Mile Chapter 150: It came! It came it came!! (Kita! Kita Kita!!)

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Translator’s Note: Ah! I have no more Mile illustration even we already passed volume 4

Mile Chapter 150: It came! It came it came!! (Kita! Kita Kita!!)


「… My daughter, what happened?」(Middle Age Man)


(Mile’s POV? Maybe)

[ A masculine man appeared from behind the kitchen, as if something went wrong.
He called the receptionist girl his daughter so he is probably the owner of this inn.
For a beastkin was working as a receptionist, this couldn’t be the first time she had trouble with other people (T.N: racist people? maybe). In other words, the owner must be helping his daughter everytime he heard a commontion.
But, apparently, the owner looked like a normal human being.
Then, was the mother the beastkin, or the parents was mixed blood with negative gene?
Certainly, this loli doesn’t look like a pure blood beastkin. Well, we met some beastkin in the forest before and they have fluffy furs all over their body, but this girl is almost human. Beside the 『Kemonomimi』
Tails? Is there a tail? ]

Mile could not help it because she was concerned.


「Oh, no, nothing, this girl just loves beastkin…」(Rena)

「Huh? She loves beastkin, you said?」(Owner)


The owner had a face like he couldn’t believe what Rena said.

Yes, Mile’s love for beastkin girls was well-known to other girls in 『Red oath』, because she had told other members how wonderful beastkin girls are. They were pretty much got tired of it from hearing again and again, many times.


「Uhm, about that, can I touch her for a moment?」(Mile)


So Mile asked with feverish glare, and the owner stood in front of the counter.


「… Do you plan to stay?」(Owner)


He felt the danger, so he hid his daughter behind him and talked with guests by himself.


「Yes, we want a quadruple room. We still don’t know how long we stay yet. So when we leave, we will tell you the night before that. Do you have free room?」


The owner glanced at Mile, he seemed like want to refuse, but after a few seconds of conflict, he decided.


「Yes, we have room available, unfortunately …」(Owner)

「「「「…………」」」」(Red Oath)




「Mile, calm yourself and keep your desire in check!
That was such a shameful display (behavior)!」(Rena)


Rena complained about Mile as soon as they entered their room.


「But, 『Kemonomimi』, it’s 『Kemonomimi』!」(Mile)

「If you wanted some 『Kemonomimi』, didn’t you also see them at the time of the ruins」(Rena)

「No, that’s wrong! Something which was attached to the head of a Muscle uncle is different!
Even though they are similar, but they are totally different!!」(Mile)


Mile desperately repulsed to Rena’s point.
Maevis and Pauline couldn’t understand what drove Mile so far and went silent.


「Okay, I’m going down!」(Mile)


Even though she has only been in this room on second floor for a few minutes, somehow Mile already wanted to go down to the first floor.


「「「…………」」」(Rena + Maevis + Pauline)


It would be in vain to stop Mile right now. (Unstoppable)
We better let Mile doing what she wants or we can’t go to the guild anymore.
Rena thought so and decided to give up.


While she was excited, Mile went down to the first floor as quiet as possible to make sure the owner in the kitchen wouldn’t notice. Then she sat down on the table seat closest to the reception counter, and picked up from the item box: boiled dried meat, milk, … and 『Actinidia polygama』(Catnip)
Dirty! As expected it’s dirty!!


Mile in her past life, as Misato, she always put fish sausage and baby star ramen in her bag just in case when she meets cats and doves …By the way, Baby star ramen is very popular with pigeons.

And in this world, of course, Mile wasn’t neglect in prepare.
The dried meat was boiled properly to remove salt

Milk that adjusted nutrients and removed 『lactose』that a cat can’t decompose.

And twigs cut out from 『Matatabi tree』discovered in the middle of a collectiing request. They are always kept in her item box.

Dried meat is for human beings, cats can’t have too much salt so she boiled it.

Also, milk that humans drink is often short of nutrition for cat, it may cause lactose diarrhea, if treat it poorly, it will cause death.

Of course, Mile wouldn’t make such a mistake, but once again it was a bit dangerous.
There maybe case it would cause death with dyspnea, although it is rare, as it would paralyze the central nervous system of the cat. Well, if she uses a small amount while carefully looking at it, there will be no big danger …


And then Mile tried to beckon the loli at the reception desk with the twig.
Her eyes and ears were pointed towards Mile.


Choichoi pikupiku (SFX to calling at cat)

choichoi choi… (SFX to calling at cat)

piku pikupiku… (SFX to calling at cat)

chogashi (SFX to calling at cat)


「… What are you doing?」(Owner)


The owner was burning with anger, grabbed Mile’s head from the back.


「Ah, no, that …」(Mile)


Cat got Mile’s tongue.


「Faryl is not a cat!」(Owner)

「… Did you try?」(Mile)



Apparently, it seemed he also had tried.
Well, there are quite a lot of cases that catnip are not very effective on kitten and female cats.

And as a result of discussions, the owner could understand that Mile had no malice.
However, he didn’t seem to believe in Mile herself.


「… But … for someone not to dislike those have mixed beastkin blood, or rather to love instead…
What on earth are you thinking? Are you an idiot (Baka janai no ka)?」(Owner)

「Don’t say it, that’s…!」(Mile)

「Oh no, that …」(Owner)


Certainly, just as Miles said, 『You can’t say that!』

After discussing with the owner, he gave his permission, if Mile could keep the condition as promised 『Do not give food that disturb Faryl’s three meals a day』, 『Do not give suspicious things such as those to Faryl once again』, 『Do not disturb work』, the owner would let her play with Faryl.
However because Faryl works at the counter as receptionist until the last meal order which is the second bell at night (21 o’clock). After that, the owner would like to take Faryl to their room until sleepy. Mile shouted.


「Then, when can I play with Faryl!?」(Mile)


… It was a wonderful opinion.




「And you really brought her …」(Rena)

Rena said that with a shaky face.
After talking with the owner, Mile and other girls went back to the room. Then the girls went downstairs to eat dinner. At the second bell at night that Mile has been waiting for a long time, the girls came back to the room, Mile was holding Faryl with 『Princess carry』
The owner and his wife were cleaning up the kitchen and preparing for tomorrow. When that was over, he would come to recapture his daughter.

Mile carried Faryl from behind and put Faryl sitting on her knees.

Mile girl sit on lap
And then she scratched the back side of Faryl’s ear with her index finger.

Mile Pat cat girl head

「Uu, it’s ticklish …」(Faryl)


Faryl  twist her head from ticklish


「Stop it!」(Rena)

Bash! (SFX)

Rena gave Mile a hand chop on the head.


「Hey, it’s my turn next!」(Maevis)


And Maevis said her demand from the side.
She is the youngest child that only received her elder brothers’ love. On the other hand, she was longing for it herself.
… She wanted to spoil a younger brother or sister.


「Hey, what’s about my turn?」(Pauline)


When her brother was young, Pauline had been looking after him on behalf of her busy parents, she was recalling the old days and wanted to enjoy herself.


「Grr…You all…」(Rena)


And Rena with an amazed face, scolded other girls on purpose.


「Next will be my turn, it was decided!」(Rena)

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    • It is not lolicon! nekomimi is between the highest expressions of kemonomimi, only surpassed by kitsunemimi, and on equal grounds with usagimimi and inumimi! it would be the same if it was atop the head of a beautiful onee-sama or an imouto (muscle darumas are no good tho), You just don’t understand the beauty of kemonomimi!

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      • i disagree that kitsunemimi are the top. Usagimimi are the top, followed right after by inumimi and nekomimi in that order.

        IMO they’re best on an onee-sama though. That way, you cant be thought of as a lolicon XD


      • to my opinion, each kemonomimi is the best, depending of the age group:
        loli nekomimi, as well as teenager inumimi, as well as onee-sama kitsunemimi and finally booby big sis usagimimi, those are all the ultimate kemonomimi respectively!

        nekomimi is between the highest expressions of kemonomimi, only surpassed by kitsunemimi, and on equal grounds with usagimimi and inumimi! it would be

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      • damn, i forgot to remove the bit of text i copied cause i didn’t want to fuck up the words, so i did copy pastes XD this comment section need edit button or delete button


    • Though a loli can be a lolicon but in this case it’s just the combination of affection for a little girl that most people have and cat ears that increase the more to levels only seen in imagined senarios

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  1. muahahaa! kemonomimi getto daze! and the rest of this novel is: and they lived happily ever after with kemonomimi loli, the end.


  2. Mile had a bounty placed on her head for kidnapping all the Kemomimi Lolis in the kingdom and was never heard from again …

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  3. I believe that would be my reaction to a catgirl too if I met one. You just don’t pass a chance to adore catgirls.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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    • unless that cat girl can kill you, slice you, and dice you, like a certain girls that knows too much


  4. Typo:
    Yes, Mile’s love for {beaskin}->{beastkin} girls was well-known to other girls in 『Red oath』


  5. Beastkin is what you see at the Ruins. All of them are fur all over their body including the female (remember there are also females in the beastkin ruin party). This nekololi is the cross species between human and beastkin, may be half beast. So her mother is the beastkin? Does the nekololi have tail? Her father have tried to treat her daughter like a cat but I think he get scold by his wife.


    • Argh I wish i can get inside this story to confirm it by myself about the tail and touch her special feature like mile party do.

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  6. Mile uses yes I’m a loli, yes touch?

    Flushed cheeks
    A feverish glare
    A sign of danger
    A wild perverted loli appeared !!
    Kemono loli was very effective !!

    Owner uses contemplate
    A wild vacant room appeared !!
    It was very ineffective…

    Rena uses Shamefur Dispray !!
    Mile doesn’t listen
    It was somewhat ineffective…

    Rena uses reason
    Mile counters with reason as well
    It was ineffective…

    A wild pervert appeared !!
    Pervert uses temptation !!
    Choi choi choi
    Choi choi piku
    Nothing happened…

    A wild owner appeared !!
    Owner is angry
    Owner uses boulder crush
    The grip is below average and ineffective

    Owner uses loud declaration !!
    Mile counters with hello pot, I’m kettle.
    An understanding has been reached.

    Owner negotiates.
    Mile got one upped
    It was somewhat effective

    Pervert uses abduct !!
    A kemono loli in distress appeared !!

    Pervert uses scratch
    It was effective

    Maevis uses boku no turn
    The perverts are multiplying.


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    • Pauline uses atashi no turn?
      Perverts are further more multiplying.

      Rena is left out
      Forever alone

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  7. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Red oath’s recruitment requirement: a kemonomimi enthusiast/a genuine kemonomimi


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