Kaoru Chapter 41: And a few years later

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Kaoru Chapter 41: And a few years later

ED: Lowe

*** And a few years later. ***


The height of Kaoru remained the same as 157 cm.

She was 158 centimeters at the age of 22, so this wasn’t really strange. However, she should be already 158 centimeters by now, but that’s not what Kaoru is concerned about.

In this world, 157 centimeters is the average of 12 years old girl, 158 centimeters is the average height of 13 years old girl. It does not change much.

Because that was the average height in Japan, It was Kaoru who hoped to keep her gene to make her new body in this world without considering the difference in height between Westerners and Japanese.

By now, Kaoru already noticed it from the surrounding people.

But Kaoru tried to think positively. The fact that a small woman will motivate Westerners. That word crawls to the corner of her head.



Arigo empire built a new type large ship based on the hull designed by Kaoru and established a route with the new island in the west.

In addition, they focused on trades along the continental coast by ship, and are steadily developing as a maritime nation.

By the way, Kaoru’s hull model design was created by cheat. And it was this world’s first wooden sail boat.

For some reason, the figure-head attached to the ship of the Empire is a certain girl that’s younger than the goddess Celestine. That certain little girl had a cute face but had bad eyes.



Rueda’s leader and high up were all clerics, but right now all of them were stalled.

A huge personal property was found and was confiscated by the new government.

After stabilizing the domestic somewhat, the new-born government has requested consolidation to Balmoa Kingdom, and Balmoa Kingdom accepts it.

Today, it is treated like one of the marquis of the Balmoa Kingdom. However the representative of its people is ruling instead of the lord.

The reason for the consolidation either did they worry about the future of a small country that lost support from other countries’ believer? Or did they just want to become the same country as Kaoru, who is similar to the goddess?

Balmoa Kingdom had no intention to listen to its reason.



Although Ashid Kingdom isn’t an enemy like Arigo Empire, but their distance to the new Island in the West is almost equal to that of the Balmoa Kingdom, and they were focused on shipbuilding to stand superior.

The Balmoa Kingdom also competes against Ashid and of course both countries compete as a good competitors.

Although the King’s brother Roland asked Kaoru for cooperation, Kaoru hands out the same design to both countries. Otherwise it won’t be fun.

It seems that Roland was engaged to the goddess’ guardian knight, or rather the Holy Knight Francette.

Because she is the greatest hero of the nation and even got rewarded with the Goddess’s sword. There is no-one can oppose her marriage with the royal family. No, it was rather a big welcome for the country.

After the engagement was decided, Francette visited Kaoru and swore eternal loyalty. However, even without that Kaoru knew Francette will not change.

As time passed, I feel that Roland is getting older, but Francette still has been a young girl as ever. However, Kaoru doesn’t say it.



In Brancott Kingdom, the country finally realized the biggest fish that they missed. They got the information about the little girl with a potion of miracles that appeared in Baron Runie’s town. That girl is definitely Alpha Kaoru Nagase, the 『goddess’s friend』

Both sisters had stayed in Brancott Kingdom, but they both slipped through the hands of the kingdom due to some stupid acts.

When they think about it, in order to go to the far away country, Balmoa, you must pass through Brancott Kingdom at the base of the peninsula by all means. There was plenty of possibility to help both sisters and get them settled in Brancott Kingdom.

No, In fact, the hunters’ testimony is saying that the potion of miracle girl was saying something like, that she might settle in that town only if Baron Runie didn’t interfere.

Even Milfa Kaoru Nagase might settle down at the dining hall in Brancott’s capital.

Even if they regret now, they couldn’t do anything.



Other far away countries.

They can finally get the potion’s benefit, that was produced and spread by Balmoa Kingdom recent years.

They want that miracle girl and that unparalleled wisdom for development. The girl who seems to have the same power as the goddess Celestine.

However, there was no way they could push the impossible. They all knew about the unilateral defeat of the Arigo empire. The miserable end of the upper part of the Rueda.
And most important, goddess Celestine had said that word.

『Call me if there is something wrong, I will do it properly』

… 『Do it properly』

For the goddesses, to what extent is appropriate?

No country dared to try it on our own. never.

However, they thought that it would be nice if they could invite that girl once. And ask some advice for the development of their countries.



And in Balmoa Kingdom.

Regarding shipbuilding technology, although it is one step behind the Arigo Empire, it still develops considerably.

Currently, through the prototype sailboat, they are building the first large sailboat.

In agriculture. It’s about to harvest crops from the first test field with Kaoru’s introduction of wheel-mill, fertilizer and rotation crops method. And after the effect has been clearly confirmed, so the country made it to full-scale introduction.

And, about the country defense: the key factor are Demon Fran and 4 death gods.

An invincible knight protecting the Royal King’s Brother Roland. They are Heroes of the kingdom, who caused 40,000 Imperial troops to retreat by only 6 people including the King’s brother.

There are no opponent for the five knights who received the benefit of the goddess.

… By the way, Kaoru allowed the former 4 royal guards to keep their goddess sword 『Ex-Hrotti』’s parts.

Because there is no ultra high-speed vibration function, it was 『just a strong, sharp sword』

although there’s no sword in this world that can compare with that『just a strong, sharp sword』

On the other hand, Kaoru took back the goddess sword 『Ex-Ridill』 from Roland. Because it had an ultra high-speed vibration function.

I didn’t want to give it to anyone other than the Holy Knight Francette.


Roland was depressed.

[ I had already gone and done a lot of things in a grand scale.

Why can’t I just get myself a goddess sword!

Unfair! ! ]

Since Kaoru can never return it, that’s why she stores it in the item box.

Kaoru can’t help with this matter anyway.

If Kaoru gives the goddess sword to the Royal Family, it will greatly affect the relationship within Balmoa Kingdom and with other countries as well. If the King brother Roland receives goddess sword, many people will change their support for King Serge to Roland.

And he finally calmed down.

However afterwards, the aforementioned 4 people immediately appointed into his exclusive royal knights, as to put all the Goddess sword wielder including Francette in his place.

Has he wanted a goddess sword to that extent …?

King Serge was watching his always calm brother screaming and depressed for the first time. And was a little relief to know that 『So even my brother also had time like this』? (T.N: Serge thinks his brother is perfect and always calm)


Kaoru, after the Peace Conference, quit the assistant job at the workshop.

It was hard to keep helping at the workshop, as she was getting busy making various extraordinary things.


Everyone in the workshop cried and was detained, but it was useless.

However, Kaoru prepared properly.

One of the 『goddess’ eyes』, a 11 years old girl, Lolotto. She was a mother-temperate girl who was taking care of the six children. This girl learning everything from Kaoru wonderfully that she could look after the 『five children』at the workshop.

The reason why the meal in the workshop wasn’t tasty, because there were no fermented ingredients or seasoning, and Lolot that was given decent cooking utensils and ingredients demonstrated the skill of adequate cooking.

Lolotto has been taking care of 『goddess ‘eyes』’s meals after all.

Back in those days, because of lack of nutrition, they are considerably smaller than the average. But right now even the girls who were still seen as young girls have grown to be pretty girls.


Speaking of 『goddess ‘eyes』, the leader Emil.

Well, he had a good feeling for the little girl who’s willing to jump into a well, Bell. Because they are only 4 years old difference, he isn’t really a pedophile.

The story of the battle in that well spreads and Bell became popular.

To the point, people started making a doll that imitates Bell and put near the wells, as a charm of『the person who protects the well from bad things』,

and many people offers to take care of Bell as well. (adopt)

Among them, there were also good people.

But Bell refused everyone and chose the way to stay with all of us. And the girl herself never told the reason.

But for her the person who tried to poison the well to be called as 『the person who protects the well』

Kaoru can’t help but has a bitter smile.


And the Lyotal family, the eldest son Cedric got married.

His partner was the Tsundere girl who spoke to Kaoru in the 『ceremony of applying for companion』

Kaoru is overjoyed by it, and sometimes going to see the newlywed family.

Tsundere girl has gone a long way.

Acyl, who gave up on Kaoru, seems to be concerned about Lolotta after that. To him any cute girls who can make delicious dishes are good girls.


Abiri Merchant Group is doing great. There was the potion sale even it won’t gain any profit. But the hit by the new product invented by Kaoru was big. Together with the name value of Kaoru.


And when Kaoru finally got a breath after reaching a lot of things, Kaoru noticed.

[ I still can’t find any partner yet.

This is bad, I almost midway through the marriageable age.

Besides, I don’t even have any candidate to have a relationship. ]

Kaoru began to rush suddenly.


Currently, acquaintance men who are still free …

King Serge. pass!

Acyl. Please take care of Lolotto!

Former owner of Francette, Earl Adam’s son, Hector-kun. When I first met him, Hector was 13 years old, he grew up a long time ago and now he is a wonderful young man. Yes, this is good man. On hold.

Alan of Brancott Kingdom. When married to another country, it will cause dispute, and the prince over there will be annoying. So pass!

Well … who else.

Eh? only this?

Only Hector the Earl’s heir …

Well, aren’t I in a really bad situation?


Suddenly a middle-aged man jumped out before Kaoru who was a little shocked in thought while walking around the city. He held a dagger in his hand.

「Because of you, you have destroyed the Holy country and I had lost everything …

Die! !」(M.A.M)

It happens so suddenly, that’s why Kaoru can’t react in time.

And the dagger held by the M.A.M stabbed Kaoru’s chest.

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Translator’s Spoiler:




FUNA sensei prove Celes’s hints.


  1. 「しかしその後、すぐに例の4人の近衛兵を自分の専属騎士に取り立てて、フランセットと共に神剣の持ち主全てを自分の許に置いた」
    Maybe something like,
    “however right after that, he immediately took those 4 royal guards as his executive knight, together with Francette he monopolized/gathered all goddess sword users.”
    anyway, thanks for the chapter…

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    • フランセットと共に神剣の持ち主全てを自分の許に置いた
      “Francette and goddess sword owner all self authorization put in” (MTL)
      He took Francette and all of the goddess sword user under his own authorization.
      (Do not mind my suggestion after this comment)


    • She’s never been good at handling unexpected situations… but she’s probably immortal so it’s fine.

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  3. Suggestion:
    Rueda’s leader and high up were all clerics, but right now all of them were {stalled}->{exiled/took down}

    Although the King brother Roland {}->{asked} Kaoru for cooperation, Kaoru hands out the same design to both countries. Otherwise it won’t be fun.

    No country dared to try it on {our}->{their} own. never.

    In agriculture. It’s about to {havest}->{harvest} crops from the first test field with Kaoru’s introduction of wheel-mill, fertilizer and {ratation}->{rotation} crops method.

    many people will change their support {for}->{from} King Serge to Roland.

    However right after that, he {called}->{took} all {}->{of the 4} royal guards together with Francette {}{who have the goddess’ sword} as his {own}exclusive knights {, and put all the owner of the goddess sword together with the Francette at his own pardon. }->{at his own discretion}

    She was a {mother-temperate}->{motherly} girl who was taking care of {the}->{other} six children.

    {Lolot}->{Lolotto} that was given decent cooking utensils and ingredients demonstrated the skill of adequate cooking.

    But Bell refused everyone and chose {the way to stay with all of us}->{to stay with goddess’ eyes}. And the girl herself never told the reason.

    But for her{}->{,} the person who tried to poison the well to be called as 『the person who protects the well』
    Kaoru can’t help but {}->{to} has a bitter smile.

    Former {owner}->{master} of Francette, Earl Adam’s son, Hector-kun.

    Well, {aren’t I in}->{Am I not in a} really bad situation?


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    ~Shikashi sonogo, sugu ni rei no yon nin no konoe hei o jibun no senzoku kishi ni toritate te, furan setto totomoni shinken no mochinushi subete o jibun no moto ni oi ta

    Roughly :
    ->However afterwards, the aforementioned 4 people immediately appointed into his exclusive royal knights, as to put all the Goddess sword wielder including Francette in his place

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