Mitsuha Manga Chapter 7

Mitsuha Vol 1
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Official English Full name: Saving 80,000 gold coins in the different world for my old age

Mitsuha Credit Page.jpg

Author: FUNA

Novel Author. “I will save 80,000 gold coins in the different world in preparation for the old age” and made a debut post as “Become a novelist”. Other works, “I said that the ability is average value!” , “Survive with a potion”.
This time, a very ordinary girl, Mitsuha, that can teleport between the worlds.
No, where in it is “ordinary”! (^ ^) /
Mitsuha has child-like body, but her brain is apparently beating other girls in the comic world! No, I like her already !! “(FUNA)

Novel Illustrator: Tozai.

Covering and drawing illustrations for “I will save 80,000 gold coins in the other world for old age”.
“Character information, pictorial information, thank you for enjoying the work with both.” (Tozai)

Mangaka: Motoe

manga artist. Born from Aichi prefecture. In 2007, won the 8th Sirius Rookie Prize.

In his book “Oya dances at a martial arts association” “Hamamura Nagisa’s calculation note” (original work / Aoyagi Akito).
“A child-like girl Mitsuha is a story about doing business while playing with young girls in different worlds and fighting enemies with modern weapons.
I hope you enjoy the powerful Mitsuha chan.
A handsome little man and a lot of old men will also appear! “(Motoe)

Mitsuha Manga Chapter 7


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Page 2Mitsuwa Chapter 7 Page 02 a.jpg

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Page 6Mitsuwa Chapter 7 Page 06 a.jpg

Page 7Mitsuwa Chapter 7 Page 07 a

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Page 11Mitsuwa Chapter 7 Page 11 a.jpg

Page 12Mitsuwa Chapter 7 Page 12 a.jpg

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Mitsuha Manga Chapter 1 Page 02 a
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  1. Suggestion:
    Page 2:
    Y,you{,}->{…} Do you {you}->{} know what are you saying {!}->{!?}

    Page 8:
    This world must be lack of {entertainm ent}->{entertain- ment} that’s why people has np immunity to teary story

    Page 13:
    You’re selling it{!!}->{!?}

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  2. Comment:
    Page 6:
    Goddess’s necklace, hey Kaoru are you there?
    Wow Iris’ face is very scary!!

    Page 11:
    Showing her thigh nonchalantly. No wonder at next page the boys want her (even though only her spare underwear)

    Page 13:
    Change of underwear. With immediate answer “I’ll buy it!!”
    I wonder if he just fast answering without thinking? or he just answer to his desire. Even though in the end the price become two fold with another son.

    Page 15:
    Making store and consultation corner, this is Kaoru all over again.

    Page 17:
    Don’t give wine or alcohol to loli. Or this kind of blabbering will happen

    Page 18~20:
    Yes it is true. The sad thing is if you remember “memory” of the lost one. But at least this time she can be “true” to her feeling.

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  3. Im one of the union cutting ninjas! We call our group the UCN! (Union Cutting Ninjas!) Our goal is to lessen the number of people getting the flu! At least thats the cover story, we just have a lot of unions and we throw cut unions into your rooms when we detect you are unaware!

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