Mile Chapter 153: Move

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Translator’s Note:

Here comes new challenger

Mile Chapter 153: Move


「Well then, we will excuse ourselves」(Pauline)


Pauline said so to Felicia and bowed lightly.

『Red Oath』 ended the order procedure and left the guild.
Felicia was stunned for a while and when she finally returned to her mind. She looked at the B rank party that was sitting in the corner table seat, 『Silver Claw』 and gave out a signal.
In response to that, 5 men stood up in a blink of an eye.


Two swordsmen, one martial artist, and two mages.
From vanguards to magicians in the rear guard, everyone is wearing silver-colored breast plate, of course that is the origin of their party name.
They are B rank hunter party, they can afford their financial situation, everyone is experts themselves (below rank A master and rank S grandmaster/legendary), and they don’t really need to chase after some little girls. They just looked at other hunters made a fuss, but they were truly amazed at that copper coin slash.

And now, they received commands from Felicia:『All this』,『Follow』 and they had to follow in a hurry.

(Translator’s Joke: It’s not like we care when we saw cute and skillful little girls in the display, followed) (I hope some readers can get the joke.  PS: from a online reader site)


『All this』. It was the abbreviation of 『Those who were stared at by this person, abandon all hope』
And of course, the hunters didn’t intend to go against the instructions given by the receptionist.
Felicia thought, should any party go out, they needed to prepare the necessary supplies, and the 『Silver Claw』party was the only one in the state that they could come out anytime. Felicia of course knew about this fact and nominated them.
『Silver Claw』left the guild in a hurry, quickly caught the『Red Oath』within sight.
The girls seem to stop and talk about something, and from the flow of the story that the members of 『Silver Claw』were listening in the guild earlier, they avoided to contact with the girls directly, only followed from distance.


「Well, we’ll go with 『Sonic Move』 」(Rena)

「「「Oh!」」」(Mile + Pauline + Maevis)


Other girls responded to Rena’s words, the 4 girls shift to 『Red Oath』high-speed movement mode, the『Sonic Move』
First of all, Rena, Maevis and Pauline un-equiped their sword, staff and even the dummy bags that were carrying on the back. Everything was hand out in front of Mile.

Mile put all of them in storage, take out only small water bottles and handed them to everyone.
Yes, the girls minimize the luggage that they have to raise their movement speed.

Even if a wild bandit group suddenly appeared, it would only take less than a second for Mile to take out weapons from her storage and hand it to everyone. Besides, weapons don’t really matter when they use magic. As long as the girls were walking on a high-visibility highway, there should be no danger.


「Destination, Rocky Golem mountain. 『Red Oath』, departure!」(Rena)


「Oh, they already start walking. What are you doing?」(7th Challenger)

「Come on, let’s go!」(6th Challenger)


『Silver Claw』followed after  『Red Oath』at regular intervals.
However, as soon as they started walking, they noticed it.


「Fast …」(7th Challenger)

「At this pace, we can’t follow!」(6th Challenger)

「But, some of them are only little girls with short legs, they can’t keep up this speed for long! They are only temporarily raising speed for some time, they should slow down anytime soon」(7th Challenger)


So were the hunters of 『Silver Claw』’s wishful thinking. And of course, they noticed again.


「…Hey, is it only my  imagination or they really don’t have any luggage」(7th Challenger)


The men can’t really notice because they follow from a certain distance, and with that distance even if they notice, they can’t distinguish the details of the girls. But, it’s really as he said, the girls certainly didn’t carry any baggage on the back.


「But I’m sure when they left the guild, they had everything on their shoulder!」(7th Challenger)

「And in the first place, no hunter can go out of the town without luggage, let alone some place like Rocky Golem Mountain」(6th Challenger)

「「「…………」」」(3th, 4th, 5th Challenger)


And, the movement speed of the 『Red Oath』doesn’t slow down even after a long time.
No matter how much stronger a male man is, but walking with his weapons and armor also carrying water, food, medicines, camping equipment, other things on the back. They can’t keep up with such a speed. Yes, the speed of light foot movement of girls who just carry a small water bottle on their waist…


『Silver Claw』. They all equip silver breast plate from which the party name came.
That all-out armor wasn’t only to raise defense, but also a unity’s proof of the party, it was also the pride of everyone. But now it was pulling the legs of the 『Silver Claw』

That beautifully shining metal armor was heavy.
That was the reason why most of the hunters can only wear leather armor. However, even with that knowledge, this is the policy of this party that everyone came up, even with the magicians in the rear guard also wear a silver breast plate. Their policy was emphasized the defense power rather than the reduction of manpower, to make sure everyone survive. It was never a bad choice because they was be able to reach B rank, it was probably the best choice for this party.
However, now it is backfired.


「… No more, I’m sorry, I can’t keep up. I will try to catch up later while they are taking a break …」(Third Challenger)


One magician dropped out.


「…This is bad, leave me here and go on ahead. When they decide the camping place, please return to the highway and wait for us to catch up」(4th Challenger)


The second magician also dropped out.


Originally, the magicians is not as strong as the vanguards. Unlike other parties, magicians in this party are also wearing silver breast plate. It was helpful at the time of the battle, but was a stupid burden at the time of moving with carrying baggage.


「Damn, their speed does not go down at all…」(7th Challenger)


A while after the magician dropped out, when the leader complained so, the 『Red Oath』in front of them were suddenly running.


「「「Wha…!? 」」」(5th 6th 7th Challenger)


Their distance expanding.


「No, no more with it! It’s the limit!」(5th Challenger)

「Ba~a! If we go back as we are, to Felicia…
Do you understand? I mean that 『Felicia’s All this』!!」(7th Challenger) (T.N: Ba~a = Baka/idiot that not properly said when he out of breath, maybe)

「You can still say such a thing … Well then, please chase after them, leader. And when they decide where to camp, please come back to guide us」(6th Challenger)

「…………」(7th Challenger)


Everyone in the 『Silver Claw』finally understood.

At that time, the female swordsman who seemed to be the leader of 『Red Oath』said those words. 『You can’t even follow our moving speed…』
That it was not arrogant words that made fun of other hunters, but simply told the facts.




「Mile, isn’t it about time to stop?」(Rena)


「You just planned to lose the tailing party, didn’t you?

I can understand it. Otherwise, you will not suddenly say『Do you want to run for a while』?」(Rena)

「Ahaha …」(Mile)


Mile scratched her head when the fact was pointed out Rena.


「I am so tired, we can walk now, can’t we?」(Pauline)


Pauline felt like crying, her body is the most un-suit-able for physical among the four. And then Mile told the girls returning to walk.




「Here it is … …」(Rena)


And around the next day’s sunset, the 『Red Oath』reached the place called the rocky golem mountain. It’s all thanks to the maps they gained at the guild branch and other travelers they met on the way taught them the way.

With normal hunters it will take a lot more time. Even so, the girls couldn’t just arrive at the destination when it’s about to be dark.

They decided to camp for another night and arrived around between the morning and the noon of the following day. Although it’s a half day difference, but the difference between acting in the afternoon with a tired body and being able to act in the morning after a good resting is great.


「Well, in order to work hard tomorrow, we should take a good rest today. First prepare meals ……」(Rena)

「After that, was Japanese 『Fukashi talk』, wasn’t it!」(Mile)


What drive Mile to have 『Fukashi talk』so far …?

Mile parties
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  1. What exactly is “Fukashi Talk”. All I found was an online dictionary saying that “fukashi” means invisibility.


    • And thanks
      I can see it
      While those b rank catch up to mile party they will see those girl true fighting power


  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    When there’s no reason for mages to not being able to equip armor aside from their physical strength.


    • Not really. Some body armor restricts the movement of your hand sometimes, and it will hinder your movement if it requires some somatic components. In DnD terms, using a light/medium/heavy armor will give the spellcaster chance of failure in casting a spell.

      To make it simpler, imagine doing that Naruto hand thingy to cast jutsu but using a metal gloves. I really don’t want to use Naruto of all things to explain this but it is the only thing I can think of at the moment.

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  3. Poor Pauline…
    When using sonic move they should have ran in a line with pauline behind to reduce wind resistance.
    Mile this is your forte you know!?
    Those bundles of fat are not only for show they weigh her down and are affected by air drag the most.

    I pity Silver claw.
    Sending a tank type of team when you should have sent scout types. Receptionist sure is scary !!
    Will she appear next time as a last boss?

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  4. Suggestion:
    「But, {they}->{two/three/some of them} are only little {}->{girls} with short legs, they can’t keep up this speed for long! (Short one is definitely Rena and Mile, don’t know about Pauline though and definitely not Maevis)

    They are only temporarily raising speed for some {circumstances}->{time},

    So were the hunters of 『Silver Claw』’s wishful {observations}->{thinking}.

    but walking with his weapons and armor {and}->{also} carrying water, food, medicines, camping equipment, other things on the back.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I miss this:
      「And in the first place, no hunter can go out of the town without {lugguage}->{Luggage}, let alone some place like Rocky Golem Mountain」(6th Challenger)

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  5. Well, a variation of the potion thing, only this time physics worked for them, not some potion cheat.


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  7. I see Red Oath as having a good basis for a complaint for harassment against the receptionist. She is abusing her job to interfere on a party activity. Whatever justification she feel she has, that is against her job description.


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    but that the weak ones of Pauline and Rena can also, is to abuse too much of the plot, for this reason and their personalities is that I do not like much Rena and Pauline


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