Mitsuha Manga Chapter 10: ~THE END~ Please look forward to Mitsuha sensei’s next work

Mitsuha Vol 1
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Official English Full name: Saving 80,000 gold coins in the different world for my old age

Mitsuha Credit Page.jpg

Author: FUNA

Novel Author. “I will save 80,000 gold coins in the different world in preparation for the old age” and made a debut post as “Become a novelist”. Other works, “I said that the ability is average value!” , “Survive with a potion”.
This time, a very ordinary girl, Mitsuha, that can teleport between the worlds.
No, where in it is “ordinary”! (^ ^) /
Mitsuha has child-like body, but her brain is apparently beating other girls in the comic world! No, I like her already !! “(FUNA)

Novel Illustrator: Tozai.

Covering and drawing illustrations for “I will save 80,000 gold coins in the other world for old age”.
“Character information, pictorial information, thank you for enjoying the work with both.” (Tozai)

Mangaka: Motoe

manga artist. Born from Aichi prefecture. In 2007, won the 8th Sirius Rookie Prize.

In his book “Oya dances at a martial arts association” “Hamamura Nagisa’s calculation note” (original work / Aoyagi Akito).
“A child-like girl Mitsuha is a story about doing business while playing with young girls in different worlds and fighting enemies with modern weapons.
I hope you enjoy the powerful Mitsuha chan.
A handsome little man and a lot of old men will also appear! “(Motoe)

Translator’s Note: Finally done. You maybe upset but please enjoy it.

This is the last chapter… (1)

Mitsuha Manga Chapter 10: ~THE END~ Please look forward to Mitsuha sensei’s next work


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Translator’s Note:

(1)… of this year.

Did I got you ?

Well played?

Just like FUNA sensei, I didn’t tell any lie, I just didn’t say everything.

Mitsuha Manga Chapter 1 Page 02 a
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  1. dango~!!!!
    translator-san dango dosen’t want to sound ungreatful dango. but what about Asley-chan dango.
    you don’t translate it anymore dango.

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  2. Happy new year (for those who happy)!!!

    Bring in electricity is dangerous as it can attract people I believe


  3. Uu~ you got me good Lolio!
    Im soo glad that Mitsuha hasnt ended yet!
    Thanks for the Chapter~
    And Happy New Year! (still 52 mins to go here)


  4. Question, does this site accept lolis as donation if so how would you rank the lolis?
    Tsundere loli
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    Loli loli
    Or dare I say: Strong Legal Tsundere Deredere Grandma loli with Yandere tendencies.


  5. Suggestion:
    Page 2: I will set them on the rooftop. {The rooftop.}->{}

    Page 3: {sothat}->{so that} no one will lose their jobs due to my products


  6. Happy new year 2018

    The end by Mitsuha sensei, Not!
    It should be by Funa sensei

    This manga’s MC really the 4th wall breaker and also bad thrower,LOL when seeing the grenade throwing picture.

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  7. 1st bamboozlement of the year xD

    Thx for the chapter translator-san and happy new year everyone^^


  8. Need moooar, need moaarr~!!! Does Misuha-sensei have any more translated cute works?
    Thank you very much Loli-mamo-san.
    Happy New Year~!


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