Kaoru Chapter 25: Visitors


Kaoru Chapter 25: Visitors

ED/PF: ShinyApple



*** Maiyaru workshop ***


The people working in the workshop doesn’t change their attitude towards Kaoru.
They think of Kaoru not as an angel of the goddess, but as a「Helper that can cook, clean and do miscellaneous chores」.
Having a goddess’ friend or angel doesn’t really help them with their work.
They already treat Kaoru like she’s their angel due to how she helps out the workshop.

And today, the workshop has visitors from the temple again.

Since they wanted to talk with Kaoru, they continued to pester her by visiting the workshop every day to invite Kaoru to the temple.
And Kaoru continued to reply 「I’m sorry, I won’t enter the Temple」

Then one time, Shera changed the place from the temple to a restaurant.

However, when Kaoru examined it, she found out that the restaurant Shera invited her to is a place where nobles usually frequent at.
There’s also a completely soundproofed private room in the back.
Instant refusal.

And then, this time, I got a message saying 「We will meet at a place that you would like」
How persistent, she just won’t give up unless we meet once, so I decided to meet her.
I deliberately chose a place with a lot of people.



***A few days later, at the snack restaurant.***



I get some free time after I finish cleaning up and preparing lunch for the guys at the workshop.
I just need to prepare dinner when I return.
Kaoru hesitatingly waited for the Holy Maiden to make her give up on Kaoru once and for all.


「My Apologies. I have kept you waiting.」(Shera)


The Holy Maiden Shera, 3 boys and 2 girls appeared.
They ranged from about 10 to 16 years old.
Every one of them looked cute in their own way.


“Haaaah….” Kaoru sighed.

「 These children have received the temple’s teachings.
And when they heard that I would have a meeting with Kaoru, they asked if they could come with me」Shera explained.

「Eh…, is that so … then, What is your purpose?」 (Kaoru)


Kaoru gives an unpleasant-like reply.
Shera panicked a little, she saw that Kaoru isn’t interested at all in the children.
She only has one common topic left to talk about.


「Well, Kaoru, did you hear Celestine-sama say anything about that Male God?」 (Shera)


Even though the children weren’t supposed the hear about this, this is the only way she can talk to Kaoru.

She hopes that Kaoru would change her mind because she’s also acquainted with Celestine.


「Oh, Celes huh?
Did she talk to you about that as well?
Well, she was pleased that she was able to get in touch with him」(Kaoru)

「Oh, really? That must be nice!」 (Shera)




「……… 」 (Both)


However, the talk does not continue from there.
Shera thought of what Kaoru asked the other day.


「By the way, about the question you asked of Celestine-sama’s statue.
Celestine-sama is also a goddess of fertility but that place is somewhat at a poor state.
Thus people believe, in order to enrich the land, the statue of the goddess of fertility needs to be abundant from the poor areas as well.
Way back then, people thought of it like that …」 (Shera)

「……Is that so?」(Kaoru)


A cold reply by the Kaoru.

Tears dropped from her eyes. Kaoru then looked at her own body.


「ahahaha.. a somewhat poor state..」, 「a poor state…」, 「a poor state…」Kaoru kept muttering it.

「Ah, Kaoru. I will introduce these children, from the left …」(Shera)

「Ohhh, that’s fine.
It’s alright, I probably won’t remember their names,
I’m not good at remembering people …」 (Kaoru)



Shera got shot down again.
No way, I can’t stop here!
When push comes to shove, I have to use the children to increase our current relationship.

It’s still too early to talk about the temple.
I have to warm up the talk with more ordinary topics … was what Shera was thinking.
And then, the children started speaking.


「Uhm, we ah no.., I want to ask about the goddess!」(Child A)

「Ah, me too!」 (Child B)

「I also want to ask!」 (Child C)


As expected of the children chosen by the archbishop.
It seems that they weren’t just about appearances.
Shera was impressed.
And then Kaoru started talking to the children.


「You know what, just imagine that you have a very rich friend…」(Kaoru)

「Eh?」 (5 children)

「And then someone you don’t know, comes and pushes you.
They don’t ask anything about you, they just want to listen to anything about your rich friend as if they want you to introduce them to her.
Do you think that you can become good friends with those kinds of people?
Do you even think you would like to be friends with them in the first place?
Would you trust someone you don’t know and just keep giving them your important friend’s information?」(Kaoru)

「………」 (5 children)

「Well, I don’t have anything to talk about, so I will excuse myself.」(Kaoru)


Even when Kaoru stood up, both Shera and the children remained silent and didn’t move.
Kaoru noticed something after leaving the restaurant.


「Oh, in the end, I didn’t order anything …」(Kaoru)



***A few days later***



The female knight Francette came.


「Kaoru, Earl Adam has arrived in the kingdom」(Fran)


Kaoru was told by Francette the news she was waiting for,
she then confirmed the meeting time with the Earl through Francette.

By the way, Kaoru had told Francette and everyone else not to call her 「goddess」, 「angel 」or 「Goddess’s friend」

The next day, in front of Earl Adam, Kaoru was wearing the「Baron’s Daughter’s clothes」that caused his children and the knights to mistake her as a goddess.

Normally, you would ring the entrance knocker and get picked up.
No, usually the noble’s daughter would not walk alone.
I was guided by a butler through the back room.
Going into a private mansion like this is a problem.

However, Kaoru had prepared counter-measures for herself.

She ordered the children, that if she didn’t come out of the Earl’s house by sunset,  then notify the Temple, the Lyotal house, the workshop, and shout at the Central Plaza, 「 the friend of the goddess is captured by Earl Adam!」
When worse comes to worst, I have to use the name「goddess’ s friend」

After quite some time Kaoru noticed that her worries were unfounded.
There were already other members in the room through which Kaoru came in.
Earl of Adam, his son Hector, his daughter Anice, Robert the captain of the escort back then, female knight Francette and royal king’s brother Roland.

Members of this group noticed that the goddess’ friend Kaoru and silver hair Goddess Kaoru are the same person.
Those people are very unlikely to betray Kaoru.

Kaoru explained to the everyone in the room as followed.


「I am Celes’ friend.
I came to visit here from another world on Celes’ recommendation.
Now that I’m enjoying life as a human being, keep it a secret.
Right now other than everyone in this room, Everyone else believes that I’m a friend of the Goddess Celes and am just a human who was given the ability to bless people…
Keep in mind about the part「just a human」
I don’t intend to shoulder this power on my own.
I gave the blessings to a few people, but due to how many people are in need of these blessings, it’s become hard to distribute them.
Thus if you collaborate with me, It will be easier to give blessings to the people」(Kaoru)


Based on that, various things from now on would be consulted and decided.
Baron Lyotal’s family will handle the royal palace, nobility, temple, etc.

Kaoru wants to maintain the current status quo.
On the other hand, Earl Adam and the King’s Brother Roland and female knight Francette would support them.
By Roland ‘s request, we will also share this info to the king as well.

And lastly, we decided to name this group.


「The light of the goddess」


Although Kaoru strongly opposed to it, it was approved by a majority vote from the other members. …
For the time being, the things that we would need to do would be.


「Selling healing potions with cheap price.
However, the effect is weak, and if it is not used in 5 days, it will lose its effect.
The manufacturing and distribution route is state secret.
The wholesaler is the royal palace 」


The reason why we declined its effects in 5 days is to prevent it to be used for war.
The main purpose for these was for the injuries hunters would get, and to cure the diseases of the general population.
The effect is weak but it’s still enough to help people.

The real miracle can only be done by「the tears of the goddess」made by the power of the goddess.
Only those qualified enough to receive the potion would be blessed by it.

Kaoru remembered and told everyone two things.

First, the「light of the goddess」has an outer organization called the「goddess’ eyes」
They are currently working without pay, but in the future, I plan to pay the members regularly.

Second, we will use Abir merchant group shops as a sales route.
And just like this, Kaoru finally made her debut on「potion sales」

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