Mile Chapter 152: Extra Care

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Translator’s Note: Greeting everyone.

This chapter, Red Oath girls became ruthless again, poor common sense.

Let us pay respect with 1 minute silence to all the common sense got rekt in this chapter.

By the way, it seems is going to shut down. What’s a pity.


I really want to use “Mile-tachi” or “Rena-tachi” instead of “the girls” but I will refrain from it because it sounds weird

Mile Chapter 152: Extra Care


「…Ehh … Uhm, do you really want to accept this request?」(Felicia)


When Maevis submitted the request form to the receptionist, Felicia, she was confirmed with a surprised face.


「Yes, that’s right」(Maevis)

「Stop acting so reckless…」(Felicia)

((((Ahhh, this pattern again…)))) (Red Oath)


As expected, the girls would get tired of it , it is already the third time.


「This request has unknown danger level.
There’s also a high possibility that we will fail this request due to missing information.
We are all well aware why this request still remain here even after a long time.
Even we are still young, but 『Red oath』is a proper C rank hunter party, you don’t have to worry.
And even if we fail this request, it will be our responsibility」(Rena)


As Rena said so, Felicia couldn’t help but proceed the order as she was told.

Of course, Felicia knew that even though the girls are still young but 『Red oath』is C rank party that many other parties wanted.
However, everyone only thought that the 『Red oath』is a young, beautiful, pretty girls party with C ranking abilities. The girls was successful and got a rank C when they are still young and steadily progressing. And because the girls had talent, they let it go to their head. If people act so reckless, no matter how talented they are, they will not be able to survive. It was the biggest reason why talented hunters died young.

In other words, the probability that they can successfully complete the request that other parties avoid will be low. Felicia was concerned, that was logical act.

It was rare for hunter to be cute girls, courteous and say polite wording for guild staff.

Even though they already came all the way to this country, it will a great deal for the guild here, however they want to show up by doing hard request. Felicia thought so, because the request received by the 『Red oath』was a Red request, she had no choice but asking local hunters. She was issuing 『that』somehow!
There is no daredevil hunter in this kingdom dare to oppose Felicia. And (here comes the first Challenger) a certain five-person party came in.


「Yare yare, you girls just came to this country?
I’m not impressed with you receive such a dangerous request with many uncertainties on an unfamiliar land so suddenly.
How about you take other request instead. And if you absolutely want to receive this request, how about you have joint request with us?」(First Challenger)


This hunter party leader said that while smiling, his white teeth are sparkling. Apparently, he seems to have used that magic. (T.N: I thought it was shojo’s manga handsome man’s sparkling)


This party name is 『Guardian’s contract』, they were known as a handsome party of five young men. But of course they didn’t just have the looks, they still had enough ability of average male hunters around 20 years old. And they were all openly accepting women’s relationships. As the party name suggests, they kept safe any pretty hunter girls they promised to protect.
Because a handsome party already went ahead of them, other parties were somewhat angry but they hesitated to come out as well. (T.N: these hunters might be the guys say something like normie go exploded)

The content of 『Guardian’s contract』’s offer was reasonable, and Felicia nodded in satisfy. Until 『Red oath』replied back.


「We don’t have time for extra care」(Rena)

「You can’t even follow our moving speed …」(Maevis)

「Share decreases!」(Pauline)

「Ahahahaha…」(Mile’s wry smile)

「… …」(First Challenger)


The leader of 『Guardian’s contract』was dumbfound with of the responses of 『Red oath』girls
Even Felicia, the receptionist was the same.


「Well, isn’t that a bit too much?」(First Challenger)


The leader tried to maintain his smile while talking.

For the 『Red oath』, their offer was an 『extra care』.

Literally, the girls mean the men are dragging their legs, even though the girls still don’t know anything about the men’s fighting abilities.

The girls don’t want to take such attitude that making fun of other hunters, however if the girls don’t make them realize their place, the girls will have the same kind of trouble many times in the future.

So, the girls had to do a little demonstration.
And, as usual, Rena issued instructions.


「Maevis, that, please」(Rena)

Excuse me, could someone please throw a copper coin at me?」(Maevis)

「Oh, I’ll do it」(Hunter X)


One of the hunters in the guild heard Maevis’s words and raised his voice. Other hunter began to make space around them.
And the hunter threw the coin.


Ki~in! (SFX)
Pashi~! (SFX)
Kachan~ (SFX)


And everyone’s eyes were focused on two pieces of copper coin, which were placed on the palm of Maevis.
Yes, it was the usual thing, copper coin slash.
Cut and then grab with the left hand, put the sword back into the sheath with the right hand. Meavis has practiced countless times already, and now it was a technique it has become exclusive for her demonstration.


「「「「「What …」」」」」(Everyone in the guild)


All the hunters and guild officials opened their eyes in surprise. However the leader of the 『guardian’s contract』still wasn’t broken yet.


「So… you are really B rank hunter …
But no matter how good a B rank you are, you can’t protect everyone, you have magicians and minors with D rank.
And we are all vanguards, we should join together in order to protect the rear guards」(First Challenger)


Maevis had wry smile as she replied.


「Well… I don’t know exactly how did you come up with that idea but…
We are all C rank, and I’m the weakest among us… No, nothing, forget it」(Maevis)


Maevis was self-detruction while saying that on her own.
And there was an additional order from Rena.



「Yes, yes!
I’m sorry, would anyone please give me another coin」(Mile)


Heard Mile’s word, the man who threw a coin earlier, took out another one from his purse bag.


Kikin (SFX)
Pashi~! (SFX)
Kachan (SFX)


It was the same thing as before, however the different from the previous one was, in Mile’s left hand … was not just 2 pieces but 4 pieces.




This time, the leader was also broken.

The vanguards were completely silenced, but this time the magicians in rear guard raised their voice. (Here comes new challenger)


「Can the magician show us your magic?」(Second Challenger)


Although the vanguard already witnessed the copper slashing, but with such a simple demonstration they couldn’t learn anything about the girls’ true power.

However, when the magicians demonstrate their magic, they will expose an extent of their magical power. There are various thing like: the type of magic, casting speed, magical exercise efficiency, etc., it was possible to measure to a certain extent.

There was an urban legend that it’s possible to determine the performance of a tank to a certain extent from a single screw of a tank.


And Pauline replied to that question.


「Well, we can show you, but can we ask for the restoration of the collapsed building and the resurrection of the dead people?
Even though we can destroy it, we can’t restore building or resurrect the dead」(Pauline)


There wasn’t anyone that could do such a thing.


「「「…………」」」(Magician Hunters in the guild)


Apparently, the magician group was also broken.

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  1. I give my thots and prayers to common-sense chan who was as always unused and abused.

    Poor Shining teeth your common sense was holding on for its dear life after facing Maevis(Flash sword whose modest chest reduces air resistance hence the speed) the weakest of the 4 Devas only to be annihilated by Mile, the strongest devas and average incarnate.

    Pauline(Big Tits, Thicc Legged) is savage as usual.
    Destroying your foes without lifting a finger with financial culpability for damage to property and loss of life.

    Liked by 7 people

    • Yes Pauline comment make everyone in magician hunters party think twice. If what Pauline say is true and she ask the Red “Megumin” Rena, there will be catasthrope, destroyed guild, and corpses everywhere. All of the blame will be directed to magician hunters party.

      So they are not break yet. But sweating cold hearing the comment

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Suggestion:
    As expected, the girls {world}->{would} get tired of it {when this was the third time already.}->{, it is already the third time.}

    but 『Red oath』is a proper C rank hunter party, you don’t {worry have to}->{have to/need to} worry.
    And even if we fail this request, it will be our responsibility」(Rena)

    Felicia couldn’t help but {preceed}->{to process/proceed} the order as she was told.

    Of course, Felicia knew that even {}->{though} the girls are still {youth}->{young} but 『Red oath』is C rank party that many other parties wanted.

    they will not be able to {survice}->{survive}. It was the biggest reason why talented hunters died young.

    How about you {tak other}->{take another} request instead. And if you absolutely want to receive this request,

    Literally, the girls mean the men are dragging their legs, even {}->{though} the girls still don’t know anything about the men’s fighting abilities

    Other hunter began to make {make}->{} space around them.

    but with such a simple demonstration they couldn’t learn anything {}->{about} the girls’ true power.

    Apparently, the magician group {also}->{} was also broken.

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    • Miss this one:
      「Yes, yes!
      I’m sorry, would {}->{someone} please {give me a coin again}->{throw a coin again/throw me a coin}.」(Mile) (cannot use “again” and “me” together because the first one is throw at Maevis not Mile)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Pauline-chan, I know that wasn’t just a bluff, but if you look for another angle, isn’t that just a magician who can’t even control their magic power and let their magic go rampage…


      • Pauline “if you keep doubt us there will be no more simple demonstration. We will be all out attack!”


    • I think they are asking “To display your skill level” rather than “can you use magic” as such, it wouldn’t be tame. It’s not really an issue of control 9r lack thereof here


  4. Common Sense-chan is never spare in Isekai novel, beside the realistic-trying one that is. We need a MC that’s Actually trying to protect Common Sense-chan and not be the one that Brutalize her…….
    Thanks for the chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tell you what.

      Even Mitsuha (other Novel from FUNA sensei) that don’t have any special cheat power beside teleport between earth and isekai.

      She did everything normally but she still rekt common sense everyday.


    • Maybe in the future we can get an isekai novel with common sense-chan as the main heroine?

      As absurd as it is, I’m pretty sure they can make it happen one way or another.

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  5. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Yeah, it’s a pity about Batoto. I know several sites to read manga, but Batoto was the best one I know (that is still active). Now I have to find another with similar quality. Any suggestions?


    If you’re intention is teaching us Japanese a couple of words at a time in each chapter, by replacing them with their English counterparts, I’m all for it.
    Use -tachi, kore/sore/are, doku, bijin, daijoubu, sugui, kawaii or whatever else you’d like to your heart’s content


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