Mile Chapter 169: Aura family 1

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Mile Chapter 169: Aura family 1


「Excuse me for a moment, what’s all this commotion about?」(Pauline)


Being asked by a cute girl with big tits, there was no way any young male would feel bother. He was about 17 to 18 years old. He explained with pleasure.


「Okay, did you see 3 peoples over there. One of them is the store owner, the other one is a big merchant group chairman, and the last one is the baron’s butler.
The baron’s daughter was sick from long ago, and the butler was coming today to get the herbal medicine that they reserved that arrived today, however it seems that the chairman interrupted the purchase」(Young man)


The young man pointed to the 3 men that were fighting against each other, and explained so.


「「「「Huh……」」」」(Red Oath)


This shouldn’t happen.
The 4 girls thought so.
In the first place, the Store owner could just clearly decline with『it is an reservation item』
Pauline said to young man so.


「That should be the case, but it would be hard for a small merchant to go against a big merchant group chairman, who know what he would do in the commercial guild, partner, etc.」(Young man)

「But that only happens with ordinary people, however this time is noble, can he go against the noble?」(Pauline)


As Pauline asked, the young man shrugged his shoulders.


「Even if the partner is a noble, but he is only a mere baron.
It’s not weird for him to have a weaker position than a big merchant chairman. Not to mention, the capital isn’t his province territory, even if he is an aristocratic he can’t just use force against civilians. Not to mention the other party is a large merchant chairman that involve to the goods and money circulation.
Besides, that isn’t a noble, but a butler. His position is even weaker」(Young man)



Pauline thanked the young man and turned towards Mile and other girls. She was obviously felt discomfort that it showed up in her face.


(((Oh, here she goes…))) (Mile + Rena + Maevis)


Mile and other girls have seen this kind of expression from Pauline several times. Yes, it was the same as Mile’s expressionless face.
It looks like Pauline had a『dedication as a merchant』
Even Pauline had been doing quite a lot of things, but the girls still couldn’t grasp her criterion.
Also, 『as a merchant』isn’t correct, Pauline is a daughter of a merchant, she isn’t a merchant.
At the same time, other girls could understand the criteria of Mile’s judgment as well. Same goes for Maevis, she was doing with her own judgment of value in the position of a knight, but she isn’t a knight.
… The topic that should not be touched. The girls never tried touching them.


「As I said, that herbal medicine is what my master, the baron had been asking for the our sick lady!」(Butler)

「Even if you have signed a contract, but you still haven’t paid in advance, then selling it to those who gave high values ​​would be the right choice as a merchant.
Isn’t that right, store owner?」(Chairman)


Of course the store owner had no courage to made an influential merchant into an enemy, or to refuse a request from an aristocrat. That’s why the only thing he could say was…


「About that…, can you two decide it by yourself …」(Store owner)


Yes, this reply of the Store owner was the source of stalemate.


Pauline took a glance at the three people and confirmed that other girls nodded, and then she interrupted the conversation of the 3 men.


「Excuse me, can I have a word?」(Pauline)


Under normal circumstances, they might said something like『do not involve with our business!』

But right now they were in a stalemate, the merchant chairman was confident of his superiority and affordable, he didn’t really care that much about some random girls, but unexpected he agreed…


「Well, that’s fine, what is it?」(Chairman)


Pauline was expecting to be refused, she was a little relieved to have it easy. Now that he agreed, it would be easier to proceed.


「Well, I knew the butler wanted the herbal medicine to cure the sick lady. What’s about you? What did you need it for? Someone you knew got sick?」(Pauline)


Heard Pauline’s question, the chairman answered with a laugh.


「No, that’s not the case. Since I am a merchant, I purchase items with commodity value, that’s all」(Chairman)



Surprises voices came out not only from Pauline and other members of the 『Red Oath』but also from the butler, store owner and the people who gathered in the place.

Everyone thought that this merchant chairman craved for herbal medicine with some special circumstances that he forcibly interfered.
The reason that he was interfering the butler to get the herbal medicine for a sick noble lady, just for making money?
Besides, he didn’t even try to hide it but said it out loud…

Did he even have common sense.


「… Is that medicine so expensive?」(Pauline)


Pauline asked the store owner this time.


「No, it wasn’t actually expensive, however it wasn’t popular and not something that I could easy sell. That’s why I didn’t stock herbal medicine.
Because of the baron request, I purchased it from other place that needed 6 days to transfer in total and it costed about 5 gold coins」(Store owner)


5 gold coins are equivalent to about 500,000 japanese yen, for a herbal medicine that you don’t know whether it works or not. It isn’t cheap for the commoner, but for nobility and rich merchants it isn’t a big deal.


「You are willing to quarrel against aristocrat just for that. Besides, if you did something like this, the reputation of your group will fall., why would you bother to do that …」(Pauline)


The chairman responded calmly to Pauline’s question.


「No, I am specialized in large-scale transactions and wholesalers, my customers are mostly some important aristocrat. Because I don’t use retailers, I don’t care about such thing like the reputation with common people.
And 5 gold coins that the Store owner said is just normal price.
If there is anyone who wants it so badly, the selling price will raise a lot.
Later, I will sell the medicine that 『we don’t even know when will it be available even if the store owner arranging new purchase now』with about 10 times as much value to the aristocrat that can oppose this baron.
I don’t care about how the higher aristocrat will use the medicine though」(Chairman)


The butler had a bitter face as he listened to it.


「Yes, indeed … that was really merchant-like…」(Pauline)

「You get it, don’t you?」(Chairman)


The chairman anticipates Pauline’s words.


「If so, how about an auction?
It is a technique to squeeze enough money from those who absolutely want it without regard to the value of goods or the purchase price, and no one accuses it」(Chairman)



Pauline was stuck.

Rena pushed Mile’s back and signaled 『Let help her』, but there are things that she couldn’t think of a good way to resolve.
When Mile was thinking about a counter-argument, the merchant chairman continued proposing his suggestion.


「Shouldn’t we do this when we can’t compromised with each other?
Is it better if we have an『auction』here, the better payment win?
If we do so, the store owner will also make a profit, right, is there any complaint?
Of course, the money will be paid in full here and now. No postpay」(Chairman)


While saying so, the chairman pulled out a drawstring bag from his waist.


(Even the contents of that bag are all gold coins, it isn’t that much money.
I have the amount money prepared for purchase of herbal medicine and the reserve prepared for unforeseen circumstances, worst case I can just add my own personal money. It can’t be less than his money in that bag …)  (Butler)


The Baron butler stared at his purse bag and judged so.


「I agree to have an auction!」(Butler)

((Haaaaah…)) (Pauline + Mile)


Pauline was hitting her forehead (facepalm) while Mile shuddered her shoulder.
Rena and Maevis seemed to be completely unaware, but Pauline and Mile were well aware.

In this scenario, it’s impossible for a merchant to give his opponent a winning chance. He must have a trick up his sleeve
And most of the surrounding audiences, especially the majority of those who seemed to be merchants, looked to the butler with a shrugged shoulder, a bitter smile, or a sorry face…

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  1. Suggestion:
    {Was}->{Being} asked by a cute girl with big tits, there was no way any young

    As {Paulin}->{Pauline} asked, the young man shrugged his shoulders.

    Pauline thanked the young man and turned towards Mile {ang}->{and} other girls. She was {obvious}->{obviously felt} discomfort that it showed up in her face.

    「As I said, that herbal medicine is what my master, the {baroner}->{baron} had been asking

    ​​would be the right choice as a merchant.
    {That’s}->{Isn’t that} right, store owner?」(Chairman)

    {Paulin}->{Pauline} took a glance at the three people and confirmed that other girls nodded,

    Now that he agreed, it would be easier to {preceed}->{proceed}.

    {Paulin}->{Pauline} asked the store owner this time.

    Because {}->{of} the baron request, I purchased it from other place that needed 6 days to transfer

    「I agree to have an {aution}->{auction}!」(Butler)

    majority of those who seemed to be merchants, {looked like a}->{looked to the} butler {with a shabby shoulder,}->{who has a shabby shoulder with/with a shrugged shoulder,} a bitter smile, or a sorry face…

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  2. The merchant chairman specialized in large-scale transactions and wholesalers but the store owner buy herbal medicine with quantity only sufficient for baron request. So what is the point of the merchant chairman interrupt the butler, for measly little quantity herbal medicine that Baron already request?

    The merchant chairman’s group don’t have connection to buy the herbal medicine?

    And also if the Baron lose and request the herbal medicine again, this could be repeated. The merchant chairman could interrupt the Baron purchase again.

    the merchant chairman is cutting the line, if he want it he should request it himself and wait for his herbal medicine delivery turn.


    • I think it’s pretty obvious that he is harassing that specific baron. And somebody is paying the merchant chairman enough money that he doesn’t care about the loss of time, reputation losses and chances of being killed by a stray Mile.

      I mean, sure, the Baron can request a new herbal medicine, but it’ll take a while, and the Baron’s daughter will be sick all this time. And in the meantime, the Baron’s rival could use the medicine as blackmail material.

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      • Basically he knows the baron side need that medicine at all cost, so he decided to dried him out? Typical, good plan.. if only theres no abnormal beast called red oath group and the smiling devil


  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    Bad move from the butler, but my guess is that Mile will say something like “I’m gonna heal the lady for free” so the chairman gets stuck with a medicine he over paid for that he can’t sell and lose money XD


    • normal heals cant cure diseases and Mile is just an average, common girl.. well joke aside, wouldnt that be boring for them? a plan also must involve a way how to destroy at chairman >.>


  4. Pauline is all about being a merchant, without being one.
    Maevis is all about being a knight, without being one.
    Mile is also all about being average, without being remotely avarage (for a human).
    Rena is all about being a fire mage, and she really is.

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  5. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Butler-san, the merchant probably has more purse on him or probably something that can be used as currency.


  6. This makes no sense at all. Since the merchant doesn’t have a need for it, he can just order it himself, furthermore saying 5 gold isn’t a big deal to them, but making a huge argument for less than 45 not counting the time and effort needed to find a buyer, the whole thing shouldn’t be worth it to the merchant. Especially since currently the only apparent buyer is trying to buy it here.
    Finally, it was ordered for the butler, how is it not reserved for him? That too doesn’t make sense to me.


    • Yes, of course, the big merchant just use his influece to harass the shop owner.

      As a small merchant, the shop owner doesn’t dare to make him an enemy, who know what a big merchant can do, making him bankrupt or something.

      As a big merchant that do business with mostly high rank noble, he doesn’t scare of low rank noble like Baron.


  7. Thanks for the chapter.

    Cute girl with big tits
    Ignorance is a bliss.
    Things like shoving chili water up someone’s arse then expanding it via freezing, scalding someone with hot water or a chili tornado.

    Yes big tits, thicc legged is cute.
    The inside? Is that edible?


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