Arge Chapter 128: Relaxing at the Underwater City

Arge Vol 5
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Arge Chapter 128: Relaxing at the Underwater City


「… Wa ~pu」(Arge)


I used my fang on the side to bite on a fresh grilled fish without holding back.
I could feel the sweetness of the oil melted out from grilling on the tongue, it feels so nice.
This fish looked like a saury, but its taste resembled a sea bream. To be honest, it was very tasty.
As I finished the grilled fish, I licked the oil and flesh of fish on the edge of my lip. It’s delicious.
The body of this exquisite grilled fish is dark, it tastes great every time I chew on it.


「… It’s really delicious!」 (Arge)

「I’m glad to hear so, customer. Do you want some more?」(Octapus man)

「Yeah, thank you … but it’s strange, how can you grill fish in a underwater city?」(Arge)

「This place is a special space that Kutira-sama made with magic. Any creature can breath in this place, not only the ocean demons, beside you  can even use fire.
Even though we are in the water but it also feels like we aren’t in the water as well … I’m just the owner of a standing shop, I don’t understand details!」(Octapus man)


The owner in front me me is a Ocean demon, who looks like an Octopus. He opened his big mouth and laughed. From the voice and tension, this one must be a man.


Several days have passed since I came to this underwater city, which is the area of ​​the Ocean demon. Even though I said a few days, but the light didn’t reach this place, so I couldn’t be sure.
The state of the town was really peaceful and well managed.
It is a mixed group of various type of Ocean demon, but they didn’t quarrel and rather live peacefully together. As I was walking around in the town, I could see the scene of them talking with each other. And I could see a something that can be called a horse carriage … It was complicate, but you could call it a carriage with demons similar to big seahorses were pulling it.
There were some luminescing insects in street lights that set up around the town. The street lights here didn’t use flame or magic but the gentle light emitted by living things, they were illuminating the whole city. They seems to be a creature derived from the deep ocean called sea firefly.


I ate and tasted the grilled fish slowly while watching the streets. I left the bone and tail, passed on to the shopkeeper the part I couldn’t eat and I started to walk.
Because I was in the water, the weight of the foot to step on is different from the ground. At first I was perplexed by a clinging sensation, but it would be a little fun once I got used to it. It was as if I was in a low gravity space
If I stepped forward with a little force, I would start floating. My body floated as if escaping from gravity. I could jump over from building to building even without my usual force.


「… It’s a little fun but I am in trouble」(Arge)


I used my hands to hold down the skirt so it wouldn’t soar, I landed and started walking around the town again.


「A silver haired customer, hello!」(???)

「Eh, Hello」(Arge)

「Customer, did you try to find something?」(???)

「I want to find place where I can take a nap」(Arge)


Even I was just walking, I could hear the calls from here and there. It was invitations.
Far from being wary, everyone was quite friendly. And if I wanted something like before, you could shop with Cyril coins.
The townscape is in place, their language is republican, the currency system are used by all residents, it is peaceful.
However, as I’m walking in the streets, I often gets a mysterious feeling.
… I feel like I saw it somewhere before.

I am walking and I have a de-ja-vu feeling. It feels like a scenery I have seen before.
Of course, I haven’t seen such a scenery after being born in this world, nor have I seen it in the previous life. This is definitely my first experience to walk in an underwater city.
But why did I feel this way? It felt like a nostalgic feeling, a strange feeling.
When I inhaled deeply, I could feel the scent of the tide. It is a strange feeling to breathe seawater, but the rich fragrance that touches the sense of smell is definitely of the sea.


Even though I feels bad about the mysterious feeling from my memory, but the people here are gentle, so I don’t dislike this town itself. Rather, it’s easy to take a nap, so I think I’d like this comfortable place.
This is a mysterious place that there’s no concept of morning and evening, or time feeling, but it isn’t a bad place.



「Ah, Felnote-san」 (Arge)


I heard the voice from an acquaintance when I was deep in thought.
Felnote-san was just like me, she didn’t walk on the road but she swam underwater.
As she swam, her brown side tail waved like a fish’s tail. She landed next to me. Her big chest with overwhelming presence in the water shook like defy gravity.


「Oh,… it’s shaking …」(Arge)

「Ah, that’s right … my hair shakes because the water current but they also shake with the wind, too」(Felnote)


Although what I talked wasn’t about hair, but I decided to keep silent. I felt like she would angry when I corrected it.


「Fu fu, I see … So Arge begins to notice about that sort of thing … it’s a nice thing. Well, you are a girl」(Felnote)


I don’t really understand, but I know that I shouldn’t correct Felnote-san.
Anyway, she came to me, so there must be something she need me for. So let’s ask her.


「By the way, Felnote-san, do you need something?」(Arge)

「No, I don’t really have anything particular in mind, but … Ah, that’s right, this is it」(Felnote)


Saying that, Felnote-san handed out something.
It was a seaweed that resembled a small muscat, swayed with the ocean current like a gentle wind.
I do not know the name in other world, but when I apply it to my skill, it was a memorable one.


「Sea grapes……」(Arge)

「Oh, you knew about it? It seems like it’s growing around here, and I think that Arge would like it because it is delicious」(Felnote)


Apparently I was successful to call out the name with the effect of language translation skill.
I took the grapes and put it in my mouth, the texture is pleasant. Because the taste of the fish that still remained in my mouth, the fruit refreshing the taste on my mouth made it felt even better.


「This is a nice place, isn’t it?」(Felnote)

「Do you think so, Felnote-san?」(Arge)

「Yes, it is peaceful, it is well maintained as a town, the difference between rich and poor is also in an acceptable range, and there’re no orphans …
To be honest, there were many dangerous demons in the deep sea, and I thought that this place would be more rough」(Felnote)


Felnote-san seemed to have the same opinion as me, and she looked closely at the surroundings.


「There is such a solid city in the bottom of the ocean … that I don’t know about.
And to think that I said I would teach you the common sense and everything about this world. This world is a wide world. This is the first time I see this place and I’m happy, to be honest」(Felnote)


A small fish swam next to Felnote-san who made an adorable voice.
Yes, I can feel the smell, I can breathe, and I can see clearly. It is comfortable to have the ocean current strokes the skin like the wind flows.


As Felnote-san said, this is the first time I see this place.
But I wonder why I remember this feeling.


「What’s wrong, Arge?」(Felnote)

「… No, there is nothing wrong」(Arge)


Even I had an unexplained feeling, I didn’t tell it to Felnote-san. If this feeling was somehow related to my previous life, I couldn’t say it to her.
At least, it would be better to keep it silent until I know the identity of this strange feeling.

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  1. Hello
    I read every light novel from you and wanted to ask you if you could try to translate Shinde Hajimaru
    Cause i really love the story (like the ones from you) and am really sad that there wont come sth new
    I would understand it if you dont want to but could you at least read the story before you decline i wont hate you if you dont so please just think about it ok?
    If there is sth i can do so you try it please tell me (


  2. Suggestion:
    I used my fang on the side to bite on a fresh grilled fish without {refraining}->{getting restrain by it(the fang}.

    The body of {the}->{this} exquisite grilled fish is dark

    Change the character please:

    how can you grill fish in a {submarine}->{submerge/underwater} city?

    Even {}->{though} we are in the water but it also {seems}->{feels} like we aren’t in the water as well … I’m just the owner of a {standing}->{this} shop

    My body {fleat like}->{floated as if} escaping from gravity. I could jump over from building to building even without my {power}->{usual force/power}.

    Far from being wary, every{}->{one} was quite friendly.

    Even {}->{though} I feels bad about the mysterious feeling from my memory

    because the water current but they also shake {witht}->{with} the wind, too」(Felnote)

    the difference between rich and poor is also in an {aceptable}->{acceptable} range

    Felnote-san seemed to have the same opinion {}->{as} me, and {he}->{she} looked closely at the surroundings.

    Yes, I can feel the smell, I can breathe, and I can {the sight}->{see clearly}.

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