Kaoru Chapter 42: Growth

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T.N: Sorry, this chapter is 2 times longer so I take more time to translate than usual.

By the way, with this chapter we done witht this Arc.

From tomorow I will translate Arge daily for 1 Arc.

Kaoru Chapter 42: Growth

ED: Lowe


A dagger stabbed Kaoru in the chest.

…However, it does not hurt at all.

「Huh…!?」(Middle age man)

Likewise, the assailant is surprised with Kaoru that standing still without suffering.

「Take this, this, this, this …」(Middle age man)

The assailant keep stabbing and stabbing the dagger to Kaoru many times.

It had no effect. 0 damage

It had no effect. 0 damage

It had no effect. 0 damage

It had no effect. 0 damage

Heard the screaming loudly around me, people nearby rushs to Kaoru.

And the moment Kaoru got away a little from the assailant


A thunder which fells from the clear sky strikes the assailant. And the body of the assailant collapsed on the ground.

As a result of the investigation, that middle-aged man, as expected, is a bishop when Rueda still was The Sacred country. He had taken a lot of donation in the past and lived in a luxury.

After goddess Celestine’s descent event.

All of priests became fraudsters and all of the wealth that they saved up until then was confiscated.

The priests were making money with the goddess as a cover up story. but what will hurting the goddess’ friend do?

Didn’t he notice that it was impossible to defy the goddess and regain the glory of the past?

However, it would be useless to say anything to a man who lost everything and was confused.

Kaoru did not care about the man who is attacking her.

What she did in the past make a lot of people died and ruin a great deal of people’s life. It is natural to get resentment.

It was another thing that Kaoru cared about.

Why didn’t that dagger cause her any damage?

Besides, the thunder that struck the man wasn’t Kaoru’s work.

It isn’t an explosion but real thunder which fell from the sky of fine weather.

Until now, Kaoru sometimes cuts her finger during cooking, falls, and of course it was just a small injury.

However, Kaoru doesn’t have 「body of steel」

(So, this is an automatic defense mechanism that works when there is a danger that may cause death. Because Celes can’t be constantly watching … so that thunder is an automatic counterattack system?) (Kaoru)

Kaoru thought.

I have overlooked something.

I had missed something  …

That’s it. Several years ago, at the time of Celes’ advent.

A conversation just before Ceres returns.

What did I say to Ceres at that time?

「If you wait too long, I will die from an accident, incident or die of old age」

And what did Celes answer to me?

「There’s no such a thing! So even Kaoru can say an interesting joke … 」

What made Ceres thought my words were a joke?

Joke. That means, it’s actually impossible.

…impossible and joke. Did Celes mean 「That can’t happen」, I can’t die from an accident, incident or die of old age?

If it was the automatic defense system, then isn’t it just 「I will not die from accidents or incidents」

No, wait. Then, what about die of old age?

No, no wait. Celes is certainly pure and easy to trick, but she isn’t stupid. And it’s quite offense to put「that ways」

And Celes’ time sense is quite different from humans. Even though I came to this world for months but it’s just recently to Celes.

Well, even the story from thousands of years ago was also like just happen to her.

So why Celes thought that, I who is just average human that mostly die after few decades, won’t die even if she wait too long? What was the reason? Was there something that I missed

I remember!

What did I ask from Celes about my new body before I came to this world?

Sure it was …

「Make my body with original gene and the age rejuvenated to 15 years old」

…… The body with the original body gene, ages to 15 years old.

Age to 15 years old. Age to 15 years old. Age to 15 years old.

A 15 years old body.

… I didn’t say that it can grow afterwards.


I was so stupid …


Even if I didn’t do any extra thing, I could just make a potion of rejuvenation if I cared for it.

Because I have the potion cheat.

Why didn’t I notice it?

… Anyway, I understand that I’m not going to grow any more.

Height, and breast.

There is a way to create a potion of growth but can a cheat rewrite another cheat?

How about some secret shoes or a attached pads?

Anyway my height will only change 1 more cm even if I grow.

This is because of the short stature of Japanese people and the child’s face that can be seen in children, so it will not change even if I grow 1 more cm.


「I will go on a trip, please do not look for me」(Kaoru)

「「「「EHHHHHHHH!! 」」」」(Everyone in Royal castle)

With Kaoru’s sudden notice, the whole Royal castle raise a fuss.

「Why … ?」(Francette)

Francette asks with a shivering voice.

「Just a momentous journey to search for marriage partner」(Kaoru)

「Marriage partner, But Kaoru-chan is a Goddess, won’t you remain a child forever?」(Francette)




The scary fact turned out to be true.

It seems that I was supposed to remain in this shape since I am a goddess like Celes.

No, apparently it looks like that but it’s not.

However, … if everyone keep thinking of me as a child… I can’t…

Certainly, it may be impossible to get married if I’m eternal 12 years old.

No, I am 27 years old in mental age, 15 years old in physical body age, even in this world I’m already admirable adult, and old enough to marry!

Well, even if I become 1,000 years old or 10,000 years old. Will my partner be a criminal if he marry the goddess as a loli?

No, that’s not the case, the physical age of this body is really 15 years old …

Damn, after all, I have no choice but to travel!

Take a journey and pretend to be an ordinary girl while I’m getting married.

This time from the beginning, the setting is

「I’m a 15 years old adult woman who is just a petite. I didn’t get to eat enough when I am a child …」

And say that I am eligible for marriage!


And a few days later.

I also parted with the children from 「the eyes of the goddess」

Everyone can live by theirselves now.

I told the children to give up the house, but「We will keep this house forever and we are waiting for you to return」

In preparation for the emergency, I handed over the children a few weightless potions and told them to keep it absolutely secret.

Furthermore, I gave one of the 「voice transmitt crystal set」with a potion inside for communication. The other is in my item box.

I will come back in a hurry, if there’s an emergency.

Using a land cruiser type container filled with 「gasoline-like chemicals」in the fuel tank,

or a helicopter type container that can be steered with the control pad of the first NES consoles.

Just left the super technology to Celes, such as the pitch angle of the rotor blades, the gyroscopic effect or the torque action, and so on!

Anyway, it seems that Gods have solved it long ago when people were still single-celled creatures, that’s about it.

However, I think that my medicine cheat is creating with my power, received support of knowledge with Celes’ super technology.

Or will it be built somewhere in the form I ordered, will it be transferred?

Well, sometime, I’m curious.

Oh, if I go, Balmoa Kingdom’s supply of potions will cease, but there wasn’t such thing at the beginning.

It’s even hindering the advancement of medicine and pharmacology, it could eradicate human resources in that direction.

No matter how much I advise to protect such human resources, people can’t continue to train personnel and research thing that requires money, when there’s an goddess medicine before their eyes, that can cure anything when they drink it.

Their motivation will wane.

So, if they want to recover the sick and injured people, they will need to do their best on their own.

And during the journey, if necessary, I will hide the identity and relieve it in detail.

Rather than giving only the great benefit to the Balmoa Kingdom and any countries nearby.

The power of a miracle is one that can be enjoyed by a few good people who live seriously. It must not be the things that everyone can take it as a matter of course.

In the journey, we will go with Ed. No, I will go with Ed alone.

All the necessary items are in the item box as usual, so I will need to ask the ranch to take care of Ed’s family.

Ed just got 10 years old. He is about 35 to 45 years old if he is human.

I wonder if the long trip is tough for middle-aged people.

This time because it’s a long journey that isn’t comparable with that trip to the west.

But, there are potions, so will he be okay?

He will need to leave his wife alone, he will hate it … I guess.

I’m going to come back from time to time. After all, I also care about the 「goddess’ s eyes」

When I arrived at the ranch while thinking.

Ed, his wife and three daughters who are 3 years old were waiting in line.

「Oh, Kaoru-san. My husband has always been in your care」(Ed’s wife)

「「Kaoru Onee-chan, do you have cube sugar?」」(Ed’s 2 daughters)

「Hey, don’t push me away」(Ed’s daughter)

… are you guys really horses?

Aren’t you evolving and becoming a different creature? No way, …

And why are Emil and Bell standing there, with baggage on their back?

「「We are coming with you」」(Emil + Bell)

Oh, my.

No matter what I say you won’t change your mind, you have the eyes to follow me at all cost, aren’t you?

I gave up and thought that it was time to leave with 3 from Ed’s family.

「「We are coming with you」」(Fran + Roland)

I wonder why she is waiting for me, Fran…

Also, The Royal Brother Roland also stays next to her!

Well if Kaoru go on a journey, I will not even know when my fiancée will come home, I think I will also go together.

But, you are a royalty, you …

Friend of the goddess, King brother, Demon, Guardian of the well …

What a party!!

… I wonder if Emil also thinks of something, too.

And wait!

Am I going to travel with two pairs of lovy-dovet couples?

Wait, wait a moment! !

This is the trip for my Nagase clan to grow!

It is not a trip to propagate you! never!!

Many men were rolling in the Balmoa Kingdom after Kaoru departed.

「Huh? She went on a journey looking for marriage partner, did Kaoru feel like married?」

「No way, in that case, if I don’t give up on her and asking!」

「No way!!」

「When we first met, she was 15 years old, she is now 19 years old.

She has growing up long ago, and that was her final form that has grown」

All was already late.



(T.N: time skip on earth)



「Great grandmother …」

Surrounded by a lot of of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, my consciousness faded.

Ah, it was a happy life …

But only one.

There was one thing that I could not forgive.


「Hey, God!」(Kyoko)

「Yes, I know, I know, …」(Earth God)

A white place.

And the blond hair in the mid-twenties with blue eyes, a man who wore a white garment that Roman nobleman might be wearing

As if he is embodies of an 「Ideal man」

He is the God.

「Where is that girl now?」(Kyoko)

「Oh, she is traveling along the continents with her colleagues」(God)

「How about Reiko?」(Kyoko)


「It was a bit late … Was you done asking the God over there yet?」(Kyoko)

「I have already done it. I bothered her once again …」(God)

「Well, then, please send me there quickly」(Kyoko)

「Okay, please have a good life …」(God)

「Thank you, I had been in your care, good bye!」(Kyoko)

Although Kyoko was 90 years old, she was said to be open-minded for her age.

However, the conscious body and soul recovered from her body regained liveliness. Not under influence of her aged physical body, she is full of spirit just like when she was a young girl.

The conscious body and soul were sent to the other world by the young man who is the god manages Earth.

After sending out Kyoko’s consciousness body and soul, God was alone.

「But I was really surprised.

70 years ago, Ordinary people succeeded in delivering personal messages to me by themselves …

I was made aware of the possibility of human beings. It was a good study」(God)

God who manages the earth recollected memorable times when the 2 women came yelling and made promises.

(I will compensate for your life that was supposed to have a good time with Kaoru!)

「Ah once again, I bothered Celes, I have to do something to make up for her …」(Earth God)



「Welcome to my world, Vernie!」(Celes)

I was greeted with a full smile and I draw back a little.

「Uhm …, I’m …」(Kyoko)

「Yes, I heard about you! You are the same as Kudo Reiko-san, who came before, right!」(Celes)

I think this goddess is in high tension.

「Uhm, somehow, you look very happy, is that right?」(Kyoko)

She heard about me… hmm…

「Yes, the god who managing your world, he wants to do something to apologize for troubling me again. He contacted me to say he will do anything … Ku fu, Ku fu fu…」(Celes)


I understand everything right away. I didn’t live to 90 years old for nothing.

「What did Reiko receive?」(Kyoko)

(T.N: In case you forgot, Reiko is this girl)



「Ah, Reiko gets the ability to use any kind of magic with unlimited capacity」(Celes)

(T.N: Either this)

(Or this)


As expected of Reiko.


「Well, I want the ability to create anything」(Kyoko)

「Eh, anything? well, it’s kinda…」(Celes)

The Goddess is reluctant.

I need to change my request.

「Uhm, what about the ability to create any kind of ship that I know

Of course, I am not a ship’s expert, so details are built according to the books written about that ship.

And please add the knowledge of how to use the ship in my head automatically, because it’s impossible for amateur to move …」(Kyoko)

「Limit to only Ship. That’s it, Kaoru and her party about to cross the sea soon …You will need it to find her easier, well then let’s go」(Celes)

The goddess is relieved when the wish change dramatically.

Kyoko quietly smirks in her heart.

「But this is a big deal, I heard from him about what you did while still having a human body. How and why did you do that? What relationship did you two have with Kaoru-chan?」(Celes)

To the goddess’ question, Kyoko smiled and and answered.

「Nishizono Kyōko and Kudō Reiko, we are Nagase Kaoru’s close friends!」(Kyoko)


Kyoko got a rejuvenated body and got off to the ground.

After confirming that there were no human figure in its wide prairie, she created 「a ship that Kyoko knows」

Automatic control by A.I

Powerful, numerous optical weapons.

With Robot army on board.

With this, I will travel around this world and search for Kaoru.

If Reiko used any huge scale or tatical magic, this mothership will be able to detect it with the sensor.

And even if the worst case that sensor can’t trace, if Reiko notices that I have come, she can use magic to find me.

I have time. Because both I and Reiko got the same body specification for Kaoru from the goddess of this world.

Kyoko got into the ship and sat down in the captain’s seat, ordered the A.I

「Take off!」(Kyoko)

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  5. Just finished editing here sorry of the late update.

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