Rin Manga Chapter 1

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English Official Full Name: Spreading the Map and the Comet

Author: (描く調子) Kaku chōshi (Profie isn’t update yet)

Rin Manga Chapter 1

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  1. OK.. I read it and imo, the quality doesn’t really match up to the rest of the works on this site.
    If the others are t.v. shows, then this would be the somewhat interesting commercial that comes between them >>


  2. I don’t mind u switch porject to project buts this one kinda off to me, it’s good but not good as the other

    And BTW is it ur line on taking loli project? U lolicon 😤


    • Well, my name is “Want to protect Loli” after all.
      Yes, I’m a lolicon. But i’m not a pedobear.
      Let’s see, I want to cuddle a loli, dress her in cute clothes and take her go shopping, spoil her, take care of her.

      Dark thought or something sexual ? I will kill myself if I have those thought.

      Liked by 3 people

      • I absolutely love this project! I sympathize with people who want more of their establish favorites, but this is cute and adorable and character-driven, even though it’s limited by being a yon-koma. So far, it is a bit more slice of life then fantasy, which might be affecting how other readers are viewing it. We’ll have to see what happens in the next chapters.



  3. Suggestion:
    Page 1
    Even {}->{though} I’m the one who {}->{is} leaving!?

    Page 4
    Everyone in {kelas}->{classroom/school}

    I {}->{instinctively} press the stop button!?

    Page 11
    Riyuu… {That one! is that a sea dradon}->{That ones!? Aren’t those are sea dragons}!?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi, can I upload your manga to Batoto? I want to read your manga, but I mainly read from chapters downloaded to my phone from Batoto. I noticed on the chapters of Kaoru you said not to “upload to Batoto YET” so I was wondering if it has been long enough. Thank you.


    • Well, be patient with Kaoru.
      To chapter 14 when Kaoru rampage in the prince party.
      After have all 14 chapters, I will upload it dailies on Bato.to to raise the rank.
      I want Kaoru at least once appear on the top manga list.


        • Mitsuha will be after the chapter “Gate, thus the American Mercenary Captain and Co. fight here”
          Just thought about how many views and comments I can bait with the batch of release. 🙂

          Asley and Rin will be after get 3 chapters of each. They aren’t really speacial like Kaoru and Mitsuha. (I won’t mind if some other group take over other projects but not with Kaoru and Mitsuha)

          Well, about middle of January 2018 (2-3 more weeks)


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