Mile Chapter 166: Special Move 1

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Mile Chapter 166: Special Move 1

(Translator’s Note: This Chapter is mostly Mile’s POV)


「Please, stop it Maevis-san!」(Mile)


Personally, Mile doesn’t mind doing this as an apology from her heart, however, she can’t take it from someone else.
…No, the human being that had a cold face with other’s sincere request was『inhuman』in the first place, but Mile will leave that problem aside now.





Actually, Mile knew how Maevis felt, too. Maevis felt inferior in the group that can use magic.
Certainly using 『EX · true · godspeed sword』can be a Musou(unparalleled), even so, it has great limitations and for someone aims to be a knight, she can’t be proud for relying on the drug rather than her own power.

And, the 『I am the incarnation of fire』that Maevis used, it was also the power of medicine and it came with a great consequence.


Although there was no problem at that time, but then, on the way back to the capital, Maevis began to suffer and saying like『My stomach hurts like being burned』, 『Throat, throat hurts…』, etc. In a panic, Mile had used healing magic to cure everything.

After healing Maevis, the girls made a camp in order for Maevis to rest, and after everyone slept, Mile asked the nanomachines about what happened …

It wasn’t time to say『I do not want to rely on nanomachines too much』when she concerned about the body of a friend.


(Nano-chan, the symptoms of Maevis-san?) (Mile)

『We are sorry. Although we have already taken protective measures, she had been so reckless and used it so many times …
Although we prevented direct burns, it seems that a few particle lines were leaked in the last few minutes』(Nano-chan)

(Eeeeeeeeh!) (Mile)


Particle line … The electron beam, proton beam, neutron beam.
In her mind, the word 『Radiation leakage disorder』appeared.


(…Is Maevis-san okay?) (Mile)


The nanomachine vibrated the eardrum of Mile when she became pale.


『Please rest assured. Even with radiation leakage, not all of them immediately affect the human body.
And this time, the particle beams are just byproduct, secondarily at the stage of generating energy by pseudo-magic. And only a few that leaked out, so it didn’t cause severe damage to cells or DNA that much』(Nano-chan)

(……『that much』?) (Mile)

『No, it’s only a little … And it was completely repaired by Mile’s healing magic.
Also, Nanomachines that entered Maevis’ body also were advised to cure it with utmost care…』(Nano-chan)

(… …. Thank you ……) (Mile)


But when using magic, will radiation leakage occur? If it’s really so then it is dangerous …


『This time is an exception!
People originally can’t produce fire in their body like dragon race, etc.
It was because we used a dimensional linkage system to generate energy in small space and various special operations were required!
There is no such necessity if it is ordinary pseudo-magic.
And if it was a dragon, their stomach is large and tough, so it’s easy to make fire within their body…』(Nano-chan)


Mile didn’t talk or asked the nanomachines, however the nanomachines explaining in a hurried manner against Mile’s soliloquy.
Apparently, it seems that they didn’t want Mile to have a distrust of magic.


That’s why Mile Prohibited Maevis to use『I am the incarnation of fire』
Maevis thought that she was finally able to compete against the magician strongly opposed it, but Mile told her that technique can only be used by those who have a strong body such as dragon, explaining and persuading that it would cause abnormality in Maevis’ body and may even result to death, etc., Maevis was also aware of her own unusual change, so she less opposed.

Finally, Mile was strongly warning that she only allowed Maevis to use in 『 an emergency situation that involves other human life』, no others exception, and  Maevis breaks it, Mile will cancel the provision of 『Micros』

Maevis finally gave in and promised.


Maybe because Maevis wasn’t allowed to use it anymore, that’s why she wanted new skills. And it also means…


(She will not give up …) (Mile)

「Well, I guess I can teach you … but ….」(Mile)

「Really? Thanks! Thank you very much, I will remember this favor for the rest of my life!
I will not use it unreasonably. I will never tell anyone about your family’s secret technique. You don’t have to worry!」(Maevis)


Maevis was really happy.


「But, even if I teach Maevis-san, but whether you can use it or not…」(Mile)

「I’s okay, I will remember it, I will definitely learn it!」(Maevis)



Actually, that technique is magic.
Regardless of the speed of swinging sword, it was completely magical power to off-set the magic that the opponent has shot. It was a magical blade, so Maevis who couldn’t use magic outside of her body, wouldn’t be able to use it.

After that, Mile crawled into the bed, was depressed with a heavy mind with how she would make Maevis gave up on it.


(Haaa, why did I name those techniques that way …
How can I make Maevis give up without explaining the reasons …) (Mile)


『Shall we help you? 』(Nano-chan)

(Uwa!) (Mile)


Suddenly heard a voice, Mile was startled.


(So suddenly, uhm… so what?) (Mile)

『Due to the misunderstanding of Maevis, we thought that we have caused trouble for Maevis as well so we would like to help a little …
However, we already told Mile-sama many times before, you were holding back too much …please rely on us more』(Nano-chan)

(T.N: I add “please rely on us more to make it more clear”)


Even Mile relied on nanomachines for a lot of things but she thought she shouldn’t depend on them too much, so it never came to her mind to rely on nanomachines for this problem.

However, now that they told her they knew a way to solve the problem now, she was thankful and decided to take it.

Yes, that’s the usual.


「 That is that and this is this!」(Mile)

「Make a shelf in your heart!」(Mile)




It was after the girls finished their request, so from the next day was the holidays.

They had a serious fight this time so they had 3 consecutive holidays.

They already looked the request board in the guild yesterday evening and had no interesting request, everyone started taking free action from the morning.


「Maevis, will you go out with me today?」(Mile)

Maid Adel Mile

After what she asked yesterday, and now Mile asked her out with a serious face, Maevis realized the content of the matter.
And Maevis also answered with a serious face.


「… my pleasure, allow me to accompany you」(Maevis)


Heard that reply, Mile nodded.


「We will go out with you as well」(Rena)


From the side, Rena wanted to join as well, like usual. However.


「Please refrain this time」(Mile)



A clear rejection from Mile.
Maevis also rejected, made Rena dumbfound.


「This time, Mile will teach me her family’s secrets technique.
Even if she only give me a teaching, it’s an act like selling property of parents’ home for Mile. It was hard for Mile to make such decision…
It’s naturally outrageous for let others to see them as well. No matter how much close we are, it’s not allowed.
And only this time, we don’t allow you secretly follow us」(Maevis)


Not only Mile, but also Maevis who is always gently with other people declared so in a serious voice.
Rena also realized the existence of a line that must not cross.


「Okay, okay, I understand, do it your way!」(Rena)


Leaving Rena with a gave-up looking face and Paulin who shrugged her shoulder, Mile and Maevis went to the forest near the Capital.

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  1. Suggestion:
    …No, the human being that had a {cold face}->{cold shoulder} with other’s sincere request was{『out of the frame of the human being』}={inhuman} in the first place

    Actually, Mile knew how {Meavis}->{Maevis} felt, too.

    After healing Maevis, the girls made a {campe}->{camp} in order for Maevis to rest,

    It wasn’t time {time}->{} to say『I do not want to rely on nanomachines too much』

    『{I’m}->{We’re} sorry. Although we have already taken protective measures, but

    And this time, the particle beams are just {by product}->{byproduct/by-product},

    explaining and persuading that it would cause abnormality in {Mavis’}->{Maevis’} body and may even result to death, etc.,

    Maevis was also aware of {his}->{her} own unusual change gradually {}->{, so she} less opposed.

    However, we already told Mile-sama many time before, you were so {reverse}->{careless}…』(Nano-chan)

    It was after the girls finished their request, so from the {nextday}->{next day} was the holidays.

    Leaving Rena with a gave-up looking face and {Paulin}->{Pauline} who {stumbed}->{shrugged} her shoulder,


  2. Will Mile add antena for Maevis? so she can send her thought to nanomachines. Because magic can happen if she can convey her thoughts to them.


  3. Goodbye forest-san. We hardly new them, and they’re now going to go kyuu~ *boom* due to the effects of an [average person]

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  4. Thank you very much for the translation and editing of the story. Here are some typo or grammar suggestion edits:

    >>Nanomachines that entered Maevis’ body also were adviced to cure it with almost care…』
    … were ADVISED to cure it with UTMOST care…

    >>situation that involde other human life』, no others exception
    …INVOLVE other human life』, no OTHER EXCEPTIONS….

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