Kaoru Chapter 38: Trample

Konan #2
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Kaoru Chapter 38: Trample

ED: Lowe


[Demonic Fran is cutting Imperial soldiers one-sidedly.
There’s no point in blocking by with the sword or wearing an iron armor.
Her sword can cut everything cleanly.
Just now the Imperial soldiers gave her a lucky-blow in exchange for a tremendous sacrifice, but she recovered right away.
She even got stronger than before.
There is no way we can win]


Imperial soldiers fled with full power, regardless of their form.
But the demon chased after them.

It is easier for Francette to fight when there aren’t any allies nearby.
Because she can have a full-swing without worrying about friendly-fire.

This sword.
It had become her beloved sword today.
This goddess sword 『Ex-Gram』.

From that day, Francette got Goddess’ Miracle and was given power that seems to be the limits of the human.

But right now she got drunk with the additional power.
She was trembling with joy that’s springing from the depths of her body.

To the enemy position.
To where there are more enemies.
Francette ran.
She completely forgot about people she should escort.

Roland desperately followed after Francette.

Fired by Kaoru, Francette’s mind completely soared in the cloud and she ran with full speed.
It will be tough for a normal human like Roland to keep up.

4 Royal guards also followed after.
And each of them also held one goddess sword’s part.

Goddess Sword 『Ex-Hrotti』
Just like 『Ex-Gram』 and 『Ex-Ridill』, it’s the name of another Sigurd’s sword plus an Extra.

It was divided into 「Four sword’s parts」

Although the sword’s parts have dropped in power.

One sword’s part still has the sharpness and power that aren’t ashamed to be named Goddess Sword.

Even it’s just a special alloy made and mono-molecular sword with no super fast vibration function.

It would be enough for elite Royal guards.

Well, with their eyes, that kept staring at Kaoru like 8 eyes that are shining brightly and glittering like Chihuahuas.

There’s no girl who can bear it.

A group of imperial soldiers who were supposed to be elite troops were trembling in fear and fled with full power.

Chasing after them while laughing is a lone Berserker.

Due to her way-too-fast chasing speed, the body of the overtaken Imperial soldiers was cut off one by one.

With a big laugh.


「Damn it, Goddess gave her a sword!」(Imperial Soldier A)

「Although she got a fatal injury, she revived immediately!
Moreover, she became stronger than before!」(Imperial Soldier B)

「That angel isn’t a normal human being!
She has the goddess’ power!
We got punished because we aren’t good people!」(Imperial Soldier C)


A large explosion in the sky ahead of time.

A golden cloud suddenly appeared.

Warning about the ceremony of the angel.

And now, a crazy demon that is chasing closer while spreading death.

There are also another 5 death gods following after.

Imperial soldiers can hear the screams of the defeated soldiers, the imperial soldiers are trembling in with that horror.

One soldier who was unable to endure the fear and finally fled to the rear in a straight line.

When one escapes, others also begin to escape one after another.

And a massive defeat starts in the blink of an eye.

The Imperial frontline collapses immediately.

Francette is pursuing the collapsing enemy soldiers.

Roland and the Royal Guards also tramples over the enemy soldiers.


「I’ve already gone and done it now.
Well, I think I should try to finish this sooner and get fewer casualties…
it will be a little better …
The cause of the Imperial armies’ defeat is Francette and Roland’s party.
So, this victory is the power of Balmoa Kingdom’s soldiers.
Yes, I can still say it like that」(Kaoru)


Kaoru murmurs to herself, emerging a gourd-shaped glass bottle containing chemicals in the sky above the front line, slightly beyond the Imperial soldiers.

One of the two bottles contains 「something like Nitroglycerin」and the other contains 「something like concentrated Sulfuric Acid」

After emergence, the two touched each other and a big explosion occurred.

Kaoru continued to do that.


And then Kaoru created small glass bulbs with 「something like nitroglycerin」in the air, in a wide range.

The bulbs falling to the ground and make the explosion one after another.

Kaoru chose places where there were as few soldiers as possible.

Because she couldn’t control the explosion good enough to just injure the enemies without any death, so she did it like this to cause less death to the Imperial soldiers.

On the Imperial Armies’ side, not only their frontline, but also the rear soldiers all started to collapse.

There was only this thought in their heads.


「I bought the anger of the goddess」


Although she didn’t appear for 53 years, in this world, the existence of the goddess isn’t a legend, but a 「fact」

Some of the elder people actually saw the image of the goddess.

And the current phenomenon is a technique that can only be done by the goddess or her relative.

An explosion may also be a devil’s work, but the existence of the girl who is called the goddess’ friend.

An angel with the healing power denied it.

And the resurrection of the Demon Fran and the grant of the Goddess’ swords that looked like a passage in the myth.

Commander and headquarters staff of the Western invasion army also heard about it from the soldier who escaped from the hands of Francette and returned with a despairing face.

The upper part of the empire which sent them also thought that the girl was just a naive little girl who was only given the ability to create a healing medicine with the blessing of the goddess.

If they can secure her, and treat her carefully and then bringing her to the Pope of the Sacred Country successfully.

The Sacred country was said to be the country that received the goddess’ blessing.

For such girl with the goddess’ miracle to appear at the Balmoa Kingdom.

The higher up must think that she was just traveling to a foreign country and stayed there because the Royalty treated her well.

They were convinced that she should stay at Great Temple that’s why they waged this war.


[However, the miracle that resurrects the soldiers of Balmoa’s kingdom.
The goddess sword giving ceremony.
And the punishment for the imperial army.
The head got blown up just by approaching?
Who dare to go and secure such existence.
Isn’t that Angel girl the one who gave out blessing instead of the one who received the blessings?
She must be a direct subordinate to the goddess, or the goddess herself… ]


The Commander had doubt about the Northern invasion armies’ defeat’s matter.

The Balmoa’s army also shouting out loudly the King’s brother Roland and the potion just to lower the moral.


[But with Demon party like this, isn’t it real?
But then, about the Northern Invasion Army …
It’s hard to believe that the Kingdom army is still intact while the Imperial army is completely destroyed.
But if the Balmoa army have goddess’ blessing, the possibility isn’t zero…
Anyway, there is no other options than to withdraw.
They still haven’t lost many soldiers yet, but their soldiers are still fewer than the kingdom troops, their morale is at the minimum.
But all of those things are just trivial.
We bought the anger of the goddess and received the goddess’ punishment.
If we anger the goddess any more, everyone will be killed under the divine punishment.
Then everything will fall into hell.
Our family, everyone in the Empire will be killed and the country itself will be destroyed.
It’s impossible for any soldiers, who think about goddess’ punishment, to fight with all they got.
Besides, our duties should already have been fulfilled.
Attract the main force of the Balmoa Kingdom army and earn time by preventing them from returning to the capital.
We have already done enough.
If what the enemies shouted yesterday, is a hoax.
And the Northern Invasion Army was actually still alive, they should have already besieged the capital and captured it.
Even if we retreat now and let the enemy’s main force return.
The capital may have already fallen.
The royal family and aristocrats may already have been captured.
There’s no way for Balmoa’s army other than surrender because their country is already defeated and surrendered.
What if the northern invasion forces were really destroyed?
I don’t know anything about that.
It’s the responsibility of the commander over there, not related to our western invasion army.
However, in that case, because we must cross the mountain to retreat.
We must leave the horse carriage with heavy equipment behind.
When Balmoa’s armies went to the capital, can we give chase again?
With fewer than 40,000 soldiers, continuing the march without the wagons or horses, with only a small amount of supplies left.
If this is in normal condition, we can still reorganize our army, persuade and inspire everyone.
However, now our army already knew about the goddess’ punishment… it’s impossible.
But if we don’t withdraw, the Empire will lose all Northern invasion, 20,000 troops and Western invasion forces, 40,000 troops.
Then, the remaining which is only 20,000 troops protecting the home country, so that the Ashid Kingdom will not attack with the armies’ absence.
That would mean the destruction of the Empire.
In the first place, both the Ashid Kingdom from the South and the Brancott Kingdom from the East are ready themselves.
Both countries are well aware that if the Balmoa Kingdom goes down, the next one will be themselves.
There is no mystery even if those two Kingdom’s armies suddenly appears from the south.
I thought long, but the conclusion has been decided from the beginning.
But I just took a little time to convince myself and to convince others] (Commander’s inner thought)



Everyone silently nodded.

There was no need to issue an order again.

All the forces were already moving to the west, in the direction where they came from.

Still, we have to issue orders. Because we are military.

Arigo Empire Western invasion armies had a full-retreat while receiving the intense pursuit of the Balmoa Kingdom’s army.

And when they finally reached the foot of the mountain.

They abandoned a considerable amount of heavy equipment and disappeared into a steep mountain range.

The 40,000 soldiers had decreased to around 30,000.

They had lost 25% of their soldiers.

It was only a little closer to 30% soldiers lost condition that is defined as 「Annihilation」

If the prisoners of the Northern Invasion Armies have lost about 10% of troops without fighting and returning safely.

The total number of lost soldiers is about 12,000.

It is only 15% of 80,000 total soldiers of the Imperial Army.

However, whatever the rate of the military force, it made no difference that the entire Northern Invasion armies were captured, and the Western Invasion Armies were completely defeated.



*** Post war ***



After that, all involved countries tried to use the neutral「Sacred Country Rueda」as an intermediary.
Everyone tried to get the peace and favorably condition as much as possible.
All leader including the emperor of the Arigo Empire thought that they should gather here for the Conference.

The Empire regards this invasion as an「Unfortunate misunderstandings due to lack of information」about the angel.

However, the leaders, including the emperor, are stunned to learn that the Holy country Rueda is completely regarded as an allied nation of the Empire.
It was treated as an enemy country that was defeated in war, excommunicated from the goddess, and completely lost religious leadership.

(T.N: Sorry, I made a mistake before.
The leaders of all countries just thought that they should gather at Rueda,
not they already gathered at Rueda, the Peace Conference is holding in the Balmoa’s capital)

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  1. Well…
    The Empire should be relieve that Francetter didn’t chase them till she reach their capital…

    *Thank you for your swift Translate!

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  2. Suggestion:
    Chasing after them while laughing is a lone {Beserker}->{berserker}.

    「That angel isn’t a {}->{normal} human being! She has the {goddess’s honor}->{goddess’ power}!

    the soldier who escaped from the hands of {Francet}->{Francette} and returned with a despair face.

    The Sacred country was said to be the country that received the {goddess’s}->{goddess’} blessing. For such girl with the {goddess’s}->{goddess’} miracle to appear at the Balmoa Kingdom.

    They {must convince thinking}->{were convinced} that she should stay at Great Temple that’s why they {wave}->{waged} this war.

    The Commander had doubt about the Northern invasion {armies’s}->{armies} defeat’s matter

    But if {the}->{} the Balmoa army have {goddess’s}->{goddess’} blessing, the possibility isn’t zero …

    Anyway, there {are no options other than withdrawal.}->{is no other options than to withdraw/retreat}

    I bought the anger of the goddess and received a {goddess’s}->{goddess’} punishment.

    It is impossible for any soldier who thinks {so to fight fairly.}->{about goddess’ punishment to fight with all he got}

    However, now our armies already knew about about the {goddess’s}->{goddess’} punishment …it’s impossible.


    They had lost 25% of their soldiers. It was only a little {}->{closer} to 30% soldiers lost {}->{condition} that is defined as 「Annihilation」

    Everyone tried to get the peaceful and favorably {conditon}->{condition} as much as possible.

    「Unfortunate misunderstandings due to lack of {informaion}->{information}」about the angel.

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  3. Balmont representative: “Yeah right. An 「Unfortunate misunderstandings due to lack of information of the angel」.
    You!, Arigo empire has already prepare your troops for invasion before the angel is here, do you think we don’t know that? Do you think you can use that excuse to fool us? You just want to take angel to use for your own war benefit!”


  4. This was…
    I just have an urge to correct this part as it’s in the title.

    I believe trample is the correct word.

    Tramp — a person with no home, job, or money who travels around and asks for money from other people
    Trample — to step heavily on something or someone, causing damage or injury

    Roland and Royal Guards also tramp enemy soldiers. –>Also trample the enemy soldiers<–

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  5. So with that potion is francette an immortal now?

    This reminds me of berserker from FSN.
    Now if we could only find an archer.


    • Well, there is no need to find an archer since Kaoru can create a copy of a legendary sword(+extra potion inside) from nothing: Unlimited Blade(+potion) Works


      • Add explosive potion on the hilt for booster and the tip for impact. Then she will become “wrath” Oni from “kumo desu ka nanika?” (Nai Wa)


        • Nuu, I’ll recognize the title wrath to someone who had his/her whole family massacred, ate the younger sister and have your older brother ntr’ed by said killer. I won’t settle for less.


      • But the archer class is made out of archers.
        Francette(which for some reason sounds like bread to me) would either be a saber or berserker(with a big smile on her face). but not an archer for me.
        We still need someone to wield that bow, preferably someone who understands people die if they are killed or that even if you’re correct doesn’t mean you are right.


  6. This chapter suit the title well. Really Trample
    she really an average girl…no….a lot more average than Mile!


  7. LOL I imagine when the Emperor heard what happened to Rueda, he’s “Wait what? Don’t you pin this on me.”


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