Kaoru Chapter 35: Battlefront

Mira Pegasus
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Talking with Ed, Kaoru was wondering.

… His intelligent is too good.

Why can’t Ed speak normally by himself?

Is the horse originally very smart, it just can’t talk human language?

No, that’s impossible.

Even Ed really has a horse’s intelligence, he can only answer as much as a baby.

Did the translation ability translating his words into such words that easy for Kaoru to understand?

Or have that skill raised your opponent’s ability enough to have a conversation with Kaoru. To satisfy the condition 「The ability to read, write and have conversation in all languages ​​in this world」

No way …

However, the horse has lower intelligence than a dog that said to be as smart as 3 years old child. In Japan, almost all horsemen said that racing horses are slow to learn. But then, I can’t explain what happens here.

Also, if you say that, is there anything that you can call a horse language in the first place?

No, even just a small animal like that squirrel could unstand and tell me the way as soon as I came to this world.

Even if I kept thinking about it, it was useless. That’s why I should stop thinking.

It’s good that my will can be conveyed smoothly. It’s better than not being able to tell.


*** ***


Roland was disappointed at himself compare to Kaoru who kept comfortably traveling.

At night, they  can go to towns and villages that are near the camp site to buy water and food although it can’t really be called a camp.

Even though he is a royal member, Roland also trained in the army before.

He had camping experience.

But that’s due to the fact that the armies have carriage carrying proper supplies to build camp, utensils, food, water to make warm meals, a sufficient number of blankets to make proper bed.

He hasn’t sleep on grass like lower soldiers and mercenaries before.


The Western border’s distance is about 7-8 days with military marching according to the speed of infantry and wagon etc.

But with full speed war horse travelling like Kaoru without any luggage, she arrives in only 3-4 days.

As Roland was thinking so, he noticed that the speed of the Western invasion Imperial army was too slow. The battlefield was far in the west rather than he thought. While everyone expected the distance is about 6 days travel from the Kingdom.


*** ***


「Oh, looks like we arrived. Go towards the place that looks like a camp」(Kaoru)

「Okay, young miss」(Ed)

Kaoru and Ed headed towards the main camp of Balmoa armies.

That was built in a high place that have a full view of the battlefield.


And, of course, she was immediately stopped by soldiers.

「Who are you!」(Soldiers)

Kaoru was surrounded by several soldiers but she calmly replied.


「Oh, my name is Kaoru. Do Balmoa armies in need for healing potions?」(Kaoru)


There were no soldiers who saw the goddess’s friend at close range. Some people who don’t even know a little girl with the name「Kaoru」 but with the name like 「Goddess’s friend」or 「Angel」

The soldiers also heard rumors about healing potions.

That isn’t expensive but rather rare, not even they have used it yet, but they heard stories about the effect from those who used it.

If they have it now, how much Balmoa’s armies will gain advantage on the battlefield?

But they don’t know if the girl in front of them really is the infamous Kaoru.

And when they wonder about what to do… Roland’s party approached in a hurry.

「I’m Roland, please show me the general」(Roland)

As expected, there were no Balmoa Kingdom soldiers who didn’t know about King’s brother Roland.

In haste and saluting, the soldiers took everyone to where the headquarters is located.

By the way, even if it’s afternoon right now, the 4 Royal guards aren’t resting at noon but joined with Roland’s party because they are already near the main camp.

「Roland-sama! Why are you going to this kind of place …?」(General)

General Menes, the one in charge of Balmoa’s intercept armies, greeted the party with big surprise.

「Excuse me for suddenly visiting, there are some circumstances…

Anyway, how is the war situation?」(Roland)

In response to Roland ‘s question, the general answers while grudging.

「About the enemy armies, the second wave already crossed the mountain range, nearly 20,000 soldiers joined.

Their total number of troops are about 40,000, almost the same number as our armies.

But when they confronted our armies, they sudden stopped and stayed in defend, they only glared at us.

After that, there were some skirmishes but they also quickly retreated to safety.

I knew we are in a hurry to settle the matter quickly and need to head back to the kingdom for help.

But if we advance, they will pull back.

And when we pull back, they will chase us from behind.

We know that they only try to earn time as much as possible.

However, if we rush here, we will get more damage if we do something wrong

If this keeps up, we can’t go back to rescue the capital」(General Menes)

The general seems upset. But then Roland brought good news.

「Oh about that, please be relieved.

All 20,000 enemy troops via Sacred Country Rueda were taken prisoners, there were no damage on our army.

Right now, we have 15,000 soldiers protecting the capital.

Don’t worry about anything and concentrate on dealing with enemies in front of you」(Roland)

「「「「OOOOOOHHHH!! 」」」」(Headquarter staff members)

Inside the headquarter, everyone got excited and raised a cheer.

「Is that really true?」(General Menes)

「What’s the point of telling a lie here?」(Roland)

「Oh! With this, We don’t need to worry about the capital, we can take strategy actions freely!」

General Menes is trembling with happiness.

Kaoru who kept silent until now raised her question.

「Well, what would happen if the enemies here know that their army who went through from the Sacred country already surrendered?」

After hearing Kaoru’s question, General Menes asked Roland with a dubious face.

「Roland-sama, who is that girl?」(General Menes)

Roland answered with a wry smile.

「Her name is Kaoru

It would be easier for the general to understand with the name「The friend of the goddess」…」(Roland)

「Huh…!?」(General Menes)

The general opens his eyes in astonishment.

「So, what’s the answer to my question?」(Kaoru)

Hearing Kaoru ask again, the general responded in a panic.

「Yes, if they learn about it.

Their tactic for earning time will lost its meaning.

They will either withdraw or try to defeat our army and head to the capital.

But the possibility of withdrawing is as good as none」(General Menes)

「Why aren’t they withdrawing?」

「If the Empire withdraws, they will not have anything left.

The empire is already at wit’s end, that they must put emphasy in military and invade other countries.

So if they withdrew after losing many soldiers during this invasion, it will take years for them to prepare for the next invasion.

And by then, other countries already strengthen their military and be wary of them.

The tactic that they use this time, surprise attack at the mountain and at the back through the Sacred can’t be used again.

That’s why they will bet everything to destroy us. If they can successfully destroy us, it’s normal for them to think that they can capture the capital that only have thousands of troops to protect.

Apparently the empire doesn’t seem to know that the lord troops near the eastern end already arrived at the capital.

And it seems they believe that the lord troops will not make it in time to defend our capital.

The Emperor seems to estimate the capabilities of our capital too little」(General Menes)

If they apply the law of triple attack, the attack side needs 30,000 troops to win 10,000 defenders.

If they consider the capital’s troops are less than 10,000 then they will need over 30,000 troops.

Did they really think 40,000 empire’s troops can win against 40,000 of Balmoa’s troops with less than 10,000 casualties.

In an ordinary battle,
when 30% of the unit die, it will be called 『annihilation』(『全滅』)
when 50% of the unit die, it will be called 『destruction』(『潰滅』)

Maybe they think they can destroy us (20,000 soldiers die) and have more than 30,000 soldiers left.

After that, they can do a siege game or surround the capital and wait for besieged food to run out. Their armies can raise foods from surrounding towns or carry supplies through the Sacred Country.

It was as good as they won when they can besiege Balmoa’s Capital.

If the Empire is really confident in their soldier’s refinement as a military state. They may believe they can win even when fighting with the same number of enemy soldiers.

「But it will be long before the Imperial soldiers know about the defeat of their comrades who invaded from the direction of the Sacred Country.

As news must return to the Empire via the Holy Country and the Empire will message across the mountain range to their armies here.

I don’t know how many days will it take?」(General Menes)

Kaoru asks again to the general

「Well then, why don’t we tell them from here?」(Kaoru)

「No, I wonder if they will really believe what their enemy is saying」(General Menes)

The general have a wry smile with Kaoru’s question.

After thinking for a while, Kaoru smirked and said.

「Well, let’s hang a delicious bait!」(Kaoru)

[ Oh, she is thinking about no-good things again… ]

Roland feel tired as he look at Kaoru’s smug face.


***Next day ***


A loud transmission was made to the soldiers of Balmoa kingdom facing the enemies on the front line.

「Everyone, listen carefully! His Highness, the King’s brother Roland-sama had arrived to our camp from the Capital yesterday!

The enemy armies that went through the Sacred Country has been destroyed, His Highness also brought a huge amount of healing potions!

We don’t need to be scared of injuries anymore. People with bad physical injury should go to get healed immediately!」(either some Captain or the General himself)

That word was shouted back and forth many times. Naturally it was heard by enemy soldiers and it was conveyed to their superiors.

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  1. “Infamous Kaoru”?

    Definition of infamous

    1 :having a reputation of the worst kind :notoriously evil an infamous traitor
    2 :causing or bringing infamy :disgraceful an infamous crime
    3 :convicted of an offense bringing infamy


  2. Thanks for chapter.
    It seems Kaoru have 4 cheats. Because only three is stand out, I forgot about last cheat.
    Kaoru cheat :
    1. Potion with effect anything she wish.
    2. Place for potion with shape aa she wish.
    3. Item box with time stopped and can put anything in it.
    4. Can understand all languages in that world.
    Those 4 cheat I am listed not detailed written so there many lack explanation.
    And Kaoru very smart to use those cheat in most efficient used with her value.


    • >Potion with effect anything she wish.
      Phisycal immortality?
      >Place for potion with shape as she wish.
      Any restrictions? Can she made bottle about 500 meters large and drop it on the heads of enemy?
      >Item box with time stopped and can put anything in it.
      Last chapter she put here child from distance. Can she put in IB whole enemy army?
      Too OP.


      • Kaoru didn’t tell Celes any restrict so everything is possible.

        Her ability only impossible with Celes’s ability.

        Celes is like hardware of a computer and when Kaoru is just software. You can install any software if hardware support.

        Later, Kaoru will realize her biggest mistake but her ability (software) can’t change what Celes set (hardware).


  3. suggestion:
    Some people who don’t even know {Kaoru}->{little girl} with the name「Kaoru」 but with the name like 「Goddess’s friend」or 「Angel」

    By the way, even {}->{if} it’s afternoon right now, however the 4 Royal guards aren’t resting at noon but join {}->{with} Roland {}->{party} because they are already near the main camp.

    I knew we are in a hurry to settle the matter quickly and {}->{need to} head {for}->{back to} the kingdom for help.

    And {then}->{when} we pull back, they will chase us from behind.

    「Oh! With this, We don’t need to worry about the {captial}->{capital}, we can take strategy actions freely!」

    「Well, what would happens if the enemies here know that their army {that}->{who} went through {}->{from} the Sacred country were already surrender?」

    The empire is already at {its peak}->{wit’s end}, that they must emphasis in military and invade other countries.

    「But it will be long before the Imperial soldier knows {}->{about} the defeat {}->{of} their comrades {in}->{who invaded from} the direction of the Sacred Country.

    {Rollland}->{Roland} feel tired as he looking Kaoru’s smug face.

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  4. I wonder if Kaoru make potion but with 2 kind that need to mix together to heal or it will become poison (another vomit and diarhea again).
    To the enemy soldiers. Hope you have peace in the next chapter (not life).


  5. nice story, and fun, but can someone please fix the various TOCs and add the links?
    hard to browse this way


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