Kaoru Manga Chapter 2-1

Disclaimer: I didn’t owe the manga nor the novel chapter

Everything belongs to their respected Author

I just simply copy / download from internet, translate and paste it here.

Raw: http://seiga.nicovideo.jp/watch/mg233785?ct_now

Novel Author: FUNA sensei

Mangaka Artist: Kokonoe Hibiki sensei Pixiv acc

Support the Author and Mangaka, buy a copy whenever it ready in your country

By the way,

I said my translation is AVERAGE.

So don’t go and complain with me.

And because this version isn’t good.

Don’t UPLOAD IT in Bato.to YET

Kaoru Manga
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FUNA sensei Novel Author: FUNA sensei

Apart from being able to make potions, please enjoy comic with a very ordinary (?) Girl, Kaoru’s living life in another world.

To make it more interesting than the original, please arrange and add more stuff freely!

Kokonoe Hibiki sensei.png Mangaka Artist: Kokonoe Hibiki sensei

Nice to meet you. I will do my best to make it enjoyable even in manga version.

Suki ma sensei Original character design: Suki Ma sensei

As I am also a reader, I’m really happy everytime I am reading manga version.

I feel it’s really great as if reading the original work.

I think that the design is tough because there are so many characters, but I will do my best!


Page 1

K 03 01a.jpg

Page 2

K 03 02a.jpg


Page 3

K 03 03a.jpg

Page 4

K 03 04a.jpg


Page 5

K 03 05a.jpg



Page 6

K 03 06a.jpg


Page 7

K 03 07a.jpg



Page 8

K 03 08a.jpg


Page 9

K 03 09a.jpg



Page 10

K 03 10a.jpg



Page 11

K 03 11a.jpg


Page 12

K 03 12a.jpg

Page 13

K 03 13a.jpg

Page 14

K 03 14a.jpg



Page 15

K 03 15a.jpg


Page 16

K 03 16a.jpg


Page 17

K 03 17a.jpg

Kaoru Manga
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  1. Suggestion:
    Page 13
    Besides the doctor was current->{currently} traveling

    The pharmacist went {}->{to} visit his daughter’s family

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kaoru dolittle (talking animal)
    And, I can’t wait to see Rick(Kaoru first victim to her elaborate plot)


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