Mile Chapter 164: Identity of ruins

Maid Adel Mile
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Mile Chapter 164: Identity of ruins


4『Red Oath』girls gently opened the door and entered the aisle.

And right now, there is no scavenger. Mile closed the door, after firmly checking the place, the girls decided to start walking.


「So, which way should we go?」(Maevis)


​​Maevis asked, and Mile was thinking about it.

After thinking for a while, she took out a rusty sword from the item box.

It’s the sword confiscated from the bandits they had captured before.

Mile gently put it on the floor of the aisle and instructed everyone to stay away from it for a bit.


And after about 10 minutes.
A scavenger came from one of the aisles, noticed the sword on the floor, picked it up and went back to the direction that it came from.


「Over there, let’s go!」(Mile)


Rena and other girls nodded.


Rena said that the scavenger was quick, however its moving speed wasn’t so fast.

Maybe it can run fast if it get serious, but it normally move slow.

Well, if it always moves faster, energy consumption will increase and body burden will increase.

In the first place, it’s working in its territory this time, there’s no need to hurry unless something unexpected happens.
So Mile and other girls were able to follow the scavenger without difficulty.


「Oh, it gets into a room …」(Mile)


As Mile said, the scavenger passed through a place that seems to be the entrance of a room.
Of course, there’s no door etc. With its physique and height, it will be hard to open the door.
No, there is a method called an automatic door, but machines with many moving parts will not be able to endure too many years, and in the first place scavengers doesn’t need door.
And then, 4 girls gently crawled through the entrance following the scavenger.


「Wh…what… this is…」(Mile)

「「「…………」」」(Rena + Pauline + Maevis)


And the scene in front of the girls.
A place with several large workbenches placed side by side, scavengers that gather around with something in their hands that seem like tools…
For Rena, Maevis and Pauline, they couldn’t understand this scene at all.
But for Mile, that scene was looked like this:


(Small factory…) (Mile)


That place isn’t so large, at most it was the level that was called a small factory in a rural town.
Of course, there is no flow work by the belt conveyor, several scavengers that seems to be working, going back and forth to those placed on a fixed interval.




Yes, the golems were on the worktop.
Rock golem, and Iron golem.
Metallic golems, whether made of iron or copper, are all called 『Iron golems』

And its strength does not compare with rock golem

『Red Oath』probably won’t be able to deal with it other than Mile.

The people and hunters were safe until now because none of the golems went out of territory or came out in the village and attacked humans.

Golem only attacked humans when humans have invaded the golem territory.

Still, there are still some hunters that aiming at materials or request, and sometimes attacked iron golem territory that’s why battle occurs.

And the winning percentage of those hunters who fought with Iron golem was never so high.


「What, what are they doing …?」(Pauline)

「They are repaired, because the word 『treatment』doesn’t suit golem」(Maevis)


Heard Pauline’s muttering, Maevis replied.

Certainly, because the golems don’t look like a new production, Mile also agreed.
If this factory could continue new golem production for tens of thousands of years or so, the golem will spread throughout the continent.

But the reality wasn’t so that means they could only maintain.


「…I see!」(Mile)


Mile came up with the answer to the question as to why Golem would stop when only the visual and auditory sensors in the head were destroyed.
It probably means that if they are prohibited to move without the information input from the outside.

In other word, they may attack on allies and probably the 『Master』who wasn’t existed anymore.

Because of that, the『Master』possibility set a command for them to stop working if all sensors are damaged and wait for the pickup to come.

Yes, wait for the scavenger to come pick them up.


「What were you convinced by yourself for?」(Rena)


Rena complains, but the explanation should take a lot time, even for when moving or camping.
Mile thought so, she ignored Rena for now and triggered exploratory magic.

It didn’t make sense to make only a small facility this depth, Mile was thinking that it wouldn’t be the case.

Then perhaps, this ruin is a facility that combines various functions in a complex manner.


「…Combine of Iseki…」(Mile) (T.N: Japan Iseki & co. ltd)


Mile liked watching machine brochures in previous life. That functional is good.
And that interest was extended to large farm equipment as well.




It wasn’t.
As a result of activating exploratory magic, there were no facilities in operation besides here.
However, there were a lot of reactions, such as remnants of machinery that seemed to be crushed by rocks, rooms buried with rocks, earth and sand, those that seem to be remnant.

Even though before it was machine, but right now, it’s just a lump of metal or powder of rust, which is no longer its original form.
Although it was buried, it could have been digging out if it spends time.

But the scavengers here didn’t do that.

Was that because they didn’t have the authority, and their『Master』was no longer around? So, they couldn’t reuse their friends’ body as metal material.


Only a few scavengers survived, they repaired themselves, repaired their colleagues in charge, made their own copies using innumerable materials, and revived the department in charge.

To wait.

Follow the instructions from their master, to wait for 『that time』

Was their master using something like the stairs and elevators safely escaped from those buried room?
Mile didn’t know such ancient things.


「…Let’s go back, there seems to be no other facilities here.
And I want to leave this place as it is.」(Mile)

「「「…………」」」(Rena + Pauline + Maevis)


「I understand. Let’s go back.」(Rena)


After a couple of seconds, Rena answered, Maevis and Pauline also nodded.

If they destroy this place, the number of golems of this rocky mountain will naturally decrease and soon be gone forever.

Isn’t it better for humans if they do so?

However, the girls didn’t feel like doing it at all.

Even Mile didn’t say a lot about this herself, but it would leave a bad feeling if they destroyed the ruins that have survived many years.

Or so the girls thought? It was only known to the girls themselves.


Following the route that the came, the 『Red Oath』returned to the end of the cave.

They were going up the stairway on the way back, physically it was harder than going down, but the waist and knee was far better than going down.

It will not be a big deal if they take a break.

Then again, the girls are only C rank hunter anyway.

Mile confirmed that the rock wall at the entrance was also properly restored and made sure that the devils wouldn’t be able to find it.

Mile used magic to clear the sleeping medicine effect after returning to the turning point.

Since the devils were originally sleeping, it might be good to leave them as they were and wait for the effect of the medicine to expire naturally.

But in the unlikely event that a monster or an animal happen to attack, and the devils wouldn’t wake up with the medicine effect, they will be annihilated.

Mile didn’t want to take unnecessary risk.

Therefore, after leaving the entrance of the cave, Mile cleared the medicine for 2 devil guards from the place that they can’t be spotted.

However it was funny that the guards kept sleeping.


『Red Oath』were returning to the camping place to sleep again until the morning.


「Perhaps, the entrance was also blocked with rocks, that’s why the aisle was left unused and left untouched.
The rock that blocked the entrance, with some momentum we can open the gap again.
Will it be left untouched in the future as well, will the scavenger notice that the entrance has opened, will it be used again as an entrance?
Well, since there are several other entrances, even if we didn’t know it or we might neglect it. But if they repair that elevator, it will be easier when we go there next time」(Mile)

「Next time!? are you going to go there again, what are you going to do?」(Rena)


Rena asked and Mile was thinking.
Mile has completely forgotten this time, but she wonders if she should return it someday.
Yes, that ball that she collected from the rock golem that she knocked down earlier and put in the item box, taken out from the center of the torso.
Somehow Mile felt that the heart of Golem is inhabited inside.

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    • i don’t know, it depends on the story i think, the goblin in slime tensei are all quite civilized, they simply poor and weak, orc in tsuki michi are all soft hearted villager, while orc on konosuba only aim for men

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      • In this setting, orcs and goblins are considered wild game; the characters were /eating/ them several dozen chapters ago.

        Settings where orcs and goblins eat people are fairly common; Until I’d read this, I’d never encountered a setting where the reverse was apparently routine.,


  1. Aww, sorry to hear about the HDD, it has happened to me before and loosing data is always troublesome but some times also painful.

    Now that you will buy a new HDD, expend twice the intended if you can and buy an additional very big disk to use only for weekly backups.

    Anw, best wishes and thank you for the hard work, hope you can get back on track soon.


    • Well, there’s no problem with Novel translate though. I can easy do it anywhere have internet with any computer.

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    • Everything else can get back by download from internet.

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      We lose totally 6 chapters.

      Mitsuha is luckier because I translate near the lastest chapter.


  2. Suggestion:
    4『Red Oath』girls gently {opens}->{opened} the door and {enters}->{entered} the aisle.

    And right now, there is no scavenger. Mile {closes}->{closed} the door, after firmly {checking this}->{checked the} place, the girls decided to start walking.

    Even {}->{though before} it was machine, but right {}->{now,} it’s {}->{just} a lump {of metal}or powder of rust, which is no longer its original form

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  3. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    I wonder if the scavengers can be reprogrammed. Not that it matters. I don’t think Mile knows programming, even if the scavengers use a programming language that we know. Which is very unlikely.


  4. About HDD:
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    • Yes there is software to get data from crash HDD but not all data can be recovered, hey but at least you don’t need to look for them all


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  6. For my comment:
    IT’S TRANSFORMER BASE , and the golem is the transformer, make through advance ancient technology. It is really “there is more than meets the eye”


  7. you should use and external hdd for your translation for those case lot of ppl do it nowaday good luck and thank for the chapter


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