Kaoru Chapter 43: Breakthrough Brancott Kingdom

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Kaoru Chapter 43: Breakthrough Brancott Kingdom


Kaoru departed from Gurua, Balmoa Kingdom Capital. And soon she was about to reach the borders of Balmoa Kingdom and Brancott Kingdom.
Even people called it as a border, but unlike the modern Earth it isn’t so big.
No, acttually, no country can get that kind of budget or personnel to watch all the vast border lines. If people crossed the forest or mountain area, they were free to cross border.
However, almost no-one did it.
The answer was simple, 『Even if they don’t do that, they can cross it normally』

There wasn’t a passport nor face picture. It was easy to forge and write such things, and it was also easy to take away from the owner. And the border guards also can’t distinguish whether it is genuine or fake.
After all, it was only a nationwide checkpoint. There was a small counter with the function of taking taxes according to the shipment from a carriage passing through the highway. The horse-drawn carriage can’t cross the forest or mountains without roads anyway.
And of course there’s no tax for people walking or riding. That was the reason many small merchants tried to do individual business, they would line up in another line and that line was long.

And Kaoru group was all cavalry, their luggage were extremely small. All heavy and large things were put in Kaoru’s item box
In other words, the border is free pass.
It should have been.


「… Okay, here you go」(Kaoru)


Kaoru group tried to pass the border quickly with the line that seemed short, that line was for the horse carriage whose shipment was being examined, and then they were brought to a security room.


「Angel like Kaoru-sama wouldn’t need to stand in the line for people. We will escort you to the kingdom.
The carriage will be prepared soon, so please take a break here …」(border guard)

And Kaoru shouted in her heart.
(Ugu, why did this happen~~!?) (Kaoru)


Kaoru had greeted her friends and people who took care of her before leaving Gurua, the Capital of Balmoa Kingdom when they disappear. Otherwise, her suddenly disappearing will make a fuss.
And, as soon as she organized everything, she started to move as soon as possible.
In order to escape from Balmoa Kingdom to the inland area, unless she use the sea route, she absolutely need to pass through Brancott Kingdom. And in Bracott Kingdom, there was 『That』

Yes, 『That』, the of first prince Brancott Kingdom, Fernand.
Before the news spread, Kaoru wanted to break through Brancott Kingdom.
When she got caught in the Kingdom of Brancott, it would become troublesome in many way, Kaoru thought so. But the thought about breakthrough before the news spread to the royal palace and nobility of Brancott Kingdom was failed.


… Or, it was as expected.
『That』wouldn’t hesitate to spare any spies, messengers or effort to search for any news from Kaoru.
And those spies should be using for special reporting system such as the time of the emergency report of the National affairs. That messenger would replace horses every few hours for this super big news about Kaoru arriving.

The royal palace received the news, of course, would make a big fuss.
That 『goddess’s friend, Kaoru』came to the Brancott Kingdom. There’s no way they would miss this opportunity.
Kaoru also couldn’t go to the other direction. On that side, there was a mountain range, and next to it, there was Arigo empire. That country already became a marine country, Kaoru couldn’t leave by ship without notice. She also couldn’t leave from Balmoa Kingdom either. To go to the inlands direction, she had to go through the Brancott Kingdom.
Royal palace, aristocrats, and of course, 『That guy』will use their full power, in order to secure Kaoru at the same time she entered the country. Horse carriage and elite guards would be dispatched immediately to all the roads passing through the border line.

Umu…, this is bad! What should I do…
If I get taken to the royal palace as I am now, I will be questioned with various of things. That persistent, arrogant, stalker prince and everyone in the cafeteria where I worked may regconize me.
That man already suspected that I was the same person as that 「Kaoru」 and people already knew that I can make healing potion, the wound or scar can’t be use anymore.
This is bad, this is really bad, I’m in a big trouble now!

However, if I try to escape from a border checkpoint security guards, they will chase after me for sure.
And if we get caught, we will in a vulnerable position of 『the criminals who broke through the border』


「Kaoru, do you want to kill him?」(Emil)


Emil muttered some disturbed thing.
Before departure, Emile asked me how to call my name. Emil has became 16 years old, thus it would be strange to call me  『Kaoru-sama』or 『Kaoru oneechan』, with this world standard, I only look like about 12 years old.
Also, Bell who is now 12 years old is a bit bigger than me. In height and also … breast.
I’m sorry for being proud! My chest… is a little…, but it isn’t …


I instructed Bell to ignore our age, remember the new setting, and practiced it many times. With many years of habit, she just kept calling me 『Kaoru oneechan』, Oh Bell.
No, as of now, I was older than Bell so it wasn’t bad. If 1 or 2 years old apart, the older sister might be slightly smaller, which wasn’t strange.
However, in the future, the difference will keep going farther, it will become strange. At that time, I better decided I was the younger one from the beginning.
But for now, it wasn’t the case.


「Don’t be hasty. Because I need to think a bit, keep it as it is」(Kaoru)

「…Roger that」(Emil)


And then, someone went in the station room and reached our seat, he brought us wine in a wooden glass.
In a room like this, there should be only lukewarm water for drinks. Perhaps, this wine was prepared for the slight possibility that I would pass this border. It seems that it was just enough for 5 people.
I didn’t want to waste their hardship, so I tried drinking a little. Well, it was lukewarm but it is red wine. Well, so-so.


「… and what do you want from us?」(Kaoru)

「No no. There were instructions issued from His Majesty, if by chance Kaoru-sama was coming to our country, we would treat you as a VIP and guide you to the Royal Palace immediately …」(Border Guard)


This soldier wasn’t just a normal border guard, he had a Royal order to wait for me and take me to the royal palace.


「So, why did you think I was Kaoru?」(Kaoru)

「Because all of our the western diplomats had joined the peace conference in Balmoa Kingdom once, they had seen and remembered your face. Other soldiers like us only knew by looking at many kinds of figure drawings though…」(Border Guard)



Just what was this?
Does this mean that I absolutely couldn’t escape?
Just how clinging were you! Were you guys some kind of stalker!?

At first, I planed to play dumb with 『Kaoru? Who is it?』 , but the soldier seemed to be convinced that I was a Kaoru. So I decided to be frank because I couldn’t do anything but accepted honestly.

If I denied, it would become an interrogation question. And among us … His Highness … , Oh no, right now he was 『Roland niisan』,his fiancee Francette, and Emily would go rampage. Especially, Francette.

No, it’s dangerous, dangerous …


Ah, our family setting was like this.
Eldest son, Roland. The second son, Emile. The eldest daughter, Kaoru.
Francette is Roland’s fiancée, Bell is Emil’s fiancée.
No, I couldn’t make everyone my brothers and sisters, because I felt there would be bad rumors when people saw two pairs of siblings seemed lovey-dovey. Rumors like 『Brocon』, 『Siscon』or the worst 『Incest』, no no.


However, when you looked at us who suppose to be noble, Roland’s atmosphere still looked like a knight, but Emil looked like commoner. In case, people asking, I will explain to them that my second brother was the son of our father and a mistress, he didn’t have the right to succeed. The second brother was educated like a noble to succeed the house.
And that’s why, for his future, the second brother was traveling around the world to acquire knowledge and experience, the eldest brother was also accompanying him as a supporter. And each brothers also bring their fiancée.
In addition, their sister, Kaoru was also accompanying the two couples as well.


As for me, I guess I can pull an atmosphere that isn’t like a common person, such as the daughter of a naive lower aristocracy.
Also, not only Emil but also Roland and Francette were trying to hard to protect me over themselves and others. So, in order to make other think that it isn’t strange, I need to make me in a 『Position that need to protect』

… Was this a difficulty setting?

It wasn’t okay, 『If you planned to lie, you should make as credibility as possible lie!』

Ah, so noisy, shut up already …
Okay, I will ignore Roland’s setting demand.
Although His Majesty is the King’s brother,  but he was sticking to my journey without permission, so he no longer got a royal treatment, just a 『travel companion』. I will also ignore Everyone else’s setting demand, but it would be troublesome if one person call Roland 『Your Highness』
As he wanted to follow me … he couldn’t refuse my demand.


「Well, the horse-drawn carriage is ready, so please get in here …」(Border Guard)


The guard told me so, but I refused it right away.


「Oh, that isn’t needed, if we get on a carriage pulled by other horses, Ed’s group will have a bad mood!」(Kaoru)

「Huh…!?」(Border Guard)

「Well, sorry to bother you!」(Kaoru)


Saying that, I took a seat on Ed quickly, the other four also did the same.


「Oh, wait, wait, please wait!」(Border Guard)


Ignoring the guard, we rushed to Ed’ group and got on the horses quickly.
I just talked to the guard and I just declined his invataion 『send by a carriage』. Because I thought I couldn’t escape once I got on.

As we left the border checkpoint that got into a great confusion and became a fuss. We talked loudly while riding on the horse.


「The messenger already went ahead, didn’t he!」(Kaoru)

「Ah, he got out earlier!」

「Well, should we overtake!」(Kaoru)



Perhaps after a while, the carriage and the border guards will also follow.
But, they can’t catch up with us, so it doesn’t matter anyway.
If we want to arrive at the Capital earlier than the messenger, finish errands and escape before the royal palace receives the message and responds, we will need at least 12 hours ahead.
If we break through Brancott Kingdom, advance faster than messenger, there will be no one to stop us.
This party have famous horse for royal family, and Ed family. Plus, recovery potion.
Yes, there is no problem.


I shouted to the natural.


「Hiyo, Silver (シルバー) !」(Kaoru)

「That name again? Why are you calling another horse’s name while riding on me, Young Lady!!」(Ed)


Ed got angry.

…I’m sorry.

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  1. Prince: I will definitely win Kaoru over!
    Everyone else: I dont think she likes you…
    Prince: Nonsense, she is just shy!
    Prince: She’s just playing hard to get.
    Later, away from the Prince.
    Dealer: Place your bets folks will the Prince get divine punishment from the goddess!?

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    • Expectations: All according to keikaku

      Reality: Scot… Prince doesn’t know, someone tell scot… prince.

      Year xx will be remembered as the year an idiot prince driven away shoujo A who should have brought prosperity to the brancott kingdom with the period later known as 1 After Kaoru.(AK)
      Year YY would be

      You will go down in history(not for good reasons), will surely be remembered(for your foolish actions) and will serve as a good example of how(not) to act as a good royalty.

      On that note I miss the share dance.

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  2. Suggestion:
    No, {acttually}->{actually}, no country can get that kind of budget or personnel to watch all the vast border

    Yes, 『That』, the {of first prince}->{first prince of} Brancott Kingdom, Fernand.

    {When}->{If} she got caught in the Kingdom of Brancott

    That 『{goddess’s}->{goddess’} friend, Kaoru』came to the Brancott Kingdom.

    everyone in the cafeteria where I worked may {regconize}->{recognize} me.

    the wound or scar {can’t be use}->{won’t be any of use} anymore.

    「Because all of our {the}->{} western diplomats had joined the peace conference in Balmoa Kingdom once

    the soldier seemed to be convinced that I was {a Kaoru}->{that “Kaoru”}

    … {Was this a difficulty}->{what’s with this kind of difficult} setting?

    we rushed to {Ed’}->{Ed’s} group and got on the horses quickly.
    I just talked to the guard and I just declined his {invataion}->{invitation} 『send by a carriage』.

    「{Hiyo}->{Hiya}, Silver


  3. Kaoru thought that her party are kind of cowboys, the lone ranger. That’s why she shout “silver”

    I wonder what kind of antics/mischief she will do at the next chapter. Or may be meeting with her previous life friends?


  4. I feel like this chapter shows the biggest issue with the story. She asked for the ability to make what ever potions she wants. So if guards are harassing her, Trying to take her to the Palace then she should be able to make a potion and make them fall asleep or forget the past 5 or 10 minutes. If she wants her body to actually grow then she can make a potion for that. Hell, If she wanted to turn into a Dragon then she has a potion for that.

    Not only does the story use this as excuses for when ever but it robs any real tension from the story. Hell, Now she’s invincible so that robbed any tension left over. I liked it when she was going through the forest by herself and hiding from people. I was happy that she was gonna go adventuring with just Ed, But then all the other companions decided to join and we learned she was never in real danger.

    I also just don’t like that she won’t grow up anymore. It’s just coming across as sad that this almost 30 year old will forever be in the body of a 15 year old that looks like a 12 year old. It also ruins any interest in what the MC will look like as she grows old. I feel if she wants to become a 7 year old then she should be able to just drink a potion. If she wants to return to her original age then just drink a potion.

    This story robs itself of lot’s of potential story arcs and lots of interest. The story is having to rely on the surroundings and side characters to keep an interest and this isn’t a good thing. I’m slowly but surely starting to lose interest already. I’m wanting something actually of interest to happen. Hell, Just have some random new female companion confess her love to the MC just for fun and i think i can keep some interest for a bit longer.


    • I agree with you, also it was established in the last chapter that she was a friend of the godess and that no one would dare offend her. Yet in this chapter she struggles with something silly like this? Why does she even bother running, she could simply say she doesn’t want to and that it’s annoying and they would back off.

      I am just glad the story didn’t jump forward to the point where her friends the OP magician and OP ship builder arrived. All in all, I think the premise of this story had a lot of potential but by now the writer has totally blown it. I think the only way to salvage this would be to go in the way of One Punch Man, embrace that the MC is totally OP and make jokes out of it.


  5. Just noticed after 43 chapters there wasn’t even a single person who could use magic (or skills) other than Kaoru and her upcoming two friends that have yet to appear. So how is this still considered a world of sword and magic if there isn’t a single magic user at all.


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