Arge Chapter 129: Fox girl is swimming

Arge Vol 5
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Arge Chapter 129: Fox girl is swimming


I was kicking the water and moving.
My speed ​​was still high, but it wasn’t as fast as running on the ground.
Because this is underwater, and I’m the beastkin that lives on the ground.


「Beast Division, 『Twin Leaf』!」(Kuzuha)


I poured magic power on one of the four tails to create an alter ego.
The magical power given to the created alter ego is minimal, it would disappear in just a short time.
But that short time was still enough for me. I kicked the alter ego and it also gave me a push.

…Because I don’t have a proper foothold, that’s why I made it!

Creative idea is important.
I am a fox beastkin. By manipulating the alter ego, I could do something I couldn’t do by myself.
With a push, I accelerated the swimming speed underwater, leaving behind the alter ego to dissolve in water. I traveled through the water, not the ground, like cutting the ocean water instead of the air.
The water is heavier than air, but I can travel with fast speed. I am a hunter.


「I grabbed you …!!」(Kuzuha)


I traveled in the water with speed exceeding the target’s speed, and I used my hand to catch it.
Although the prey in my hand tried to resist, it has been caught already, so it was just some useless resistance. As I pressed my sharp nails which is the feature of a beastkin into it, and then it got quiet.


「… Compared with wind magic, this one is more beautiful, isn’t it?」(Kuzuha)


I have confirmed that magic can be used even in water.

Despite being in the water, with the power of Kutira-san who is the queen of Ocean Demon, I can speak even underwater. If I can speak, then I can use magic.
I can use not only wind but also fire magic. It is also possible for people to breathe. This space can only be called marvelous.


「Large-scale water magic …? or Magic Artifact‘s effect?」(Kuzuha)


Either way, it will need a lot of effort to deal with this magnitude of power. Kutira-san may be comparable to my mother about magical power.

I had spent a few days in this city. No matter where I walk, it’s peaceful,

This city is well functioning, that will not lose to any major cities in the Republic like Sakura-zaka or Sakura-nomiya.
There are a lot of people walking on the ground or swimmimg in the water, and all of them are Ocean Demons.


「Firefly, Wildfire」(Kuzuha)


I cast the Fire Attribution Magic that already reduced power within my palm instead of releasing it. Although this is a lazy type of cooking, this fish can simply be cooked by adding fire magic to it.
Because it wasn’t a big fish, I just need to keep the fire magic for a little while. And then the fish was cooked.
The cooked fish spread a good smell underwater, and my stomach reacted as I smelled it.


「… I cooked it, Richelle-san」(Kuzuha)


I endured my hunger from my stomach and I threw the freshly cooked fish to Richelle-san.
The grilled fish swam at a relaxed speed in the water rather than in the air, and eventually was received on Richelle-san’s brown fingers.


「   (๑‵●‿●‵๑)   」(Richelle) (T.N: instead of *** I choose to use Emoji)


Perhaps that was the words of appreciation. Richelle-san elegantly bowed her head toward me, and then she began to eat the grilled fish.
Richelle-san tasted the grilled fish slowly and made a happy face, honestly I was a little envious, but I endured it. Well, let’s catch the next one.


「I wonder how long will we stay here …?」(Kuzuha)


To be honest, I love this underwater city and the town’s streets.
I can swim and walk, and security isn’t bad either. People I met were also kind and fun. We can eat all kind of the seafood.
Still, we should not stay here.
Richelle-san was eating fish happily now, but I knew that she wasn’t really so.

…She seemed to be somewhat lonely.

I could understand it even if I didn’t understand her words.
There were people she wanted to see but she couldn’t go and met them. That frustration of her is almost the same as mine. Even if I didn’t hear the words, I could understand by atmosphere and expression.
That’s why I wanted to help her return as soon as possible. And if that feeling would go off even a little, I was willing to let to her eat as much fish as possible.


「Rather than worry, I should do what I can do right now, shouldn’t I?」(Kuzuha)


Although I didn’t know, but for some reason, Kutira-san invited us as a guest to this city and wouldn’t let us go.
As for that problem, Zeno-san who is negotiator will handle it, so I only have to wait.
I wish I could do something to help, but the most I could do is helping with Richelle-san’s anxiety.


「   (・_-。 )   」(Richelle)

「Ah … no, , you do not have to worry, I will get the next one!」(Kuzuha)


I guess I had a difficult face without realizing it. That was why Richelle-san looked into me with anxious face.
Even if I didn’t understand her words, some of our feelings are transmitted. Not only I but Richelle-san was the same.
I responded with a smile as not to disturb her and then I kicked the stone floor to hunt fish again.

Under water
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  1. Suggestion:
    「I {grabbed}->{caught} you …!!」

    exceeding the target’s speed, and I used my {to grab}->{hand to catch} it.

    Either way, it will {be}->{need} a lot of effort to deal with this magnitude of power.

    The cooked fish {spead}->{spread} a good smell underwater,

    honestly I was a little {enviable}->{envy}, but I endured it. Well, let’s catch the next one.

    That frustration of {}->{her} is almost the same as mine.

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