Mile Chapter 162: Nukegake (to steal someone march)

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Mile Chapter 162: Nukegake (to steal someone march)


***Late night***


In the camping tent, Mile quietly gets out of the blanket.
Next moment.


Pyin~! (SFX)

Gashan~ (SFX)



Mile felt down with a string cord tied to her feet.


「Wh… whaaaaat…」


Heard Mile’s scream, the 3 girls got up in a hurry.


「We thought that you would do such a thing that’s why after you had a good sleep, we tied a string to your feet」(Rena)


As she said that, Rena was putting her hands on her waist and bending down like a lady.


「You are awful!」

「Who is awful one here? After you promised all that with us, you are still planning to leave me and going alone again!」(Pauline)



Pun~pun, Mile was angry, but as Pauline told her that, she couldn’t reply. Rena and Mavis were somewhat okay, but as for Pauline, Mile is still guilty for『 that attemp to leave and Pauline was only one left behind incident』


「……I’m sorry……」(Mile)

「Oh well, when you say『We will camp near this place tonight』, we already knew that you plan to do this」(Rena)



Rena and Pauline were already good at reading most of Mile’s behavior. They are still not as good as Marcella though…


「Well, let’s go!」(Rena)



Of course, the goal is that cave.




「I thought that the devils camped in the cave. So they probably sleep in the innermost part of the cave and only the guards will sleep in the vicinity of the entrance …」(Mile)

「Well, that might be the case」(Rena)


Rena agreed with Mile’s expectation.


And when the girls went near the cave, Mile used exploration magic.


「In front of the entrance, two devils, the rest are in the back just as expected」(Mile)


And Mile used sleep magic. The medicine was made to drift in coma just before the face of the devils.
In a television drama, it often said that breath in chloroform from the air or from the handkerchief can cause sleep instantly. However, in reality, anesthesia due to inspiration takes more time, and if the user do something wrong, he may paralyze his target breathing function and cause dead.


However, this is a product of over technology compare to the Earth, nano machine. They can do anything as responding to the Mile’s request, instantly effect, colorless and odorless chemicals that have no effect on life, no after effects.

And, while sitting, two devils slowly lose consciousness.

If they were standing, Mile would have thought of other ways.

If they fall from the standing state to the rocky ground, they may be seriously injured or even die in some cases.

However, they were safe because they were sitting.


4 『Red Oath』girls went to the back of the cave leave the sleeping devil behind.

After a while, Mile used sleeping magic again.

Originally all of them were asleep, so there wasn’t any change.

But with this, they will not regain consciousness with a little noise. However, just to be sure, Mile also casted a sound insulation magic around her and other girls.


「Well, let’s go」(Mile)


As she said that, Mile used her fingers on the rock walls a bit further away from the 『broken door that looks like an elevator』


「Uhmm, maybe it was something like this …」(Mile)


When everyone explored last time, Mile detected the stairway space and asked the nanomachines to see if the entrance was opened.

As a result, the entrance was only camouflaged, the opening and closing mechanism was alive, not locked, it was just rusted.

However this is emergency, don’t people often lock it? or did the last person forget to lock? or did this door not have lock?


Click (SFX)


There was a small sound when Mile put her finger under a protrusion of the rock.




Mile grasped the protrusion of the rock, pulling it sideways by putting a little strength, a part of the rock wall moved without sound and a small space opened.


「Th-This is……」(Rena)

「I think that this is kind of an emergency exit, I don’t know if there isn’t a lock on the emergency exit, or they forgot to lock.
But at least it was convenient for us, right?」(Mile)


Mile can’t imagine what kind of locking technology they made.
Well, there is a way to investigate mechanisms with nanomachines, or destroy them by force, but Mile wouldn’t want to destroy the remains that survived for many years until now.


Following after Mile, everyone entered through the entrance, there was a staircase leading to the basement filled with a slightly dim light.

It isn’t really bright, is the reason the same as why Europeans prefer darker lighting than Japanese people? Because of the intensity of pigment and sunlight?

Or because it is just a passage so it doesn’t need that brightness so far?

Or is it just for cost and energy savings …?

And, “the torch” was a mysterious lighting with unknown light source, rather than the electric light, it was the whole wall or the space itself is bright.

Mile couldn’t understand whether it’s magic or science and technology.
Mile recalled the sentences of the book she read in the previous life

『Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic』

And Mile stopped thinking.

It isn’t interesting to listen to the nanomachines every time and and there isn’t such time right now.


Because there is a light, Mile quietly closed the entrance without worry.
Perhaps on the outside of the door, it closes just like before looks like a rock wall which is completely indistinguishable.


「Let’s go.
Because this place is very old, I don’t think there are residents, but there are traps to counter intruders, old stairs may collapse as it is old.
Please walk slowly, gently and quietly.
And never touch unnecessary things, don’t make a loud voice, remember to notify everyone as soon as you notice something」(Mile)


3 girls nodded as they heard what Mile said with a serious face.


While descending the stairs slowly, Mile was thinking.


(It is different from the previous ruin… aside from that mural painting, everything was done with all the current technology with tremendous effort to preserve it.
But this place is …) (Mile)


Yes, it was clearly different.

This lighting is smoothly processing of the floor and the wall, the stairway which goes deep under the ground …
But in the cave, except for that 『Elevator』, humans may create a stone ruins to some extent, that stone passage is something that can be processed by the present human beings.

Even if it seems to be an『Elevator』to Mile, but other people look at it can only see it as a solid treasure box or vault, so if humans only find the cave, they will not think that this is strange place.

Did it happen by chance or on purpose in the event that a human being, or an organism of that lineage find this place? To make they mistake this is a 『Cave that hidden treasure, but treasure was already stolen, it is a empty cave』, to stop further invasion?


(Then, what lies ahead is the ruins of 『prehistory civilization』and the ancient ruins that Doctor Kulereia said.

But this place is so old, records and machinery, no, the metal itself would corrode and what left are only powder dusts piled up on the ground…

Even though the cave and this staircase are superior in processing technology and construction technology extending to deep underground, the material only scraped the rocks, and the light may be just a mere luminescent ore that I don’t know.
Rock is the most prolonged building material, and the luminescence is scary, like half-life uranium 235 or 238, even hundreds of millions of years or billions of years …!
No no no no, if it is an excellent civilization, radiation that is harmful to the human body shouldn’t be used…) (Mile)


Mile was thinking with a difficult face while walking, Rena was walking in silence with a delicate look.


「It’s long …」(Rena)


The girls started going down the stairs and it was already quite a while ago.

Rena is accustomed to walking in the highway and in the forest but she isn’t accustomed to descending such a long staircase.

It was common sense that there are no such high-rise buildings in this world.

Even there are castles but they can’t reach such height, and in the first place, Rena has no opportunity to go to one of them. And the biggest problem is.


「Uu…my knees and hip …」(Pauline)


Yes, just as Pauline cried, they girls went down a long staircase, the knees and waist will be hurt. Especially for those who are not familiar.


After a while more, the 『Red oath』finally reached the place that seems to be the end point.

Considering from the fact that there were no doors and branch roads in the middle, this stairway isn’t practical for everyday use, and there is a high possibility that it was for emergency to go straight to the ground from the lowest layer.

And at the end there is only one door.


「…I will go」(Mile)


3 girls silently nodded to Mile.
And then, Mile gently opened the door a little and looked over.


Patan (SFX)


And Mile gently closed the door.


「… there was something …」(Mile)


FUNA sensei’s note:

Earth Star Honpo renewed OPEN!

In addition to the Mile T-shirt, that 『red oath』 furious time, bathing scene · tapestry seems to start mail ordering!

「Self-weight seal」by the difforming character is stretched in the sample image, but of course, to the actual thing … …. (^ ^

In a certain part, Categories. Steam and light, Drawing … It seems … (^^) /

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  1. And, Cliffhanger-sama makes his entrance.
    Now I’m curious what there is behind that door.
    And thanks for the chapter.


  2. Suggestion:
    the metal itself would {corrod}->{corrode} and what left are only powder

    Rena has no opportunity to go to {a}->{one of them}. And the biggest problem is.

    the knees and waist will be hurt. Especially for those {}->{who are} not familiar.

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  3. Uuurrrrgghhhhh
    Why the cliffhanger is right at this moment…
    How can I sleep now…
    And it’s 3.39 am…
    How can I sleep???
    Help me…

    Anyway thank you for your translation!!!


  4. It’s a server room containing a powered-up computer with a glowing computer screen displaying, Enter new nanomachine root password: ______.


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