Dorn, who was ordered by Bishop Sarazan to bring Kaoru to him, was also similar to bishop Sarazan.
When he was told to bring “The angel” from Sarazan,
he was thinking about the same thing as Sarazan.
Of course, since he is in Sarazan faction, he was full of obsession.
Like Sarazan, he doesn’t think that Kaoru is a real angel so there’s no piece of respect for her.
In the first place, because the order from Sarazan isn’t “invite her”  but “take her along”


“But I refuse”  (Kaoru)

“Huh……”  (Dorn)


Dorn didn’t know what to say for a moment in the response to Kaoru.
In any case, it was unexpected, to think such a commoner that dare to oppose the words of the priest.
Priest Dorn’s face gradually turns red.


“Insolent, what are you saying! This is the bishop’s order!” (Dorn)

“Well, because I’m not from this country.
I have no duty to obey what people in the temple of another country.
Besides, people of clergy don’t have any right to order people” (Kaoru)

“You……” (Dorn)


As Kaoru replied, Dorn became angrier and tried to grab Kaoru.
People start gathering because of the commotion.
Notices that there are a lot of people gathering, Kaoru continues.


“What are you trying to do, forcing the girl you dislike into the back of the temple …
「And then tell people that no-one saw that girl’s appearance」
Or 「then a few days later, that girl’s dead body will be found on the riverside …」
Pardon me for such things” (Kaoru)

“Ki~, you, you …” (Dorn)


Dorn’s face turned red and he raised his voice shouting.


“You, you aren’t afraid of the Goddess’ punishment! The Goddess’s anger …” (Dorn)

“God’s punishment? Goddess’ anger…?” (Kaoru)


Kaoru faintly smirks.


“Something like this?” (Kaoru)



The roof of the horse-drawn carriage was blown away with the explosion sound.

The explosion was due to something “like nitroglycerin”  that fell on the roof from above.


“Hii~iii !” (Dorn)


Dorn is falling to the ground.

The horse carriage was also damaged. Two coachmen that try to run away also lose balance and fall to the ground as well.


Pon! Pon! Pon!!  (SFX)


There are a series of small explosions around the fallen men.


“To whom the goddess will be angry at?
To whom, the goddess will give out her punishment?”  (Kaoru)

“Hiii~iiiii !!” (Dorn)


Dorn stood up desperately and ran away at once. The two servant coachmen were also running after him.

And the rumors spread like wildfire.


“The priest of the Great Temple try to abduct the angel and make the goddess angry”

“The temple insulted the angel and the punishment fell” etc.



*** Royal castle ***



“Your majesty, this is serious!
The temple tried to abduct the angel, and got the goddess’ punishment!” (Knight)

“What …!?”  (King)


A young king was astonished in an urgent report from the spies who kept guarding Kaoru.


(Goddess’ punishment!
A few hundred years ago, facing Goddess Celestine’s anger, one country had been completely destroyed …
This is bad! Really really bad!)  (King)

“Brother, what should we do?”  (King)


King Serge usually serve as the king splendor, but when he is in pinch, he often relies on his older brother Roland.


“Calm down, Serge!
Anyway, you must secure and protect the angel!
Well, the angel had said 「I will not go into this royal castle and I will not listen to the royalty of this country or any other great noble」
That means it will be okay as long as the place 「 isn’t the royal castle」
And, 「I will not listen」 is to say that she will not be complaining, it also doesn’t mean that we can’t talk to her!” (Roland)

“As expected from brother!
I will immediately dispatch aristocrats who aren’t GREAT at all!” (Serge) (T.N: sorry for the cap)

“Aha ha ha…” (Roland)

(Be careful about the way you say it, Serge, you are the King …) (Roland)
The King’s brother Roland mutters so.




“So that’s why you call me?” (Lyotal)

“Yeah, if you think about it,
You are the only noble who has an edge with the angel, isn’t GREAT noble. And you also remember the face of the Angel” (Minister)

“Eh…” (Lyotal)



*** Temple ***


*Archbishop’ POV*


Oh? Is that Priest Dorn?

This is rare.

He usually isn’t enthusiastic to work. He only wants to serve aristocrats or large merchants.

To think that he can keep praying eagerly …

Archbishop Sornie who casually dropped by at the chapel saw the appearance of a priest, who seriously pray unlike usual, nodded in satisfaction.

…But wait, when I look closely, something is strange here.

Rather than dedicating a god prayer. He was more like praying for his safety. Did a demon (Celes’ lie in chapter 2) attack him or something?

He was driven by fear, … Obviously, This was an unusual atmosphere.


“What did you do, Dorn?” (Archbishop)


When noticing the archbishop, Priest Dorn on his knee.


“Oh, the archbishop! I, I am a sinner!!” (Dorn)


And Dorun spoke everything to the Archbishop.

Astonished, Archbishop became pale as well


“We must go pick her up quickly! Call Bishop Perrier, this is urgent!” (Archbishop)


At that time, Bishop Sarazan thought that the return of Dorun priest was a bit late. But he didn’t really care too much whether the girl would go to the temple and spend his time dressing up instead.

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    • –> Zeldomnyo

      The Japanese text says (if you care to take a shot at translating it):


      My own feeble attempt at translating that text is below:

      At that time, Bishop Sarazan was thinking, Priest Dorun was a bit late returning, perhaps that girl is taking some time getting dressed to go to the temple, so he wasn’t very concerned.

      Does that make a bit more sense?


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    • –> ThatOneGuy2300

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      • Quick Suggestion:
        At that time, Bishop Sarazan thought that the return of Dorun priest was a bit late. But he didn’t really care too much “whether his daughter would go to the temple and spend his time dressing up instead.”->”Instead he spend his time dressing up to meet the Angel of Goddess when she come to the temple”


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    She simultaneously {appeard}-> {appeared} at the great temple of each country

    a genuine angel or not, {doesn’t reall}->{it doesn’t really} matter.

    push all the blame to her that {faking}->{she pretend} to be {}->{an} angel and trick everyone.

    “I’m the priest of the Great Temple, Dorun, the bishop had {called}->{summon} you, come!” (Dorun)

    Priest {Dorun’}->{Dorun’s} face gradually turns red.

    Dorun became more and more angry and tried to {grap}-> {grab} Kaoru.

    the back of the temple …
    “And then tell people that no-one saw that girl’s appearance.
    {And}->{Then} a few days later, that girl’s dead body will be found on the riverside …”
    {“Please pardon me”}-> {“EXCUSE me!?”} (Kaoru)

    {A young knight}->{The young king} was astonished in an urgent report from the spies who kept guarding Kaoru.

    King Serge usually serve as the king {splendid}->{splendor},

    {The King’}->{The King’s} brother Roland mutters so

    has an edge with the angel {and}->{,} isn’t GREAT {at all.}->{noble} And you also remember the face of the Angel”

    who {serious}->{seriously} pray unlike usual, nodded in satisfy.

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