Mile Chapter 137: Inn 2

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Mile Chapter 137: Inn 2


「What’s with the price here …」(Rena)


After entering the room, Rena told her dissatisfaction with the price.


「But we still don’t know why can this inn get that evaluation at the guild branch even with this price?
We have to unravel the mystery how this inn gets that evaluation …」(Mile)


Maevis and Pauline nodded at Mile’s words


「Anyway, thanks to clean magic, we don’t have to spend unnecessary money」(Rena)

「But meals are not going to be like that.
There maybe a secret in the meal so we can’t just eat the food in my storage …」(Mile)


Rena and Pauline looked confused with Mile’s reply.


They haven’t earned much money from work now, but the time that 『Red oath』earned the most was Wyvern incident, Rock lizards, merchant group guard escort, the beastkin and ancient dragon is plentiful. They don’t merely have about 10 or 20 silver coins like other hunters.
However, all of『Red oath』members were poor, except for Maevis. Even so Maevis recently has been dyed by everyone, and has begun to acquire a sense of money unlike the daughter of a nobleman.
However, once you heard that, you will wonder what happens to Mile, the only granddaughter of the aristocracy, but no one touched it.
Maevis is the daughter of a noble. Pauline is the daughter of a merchant. Rena is the daughter of a peddler. And Mile is 『Mile』. She was called 『Mile』which could never be listed in any category. She was a living being. For other 3 girls … Mile was treated like that in the 『Red oath』


「It’s no use worrying, let’s go to dinner early!」(Rena)


They don’t really know if there is a secret popular with meals, or they just don’t know if this place had economy with food shortage, but there was no reason for opposing Mile’s claim. And everyone headed to the dining room on the first floor.


「「「「Huh……」」」」(Red Oath)


The cafeteria was crowded with people.
It didn’t seem like they are staying guests, but more like local people came to have meals.
That’s good. This might be a reputed inn that even local people also came just to have meals.
However, the girls were somewhat uncomfortable with the scenery of the dining room.


「… Everyone is just young men …」(Pauline)


Pauline murmured.


「「「Ah……」」」(Rena + Mile + Maevis)


Pauline who first became sensitive to the gaze of the men from her physical features, first noticed.
Yes, although the number of customers was quite large, there were no female customers or children other than 『Red oath』. And there were also no elderly people either. All were male customers from about 15 to 16 years old and around 30 years old, which are adults.
By the way, at the guild branch office, it was only men up to about 30 years old who recommended 『 Maiden’s prayer』while all female and elderly people were presuming 『Wild bear Pavilion』


「It seems like this is the reason that the evaluation is divided …」(Mile)


3 girls nodded with Mile’s words.


「Anyway, I’ll try to eat their cooking, because we won’t know unless we try it」(Rena)


Just like what Rena said. The 4 girls took a seat on the vacant table and ordered a dish.


「Cooked vegetable soup, fried vegetables set meal, 2 breads and stew, orc meat steak, everything two servings!」(Rena)


Even though the price was high, Rena still wouldn’t reducie the meal volume. 『Even if you want to complain, you eat what you eat』. That was Rena’s Quality. Mile was also the same.
Nonetheless, everything she ordered just now was never eaten by Rena alone. It was an order for everyone in order to taste all the dishes and eat plenty.
However, it didn’t mean that they wouldn’t make additional orders later.


The inn keeper girl received an order from Rena passed the order towards the kitchen, and received a voice of consent from inside. It was also a young girl’s voice.


「「「「…………」」」」 (Red Oath)


And, seeing the dishes arranged in the table, 『Red oath』four people lost their words.


「It looks average, right?」(Mile)

「No, I feel that the amount is smaller than usual」(Pauline)


Pauline denied Mile’s words right away. As expected, unlike Mile, Pauline is sharp.


「The smell is also normal, and the ingredients seems to be normal as well …No, it’s more like they are using cheap meat with pretty poor quality and even less amount of meat used …」(Maevis)


A Maevis said so after checking the stew with the spoon.


「Maybe they are using a lot of expensive seasonings. Anyway, let’s taste …」(Rena)




「「「「Well … … 」」」」(Red Oath)


And 4 girls had a delicated face all together.


「There is no taste, it’s not that it’s unpleasant but…」(Maevis)

「It is not so tasty, isn’t it?」(Pauline)


Pauline said that after hearing Maevis’s words.


「Yes, it tastes just like Maevis-san’s cooking before…」(Mile)


Heard Mile’s words, Rena came up with an appropriate expression.


「… Amateur cuisine?」(Rena)

「「「That’s it!」」」(Mile + Pauline + Maevis)


Well, as the food was the one commonly eaten, the 4 girls kept eating silently. Why was this dish at this price, and it got so many customers? While twisting their head, the girls couldn’t solve that mystery at all.
And after a while, people finished eating the dishes and started to sit down, a girl aged 7 to 8 who appeared from the kitchen started lifting tasks such as taking dishes and wiping the table. The customers watched her with a gentle eye.


In addition, when the order stop time came, after finished the last ordered dish, a girl from about 12 to 13 years old appeared from the kitchen and started talking with customers as she helped clean up. Apparently from the voice and the content of the conversation, this girl seems to be the cook.
… It was natural that it would be 『an amateur dish』because an amateur is making it.
However, perhaps it is worthwhile to say 『an amateur cuisine made by a cute little girl』. Yes, to eat meal with the intention like it was cook by a lover or to taste the feeling of the daughter cooks for her father…
Thinking that, the 4 girls seems to be convinced somehow.


A girl from 15 to 16 years old who seems to be the oldest among the three, who was taking orders was currently sitting at the reception desk for accounting of the customer returning.
No, that role was necessary, so it was not strange. But Mile and other girls thought.


((((Why didn’t the older one cook?))))  (Red Oath)


However, that question was solved within a moment. By listening to the conversation between customers and the girl in charge of cooking.


「But Rafia-chan is really working hard, you are still young but you already cooked all by yourself …」(Guest)

「Ahaha…, if my onee-chan makes it, the shop will be crushed」(Rafia)


The『 Red oath』realized everything and was staring at the reception girl with a pitiful eye.


「Well, how is it? The harassment from『Wild bear Pavilion』, is it still continuing?」(Guest)

((((Huh?)))) (Red Oath)


The situation changed!
The girls listened to the story of customers and girls carefully.


「Ah, yes, the situation doesn’t change …」(Rafia)


With a sad downward face, the girl answered in a pleasant way.


「Okay … Even your parents already passed away, don’t lose to those guys, so please do your best! We are all on your side, Rafia-chan!」(Guest)


Male customers in other seats also heard it, and raised their voice agreed.


Mile and other girls understood.
Why this lodging, there is no advantage and dish is normal, no, as for the dining room of the inn, it is quite disappointing, and despite being higher than the market price, why there are many customers and there are many people to recommend.


「… It won’t be a reference for my shop at all!」(Pauline)


Pauline looked disappointed. Rena and Maevis also seemed disappointed in what wasn’t a big mystery.
But Mile told the girls what she was wondering.


「Certainly, I understand the reasons why this shop is like this.
But then, why were the customers limited to young men? Normal, if you asking for sympathize, it seems that older people and women are more willing to do so…」(Mile)

「「「Ah…」」」(Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

It seems like the mystery haven’t been fully resolved yet.

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    「The {odor}->{smell} is also normal, and the ingredients seems to be normal as well …No, {}->{it’s} more like they {ared }->{are} using cheap meat with pretty poor quality and even less amount of meat used …」(Maevis)

    In addition, when the order stop time came, after {finised}->{finished} the last ordered dish, a girl from about 12 to 13 years old appeared

    Yes, to eat meal with the intention like it was {making from}->{cook by} a lover or to taste the feeling of the daughter cooks for her father…

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