Arge Chapter 124: The Ocean is Big and Wide.

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Arge Chapter 124: The Ocean is Big and Wide.


“… I got tired of the scenery” (Arge)


I looked towards the sky and said those words.

There are only two colors, blue of the sky and white of the cloud reflected in my view distorted by the tears.

I stay at the front of the ship that is called the bow, staring at the ocean.


“The demon continent is still far away” (Arge)


I still can’t see the demon continent where we are aiming at the horizon lies ahead of me.

I don’t know our exact speed, but because the sea is rough, the speed of the Pisces boat is slower than I expected. Pisces, the name is such a lie.

It seems that it was an old merchant ship. And although it was strengthened with my blood contract, I can’t be sure it can endure the sea’s harsh condition.

I don’t know how to repair a ship, so I just pray that it will not break.

… Worst case, if this ship breaks down, I guess I have to do something.

Give up some baggage, make chains with Blood Arms and tie everyone together, transform to a bat and fly.

It’s nothing but trouble just thinking about it, but I must make sure all members can survive even in the worst situation.


“Arge…” (Felnote)

“Oh, Felnote-san, are you okay?” (Arge)

“Well, somehow … but I have no magical power left to recover myself anymore …” (Felnote)


Odd Eye Big Chests knight came. No, she is a former knight.

Felnote-san is obviously in a bad condition, but she can still move her body and comes to my side.


“U~, the wind feels good …” (Felnote)


Apparently it seems that she came out to have some fresh air.

It’s a good thing if she can move from the cabin, it will be a change of pace.

But then before I notice, Felnote-san tripped and rolled on the floor.

Where are her usual dignified atmosphere? She is totally weak.


“Haah … to think I’ll end up in this situation … when I got on the ship before, it wasn’t so bad …” (Felnote)

“Zeno-kun said, it seems to be stormy during this time, perhaps the weather will remain like this.

…Okay, how are you feeling now?” (Arge)


It will soon lose its effect, but I think that I can keep it for a while, and cast recovery magic. My magic this time is something like wind spreads and wrapping around the whole ship.

Recovery magic wave. It slowly envelopes the entire ship, healing not only for Felnote-san, but also for Zeno-kun, Richelle-san and Neguseo that are in the cabin. Even it’s only temporally but it will be of help to everyone. Felnote-san can also save some of her recovery magic.


“How is it, Felnote-san? Did you feel better?” (Arge)

“Yes, I’m feeling better … but, are you okay, Arge? I mean the consumption of magical power …” (Felnote)

“My Magical Power will recover soon and I will be fine if I only do it occasionally” (Arge)

“… In that case, I will obediently accept your kindness” (Felnote)


As Felnote-san says so, she lower her head to me.

… Well, I’m somewhat happy that she come along, regardless of whether she is strong or weak on a ship…

Sometimes a larger wave hits the ship, and the splash of wave hits our face. The sight is shaken roughly up and down, left and right, it is troublesome to walk in this condition.


“Arge seems to be fine …” (Felnote)

“Well, the vampire may be strong with this” (Arge)


I will also get seasick if I stay on a shaken ship like this in my former life, then isn’t this a characteristic of vampire race?

Anyway, it’s a good thing that I don’t get seasick. I must say thanks to Loli-Gramp who is responsible for reincarnating me as a vampire.


“I think, this situation will continue for a few more days, so you should better be prepared.” (Arge)

“I am sorry but I can’t help it …” (Felnote)

“No, don’t worry, let me help until we return to the land. For now, please rest.” (Arge)


If we return to land, Felnote-san will be able to move as usual.

Everyone had worked hard so far, so occasionally there may be times like this.

I am a lazy fellow, who is troublesome and has no motivation, a useless vampire, but I also would like to help the people I’m indebted to when they get tired or sick.

When thinking about such thing, I look at the sea again. It is troublesome to return to the cabin while the ship is shaking like this, I can’t even take a nap in this…


“–Huh?” (Arge)


The unchanged scenery that I keep seeing for all day has suddenly changed.

Despite the sea was rough, the sight before the eyes was sunny with clear sky, but right now, it got dark in a blink.

The darkness was caused by things that originated from the sea, not clouds.


“Mist … why did it come from all of sudden?” (Felnote)


As Felnote-san asks that question, our visual is covered with the mist.

And just in a few minutes, the dense fog become thick enough that I can barely see anything a few metters around me.


“… It gets stuck in my skin” (Arge)


The fog covers the area and takes away our visual, and sticks to us.

Well, sometimes mist occurs in the ocean,
Warm, moist air is cooled with the cold water of the sea,
It is a phenomenon that water vapor in the air becomes visible as waterdrop.

In other words the water drop that touch our skin must feel cold. However it isn’t, I don’t feel cold when touching the water drop.

Perhaps Felnote-san is the same. She narrows her odd eyes in alert, and keeps watching the surroundings.


“Arge, this fog is strange” (Felnote)

“Is this … Magical … ?” (Arge)


I can sense that magical power, which has been felt many times after reincarnating in this world.

There is danger in the ocean. That’s what I saw at the port town Arlesha. This is a fantasy “sword and magic” world, that means that there will be fantasy world danger as well.

And then there was a certain change as I looked around.


“Something … coming!?” (Arge)


On the bow side, there is a shadow behind the fog.

The shadow is slowly approaching us and it gets darker and darker.


“…what?” (Felnote)


The moment that Felnote-san muttered. Our feet swayed greatly.


“Hi~ya …!?” (Arge)


It was not a shake like when hitting a big wave.

From the sound, it was more like a bunch of things with clear mass, not water.


“I ran into a shallow …!” (Arge)

“No …it’s different, Arge!” (Felnote)

“…!?” (Arge)

“There’s… something below us!!!” (Felnote)


Just when Felnote-san said that, Pisces made a noisy sound and completely stopped moving.

Even if I try to operate it with blood contract, it can’t move. Clearly something obstructs the movement of the ship.


“Wh, is this …!?” (Arge)

“Well, you don’t have to rush.
You have entered my area, why don’t you just take it easy?” (???) (T.N: This girl call herself “Wa ga”, a proud way of a girl calling herself, just like Megumin)

“Who’s there! Show yourself …!!” (Felnote)


Felnote-san raise her voice against the woman’s voice that sudden started talking to us.
Just like Felnote-san who took off her sword and entered into a full-battle situation, I also prepared for what could happen.

In the worst case, I will give up Pisces and carry everyone. This place is still just  half-way to our goal.

However, for now, we still don’t know if the girl who spoke those words is our enemy yet.

For now, we should try talking first.

There’s no doubt that Pisces’ movement is hindered, but there is room to talk.

I spoke to her slowly, the direction is towards the shadow.


“… who, who are you?” (Arge)

“Hm? Me? How should I say it…
Well, Let’s come and see me in person yourself.
Welcome, customers. Allow me to guide you” (???)

“Guidance … are you not mistaking it with abduction or capture?” (Arge)

“Ho ho… If it’s really so … I can just crush this ship. As I saw, there seems to be some other life on this ship” (???)


Mishiri* (SFX)


And the hull makes a bad sound.

Apparently, this girl isn’t someone we should fight, but she doesn’t seems to be friendly either.


“… How about you, Felnote-san?” (Arge)

“… I do not know her identity, we can hardly fight in a difficult-to-move environment like on this ship with an opponent who can easily break the ship, let alone being thrown to the sea” (Felnote)

“Look like we have no other options, do we?” (Arge)


There are Kuzuha-chan and other in the ship. I can’t afford to put everyone in danger by putting the unknown girl in a bad mood.

Her identity is unknown, but if she wants to give guidance, then at least our safety is guaranteed during that time.


“… please guide us” (Arge)

“Ku fu fu, a good reply. Wait a moment …
Embrace in my arms” (???)


Just when she said those words, the Pisces was wrapped in huge foam.


“Water magic … and even a tactical scale one!?” (Felnote)

“You guys can’t breathe in the water.

And my territory is the ocean floor, so you can’t reach there unless I protect you like this” (???)

“… Just who are you” (Felnote)

“I’m the ocean demon. Our race is the so-called fishman. I will tell you my name when we meet” (???)


As she talked, the Pisces slowly sinks into the sea. Apparently we are heading to the ocean floor.

The area of ​​the ocean demon. What kind of place is it?

In the first place, what kind of business does she call us to this place for?

Cyril Big Safe is a business of Zeno-kun, and also had a connection to me.

However, this development is completely irregular. It is an un-planned detour.

We have been taken to the bottom of the ocean. And the magic that protects us can be lifted with that girl’s mood. I don’t even want think about what will happen.


“… It was a troublesome thing” (Arge)


Even while saying, our sight slowly dragged into the water bottom.

At least it will be okay if our partner’s business isn’t something annoying.

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  1. suggestion:
    “Haah … to think I {end of}->{end up} in this situation … when I got on the ship before, it wasn’t so bad …” (Felnote)

    My magic this time is something like wind spreads {like}->{and} wrapping around the whole ship.

    “I think {that}->{,} this situation will continue for a few more days, so I think you should better be prepared.”

    She narrows her {Heterochromia Iridium}->{odd} eyes in alert

    “{This is}->{Is this} … Magical … ?” (Arge)

    Even if I try to operate {by}->{it with} blood contract, it can’t move. Clearly something obstructs the movement of the ship.

    However, at for now, we still don’t know if the girl who spoke those {word}->{words} is our enemy yet.

    There’s no doubt that {Pisces’s}->{Pisces’} movement is hindered, but there is room to talk.

    “Guidance … {aren’t you mistake}->{are you not mistake it} with abduction or capture?”

    difficult-to-move environment like {in}->{on} this ship

    “Look like we have {no room for selection}->[no other options}, haven’t we?” (Arge)

    “You guys,{you}->{} can’t breathe in the water.


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