Mile Chapter 141: Inn 6

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Mile Chapter 141: Inn 6


Mile and other girls understood.
The three sisters no longer believed in adults, so they refused all people that tried to help them. And, they took advantage of their 『selling point』, 3 poor and pretty girls.


「Some of adults had tried to advise them, but they didn’t listen to it.
I thought that that they would listen because we were on good terms with their family. I and Lyrise had tried talking to them, but they thought we want to crush 『Maiden’s prayer』or taking over their inn and they also rejected us.
Well, it wasn’t so surprise because even their trusted employee betrayed in a sudden manner, so even if we were on good terms with their family…」(Kuma-san)


As he said so, the owner made a sad face.


「Well, worse than that, they treated us like enemies.
People also spread rumor like we were interfering with their sales, sending bad guys and getting in their way, …
Saying such disturbance things.
And when Meliza was late due to oversleping, went to purchase goods in the market.
we already bought cheap and good ingredients first.
But of course only early bird gets the worm, even we didn’t buy, someone else would buy it already.
And when they bought goods at that price, the one running the inn are only a young girl themselves, people rarely complain that the price is too high.
As for those who complained, people would see them like someone try to interfere with sales.
And all that was supposed to be our harassment」(Kuma-san)

「「「「Ah……」」」」(Red Oath)


『My condolences 』The girls had the face saying so.


「Well, both guests and meals have been divided into two stores from long ago, there wasn’t that much in the first place because it is a small town, everyone knows the circumstances. Even now, I don’t have any problem.


「They can only keep this up for a year and a half」(Kuma-san)


And the owner explained the reason.


「Everyone is sympathizing with the 3 young sisters, let alone Meliza who was already 15 years old. But Rafia was only 13 years old worked hard while looking after Aryl 8 years old.
And one and a half years later, the two will have 2 more of their birthday’s party」(Kuma-san)

「「「「Ah……」」」」(Red Oath)


Yes, the fact that the 2 girls aged 13 and 8, had two birthdays would be 15 and 10 years old, respectively.
15 years old is already adult. And, 10 years old is the age at which many people officially take jobs.
If you are 10 years old you can officially register as a hunter for the Hunter Guild, apprentices who work at the merchant house, apprentices who work while receiving the teachings of the boss at the technical studio etc, everyone starts work at the age of 10.

In other words, that was already a fine worker recognized as a member of society, even if she was not an adult yet.


When they reached that age, all 3 sisters can work normally. No-one sympathized with the sisters that could already work and had the inn left by their parents. There were no reasons people had to give extra money to 3 girls that might have more household incomes than their own.
There was no room for anyone who can afford the expensive money just by sympathy.
And in this town there were two inn, it will be difficult to maintain working with that dish and price.


Also, travelers would change the inn right away if they listened to the fee. If Wild Bear Pavilion was full, they would just move to the next town.
Besides, most of the travelers are regulars, such as merchants passing through here many times and those who went to the big town go back and forth between the local people. Even now, the guests of 『Maiden’s Prayer』began to deccrease.
In other words, 『Maiden’s Prayer』could only work as much as one year and a half, as the owner said.


「It will surely collapse」(Pauline)


And Pauline made a ruthless declaration.


「Even though men that aiming at the eldest daughter and the second daughter may keep going there, but they couldn’t manage with just that.
Further more, if only that kind of customers come, they will also hinder the inn business.
When a new customer comes, they would think of him as a new competitor and will harass him.
There will be no other customers beside them.
Eventually, they will become a crowd of regular customers who don’t want to spend any more money on a hopeless case.
That inn will soon have its last moment soon, definitely」(Pauline)


The owner nodded with a sorry face.


「I want to do something, too, but I will not bother to just get rejected again.
If I forcibly approach them, they will call the guards, hunters or I will be driven away by the regulars over there.
Well, I know most of the people in the town, so it’s not a problem …
It’s not like they don’t know it but they are obsessed with the intention of protecting and helping the sisters.
They are so obsessed with it to the point they noticed that someone or something might change the sisters’ thought and destroy their possibilities.
I guess they thought as time passed, it will harder to work with just 3 sisters, which increases the chance the sister marry someone as brother in law to help out.
But before any of that happens, the inn will surely collapse」(Kuma-san)

「「「… …」」」(Rena + Mile + Maevis)

「Well, now that the mystery was solved, we should return the room soon. We are leaving tomorrow!」(Pauline)

「「Huh?」」(Kuma + Lyrise)


Heard Pauline’s words, the owner and his wife were dumbfound.


「… Weren’t you asking because you wanted to give us a consultation …」(Kuma-san)


The girls are really intelligent and seem care about this more than just curiousity. They were listening and understanding the problem.
From the middle of the story, the couple expected to seek solutions but was shot down by Pauline’s unexpected words.


「No, I don’t know such a thing.
We were only concerned about the mystery of the 2 inns.
I now understand the mystery clearly, so there’s no business for this town anymore.
The shop that chose that method of working would be crushed, and that don’t have anything to do with us and what can be done for someone who doesn’t listen to anything in the first place?
Because we stayed at this hotel, they must think of us as enemies now …」(Pauline)


Heard Pauline’s words, the owner and his wife were silent and couldn’t reply.
And the air between everyone became awkward.




Mavis gave Pauline a light chop on her head.


「There are people in need and you say it doesn’t have anything to do with us 」(Maevis)



Yes, the children who lost their parents and are desperately trying to keep the shop the parents left behind.
Pauline couldn’t leave it either.
What she said just now just because she was angry with the way those sisters using that dark past to run their inn. She is a merchant daughter after all.
And it’s not like Maevis or Rena didn’t know about it.
… except Mile, she took Pauline’s words at face value.


「… Is it okay?」(Pauline)

「Do it as you like, we aren’t in a hurry and we don’t have trouble about money to work right away.
This time, from the beginning, 『Since it seems interesting, we will stay on this town for a while』
so I decided not to stop midway and do it to the end.
I don’t want to stop halfway while still playing and having fun.」(Rena)


And Rena smiled just like that, Pauline was also caught in and laughed together.


「Hehehe …」(Pauline)


That was a very wicked smile, Maevis and the owner couple had a wry smile.


「Well, people is working serious, you can’t say you doing this just for fun …」(Mile)


And no one was listening to Mile’s muttering.


「Well, anyway, do you have a consultation? is there any good idea?」(Kuma-san)


Pauline replied to the owner’s words with a smile.


「Of course, there is.
If left unattended, that inn will be crushed in one and a half of year.
It’s easy to prevent it.
And to prevent it from collapsing after a year and a half, we should just crush it right now.」(Pauline)

「「「「「Ehhhhhhhh~~!!」」」」」(Kuma + Lyrise + Mile + Rena + Maevis)


In terms of word’s rhetoric, it sounded somewhat correct.
But there was no one convinced by it.
… only just one of them.

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  1. Suggestion:
    「It will surely collapse」(Pauline)
    And {Paulin}->(Pauline} made a ruthless declaration.

    Yes, the children who lost their parents and are desperately trying to keep the shop the parents left behind.
    Pauline couldn’t leave it either.
    What she said just now just because she was angry with the way those sisters using {}->{that dark past to run their inn}

    I don’t {won’t}->{want to} stop halfway while still playing and having fun.」(Rena)

    That was a {too}->{very} wicked smile, {Mevis}->{Maevis}, and the owner couple had a wry smile.

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  2. I think, the way to crush 『Maiden’s prayer』inn by making the Red Oath help “luring” the customer from them to wild bear inn.


  3. Thanks for the update

    And we know for the chapter’s explanation that one person is considered legally an adult in 15 years old
    In this case, the best for the MC would be that once she turns 15, return to the homecountry briefly, asking to speak with the king, and either she cans speak privately or with several nobles around, say clearly:

    “King-sama, I’m grateful to get revenge for my mother and granpa’s death, but I haven’t interested to take the home’s title from the beginning, so I proclaim now, that I rennounce to both the title and take over the reigns in the Ascham territory, bye” and once said, either simply get out, or if they try to take her using the powers to escape



    • Not going to happen. Too much common sense in this solution, remember, the Adel Simulator requires you to subtract common sense.


  4. that moment when you think: “mile is finally reading the mood”. but you see mile being mile as an totally normal every day mile …


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