Mile Chapter 159: I have suspicion that Devil is the abbreviation of 『The Race isn’t good at magic』instead

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Mile Chapter 159: I have suspicion that Devil is the abbreviation of 『The Race isn’t good at magic』instead


(Translator’s Note : Devil is 魔族: Mazoku , Magic is 魔法: Mahou, use the same word 魔: Ma)


Before Mile fired that Phase Ray, Mile had glanced at the surrounding and confirmed that Rena had put everyone in the barrier. And with that, she could use any magic without harming anyone. Other than the Devil who is in front of her.
In the surrounding, she wanted to avoid destroying the poor trees as well, and luckily, this place is a rocky mountaun, there’s no need to worry of environmental destruction.

And now


「Here I go!」(Mile)

Bu~un (SFX)


Mile activated her magic sword, an Unique Vibration Sound could be heard from that sword, and her sword shone blue.

(If this is really Star war refer: then that color means protection, consciousness and intellect)


「Wha…!?」(Devil Leader)


(T.N: this part seems like Devil Leader’s POV)

[ Magical sword!?

The little girl that I thought that weak at both magic and sword. She could use a high-speed magical bullet wih tremendous power that can’t be seen the with naked eye. Just how strong is her magical power.

And right now, it seems that she will use the sword this time. With a high technique that putting magical power on the sword. However, no matter how great is the magical sword, if her sword skill is poor then it doesn’t make any sense.

And did she really have no talent for swordsmanship, like I have judged in the past? But there’s no mistake from her stance, her hands, her muscles, and her feet and that delicate body.

I had thought that she had no magical talent, judging from the fact that she is equipped with a sword and it was wrong.

However, her actions this time, there is no mistake.

Switching to the sword instead of using magic so that she could be used it for a long time, it costs less magical. Was the first shot consuming most of her magic power?

No, if it’s really so, she should hit me with the previous magical bullet instead of wasting it.
What in the world is she thinking? ]


At that time, a bad idea came to his head.


[ … Is she toying with me?

No way. No way …

I… I was entrusted to be the escort leader of the research team, a proud devil, and I was looked down by weak human being, and a young girl at that?
Impossible (Sona bakana). Impossible! ]


The Devil leader’s head became blank for a moment. And unconsciously, he casted an attack spell in his head.


「Fire Lance Uooooooo!」(Devil Leader)


He was acting out of anger, his magic power was strengthening instead of holding back.


(Oops!) (Devil Leader)


He regained sanity at the moment of shooting, but it was already late. Strong fatal fire attack magic was flying towards the girl. Nobody can stop it any longer. Including himself the one who released that attack.


(Dead!) (5 Devils)


The moment that 5 of devils thought so.

(T.N: I’m sorry, guys, looked like I made a mistake in previous translated chapters, there were 5 devils not 4, the first one was injured by Mile and didn’t join the team battle. The last time FUNA sensei said 4 devils joined the team battle but they have 5 devils in total)


Bashi! (SFX)


The flame spear was swept away by her sword. Easily and casually.


「「「「「Impossible!!」」」」」(5 Devils) (T.N: Bakana)


Mile was tying her mouth to a single character.

Normally this is an action that expresses anxiety and tension, but Mile, it’s a bit different.
Yes, that is an act to keep the face from loosening.


「Apparently, she seems to be in a good mood.」(Rena)


Rena was right.
Finally Mile got interested.
Her face was saying so.


Don’t use barrier. It’s not fun to block all the opponent’s attacks with the barrier.
And limit her magic power as low as possible. It isn’t fun to penetrate the opponent’s magic defense so easily.
Looking down? Toying? No, this is a handicap game.
Everyone did their best for their victory, she would never do such a thing. However, since the victory of the group battle had been decided, it would be nice to enjoy the battle a little.
Mile was thinking so.


「Flame shot!」(Devil Leader)


The devil leader casted with omitted chanting. Totally 4 shots simultaneously.

It was aimed at the head, lower abdomen and both sides of the body (up down left right). No matter what direction Mile chose, she would at least got hit by one of them. Besides, unlike Fireball, this magic will explode when hit. It was fast attack with explosive effect.

The devil leader couldn’t hold back or think about that any longer.

The girl in front of him isn’t an opponent he can afford to do such a thing.

He finally noticed. He don’t have to kill. Just cause some injury to win and cure her later with healing magic.


Four fire bombs were flying at Mile.
It’s somewhat fast, but it was too slow compared to bullets.
If it was Mile, she could easily avoid anything. But then that won’t be fun.
Mile faced the magic head on with her sword.

(Translator joke: like Jedy knight block laser with light saber)


Hiyu ~hiyun! (SFX)

「Huh…!?」(Devil Leader)


Four flame shots disappeared within a moment.
Rena and Pauline only knew that Mile had swung her sword.

However,with excellent dynamic vision, Maevis and 5 devils were barely able to see it. Mile had swung her sword twice, slashing all of the flame shot casted by the devil leader.


「Why, why didn’t it explode!?」(Devil Leader)

(Translator joke: Mile can’t appear in Michael Bay movie, she will defy his common sense)


The Devil leader cried.
Yes, that was explosive flame shot. Even if she slashed it with a sword, it would still explode. And even if the damage was small, her stance would be breakon and the explosion should have obstructed her vision for a moment. And the devil leader could prepare for the next attack during that time.
However, it disappeared. It didn’t explode, it just faded away.


If a swordman cut it with a sword, it certainly would have exploded at that moment.
However, Mile used sword with magical power. That magical power offset the magical power of flame shots.
At that moment, Mile just thought of 『Vanished』 in her head, but didn’t think of antimatter’s detail for the nanomachines, they had decided to made an offset of energy effect.
It is a great support from nanomachines, but Mile didn’t noticed at all.


「Flame shot!」(Mile)


(Mile’s POV)

And this time Mile casted exactly the same magic. Simultaneous shots with up and down, left and right, 4 shots in total.
Battleships are usually designed with armor strength to withstand attacks of the same power as their own main guns. Then, this devil also should have a technique that can endure the same magic attack that he himself casted.

Mile thought so.




(Devil Leader’s POV)

If he was good at magic, he only had to build a magic barrier in front of him. But, he had seen the insame penetrating power of Mile’s first attack, he couldn’t risk himself and chose a safety measure.
Reduce the number of shots as much as possible, and avoid shot to the vital spot. To do this, he avoided to the left, avoided the head, lower abdomen and right shot, intercepted only the remaining flame shot on the left side.


「Flare Lance!」(Devil Leader) (in Katakana / English)


He did not know the strength of the his opponent’s magic. In that case, he only had to shoot a strong magic. But then again, can he keep up.
It will be a waste of magical power, but it can’t be helped. That is the『Disavantage in warfare with the lack of information』
If he doesn’t want to fight in such state, he should gain enough information on his opponent beforehand and he couldn’t complain because he asked for the fight when he didn’t know anything.


(It canceled her magic properly! Will it okay if I cast only Fire Javelin or Fire Ball? No, if my magic is weaker, I will get hit …) (Devil Leader)


It was annoying. If he made a mistake in judgment, he will be defeated by her magic attack. However, if he had to intercept with magic of excessive power every time and if his opponent had large amount of magical power, he would end of in the worst result: running out of magical powers and lose to a little human girl. If such thing happened, he would live in shame for the rest of his life.


(No, wait! Why am I thinking about an bad end for me!
I don’t need to think about defending, just don’t give her the time to attack.
Attack and attack, I will take the initiative!) (Devil Leader)


The Devil Leader attacked at the moment his opponent stopped attacking for some reason. Here’s his chance, an all out attack.
Continuous attack that emphasizes in number magic than the power of magic.

Yes, just like the fight between Reltbad and the other female swordsman.
This time, I will win the shots.
And, if it is attack magic that emphasizes rapid fire speed rather than power, I only need the basic magic. And with basic magic I don’t need to chant everything. To make it faster and more, I will chant in my head quickly and speak only the magic name, that’s it, parallel magic casting.


「… … Fire ball!」(Devil Leader)


At the same time, 5 red fireballs flew towards Mile even he just said the name once.

But he didn’t stop at that.


「Fire Ball!
Fire Ball!
Fire Ball!
Fire Ball!」(Devil Leader)


5 groups with 5 fire balls each that were released continuously.
Casting in the head first and speak the name. And because it was the same magic, so he can repeat it again with only speak the name.

That was the rapid firing that only magic specialist Devil could use.
Because there are many devils can use this, it was said that: in the magic showdown, you can’t win the devils.
The dogma was disseminated, it is a classic attack method of the devil race.
But if you think about it, Maevis had carried out a series of attacks even beyond that, in a sense it can said that 『Even beyond the devils』
That’s why the devils were shocked before.

And many fireballs like a meteor rain were flying towards Mile.
If several of them are hit, a delicate girl will sure lose her combat power.
However, Mile didn’t move, she grabbed the sword and didn’t seem to avoid it at all.

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  1. Seriously who is the devil and who is the human here?

    When you’re more devilish than the devil itself.

    Spare the guy his pride.

    Seems Mile is a battle idiot of culture as well.

    Liked by 8 people

    • Well, if you’ll recall, back at noble school she WAS known for destroying the hearts and pride of the boys around her.


  2. Suggestion:
    magical bullet wih tremendous power that can’t {see}->{be seen} the with naked eye

    No, if it’s really so {}->{,}she should hit me with the previous magical

    Strong fatal fire attack magic was {flyng}->{flying} towards the girl. Nobody can stop {stopping}->{} it any longer.

    No matter what {way}->{direction} Mile chose, she would at least got hit by one of them

    It’s somewhat fast, but it was {to}->{too} slow compared to bullets.

    (Translator joke: Mile can’t appear in {Micheal}->{Michael} Bay movie, she will defy his common sense)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s Mile normal mode, not serious mode. The lack of her breast is because of her tremendous power just like Saitama, he became bald.(one punchman reference)

    It’s not like the Devil is weak. Mile is too godlike as an opponent.(warcraft dota reference)

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  4. Thanks for the chapter. An average Devil fights a trying to be normal Jedi Master. It’s just a normal child’s play for her.


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