Sei Manga Chapter 1-1

Mangaka: Fujiazuki

Author: Yuka Tachibana

Official English Name and Novel Update name:

The Power of the Saint is All Around

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Translator’s Note:

Even if readers scream “No, don’t take more project and a manga too” But I will not stop

Don’t worry, I will try my best to get your dailies dose of novel chapter though.

I hope there was some of readers here is also reading this amazing Novel that now became manga.

Sei Manga Chapter 1

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Sei 2
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  1. for some reason i think i have seen a manga or novel that have an exact same first chapter like this one ummm… i forgot where do i see this thing before.

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    • I remember there was this one manga where the same double summon happens but the 2 girls were schoolmates rather than strangers. i think the other prettier girl just reached out to the mc and she was dragged in. there was even this big hand thing that poked the other girl mid transit and they were falling when they appeared but the prince or something princess-carried the other and just treated mc as a baggage. the saint power or something was making weapons as i remember and the mc has great imagination but doesn’t like the attention so she makes the weapons while making it look like the prettier girl is doing it. I really can’t remember the title though and I have an extended deja vu that feels like i’ve read one more like this .

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  2. Still… Yes I read this, but deep down my heart shouts… “Noooo not another project please”
    But well… Takahashi Sei is a girl right?
    And thank youu~


  3. Why don’t you people link the damn novels? Instead of just saying “oh you can find it on novelupdates” no shit you can find it there I want links to the translators site or I’m just gonna go find it on an aggregator site


  4. Just to point out Mamoritai, there isn’t a word ‘saintress’ the term saint is gender neutral and used for both male and female, like pilot and pilotress.

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      • No idea how they got that, might have been olde English, but normally people will just call them female saints. For example Mother Teresa, do you call her Saint Teresa of Calcutta or Saintess Teresa? You won’t get many hits on ‘list of saintesses’ but you will on ‘lists of saints’, even for female names. Usually, people will just use ‘female saints’ as a descriptor if further expansion is needed. If there was ‘saintess’, it’s probably an old word that fell out of use long ago.

        Pilot, Pilotess. 🙂
        Like Knight, Knightess. lol.


      • No no no please no! Please don’t change it! “Saintess” is *perfect* as it is for the atmosphere the novel is going for.

        First of all it’s not Old English, it’s Early Modern English. Here’s a good article that even mentions the word in its discussion:

        However, this novel does not take place in the current time, and they specifically need a female-gendered saint. So if you do change it, you’ll have to figure out when to use “female saint” as opposed to “saint” without any modifiers.

        The reason why “saintess” is perfect here is precisely because of its feeling of slight antiquity. We understand what it means without having to look it up, but it gives us the feeling of, “Geez, don’t they know that no one speaks like that anymore?” This perfectly represents the feeling of a modern person suddenly suddenly stuck in a place that has the ambience of a magical Middle Ages Europe.

        BTW, “Saintress” and “pilotress” are not correct due to the -r- infix shoved in there even though their base words do not have an “-er” ending. See (especially the usage notes):

        BTW “knightess” means either a female in the position of a knight or one who is married to a knight. I don’t know why that struck me as kind of funny.

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  5. Good luck in this manga

    Sadly that the original novel’s update, either LN or WN version, is very slow, so the translation will be slow even if you or other translator decide to take


  6. Thanks for the chapter. Slightly outside your comfort zone though since Sei is an adult – and the fact she’s an adult is plot-relevant.

    Suggestion: “Right now the miasma situation was really severed” — should be “severe” not “severed.”

    A few reactions to the manga (as opposed to the translation):

    – Those angry Sei faces! By showing her from a third-person perspective we get to see why everyone from the Slantania Kingdom initially assumed they had mortally offended her. The first-person novel doesn’t really capture how pissed she is.

    – The prince looks as annoying as he is. Good job by the character designer there.

    – I think the mangaka should have inserted an extra page somewhere between p.7 and p.9 showing a period of time passing in which Sei is completely ignored. E.g. a few frames of her sitting still as people around change positions and leave.

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    • I agree, it really showed her ‘pissed off’ expression very well, especially her glare. And her…questioning… of the magician lol. Love how the contrast of her grabbing the guy by the front of his robes and her ‘smiling’ face is shown.


  7. Another project? LOL

    Translator-san pls don’t die of overwork ._.

    Also, thx for the new series xD was finding something else to read after Mitsuha

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    • Don’t worry, with my free time, I can release 1 novel chapter per day just fine.

      I just used a little more free time to translate manga or something I want. It may take a few days for that extra novel / manga chapter though.

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  8. I found the novel recently and look for a manga translation but I couldn’t find one at the time.
    Thank you for translating this.


  9. I’ve seen another manga like this. But i think one of the castle person seemed to realized her skill. But the MC girl choose to be a background character that do action from behind.
    thank you so much!


  10. This novel has a manga adaptation! 😀
    Since I share the sad fate of waiting for english translations of chinese/japanese novels.., I’m happy we have something else to look forward to! Thank you so much for picking up this project, and can’t wait for the next chapters! 🙂


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