Kaoru Chapter 39: Peace Conference

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Kaoru Chapter 39: Peace Conference

ED: Lowe



30 days after the Imperial Army retreated into the mountain range, which is the border of two countries.
A Peace Conference was held in Gurua, the capital of the Balmoa Kingdom.
The Sacred country Rueda had lost their right as the neutral country and the religious lead country.
That’s why the Peace Conference won’t be held in a defeated country.

Because the battle of this time includes problems concerning:
the unilateral invasion of the Arigo empire that aims to invade the continent,
and problems related to the Sacred country Rueda, which has the position as the headquarter of Celestine Orthodox.

Balmoa Kingdom, Arigo Empire, Rueda Holy Kingdom, the allied countries of Balmoa Kingdom, Ashid Kingdom & the Brancott Kingdom, and further the eastern part from the Brancott Kingdom, which is the base of the Peninsula, leaders of all nations in the continent and their attendances are also gathering here.



*** Capital Central square ***



It’s that big plaza between the Royal castle and the temple.
It was unprecedented for holding a peace conference outdoors.

However, there are too many attendances coming together with the national leader to hold this conference indoor.
And besides, the Sacred Country strongly insisted on holding conference outdoors for some reason.
And a special conference hall was set up in the plaza.

Although there are many attendances most of them don’t have the right to speak.
The Peace Conference itself is carried out with 3 countries:
Balmoa Kingdom, Arigo Empire, Rueda Sacred Country.
Ashid Kingdom can have some opinions.

Because Balmoa Kingdom was unilaterally invaded but they still had a glorious victory, it showed how extraordinary Balmoa Kingdom’s power.
Arigo empire has a dispirited and resigned appearance.

And, despite being in the worst situation, the Sacred country Rueda’s appearance seemingly weird.
Other countries’ representatives had a curious gaze against Rueda.
We can hear the noisy chatter of countries’ representatives in the plaza.


And the peace conference has started.


First of all, the outline of the battle flow was explained from the side of the Balmoa Kingdom.
It was about the compensation from Arigo empire, prisoners’ ransom, food expenses on prisoners of war, medical expenses, other expenses, and lastly an inviolable pledge.

When Empire pledge in front of the delegates of so many countries, if they break it, it will be treated as 「The country start the invasion but don’t follow the treaty, pledge」
For the Empire, a large amount of reparation was equal to being stabbed with its finance.


「No, the cause of this battle is the Balmoa Kingdom!
It was because the Balmoa Kingdom restrained the angel in their country.
They try to monopolize the miracle!
Our country just tried to save the angel…」(Arigo Empire’s Prime Minister aka A.E.P.M)


However, the desperate claim of the Arigo Empire’s Prime Minister was simply denied by the said 「Angel」 Kaoru.


「Well, I am not an「Angel 」or anything like that.
I ran away from another country and just happened to arrive and live here.
Didn’t I sell the potions to anyone?
I’m selling to the commoner as well as noble.
The Ashid Kingdom, the Brancott Kingdom, and Sacred country Rueda.
If Arigo Empire wants it, would you mind buying it yourself?
Pay the money properly」(Kaoru)

「But, there isn’t stock in our country at all …」(A.E.P.M)

「It is useless to blame it on the geographic matter.
Just imagine this, people in Capital Gurua can’t eat fresh fish caught in the Arigo Empire.
And then Balmoa wage war with Arigo Empire for that.
Can you accept it?」(Kaoru)



The rebuttal of the A.E.P.M was easily lost to Kaoru.


「Well, even if that’s what I say.
I will improve the potion that can be kept little longer this time.
At least, enough for the potions  to circulation in the empire somehow」(Kaoru)


「And, about Arigo Empire’s economy, there is a way to develop your country, but are you willing to have a talk?」(Kaoru)


And then, Kaoru explained the marvelous facts.


[ If you went west beyond the sea, way further from Arigo Empire, there’s a huge island which is comparable to the Empire’s land.
An island with rich natural mineral resources.
Ship and navigation technology are still underdeveloped, that’s why Arigo Empire, which is closer in distance, is overwhelmingly advantageous over other countries.
I will not allow a monopoly, but I will give you preferential treatment] (Kaoru)


In fact, when the war started, Kaoru thought about how to hinder the Empire
And she tried making a recovery potion to confirm the topography around here.
The Potion container will have the shape of this world in small scale. (T.N: Like Earth Globe with potion medicine inside)

And she realized, this world, Vernier isn’t spherical.
And on the Vernie’s globe (potion container), land, rivers and reserve resources were properly written.
Because Kaoru made it consciously.

Of course, I will not tell the location of resources.

It’s an over service.


The Prime Minister of the Arigo Empire overflowed with tears.
Attendants of Arigo Empire also stand up from their seat and kneel on the ground.


The attendants of other countries are in a panic with everything happened before them.

Perhaps the Empire will now allocate most of their soldiers to shipbuilding and nurturing seafarers as the pioneering staff of the new site.

And if they can make a lot of ships and sailors, they can even start to trade with not only the new island but also other countries of this continent by ship.
They don’t know any design for big ships yet.
But they can try to paint as much as the sketch of the finished product.
There are flames living in the eyes of Arigo Empire’s people.
Their high up people will do, the whole Empire will do it.
Meanwhile, the Empire became lively, other countries also became impatient as they heard about that tasty story.


「Uhm… Kaoru-dono, about that, … can you also make the design of the ship, …」(A.E.P.M) (T.N: A.E.P.M say this, not King Serge. Empire begs Kaoru for the design of the ship and King Serge cut off halfway)

「 Our Balmoa Kingdom will have reparations from the Empire every year for a while.
The reparation amount is in the range that the Empire’s finance can afford」(King Serge)


King Serge stood up unexpectedly.
He was able to join the conversation.
Even people in other countries want to get back to their country as soon as possible to prepare the ship.
But it is difficult for long boats that are used for fishing to cross the ocean.
And again there’s no new type of ship…

Other countries didn’t know about Potion nor the actions of Kaoru until now.
But right now, various countries seemed to be a little envious gaze at the Balmoa Kingdom that has the goddess’ miracle.
Also, Arigo Empire began to notice the real value of Kaoru.

Actually, Balmoa Kingdom wasn’t thinking about pursuing the Arigo Empire and its starving citizens.
Because of that, the reparation was also split and the Empire only had to pay at a price they could afford.
The Empire before this conference thought this is the end of the Empire.
But right now, they have a bright expression that completely changed compared to when it is before the conference.


And now is the turn of the Sacred country Rueda.


The Sacred country was optimistic.
Actually, they prepared a trump card.
They believed they can restore their honor, too.
And unlike the empire, which dispatched full power to the Prime Minister instead of the Emperor himself do the talk.
The Pope himself came and represent the sacred country even though he left the negotiation to a Cardinal.


「 The Sacred country Rueda abandons the position of a neutral religious state and allied with the Arigo Empire.
As an enemy country cooperating in the invasion to the Balmoa Kingdom, we demand reparation from you just like the Arigo Empire」(Balmoa’s P.M)

「We have nothing to do with that.
Our country is still neutral and we weren’t cooperating with the empire!」(Cardinal)


In response to the request from the Balmoa Kingdom, the Cardinal, who represents the Sacred Country, denies it.
However, Balboa Kingdom continues to discuss that.
Recommendation of an escape for Kaoru, not to inform the invasion of the Imperial Army to any country, and clearly too early for the news to arrive.
Also, the instructions to kidnap Kaoru when Kaoru rejected.
Balmoa can bring the said Cardinal himself to testify at any time.

And also, another Cardinal and monks that accompanying the Empire Northen invasion armies.
They all have become prisoners of war.
And Balmoa can bring them out at any time.
Also, the testimonies obtained from captured Imperial soldiers that the Empire has a close relationship with the Holy Pope.

Until now, other countries received letters from the Balmoa Kingdom that say about the Sacred country had betrayed the goddess.
But many voices of accusations leaked from the listeners of each country that didn’t know the detail.


「We don’t know about such kind of thing.
I demand an immediate release for those priests and an apology for those documents insulting the Sacred country that Balmoa kingdom issued!」(Cardinal)


Kaoru responded to the Cardinal.


「Well, is that true?
That the news didn’t really properly transmit to the Holy Land?
Or are you hiding because it isn’t convenient for you?」(Kaoru)

「What, what … This devil magic user… !!」(Cardinal)

「 Weren’t you guys just kept saying that I was the angel of the goddess?
Even if I denied it, everyone in the Sacred country still wanted to do so …」(Kaoru)


The Cardinal turns bright red with Kaoru taking him lightly.

At that time, the pope, who had been silent until now, stands up.


「Okay then, we will prove that we are on the rightful side with the treasure of our Holy Kingdom and destroy Devil magic user who portraits as the angel!」(Pope)


He held a crystal ball in his hand.


「Hmm, I never portrayed as the Angel.
Only the people of the Sacred Country who said so.
I have denied from the beginning…」(Kaoru)

「Shu… shut up!!」(Pope)


In the remark of Kaoru who didn’t read the air, the Holy Pope shouted.

No, rather than not read the air, it’s on purpose.

The Pope continued the word as if nothing had happened.


「This is the Sacred item that the Goddess had given to us when she revealed in the Sacred country for the first time!
The goddess had entrusted us to use it when the crisis comes to the Sacred country!」(Pope)


Yes, that was the reason why the Sacred country was strangely confident.

And it was also the reason why they strongly insisted that the conference be held outdoors.

If the advent of the goddess happens outdoors, more people will witness it and the news will spread wider.


(Oh, that thing, isn’t that …) (Kaoru)


Of course, Kaoru was aware of it.
She had spent several hours to hear about Celes’ complains before.

When she’s thinking again about what the Pope said.

But then she realized one thing …


The Miracle of the goddess!
Proof that our Rueda Holy country is a country truly blessed by the goddess and we are blessed people!」(Pope)


And the next moment, the crystal call in the Pope’s hand gleamed a dazzling light.

And immediately after that, a light ball appeared above the sky.
The sphere of light gradually changed its shape and finally became a beautiful girl.
It is the descent of the goddess Celestine.

The goddess Celestine shout to the Pope, the one summoned her and kneeling with full of joy.


「Where is the space distortion?」(Celestine)



The pope had a blatant look.


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