Kaoru Manga Chapter 3-2

Disclaimer: I didn’t owe the manga nor the novel chapter

Everything belongs to their respected Author

I just simply copy / download from internet, translate and paste it here.

Raw: http://seiga.nicovideo.jp/watch/mg233785?ct_now

Novel Author: FUNA sensei

Mangaka Artist: Kokonoe Hibiki sensei Pixiv acc

Support the Author and Mangaka, buy a copy whenever it ready in your country

By the way,

I said my translation is AVERAGE.

So don’t go and complain with me.

And because this version isn’t good.

Don’t UPLOAD IT in Bato.to YET

Kaoru Manga
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FUNA sensei Novel Author: FUNA sensei

Apart from being able to make potions, please enjoy comic with a very ordinary (?) Girl, Kaoru’s living life in another world.

To make it more interesting than the original, please arrange and add more stuff freely!

Kokonoe Hibiki sensei.png Mangaka Artist: Kokonoe Hibiki sensei

Nice to meet you. I will do my best to make it enjoyable even in manga version.

Suki ma sensei Original character design: Suki Ma sensei

As I am also a reader, I’m really happy everytime I am reading manga version.

I feel it’s really great as if reading the original work.

I think that the design is tough because there are so many characters, but I will do my best!

Page 1

Kaoru Chapter 5 17 a

Page 2

Kaoru Chapter 5 18 a


Page 3

Kaoru Chapter 6 Page 03 a.jpg


Page 4

Kaoru Chapter 6 Page 04 a.jpg


Page 5

Kaoru Chapter 6 Page 05 a.jpg


Page 6

Kaoru Chapter 6 Page 06 a.jpg


Page 7

Kaoru Chapter 6 Page 07 a.jpg


Page 8

Kaoru Chapter 6 Page 08 a.jpg



Page 9

Kaoru Chapter 6 Page 09 a.jpg



Page 10

Kaoru Chapter 6 Page 10 a.jpg


Page 11

Kaoru Chapter 6 Page 11 a.jpg



Page 12

Kaoru Chapter 6 Page 12 a.jpg




Page 13

Kaoru Chapter 6 Page 13 a.jpg



Page 14

Kaoru Chapter 6 Page 14 a.jpg



Page 15

Kaoru Chapter 6 Page 15 a.jpg




Page 16

Kaoru Chapter 6 Page 16 a.jpg


Page 17

Kaoru Chapter 6 Page 17 a.jpg


Kaoru Manga
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  1. Suggestion:
    Page 4
    You will ask for the potion recipe {and}->{…} then you are going to monopolize it and gain a huge amount of money {and use it}->{…} to raise for a higher rank (add {…} for dialog continuation between bubles)

    Page 12
    The first son may have a sense of crisis with {a the good}-> {the talented} second son


  2. Translated Mile manga chapter 4, if I don’t read the web novel before may be it is too sad to read it…


  3. Thank you for the update seeing in the manga version is quite something though there have been some very slight changes i still love it


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