Kaoru Chapter 36: Calculation difference

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Kaoru Chapter 36: Calculation difference



On that afternoon, the Imperial Armies suddenly went offensive.


「It’s Super Effective!
When we shout the Royal King’s brother, Roland-sama, the enemies will either try to beat him down in order to become a hero of war or take him as a hostage…
And with Roland’s name, the news about the Empire armies invading via the sacred country already surrendered, also increased its credibility …」(Kaoru)


Roland had a complicated expression when he heard Kaoru saying so.

Right now, Kaoru and Roland rode on horseback at a rather high place near the front line.
Of course, in order to stand out.

There was already a fierce battle spreading at the forefront, contacting sides of both militaries.
If Kaoru use her cheats with full power, she may have been able to drastically reduce the casualties number of the ally.

But what should she say about what happened?
The goddess helped one side and unilaterally won.
The soldiers have their pride, neither the winner nor the loser will be convinced.
What can we say about soldiers who get killed in the battle and their families?

Of course, Kaoru came here, planned to use her cheats to help to a certain extent.
But of course, she needed to avoid annihilate the Empire with strong offensive power.
Her purpose was to end the fight with little damage to both sides.

Now she is waiting for a chance to intervene.


「Roland-san, try moving around for a bit or try to do something suspicious」(Kaoru)

「… What do you mean by that?」(Roland)


Roland asks back to the request of Kaoru.


「I mean, if enemy soldiers are concerned about Roland-san, sometimes they will turn their line of sight to Roland-san.
However, depending on whether the bait makes a suspicious movement, such as escape, something to do, etc. that make a slight gap and enemy soldiers will try to attack」(Kaoru)

「……I understand」(Roland)


And then Roland began to move while waving his hand as if giving a signal to the soldiers.

He is a good superior officer.

After a while, the enemy army began to show a movement that is obviously incompatible with the overall war situation.
They obviously didn’t attack or support other places with high priority but sent infantries to the small place where Kaoru and Roland stand.
It looked like there weren’t any horses heading to where Kaoru and Roland stand.
Maybe they procured locally somewhere.


「They took the bait.
After you attract them a little more, please pull back to where we arranged the ambush beforehand.
I will relax with the nice view here for a while」(Kaoru)


This is only a slightly elevated place which has no effect on the war situation.
As long as the delicious bait move away.
The enemies will not bring troops to a meaningless place where there’s only an average girl.


「…I know」(Roland)


Roland looked at the approaching enemies’ movement and said.

After a while, the enemy troops heading for Roland while pushing the Balmoa’s armies away by force.
It seems that they are determined to capture Roland that they concentrate their troops here.
We only have a small number of troops.
We can’t stop the enemies that forcibly passed through.
Just according to the Keikaku.

After this, Roland will guide the enemy troops heading to this place, draws them to the place we planned the ambush before.
We will annihilate them and reduce the enemy’s momentum.


「It is about time, please go while showing your figure adequately to enemy soldiers」(Kaoru)

「I know」(Roland)


Roland moves out while instructing Balmoa soldiers in a loud voice, raising his right hand, as prominently.


「We will go back and get reinforcements! Everyone, retreat!!」(Roland)


Then he gets off the high place and slowly moves in the direction where there are no friendly Balmoa’s soldiers that make the enemy soldiers easy to chase.


「Well, for the time being, should we go around the battlefield for sightseeing?」(Kaoru)


The battle in this world extends for a long time, unlike modern warfare.

The battle has just begun, sometimes it will take a few days to finish a battle with this size.

Kaoru doesn’t feel so good to see people fighting but this is a war.

All everyone can do is pray that they won’t die and be able to go back home.

Kaoru talked in a relaxed and bystander mode with a tone that Ed seems to be uncomfortable to hear.


「… Hey…young miss」(Ed)


「I do not know whether it’s just me…
But aren’t the enemies heading toward us, instead of the bait and others?」(Ed)



An instruction was issued to all Imperial troops even before the invasion.


【*First priority securing goal: a girl who seems to be involved in the manufacture of healing potion that receiving the love of the goddess.

*Second priority securing goal: Royalty members.

*Third priority securing goal: ministers and senior aristocrats.

*If the opportunity to secure the first priority target appears, abandon all other priority targets.
Allow using massive of elite and heavy troops】


And the characteristics of the girl had been communicated to all the soldiers.


【Age 10 – 12 years old, black hair, black eyes, cute face】


And now, the Empire soldiers saw a young girl stay together with King’s Brother, who brought a lot of healing potions. Her appearance is like the description.

The securing goal of the Imperial Army elite troops was unknown to Kaoru and Roland.


[ What are the Balmoa Kingdom thinking?
The King’s Brother, the Escort Guards leaving the most important girl there and running alone.
It was a great opportunity that we can’t miss.
We will capture the girl with all cost, even if it was a trap]


「Aaa, No good, we get surrounded by cavalries…」(Ed)


The cavalries run with full speed went to others side as well, as they don’t want Kaoru ride horse to escape.
If Kaoru reacts faster, she may still able to escape but she is an amateur that flutters in a panic, she can’t afford to escape in time.
Several cavalries have surrounded in a semicircular shape from the back and gradually shrinks to a circle of the enclosure.
And a flock of infantries is approaching from the front.


「Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous!
Ed, can you run away?」(Kaoru)

「Impossible, Young Miss!」(Ed)


I didn’t plan this.
Should I use my Explosion here?
No, if I kill them with an explosion, it won’t make sense.
It a weapon of mass killing.

Should I kill them with poison, but I can’t with this number of people …
What should I do?
Explosion to the extent of opening the way out?

But, if I try to escape, will they shoot arrows at me?
Will I die if an arrow sticks?
Even if I get caught, I won’t be killed.
There will be a chance to escape, and there are more than I can do later …

Before Kaoru got her idea together, the infantries finally reached the place that Kaoru stood and tried to capture her without hurting her.
When the Empire soldiers about to capture the confused Kaoru.
Their cavalries, that surrounded Kaory from the back, suddenly moved.


「Oh, Francette…」(Kaoru)


What reflected in Kaoru’s eyes was the figure of Francette, who noticed the abnormality and returned with full power.
Roland and 4 Royal Guards were desperately following after her.
They crushed the enemy calvaries easily.

Francette, who was called Demonic Fran.
Roland, who is a sword-master and 4 elite Royal Guards.
The enemy calvaries weren’t enough to be their opponents.

Francette cut the enemy cavalries that surrounded Kaoru and descended from the horse right in front of Kaoru.

Even everyone can stay on their horse to fight.
However, they are mostly battle like infantry moving around with their own feet.
Riding horse is usually advantageous, but right now everyone can’t move their horses to protect Kaoru.
The advantage of horse movement speed is gone and it will be difficult to fight.

In addition, when battle surrounded by many infantries, riding on horse can’t prevent attacks from the side without weapons.
The enemies can also attack from the back or attack the horses, etc.


「Sorry, everyone, it seems there was a miscalculation …」(Kaoru)


Although six people struggled in order to protect Kaoru but hearing her say so, they started laughing.

And a fierce battle starts.
Roland and the 4 Royal guards wield the short sword.

Even if it was called a short sword, it isn’t actually shorter than a normal sword.
It’s just the sword that cavalry use is long.
And what the infantry uses is short.
It’s an ordinary sword used by soldiers.

Judging from everyone that using this kind of sword, the enemies know that they aren’t real cavalries.
Even that short sword is a one-handed sword, but everyone wields it by using both hands without using a shield.
Without a shield, they must parry using the sword.

Striking, repelling, piercing, cutting off.

Unlike the Japanese sword, the short sword isn’t the sword that can cut easy. (T.N: Readers please don’t argue about this, I have enough of Bato.to‘s argue comments about this kind of topic)

Still, if you push with great force, you can cut off as much as the enemy’s arm.
The enemy’s screams anguish echoing.

On the other hand, Francette wears Bastard Sword.
It’s a two-handed sword that can be handled with one hand or both hands.
Of course, it’s longer than the short sword, and it’s quite heavy.
At least, it isn’t a sword that can be used by mid-teens girls.
If she is normal.

And, of course, Francette isn’t normal so she can use it well enough.

The equipping method is: dragging it to the ground and pulling it from behind or carrying it on the back.
With Francette’s strength, she wanted to use a heavier and bigger sword.

But she abandoned that idea because it was impossible for her size of the body to do it.
Francette swung that bastard sword lightly as if shaking Epee or Fleure and knock down enemy soldiers.

And mountains of corpses or severely injured enemy soldiers are being built one after another.


「Gya, Demonic Fran…」(Empire Soldiers)


Among the enemy soldiers, trembling voices are spreading.
Immediately after that, Balmoa’s ambushers noticed the failure of the strategy from the back, rushed for Roland rescue.

The circumstances around Kaoru had become a chaotic rough battle state and confusion.
Within that chaotic battle, the common recognition of both enemy and ally is「only black haired girl should never get hurt」

With this extraordinary battle, Kaoru can’t use her power.

Even if she uses something 「like Nitroglycerin」or other medicine, there are so many soldiers got in turmoil and moved furiously.
She may hurt her ally.

Another way is use「storage」
But when she uses it, her setting about 「just a human being, who happens to be the goddess’s friend」will be over.
No, it will be the same at the time she uses the explosion…

And when the number of soldiers who fell down around three digits,
Even it’s still middle of a battle, Kaoru realized that she is at a safe place and have room to try something.

It happened.

One of the Empire arrows released without regard to the danger of hitting their ally in the melee battle.
The arrow hit Roland’s right shoulder, and Roland couldn’t move his arm from injured.

An enemy soldier doesn’t miss that gap and swings his sword immediately.


Gakyin!  (SFX)


The sound that metal hits each other echoes.
Francette broke her posture when forcibly stopped the enemy’s sword with an unreasonable position.
And her bastard sword’s blade was broken.

The Bastard sword, which had been kept swayed by the powerful Francette, was already close to the limit and it was finally broken.

And one spear thrust into her right chest without missing that great opportunity.
Fresh blood spurts out from her chest wound where the spear was pulled out.


「Fran !!」(Roland)


Roland hugs the fallen Francette.


「And, I did it, I already defeated that “Demonic Fran”!」(Imperial soldier)


That Imperial soldier shouted out in joy.

And the next moment, that man’s head was blown up by an EXPLOSION.

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  1. She could’ve used storage instead!!!
    Fear of them realizing she has god like powers???
    Why not store all of em so no witnesses can ever live to tell the tale ugh


  2. Suggestion
    When we shout the Royal King’s brother Roland-sama, they will either try to beat him down and become a hero of war {him a name}->{} or take him as a hostage …

    After a while, the enemy troops heading for {Rolandans}->{Roland} while pushing the Balmoa’s armies away by force

    {Jugding}->{judging} from everyone that using this kind of sword, the enemies know that they {are’t}->{aren’t} real cavalries. Even that short sword is a one-handed sword, but everyone {wear it with}->{wield it by using (imagine it like kendo style)} both hands without using shield

    It’s a {dual}->{two handed} sword that can be handled with one hand or both hands.

    「only black {}->{haired} girl should never get hurt」(since when Kaoru become black girl?)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Trivia:
    Bastard sword is a sword that cannot be called as one handed sword or two handed sword. Because it length is longer than long sword but shorter than two handed sword.


  4. I thought I was reading pokemon at one point.
    Dunno if it’s the author or the translator but that was clever and hilarious.

    Good bye soldier 4head.
    May you find a better head in your next life.


  5. Thanks, I went here from manga reading, expecting that the tl quality is better but it’s almost the same.


  6. She really has no ability to adapt to battle which is to be expected but in that case its stupid to be there.

    He propensity to think when she should act will get her killed eventually…


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