Arge Chapter 123: Vampire’s journey to the ocean

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Arge Chapter 123: Vampire’s journey to the ocean

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“… and just like I expected at that moment, it was already a flag” (Arge)

“What do you mean, Arge-san?” (Kuzuha)

“No, please don’t mind it, Kuzuha-chan, I’m just thinking about the spirit” (Arge)

Sighing, I resume work.

We are cooking a meal right now. And what I’m making is an easily digested meal, I cook rice with a lot of water. A so-called porridge.

Actually, I wanted to leave the cooking to others, but there are some reasons for this.

“I didn’t foresee everyone except us getting bedridden with seasickness…”(Arge)

As soon as I spoke the words, the ship suddenly shook and I lost my balance.

If this was land, I could have easily fixed my posture, but right now I’m standing in a shaking ship while holding a pot. And then I was hugged by Kuzuha-chan from behind when I was about to fall.

“Uhm… are you okay, Arge-san?” (Kuzuha)

“Ah, a very modest cushion …!” (Arge)

“Uhm…what are you talking about?” (Kuzuha)

Even though I thought about breasts, I didn’t have to answer.

While appreciating the slight softness, I got away from Kuzuha-chan.

… It shakes a bit.

I’m not talking about breasts. It is about the ship.

I heard from Zeno-kun that the sea is quite rough at this time of year, apparently, it seemed to be right.

Felnote-san, Zeno-kun, and Richelle-san too. At first, when we sailed the ship, they were still fine because the sea wasn’t so rough, but as soon as the ship started shaking, they were bedridden from seasickness and couldn’t move.

I can also use healing magic to cure seasickness, but as soon as I cured them, they started getting seasick again, so the three of them went to rest in their room.

At first Felnote-san recovered from motion sickness with her own recovery magic, but she couldn’t keep it up for long and went down.

Neguseo wasn’t doing much better, and he also laid down.

As for me, this body of mine seems to be strong against seasickness but I’m still bothered with the shaking.  However, there wasn’t any particular problem.


Kuzuha-chan also seems to be bothered by the shaking, but she doesn’t seem to get seasick either.

“I was saved because Kuzuha-chan can still move” (Arge)

“Is that so?” (Kuzuha)

“Well, it would be too annoying if I was the only one who could move, and after arriving in the Demon Continent, I wouldn’t want to move for a while” (Arge)

“Arge-san is troublesome, aren’t you?” (Kuzuha)

“I already was,
I can’t help but be lazy and troublesome,
I am just like dust that accumulates in a window’s corner” (Arge)

“I didn’t say it as such!” (Kuzuha)

“Anyways, I was saved because Kuzuha-chan was here with me. Thank you” (Arge)

“…Eee, well, you are welcome” (Kuzuha)

Kuzuha-chan replied as she closed her fox eyes. Apparently, it seems she gave up her Tsukkomi act. And then she opened her eyes again and looked at me carefully from head to toe.

“By the way, Arge-san, these clothes suit you” (Kuzuha)

“Fue?” (Arge)

After being told that, I looked at my body again.

Because I was reincarnated as a girl, my body became even more delicate than my previous life’s body which was already slender.

And when I’m looking at the mirror on my side, I see a beautiful girl with silver hair. On Earth, vampires didn’t appear in the mirror, but the vampires in this world seem to be slightly different.

The beautiful girl usually wears a robe — I mean — Right now, I’m wearing something like work clothes that was based on white.

It’s mentioned as the so-called cooking clothes. In my previous life, the servants in my family were wearing it for a long time, so it’s just like a maid outfit, which is somewhat familiar to me.

Kuzuha-chan has a clothes-making hobby, this is a new pastime that she has acquired recently. Because the ship keeps swaying, I needed to wear it, and the clothes are loose and easy to move around in.

“These are cooking clothes, aren’t they?” (Arge)

Kuzuha-chan nodded and replied.

“Yes. It’s ideal clothing for working women,
It is common in the Republic!
Ah, it is matching clothes with me… and I, I’d like to have Arge-san to wear it and make Miso soup with me every day…” (Kuzuha)

“Ha, it’s rather troublesome. I’d like someone to make miso soup for me every day instead” (Arge)

No, It would be better if I had someone who can make 3 meals a day instead of miso soup, and even better if that person lets me sleep for 30 hours every day, I will be happily getting fed up after this trip is over.

Haa~, I wonder if I can somehow get such a convenient parasitic subject… a kind person.

Well, it’s not embarrassing clothes, and I don’t feel bad by being praised so I will accept it obediently.

“It also suits Kuzuha-chan as well” (Arge)

“E~he~he, we are the same” (Kuzuha)

Kuzuha-chan is also wearing cooking clothes just like me.

Two girls with the same clothes are cooking together. The two of us look pretty young as well, so to outsiders, this will look like an elementary school cooking practice session or something.

And Kuzuha-chan remembers something, she says as she prepares the meals.

“Saying this isn’t right…
But thanks to Richelle-san getting seasick, we don’t have to worry about the ingredients”  (Kuzuha)

“Well … I am also worried, but I think that it is a good thing to have Richelle-san’s appetite suppressed” (Arge)

Richelle who was alone consuming food for as much as ten people, got quiet after getting seasick.

It seems that she can’t exercise her usual action ability when staying in the cabin.

Even I want to bring her back to her hometown as soon as possible but right now we travel by ship, there’s nothing I can do besides leaving the ship automatically move.

“I went to see her condition a little while ago, but she was feeling bad … it seems she can eat only 5 bowls of rice” (Arge)

“That…, are you sure she really doesn’t have an appetite?” (Kuzuha)

“Well … well, compared to the usual?”(Arge)

“I can’t say anything past that …” (Kuzuha)

While watching me make rice porridge in a large sized pot, Kuzuha-chan sighs.

Because we can’t eat this much, we feel like throwing up, Gluttony is scary.

Youmu Cooking
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  1. Suggestion:
    And then I was hugged by Kuzuha-chan from behind when I {}->{was} about to fall.

    but as soon as I cure them, {the start}->{they started} to get seasick again, so the three of them have rested in their room.

    so {}->{it is} just like a maid outfit that somewhat familiar to me.

    I need wear it {which is an}->{, the clothes makes me} easy to move around {clothes}->{}.

    Well, It isn’t an embarrassing {clotes}->{clothes}, and I don’t feel bad by being praised

    Because we can’t eat this much, we feel like throw up, {Glutton}->{Gluttony} is scary.

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  2. 「… and it was already a flag just like I thought at that time」(Arge)

    I heard from Zeno-kun that the sea is quite rough at this time of year, apparently it seemed to be right.

    WHY Zeno, WHY are you raising that flag (rough sea event) now our Arge can’t take a rest and have to take care of you!!

    Do you feel happy? Zeno


  3. But aren’t people usually eat more than usual after they recover from sick?
    Imagine how much Richelle will eat after she recovers….


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