Kaoru Chapter 37: Goddess sword

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Kaoru Chapter 37: Goddess sword

(T.N: The title is Kami Ken which means God sword but I change to goddess sword)




Kaoru had blood on her head.
Her plan, her logic has completely disappeared from her head.

Who was the one who said, that soldiers dying on the battlefield isn’t un-reason-able because that was their job?

When the spear stabbed Francette in the chest and blood leaking from the wound as the soldier pulled the spear out.
The moment she saw it, everything was blown away.
While watching the collapse of many soldiers so far, she is still okay.
But it wasn’t so when her acquaintance collapsed.
Kaoru was furious without thinking about any inconvenience for herself anymore.

She pounded on Ed’s neck.

Needless to say the word, Ed understood.
He folded his knees and let Kaoru down.
The surrounding became a little calm.

Even though Empire soldiers are accustomed to seeing death in the fight, but it seems they are still bothered when they see their friend’s head suddenly bursts.
However, only a very small area that became quiet.
There was still noise in the vicinity and the fight continued.

Kaoru looking over the sky.

The next moment, a roaring sound of a massive explosion roaring across the battlefield.

Is it a goddess or a devil’s work?
Or is it the future of great disaster?
That Explosion blasts the whole battlefield, all the battles are discontinued.
To show the location of the cause, Kaoru created a golden pillar of clouds above her place.

And she shouted out loud with a strong voice.


「We are having the most important ceremony right now!
Keep silent and stay where you are!
If you want to continue the war, do it later!!」(Kaoru)


Her voice volume isn’t big enough that reaches the entire battlefield, but at least it reaches the area around her.
The rest will be transmitted with the message.
Anyway, if anyone dares go against it, it seems to be outrageous.

Then Kaoru confirmed the direction of Francette again.
It seems to be a fatal injury but she is still alive.
Kaoru walked toward Francette and Roland.


「Yes, now, secure an angel …」(Empire Soldier)

Pa~an! (SFX)


The head of that Empire Soldier that tried to capture Kaoru was blown away.
Nobody dares to move anymore.

Kaoru stopped at a position about several meters away and said in a loud voice to Francette, who is wetting her mouth with blood flowing back from the lungs.


「Knight Francette.
The way you risked your life to keep the lord safe, as a knight, it was a fine life」(Kaoru)


Francette supported by Roland halfway felt glad and smiled happily.


「However, as a woman, it can’t be said that your life is a very respectable lifetime」(Kaoru)


Francette has a dull face.


「So, let me give you a gift for your next life.
A well-ordered face?
Glossy beautiful hair?
Smooth skin like silk?
The rich breasts?
What would you like to choose?」(Kaoru)


While hearing Kaoru ask, Francette answers with the mouth overflowing with blood.

However, Francette is still able to squeeze out the answer.


「Power …, I want … power to protect … the lord…」(Francette)


Kaoru said again while walking toward Francette.


「… I know that you are going to say so.
If you only have such a foolish wish, do it in this life instead of the afterlife」(Kaoru)


Then, Kaoru gently shakes her hands in the air and picks up the drug bottle from that appear out of nowhere.

Kaoru opens the lid of the bottle, squat down and pour the content into Francette’s mouth.




Fully recovered in a blink of an eye, Francette can’t help but surprise.

Kaoru glanced at the broken Bastard sword that is rolling on her feet.


「With such a sword, you seem to be incomplete」(Kaoru)


And Kaoru extends her hand to the air, a sword appears.

It is made of special alloy which is hard, doesn’t break, doesn’t bend.

The forefront edge of the blade’s thickness only a single molecule and vibrates at ultra-high speed with the biomolecule of the person holding the handle as a power source.

It was the so-called 「mono molecular ultra high-speed oscillating sword」

Of course, it also has heat engine that able to automatically adjust its own weight.


Why can Kaoru create a sword?

No, this isn’t a sword.

Twisting the tip of the handle and removing it, there is a recovery drug inside.

In other words, this is 「container of potion with the shape of a sword」


「The potion container will appear however Kaoru wants」


The condition that Kaoru casually asked and got Celes to promise, was actually a cheat that surpassed even the item box.

Francette accepts the sword that Kaoru gave out graciously.

However, this sword can’t be just a sword.

Everyone in the surroundings thought so.


[ I have to say the name of the sword ]


Kaoru realized that and panicked.

I didn’t think about anything, such as the name of the sword, but here I would have to declare a name that suits it.

But all of sudden like this, I can’t think of a good name.


Speaking of the sword.

How about Excalibur?

No, it’s too honest.

Sword of the chosen one, Caliburn?

No, it doesn’t change much.

The Chosen-King Sword Caliburn that was stuck in the rock is often confused with Excalibur.

But Excalibur was given to King Arthur by the lady of the lake…

There was also a theory that Excalibur was a remodeled Caliburn?

After getting remodeled, Caliburn becomes stronger.

Extra Caliburn, so it called short as Excalibur?


By the way, Excalibur’s sheath is worth more than the sword.

…But when we talking about the sword, normally they concentrate to make the sword better, not the sheath.

But the sheath was made later …

Originally, Excalibur had no sheath?


Ah, that’s right, if it was stuck in the rock, I can agree that there was no sheath.

So, the Excalibur is originally …


Alright, I will borrow the name of Sigurd’s sword from the Nordic myths, add with Extra like with Caliburn, which make this sword is even more powerful name than the original…


「Knight Francette.
Let me give you the title of the goddess’ guardian knight『Einherjar』and the Goddess sword『Ex-Gram』, the sword of promised victory.
Now, go『Einherjar』, the Holy Knight Francette!」(Kaoru)

「Ooooooooooooo! 」 (Francette’s war cry)


Female Knight Francette raises a war cry.

And the war resumes!


Hi ~yun (SFX)


The sword cut through Imperial soldier’s body without any resistance.

There was no response, was it really swinging?

Although it seems so, the upper body of the Imperial soldier slips and falls off.

Both the sword he used to block and the iron armor he wore were cut like tofu.


「「「Huh…!?」」」(Fran + Enemies + Allies)


Everyone, enemies or the allies, even Francette who had swung the sword herself were stunned with that sharpness.


Fu~ fu~ (Francette)

Fu fu fu…… (Francette)

Fu ha ha ha ha……(Francette)


The demon with a demonic smile appeared.


Gyaaaaa ~ ~ ~ (Imperial Soldiers)


Roland was staring at Kaoru with a desperate face as he saw Francette went away.

It can’t be helped.

If anything happens to Roland, Kaoru will be in trouble.

And she had a give up face.

Kaoru grabbed it from the air …


「Okay, This is another Goddess sword Ex- Ridill.
However, Roland-sama isn’t 『Einherjar』the goddess’ guardian knight, I will take it back after this battle is over」(Kaoru)



Roland-sama is speaking gruelingly as he charges forward to the enemies.

And when Kaoru noticed it again, the 4 Royal guards were also staring at her with envious faces.

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  1. ‘「Knight france. Let me give you the title of the goddess’s guardian knight『Einhearjar』and the Goddess sword『Ex-Gram』, the sword of promised victory.’

    Einherjars weren’t really guardian knights of the gods, they were the valiant warriors fallen in battle, gathered by the valkyries, and then feasted & trained in Valhalla with the gods until Ragnarok comes.

    So, they weren’t really guardians, and the nords at that time didn’t really have the concept of knights. They had huscarls / housecarls, which were warriors sworn to a lord to fight for him and he in return provided for them, and that might be as close to a knight as they had.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Can she create a potion with a container in the form of a person? Create people or other creatures?


      • Why? She can wish “I want shape of real person with soul and intelligence and liquid in stomach” something like this. Goddess rule “Any shape”, no restrictions.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Celes made a body for Kaoru, but the body was incomplete without Kaoru’s soul. So yes, the body part could be possible, but you’d have to call it a golem or homonculus, and it would be following a program since it would lack a will of its own will.


  3. Suggestion:
    The next moment, a roaring sound of a massive explosion roaring {above}->{across} the battlefield.

    Is it a {goddess’s}->{goddess} or a devil’s work? Or is it the future of great disaster?

    but at least it reach the area {arround here}->{around here}.

    「Yes, now, secure {an}->{the} angel …」(Empire Soldier)

    「Knight Francette, {that figure that}->{the way you} risked your life to kept the lord safe, as a knight, it was a fine life」(Kaoru)

    It was the so-called 「{monomolecular}->{mono-molecular} ultra high-speed oscillating sword」
    Of course, it also has {heat function with}->{heat engine/function that able to automatically adjust} its own weight (ヒート機能は自重した)

    {Sword of selection, caliber}->{Sword of the chosen one, Caliburn}? No, it doesn’t change much.
    The {King-selected}->{Chosen-King/King maker} Sword Caliburn that was stuck in the rock is often confused with Excalibur.

    …But when we talking about sword, {normal}->{normally} they concentrate to make the sword better

    even Francette who {swang}->{swing} the sword herself were stunned

    And she has {an}->{a} give up face.

    And when Kaoru noticed it again, the 4 Royal guards were also staring at her with {ridiculous}->{envious} faces.


  4. This battle is really one side. Poor the empire army. The empire should not wage war at first place. They are too lazy to do commerce to make their country prosper.


    • It isn’t that they are too lazy to do commerce. It was stated that the area of the empire lacks resources so their only choice is to upgrade military steength to expand to resource rich area.


      • Why not buy the resource and process it, buy wood then process it into wooden shield, buy iron and process it into sword. Make it more better than other country. And you can buy and sell without natural resource in its ownvcountry.


  5. Futuristic sword. It has chainsaw micro vibration edge and auto weight adjustment.
    After all that she even makes it indestructable.


  6. Poor soldier used brain burst
    (un)fortunately, your head literally accelerated to kingdom come for interrupting the isekai ceremony.


    「Okay, This is another Goddess’s sword Ex- Ridill.

    Roland(Ex-Ridill, what a cool sword yeah!!!!)


    However, Roland-sama isn’t 『Einhearjar』the goddess’s guardian knight, I will take it back after this battle is over」(Kaoru)



  7. Thanks for the update

    The sword “Gram” used to kill Fafnir, and the sword “ridill” used to dissamble the it’s heart and devour it

    The next should be the “Balmung” obtained of Fafnir’s treasure
    And Blood’s bath (depending of the version, Sigurd/Siegfried obtained partial or total inmortality for this and devour the heart)

    Inner chunibyou exploding


  8. Thanks for the chapter. Your not Kaoru’s preference and female so she just lend the sword. So Roland obtained title “Part time Holy Sword User”


  9. Missing correction:
    {Kooru}->{Kaoru} glanced at the broken Bastard sword that is rolling on her feet.

    「Knight {france}->{Francette}. Let me give you the title of the {goddess’s}->{goddess’} guardian

    Fu fu (Francette)
    Fu fu fu…… (Francette)
    {Fu fu fu fu}->{Fu ha ha ha ha}……(Francette)

    「Okay, This is another {Goddess’s}->{goddess’} sword Ex- Ridill.
    However, Roland-sama isn’t 『Einhearjar』the {goddess’s}->{goddess’} guardian knight


  10. She can basically create her own Einherjar the way shalltear do… it’s body as a bottle and potion as blood


  11. Ah i was really hoping she’d pick something more interesting then power. At first she seemed interesting but not so much now. I think it would’ve been awesome if the Knight was actually reincarnated and she’d picked one of the gifts suggested. I also am not a big fan of the romance between her and Roland. I still want my Yuri ending !!


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