Mitsuha Manga Chapter 5

Mitsuha Vol 1
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Official English Full name: Saving 80,000 gold coins in the different world for my old age

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Author: FUNA

Novel Author. “I will save 80,000 gold coins in the different world in preparation for the old age” and made a debut post as “Become a novelist”. Other works, “I said that the ability is average value!” , “Survive with a potion”.
This time, a very ordinary girl, Mitsuha, that can teleport between the worlds.
No, where in it is “ordinary”! (^ ^) /
Mitsuha has child-like body, but her brain is apparently beating other girls in the comic world! No, I like her already !! “(FUNA)

Novel Illustrator: Tozai.

Covering and drawing illustrations for “I will save 80,000 gold coins in the other world for old age”.
“Character information, pictorial information, thank you for enjoying the work with both.” (Tozai)

Mangaka: Motoe

manga artist. Born from Aichi prefecture. In 2007, won the 8th Sirius Rookie Prize.

In his book “Oya dances at a martial arts association” “Hamamura Nagisa’s calculation note” (original work / Aoyagi Akito).
“A child-like girl Mitsuha is a story about doing business while playing with young girls in different worlds and fighting enemies with modern weapons.
I hope you enjoy the powerful Mitsuha chan.
A handsome little man and a lot of old men will also appear! “(Motoe)

Mitsuha Manga Chapter 5


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Mitsuha Manga Chapter 1 Page 02 a
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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    Really of all of the main characters by this author she is (comparatively) the weakest and the most dangerous personality wise

    Liked by 4 people

  2. translator-san when do you will translate Asley-chan dango?
    dango want to read more dango.
    and you suddenly stoped translating novels dango. why is that dango?


  3. Suggestion:
    Page 9
    I don’t {}->{know} about the {security}->{public order} of that world yet {}->{,} the means for self-defense is absolutely necessary.

    Page 10
    Just think if {}->{just in} one day, the inside of {the}->{their} armory is empty, or if {}->{their} funds and important documents in the safe are lost

    They will {}->{not} be able to involve themselves with me anymore.


    • More like re-work / edit, there are many plus info and some skip info. (PS: T.T I can’t just copy from the novel but type all the words out to use MTL-ed)

      Dialog between characters is 100% keep

      The Narrator changed to 100% to Mitsuha’s inner thought
      People’s inner thought was also skipped


  4. At first, I couldn’t get into this one, but then that scene at the merc base happened. Omg lolololol.


  5. I’ve read the WAN (thanks for translating btw) and now I’ve read the manga, but one thing that I’ve been meaning to say is that on page 17, the word you’re probably trying to use is “hailing” and not “halting”. Halting means “abrupt stop”, “limping” or “hesitant to proceed.” From the looks in the manga and how it is read in the novel, “hailing” would make more sense since she is introducing herself as a foreign noble.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Em Loli, now i have proof that my comment is there since it even got liked once. And you left one question i had to you in final version ( this in {} brackets) here is the content

    {that would … indicate that it failed, but as we can read further ahead it succeeded without trouble … so this sentence is a bit .. pointless ?}

    And in last part you missed my point.

    After Mira confirmed it, she terminated Catsith’s summon, his placard said『Okay, see you again』. Catsith’s sad voice echoed while he still being wrapped in the towel.

    my question was that if Catsith is saying it or his placard ….there is no way his voice would echo if its only placard right ? On the other hand there was nothing about him saying anything in the first place …

    Liked by 1 person

    • Uhm… the Placard written with that.
      I thought Catsith was like “No, I want some more~nya” that’s why “his sad voice echoed” .
      I know it was Placard because Catsith always have ~nya at the end of his talk. And Mira talk is special.


  7. Thanks for the chapter!

    The character design for the butler is kind of cool – it looks a bit like an older Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens, author of the 19th century proto-Isekai novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.


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