Mile Chapter 144: Inn 9 – Deus ex machina

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Mile Chapter 144: Inn 8 – Deus ex machina


「…Well then, we will start talking. Is that okay, Meliza-san?」(Mile)


Meliza nodded with Mile’s words.
At the beginning, Pauline tried to serve as a moderator, but when Pauline talked to Meliza, she got stuck, so everyone decided to change the role of the moderator.
Next one was the owner and his wife, but with their relationship from the past and the past few months, Meliza couldn’t talk with the relationship that was intertwined.

In the end, it was decided one of remaining 3 of 『Red Oath』which is irrelevant to the past and could talk in the neutral position. But Rena and Maevis were obviously unsuitable for such work.

So as a result of the Elimination Act, the harmless Mile was chosen as the moderator / facilitator.


「So, Meliza-san, how do you think about the current 『Maiden’s prayer』‘s business policy?」(Mile)


Mile wasn’t that good with a curve ball, her question is always in the middle, a fast and straight ball. (T.N: baseball refer for question)


「Yes, because we get profit, it was nice and fun … no, I also wonder if it was too much to continue …」(Meliza)


As Meliza answered, she spotted the face of Pauline distorted by discomfort, disdain and the sad owner couple so she changed her answer in a hurry.
It seemed that she knew that it wasn’t a way to continue forever.
However, as the sisters couldn’t find a way to stop the sympathy and victim tactic and return to normal business. And they couldn’t compete with 『Wild Bear Pavilion』with just amateur cuisine. If there were any guest, it was those who doesn’t wish for the sister to be taken by 『Wild Bear Pavilion』 (T.N: I guess it’s about those FA pedos)


「Well, what are you planning to do in the future?」(Mile)



With Mile’s question, Meliza was in doubt about the answer. If she knew a good way, she already did it long ago.
At that time, Meavis joined in the conversation.


「The problem is cooking, right? You should be able to do other work as an inn with no problem. On the contrary, people would be pleased with young girls running it.
Isn’t everything going to be solved if you hire a cook?」(Maevis)



Meliza was silent.
After all, just as the owner explained, she still didn’t believe in adults to hire anyone yet.


「I heard from the owner, do you still not want to hire others as a member of the inn?」(Mile)



Meliza finally responded and answered to Mile’s question.
She still didn’t believe in adults yet.
There was no problem with adults that were customers of the inn because they paid up money. But they didn’t want to leave money or the inn business manager to an adult.


「Is there anyone that you trust or you want to work together?」(Rena)


Meliza answered Rena’s question after thinking for a while.


「Uhm, … uncle and aunty, Serira-san from the market and Risafi-chan from the blacksmith…」(Meliza)


Both the owner and his wife from this inn couldn’t leave this inn. It’s impossible to run the inn and dining room alone. So, of course it was dismiss.


「Then how about that Serira-san and Risafi-chan…」(Mile)

「It’s impossible」(Kuma-san)


The owner interrupted Mile’s words.


「The market manager, Serira-san can’t work in such a place.
Besides, I’m pretty sure that an old lady who is 80 years old will not able to do anything … she made a lot of mistakes from old age. Her son, Maru was always complaining.
And Blacksmith’s Risafi-san is still 8 years old, she is Aryl-chan’s playing partner. If you bring such a child to work, the couple of blacksmiths will crawl into you. Of course, she can’t cook anything.」(Kuma-san)

「「「「… … 」」」」(Red Oath)


Everyone got stuck.
Everybody squeezed their heads, but no good idea came out, 『Red Oath』 was silent. And this time Meliza proposed.


「Oh, that’s right! It seems that you are able to cook, isn’t it fine to have you come to 『Maiden’s prayer』?」(Meliza)

「「「「「「Huh?」」」」」」(Red Oath + Kuma-san + Lyrise)

「I mean, that「Rock Lizard Karaage』, you seem to be able to make a very popular cuisine for the guests. If you come to our kitchen to help and teach it to Rafia, we can made decent meal…
Isn’t that right? It’s a good idea!」(Meliza)



Mile was dumbfound as Meliza was excited, talked about it.


「「Sure, it’s a good idea …」」(Kuma-san + Lyrise)


The owner and his wife also agreed.
The sisters who have a strong sense of detention against adults, but if the helping one are 12-13 year old girl, it would be fine. And if Rafia devoted herself to cooking without doing some cheap tricks, she might improved and they might work properly.


「If you can completely ignore Mile and our circumstances, then it might be true」(Rena)


However, Rena poured cold water at them.
It was natural. They might consider for Mile to stay here for 2-3 weeks. But how long will it take for a 13 years old girl to grow as a chef?
Mile couldn’t keep the sisters company until then.


Beside, Miles used magic to properly reproduce the cuisine of the earth appropriately. Her meals had gained popularity thanks to its overwhelmingly sophisticated recipes compared to this world’s cuisine. Mile wasn’t really good as preparing raw food beside vegetable. There wasn’t such technique to cut fish or meat without damaging any cells. She asked nano-chans for processing raw food. (T.N: I guess Misato, Mile past life only cook processed food from supermarket)
Mile also sparely used seasonings and spices stored in item box, without considering profit at all. However, that was a disqualification for a profession chef.
In other words, as a master of a cook, Mile was incompetent.


「Absolutely impossible! Rejection!」(Mile)


Mile declined with an immediate answer. It was natural, because she knew well about herself.


「Something like that …」(Meliza)


And when Meliza was wrapped in despair, the door of the inn was opened.
And 2 boys from 15 to 16 years old came into the inn.


「「Father, we returned!」」(2 boys)

「「「「…………Who?」」」」(Red Oath)


The owner replied to the girls’ question.


「My sons, when they were 12 years old, I sent them off as the disciples of the chef in the capital city.
If the children only learn from the parent, the meal and taste will be limited.
It’s not good for apprentices’ chef to practice at home.
So it’s normal to send out children to work and learn in another store.
I told them to work hard and not to go back home until they were 15 years old.
Was it three years already …?」(Kuma-san)

「Cruel, far from remember your own sons’ birthday, you forgot about our existence itself, this bear father!」(Boy A)

「Well, it can’t be help because that was our father that we are talking after all…
So, Meliza and the 4 lovely ladies over there, what are you doing here?」(Boy B)


Apparently 2 brothers who seemed twin, eggy twins. Handsome men with high height and a solid body. Yes, it is a type that is popular in this world.
Suddenly, when Mile looked at Meliza, the girl opened her mouth halfway and staring at the boys.


And suddenly Mile cried out loud.


「DEUS · EX · MAKINA!!?」(Mile)

「What do you mean by that?」(Rena)


Even though Rena asked about what Mile said, but as usual, she didn’t care too much. Maevis and Pauline were similar.


「Deus · Ex · Makina is… when the story is stalled and can’t find a way to resolve, the god of the craft hanging from the ceiling with the rope, comes down and solves everything with 『His voice』, That’s the way it is!
The story is advanced only by the causal relation by precise constitution and necessity, and should be led to solution by the intention and efforts of the characters. It can’t never be solved by 『convenient things』that suddenly appeared without a hint at the stalemate!
That’s a wickedness! It’s a trash! Tezuka sensei will not forgive that!!」(Mile)


Rena desperately appealed to the vicious rampage Mile.

「… and just who was that and what’s with that?」(Rena)


FUNA sensei’s Note:
Once again, 『Maiden’s prayer』was written as 『Goddess’ prayer』
I barely found it in the final re-check!
No, I already fixed up in 3 consecutive chapters … (^ ^ ゞ

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  1. Suggestion:
    Meliza couldn’t {talks}->{talk} with the relationship that was intertwined.

    no, I also wonder if it was {to}->{too} much to continue …」(Meliza)

    Besides, {Miles}->{Mile} used magic to properly reproduce the cuisine of the earth appropriately.

    I told them to work hard {to don’t}->{and not to} go back home until they were 15 years old.
    Was it three years already …?」(Kuma-san)

    when Mile looked at {Merisa}->{Meliza}, the girl opened her mouth halfway and staring at the boys.

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  2. thank for the update.

    Actually, Deus Ex Machina could totally work as a plot element, if you properly used it, to show the randomness of the world for example, or that sometimes, with all the meticulous calculation and planning, it’s still up to fate itself to decide thing. It’s a nice “Get out of Jail free” plot card, but only if your story properly set it up for it.

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      • Not totally true, there are some stories that can do it well, like old Westerns where the army always comes to rescue people on time is something like a Deus Ex Machina, they come, problem disappears. Lose, what’s that? The problem is that Deus Ex Machina is more often done -badly- than properly.

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      • If you foreshadow the sudden solution then it wouldn’t be, but if it is still random and out of the blue, but that actually makes sense . . . or if you later develop out of that sudden twist during a continuation, it’d be fine.

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  3. The word Makina bugs me a bit. You know it sounds like ***ina or so a certain retarded loli(due to tragic events) would say.

    I feel bad for Meliza.
    Flat as a pancake but too tall as a loli.

    Is this what they call half-assed?

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  4. Thanks for the chapter^^

    Didn’t expect to see the actual phrase “Deus Ex Machina” in here xD 4th wall getting strong! :,D

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  5. A Deus Ex Machina moment? …Really?
    This was poorly executed. The flow of the story moved too fast for this to make a proper appearance. In order to make this [not so bad], this chapter should’ve been exposition, the next chapter would’ve been trial, error and failure, (and add a cliff to build up the momentum for the Deus Ex Machina), and THEN shove it inside at the third chapter with explanations as to who they are, why they’re here, and how much Mile’s head still hurts from experiencing a real Deus Ex Machina.
    I wouldn’t complain about the Deus Ex Machina itself if it was played for comedy (which it was attempted to be), but it’s just lacking on the blows to mitigate the impact.

    Ah well. Thanks for the chapter. Happy New Year everyone!

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    • I don’t think you understand what a “Deus ex” is. what you explain would not be a “Deus ex” but rather a normal story flow. you can google a deus ex machina if you want but a summation is basically an unexpected plot twist that suddenly solves all the problems at that point.

      I.e. a story where a poor girl is about to be killed for whatever reason when out of nowhere a rich prince traveling incognito saves her cause she is his fiance that was lost several years ago and lost her memory and although he is apparently known thru out the land the poor girl has never heard of him once and upon meeting she remembers everything and they go back and blah blah blah happy end cause gods left pinky twitched and what realistically should have been impossible happened because the author wanted a quick out cause the felt the story was dragging on where it should have been short.

      also, the only reason I replied is that some guy went and liked everyone’s comments.


      • Ah yes…. I am also replying because some guy went and liked everyone’s comment, except your latest of course.

        Also, my good sir, I would advise caution in the future. Indeed I do acknowledge your vast lexicon…however you erred in the fact that you had completely missed my point. I wasn’t explaining what a Deus Ex Machina is; what I was doing was exactly what you said I was doing: creating a stronger scenario where the Deus Ex Machina would have a more profound effect. In short yes…it IS story exposition.
        Thank you for expanding on something that I already am aware of.

        And as for your explanation on what a Deus Ex Machina is, it is somewhat lacking. Allow me to expound on it.
        It literally means “God out of the Machine”, a plot twist that solves everything…however it is more than that. You see, your explanation also applicable to foreshadowing, which this barely avoids. Had for example in the chapters prior a patron makes a side comment about the [couple’s kids] in passing, then it would’ve been a foreshadow: something mentioned prior comes into significance later and becomes relevant to the plot which may end up a significant plot twist that solves everything.
        The Deus Ex Machina is a plot device that comes into play that NO ONE expected (not even the audience) that conveniently fixes the current dilemmas faced and/or steers the plot into a more positive direction.
        This qualifies even if it can be argued that the couple do have kids. The counterargument was that they DID NOT expect them to return as there was no word from them of them returning. Worse; the father even forgot they existed (somehow).


        • Yeah, no. What you described in your last past building up to have the Deus ex be more profound is an oxy-moron and you don’t seem to get that a Deus ex isn’t a good writing device it usually leads to upset readers that plot was resolved and the story was pointless basically it would have fixed itself if our cast was never there at all.

          Also a plot twist that solves everything isn’t necessarily a Deus ex, for it to count it would have to be both unexpected and unlikely such as in this case where we as the audience didn’t know the son’s existed or the fact they would suddenly appear. If it was foreshadowed in some trivial point he had sent the son’s some while back to the capital then we could have reasonably expected something like they came back as soon as they could to help the girls.

          Also don’t try and play sage/intellectual when you can’t even Google Deus ex machina and get the wrong translation by a single word. Yes there is a significant difference between those two words. And the guy obviously didn’t like my last comment cause I replied after the went thru his upvote spree


    • …..
      It’s a term for ‘a solution that comes out of nowhere’ in plays, often through rather lazy writing. It’s named because in the past, some plays would end when they lower an actor who’s playing a god from a crane and he would ‘miraculously’ solve all the play’s problems, hence the term ‘God from the Machine’ came about. It’s been around since about 400BC which makes the term about 2,400 years old.

      I doubt Magi Craft was written that long ago.

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  6. Who asked about Mile’s cooking 2 chapters early? XD We get a very good answer! DEUS · EX · MACHINE… Lol. In detectives this Process will be very bad!!! Thanks for translate! P.S. I hope brothers don’t will help a Meliza!!

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  7. I guess this is mostly mtl and barely (if at all) edited, I noticed it was getting worse and worse with the stunted english per chapter and the constant small mistakes like “imaging” when it was meant to be “imagine” It wasnt perfect when I started reading it from here but it was at least understandble as the meaning or intent can be understood. But the further I read the harder it is to understand… as if its been mostly direct from mtl bit by bit every chapter. The last paragraphs were… very hard to understand

    But still thank you for the effort of posting the translations.


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