Kaoru Chapter 46: Town of Departure

Kaoru Vol 1
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Kaoru Chapter 46: Town of Departure


「Is this the town where you said that you would like to stop, by all means, Kaoru?」(Francette)

「Well, well, even though I said that I want to stop by, I just want to have a little look at the guild」(Kaoru)


Good, Francette finally seems to get used to calling my name without an honorific.

Although Emil and Bell got accustomed so soon. Her body looks young but what inside of her head is… uhm…, it’s in the cloud.
Well then, let’s go! This time was sooner than last time.
It wasn’t a busy time that only the night shift person remained.
The probability of meeting 『that person』would also decrease.
That’s why I chose a busy time that most of the people would present.




The doorbell rings and the eyes of the hunters fixed on us.
Yes, exactly the same as last time.
And there was slightly different from the last time, their line of sight never turned back like before but kept concentrating on me.
…No, It was a big difference.


「Eh, don’t tell me … you are the Angel Lady?」(Sausage Guy)


Oh, that was the sausage giving uncle!
The first uncle asked me for a foot massage before other hunters started requesting, paying with meals and coins. I didn’t forget their grace from that time!


「Were you safe? I’m so glad!」(Boar Steak Guy)


Boar steak Nii-san! …


「Zilda!」(Sausage Guy)


The receptionist lady’s voice from the counters made me feel nostalgic,

As she heard the sausage uncle calling her name, she silently nodded, got out of the counter and locked the doorway with a door bar.
Eeeeeeh!? (T.N: Kaoru’s inner shout, I guess)


Roland and the Francette gripped the handle of their sword, Emil and Bell stood firmly by my side. Emil was grabbing the handle of his sword, but Bell still hid her knife.
And the receptionist lady talked.


「Welcome, the friend of the goddess, Kaoru-sama.
Allow me to thank you instead of all the guild members from the bottom of our hearts.
And this time, we will never allow the rotten aristocracy to lay their hands on you again.
I swear to the goddess Celestine!」(Zilda)


The receptionist lady said so and on kneeling.
And then, other guild staffs, hunters who knew about Kaoru was also kneeling on after another.
3 members of Kaoru’s party finally breathed again and took their hand off the sword’s handles.
Bell also took off her right hand off her hidden knife.


For the time when I first started selling potions. Because the transportation network wasn’t well maintained due to the shortage, it was only circulated in our country. And when we finally started to expand overseas, it was this town that we shipped first.
We supplied a preferential amount more than enough for a small country’s town guild.
For those involved in the sales of potions, they wondered why I shipped such a quantity is in remote country districts before the capital, but no one dared to oppose my intention as a producer.
And those guild members, hunters who saw the potions that arrived would have understood at a glance.
What is it?
And who made it?


[ The story of the Arigo Empire intercepted fight, which came after from the neighboring country, the arrival of the goddess at the peace conference, the miracle restoration of the Arigo Empire after that, the destruction of the Sacred country, Rueda.
In all those stories, the presence of a single girl who always played a central role.
But before that girl became famous, she was a helpless girl who couldn’t do anything, but the people here still helped her out.
But giving sausages, a piece of bear steak, a cup of juice, and a bed to rest one night, which can’t be said to be something great.

They couldn’t even protect her when she was taken away. ] (Kaoru talks in 3rd POV, I guess)
That might be why they have been waiting for the day when I will visit this town again in order to say thank you someday. Maybe.

But I don’t like people kneeling or such. It’s not my hobby. So …


「Ah, I’m so hungry! How about a shoulder massage? Will you pay 2 sausages or a quarter of boar meat steak or a juice!」(Kaoru)


For a moment, everyone in the guild was blanked but soon noticed my intention.


「I’m the one who paid with sausage! I will ask her once again! I don’t allow any objections!」(Sausage Uncle)

「Well, I’m the one with a quarter of boar steak … Who is that guy with juice?」(Boar Steak Brother)

「 Wasn’t it Darusson? That fellow, he went out for a request right now so I will be taking over!」(Random Hunter A)

「Too bad for him! Even if he comes back, we will not apologize to him …」(Random Hunter B)


The laughter gradually spreads and the kneeling people stand up.
And I start massaging.


「No, Kaoru-sama, please stop!」(Francette)


Francette returned to honorific talking, she was trying to stop in a panic but I ignored.
Because this is my starting point in this world.
This is my 『Starting town』and 『Town of departure』


I noticed, Zilda-san’s mouth was puffy.

Uuu, this was a smile, wasn’t it? … I often hear that this would stop children from crying.
Same goes when she suddenly raised her eyes, a scary lady (Kitsu kitsu onee-san) or when open her mouth with her tooth peeking out.


「I’m next!」(Emil)

「I’m next!」(Roland)


So Roland and Emil said, before groaning from Francette’s elbow-strike and Bell’s pinch on the back.


And the fun time ended.


「Well, I will be going now」(Kaoru)

「Yes … please visit us again any time」(Zilda)


Zilda-san already returned to her average way of speaking during the fuss.
And everyone in the guild was sending me off … , Ah, that’s right!


「Scary (Kitsu kitsu) ……, Zilda-san, this」(Kaoru)


That was dangerous! I was about to mention the name in my head!
I took out a wooden box from the item box and handed to her.


「…this is?」(Zilda)


Zilda-san had a surprised face as she looked at the wooden box.


「I will leave the country, do you understand the meaning of that?」(Kaoru)


After thinking for a moment, Zilda-san realized.


「Production of potions will …, stop …?」(Zilda)


She got it!


「This is specially made, with Celes’ protection, it has a stronger effect and there are no expiration date」(Kaoru)



Surrounding staff and hunters also held their breath knowing the value of this wooden box.


「But, if such a thing happens …」(Zilda)


It was natural that Zilda-san worried. The aristocrat would come to take it for sure. But I would not allow it!


「It’s okay. As soon as you take it out of this building, the effect will be gone.
And only anyone belongs to this guild branch will have the right qualification to receive the benefit of this potion, apart from those, It will become a poison」(Kaoru)


Even though I said poison, that person would only suffer from pain for 2 to 3 days with abdominal pain and vomiting. Yes, he would suffer enough that he wanted to die.


「「「「Huh…!?」」」」(Everyone in guild)


Heard my explanation, everyone in the guild had a blue face.


「That’s why I think it’s probably okay. So please manage it somehow」(Kaoru)


Zilda tried to kneel again, but I hugged her tightly and stopped her.
I won’t let her do it!
I hate that kind of thing!




I quietly told the surprised Zilda-san.


「I do not like that」(Kaoru)

「… That’s right, I guess so」(Zilda)


And then, Zilda-san…


「He he …」(Zilda)

「Ha ha …」(Kaoru)


Both of us smiled.
A double brutal smile.


「U~wa, what a picture!」(Random Hunter C)

「Evil Female executives of an Evil Organization!」(Random Hunter D)

「Someone gonna get killed tonight …」(Random Hunter E)


「「Shut up!!」」(Zilda + Kaoru)



And after Kaoru’s party were gone.
People kneeled once again.

And then, in order to return the guild branch to its original state, the door bar on the wooden door and 「Temporarily closed」wooden board were removed. It was used at that time.


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  1. Heaven’s Saliva.
    Sasuga google-sensei.

    Be proud Sausage guy the one who offered the first Sausage.
    With dual Sausages in tow you are now Sausage uncle.

    1 After Kaoru(A.K) The first Sausage was offered in the town of beginning.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Suggestion:
    「Well, well, even {I say}->{though I said} that I want to stop by, I just want to have a little look at the guild」(Kaoru)

    Her body looks young but what inside of her head is… uhm…, it’s {Heaven’s brim}->{in the cloud}

    she silently nodded, got out of the counter and locked the doorway with a {bartack}->{door bar}.

    We supplied a preferential amount {enough}->{} more than enough for a small country’s town guild.

    [ The story of the Arigo Empire {interceptorfight}->{intercepted fight}

    「Too bad for him! Even if he comes back, we will not {appologize}->{apologize to him} …」(Random Hunter B)

    This is my 『Starting town』and 『{Wown}->{Town} of departure』

    And {}->{only} anyone belongs to this guild branch will {}->{have} the right qualification to receive the benefit of this potion

    the {bartack}->{door bar} on wooden door and 「Temporarily closed」wooden board were removed

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  3. So she came full circle. It’s pretty poetic. It’s especially great that those guys were very amicable (only reason she ran was that the pig on a pedestal, oh I meant NOBLE, had his eyes on her). Too bad she can’t stay too long (though she really COULD. She’s got a strong main force and support from an organization enough to start something).

    However, we know how practical and forward thinking Kaoru is, so she’d still take the best course of action (escape)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, so you want more Kaoru?
      Ah, that’s right, I translated other Novel too much and forgot about this.
      Okay, give me 1 week, I need to finish First Arc of Asley Novel + Manga picture and I will return to Kaoru Novel.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Only Sense Online, a slice of life light novel about a guy who was dragged by his sister and his best friend VRMMO. One of my favorites, but hey,that’s because I love slice of life.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. So far this is one of my top 5 isekai LN ever compared to Simply Good Taste for a Duke’s Daughter
    Thank you very much for this and hope i see the next chapter soon.

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