Kaoru Chapter 40: Descent of the Goddess

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Kaoru Chapter 40: Descent of the Goddess

ED: Lowe


「So, where is the space distortion !?」(Celes)


Hearing the goddess Celestine shout out in a serious tone, the Pope was agape.

He didn’t know the meaning of the goddess’ question, that’s why he couldn’t answer.

And Kaoru gave him a nice beat.

No, it was more like a 「mudboat」 than a 「nice boat」


「Celes, it’s been a while!」(Kaoru)

Celes 1.jpg

Why are you here at such a place …
Wait, but right now I don’t have time to have a private talk with you!
Where is this space distortion that I can’t sense occurring?

「Oh, there is no distortion.
These people just called Celes for their own protection.
Something like:
The Sacred country Rueda is a country blessed by Celes,
they are the great blessed people.
They seem to want to say that Celes is protecting them and do not go against their words.
They decided to call Celes because they want to prove it with eveyone」(Kaoru)


Kaoru tells Celes that while smirking.


「What?… that is…」(Celes)


Celes was amazed.


「I already told Kaoru before, didn’t I?
They were just people in trouble with the space distortion.
They even disturbed me for other things as well.
How come the descendants of those people were great?
If anything else, I treated them to be less than other normal human beings.
However, even if I’m annoyed, I still worried about this world.
Instead of asking them for atonement, I gave out a contact crystal and told them to contact me as soon as they found Space Distortion Recurrence.
But to think, they dare use the contact crystal for personal use, for personal protection.
Didn’t I say that I don’t care about the power balance of this world?」(Celes)


Celes’ face becomes red with anger.

Well, I did it all the time …


「I’m also handing dozens of other things in various parts of this world.
There are false alarms, but that’s fine.
It’s okay to mistake a rare natural phenomenon or disaster as space distortion.
It’s not a big deal to have some mistake.
Rather than missing the space distortion by overlooking it, I will come to check it.
But this is the second time, that I have been called for personal protection.
The first time they used it is a few thousands of years ago since I first started distributing contact crystal …」(Celes)

「Hey, don’t tell me the first one was…」(Kaoru)


Kaoru had a bad feeling.


「Un, you knew about it right.
I was so angry that I destroyed the country without thinking …
I mean, I have mistaken in controlling my power and involved the surrounding countries considerably」(Celes)


All the people at the conference and all the people in the surroundings became pale.


「Listen well, Celes.
I’ll teach you the borderline of the Sacred country in detail.
So, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT involve anyone or anything outside of…」(Kaoru)

「That, such a thing !!!」(Pope)


Cuts Kaoru’s words halfway, the Pope cries out.


「 Wasn’t our country Rueda the Holy land, and our citizen are blessed people …?」(Pope)

「The Holy land?
The blessed people?
Didn’t you hear what I just said?
It’s just the land that got distorted by the space distortion.
I just came there to clear the space distortion and repaired the land.
Those fellows in that land were just someone, who interfered with my most important work, preventing the collapse of this world.
And you are those hated fellows’ descendants.
Well, you guys should prepare for my punishment, although I was going to do it without a care about you guys」(Celes)


With the cold words of Celes, the Pope collapsed.


「Well, what is this girl … to say that we are excommunicated …?」(Pope)

She is my great savior,
my most important friend,
excommunication …」(Celes)


As Celes said so, she’s looking at the air and thinking a little.

And she continued.

Perhaps she was reading information from somewhere.


「Oh, I see.
However, there’s no need to excommunicate.
You guys are not even my faithful believers after all.
You guys just used my name without permission.
I have never conveyed doctrine and I don’t admit you guys as my believers.
I had neglected you guys in the past because I thought you would do your best to serve people as an apology for disturbing me.
To think you use my name for wrongdoing, I will never allow you to use my name in the future
Ah, that’s right.
If they are from the temple of other countries that don’t have any relationship with these people, I will allow them to continue to use my name to relieve people’s mind」(Celes)


It was an announcement of the end of Sacred country Rueda.

The priests of the Holy countries who were luxuriously extravagant with the money raised from citizens and believers of other countries.
What kind of eyes will the people who knew the truth will look at them from now on…

And there, Kaoru added one more punch.


「Hey, everyone, why did we call Rueda as “the Sacred country”, wasn’t it weird?
From now on, I think that we should just call it as Rueda…」(Kaoru)


It is a proposal from a girl who was said to be goddess Celestine’s most important friend and great benefactor.

In a complete agreement.

Even if people thought Kaoru was just a human girl, no-one dares to deny.

Meanwhile, Everyone is wondering if the Pope might even still breathing anymore.

Somehow, Celes seemed to lost interest in those priests of Rueda, and she spoke to Kaoru.


「Kaoru-chan, you were just living in this world recently.
I doubt you had yet to do anything.
But did you enjoy it?」(Celes)


While saying that, Celes smiles.


「No, no, no.
It’s not recently!
Celes has a different sense of time!
I’ve already adventured a lot and have enjoyed it enough!」(Kaoru)

「Is that so?
Well then, I wonder if I can go and make the first report to that person anytime soon…」(Celes)

「Well, I guess it’s okay to do it now.
If you wait too long, I’ll die of an accident, incident or die of old age」(Kaoru)

「There is no such thing!
So even Kaoru-chan can say an interesting joke …」(Celes)


Celes giggled.

Kaoru tilted her head.


(Huh, something strange here, I …) (Kaoru)

「Well then, I should have a look at the Record and put together the report, so that person can know about Kaoru’s adventure …」(Celes)

(Eh, what is this Record?
Maybe it’s about all being recorded
U… Ah, the Akashic Record?
Or maybe, something has been tracing me for a long time …) (Kaoru)


She got scared somehow, so Kaoru stopped thinking about it.


「Well, I guess I should return soon.
Kaoru, please enjoy it!」(Celes)

「Oh, wait for a second!
It’s about Rueda …」(Kaoru)

「「「「She seems to have forgotten, and you have to remind her of it!!!」」」」(Everyone)


At that moment, everyone in the plaza, regardless of their difference, united their hearts and had the same voice.


「Although it was only a few people that did wrong.
It’s not good to punish everyone in that country.
Celes will be busy with many things.
So why don’t you leave it to me?
I will do it in your stead」(Kaoru)

「Oh, I see.
Then I will trouble you with that.
Call me if there’s something wrong.
I will do it properly」(Celes)

「Roger that.
You as well.
Do it properly with that person」(Kaoru)

「Eh? I… I will do my best!」(Celes)


That said, the appearance of Celes has disappeared.


「「「「We were saved…」」」」(Everyone)

「I know what everyone thought!
But what would you do if Celes suddenly remembered and gave out punishment as she left!
I still didn’t teach her Rueda’s borderline yet.
We don’t even know which country will get involved in her rage!
I needed to make her say it properly, absolutely!」(Kaoru)


With Kaoru’s words, everyone realized it and nodded.

Certainly, it was so.




After that, the Balmoa Kingdom decided the reparation of the Sacred Country Rueda, no, just Rueda country now.
Rueda was hit by a massive political change from now on, but it still needs to pay compensation.

But, Rueda didn’t suffer or cause any direct damage.

At best, they only need to pay prisoners’ food expenses.

After that, Because the delegation returned home without negotiating anything.
2 cardinals, other priest servants and monks were left as prisoners.
They would stay in prison for several months until the political change ceased and the negotiation was carried out due to the petition of their relatives

Meanwhile, the Arigo Empire promptly negotiated, decided the story of installment payment compensation, set the conditions for the delivery of prisoners, and made it possible for the prisoners to return home early.

Representatives from various countries who were present at the Peace Conference were fussy.

The representatives of Balmoa Kingdom and their ally countries, Ashid Kingdom and the Brancott Kingdom, as well as the representatives, who came from far away lands, were able to see the goddess Celestine with their own eyes and hear the goddess’s voice with their ears.

And most of all, the content of that story beyond their imagination.

Furthermore, every country now know the existence of a girl, who is entrusted with full power to the goddess, can produce the potion of miracle, has unparalleled wisdom, 「the goddess’s best friend」

That girl is the most valuable girl in this world.

Everyone understand such a thing.

However, if they handle it poorly, their country will definitely be destroyed.

The goddess destroyed a country just because she was called for personal benefit.

Just think about hurting the girl who is her great benefactor and best friend, what would become of their country.

Do not lay their hands on her, leave her alone, only try to ask her for help.

That is the limit.

Representatives from various countries tentatively agreed with friendship with the Balmoa Kingdom.
They signed a new trade agreement and promised to send a delegation once more at a later date.

And everyone went back to their country.
Countries that have sea and coastlines focused on shipbuilding to cross the sea.
The faraway country that didn’t get the potions, improve their high-speed transportation to get the potion before the deadline.
Every country is busy with various projects.

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  1. Chappy o arigatai~.

    I quote this :
    -「Well, I guess it’s okay to do it now.

    If you wait too long, I’ll die of an accident, incident or die of old age」(Kaoru)

    「There is no such thing! So even Kaoru-chan can say an interesting joke …」(Celes)

    Celes giggles.

    Kaoru tilted her head.

    (Huh, something strange here, I …) (Kaoru)

    And I’ll say this :
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      • No, she can’t.


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        If you read chapter 2 again. I even translate Celes’ word in purpose.
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        No matter what Kaoru does, her body will always be rejuvenated to 15 years old.

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  2. 「Well, I guess it’s okay to do it now.

    If you wait too long, I’ll die of an accident, incident or die of old age」(Kaoru)

    「There is no such thing! So even Kaoru-chan can say an interesting joke …」(Celes)

    Celes giggles.

    Isn’t this actually a huge hint?

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    「{What that…}->{What?… that is…}」(Celes)

    If anything{}->{else}, I treated them {are}->{to be} less than other normal human beings.

    Didn’t I say that I don’t care about the power balance {}->{of}this world?」
    {Celes’s}->{Celes’} face becomes red with anger.

    Ah that’s right, if {}->{they are} the temple of other countries that don’t have any relationship with these people,

    {Unanimously agreed}->{in a complete agreement}. Even if people thought Kaoru was just a human girl, no-one dare to deny.

    Somehow, Ceres {seemd}->{seemed to} lost interest in those priests of Rueda, and she spoke to Kaoru.

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