Arge Chapter 131: What the Queen wants

Water Girl
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Arge Chapter 131: What the Queen wants

(This chapter is back to Arge’s POV)


「Uhmm … this is a big residence.」(Arge)


It’s the mansion where the Queen lived, a luxurious building.

I don’t know how much artistic value the images and vases placed here and there are, but it’s all beautifully polished.

Perhaps most of them were recovered from a sunken ship or the like.

There are marine demon servants coming back and forth.

A maid has eight legs like octopus, uses multiple legs to wipe several windows at once.
I’m amazed with the sight as we are walking pass the servants and go further in.

From what I heard at the entrance, Kutira-chan seems to be in the back of the mansion.


「A mansion? What a mysterious place!」(Arge)

「Yes, when we are talking about a queen … I think it should be a castle」(Zeno)


It seems Zeno-kun read my intention from my question and replied so.
The mansion that we are walking, rather than a castle…


「This place isn’t a castle, there aren’t enough soldiers, there’s no assistant like the minister. It isn’t so wide as well, it seems like a residence of a lord rather than a queen」(Zeno)

「Well, the national land isn’t wide in the first place.
No matter how strong the queen is, there’s a limit of what she could do, may be that’s the reason …
Ah,… we have arrived, Zeno-kun」(Arge)


It was a big iron door at the end of the mansion.
I recalled the seal door at Cyril Big Safe but it doesn’t feel like a magical thing.


「We already knock, so we can go in, right?」(Arge)

「Maybe we should go in after waiting for a while?」(Zeno)


The iron door, it was quite thick, we planned to go in but I decided to go knock first.
After Knocking on the door twice, and confirm that there’s no reply, I gently pushed the door open.

The inside is a girls-like room. Furniture items and the like have a sense of quality, the bed with a canopy, a bookshelf that is large enough to reach the ceiling and so on. The furnitures here were probably the best item they picked up.


Looking around in the room, and the target person was there.
Blue skin and purple hair. Magical power overflowing from that small body.

Kutira-chan, the queen of the undersea city.

Kutira-chan turned her back on us and she hasn’t noticed that we entered yet. She arranged a lot of clothes in the bed and choosing over and over again.


「Fufu…this looks nice.
I am perfect today as well…
U…fufu, the customers will surely bow down to the wonderfulness!」(Kutira)

「Ah, were you trying to come see us?」(Arge)

「Fufufu, that’s right.
Actually, I thought about going to see them everyday, however I felt that my appearance isn’t perfect at all… I needed time to fix it.
Ah, my hair bangs are a little off today…!?
Not good, I can’t go and see the guests with this …」(Kutira)

「Oh, so Kutira-chan is a perfectionist, right?」(Arge)

「Of course I am!
I am the queen of marine demons!
I must always be perfect! Otherwise, I can’t lead and protect everyone!
The ocean is harsh, the weak are quickly discarded.
In that harsh world, I must maintain the city and laws so that people can laugh happily together.
Perfect is a matter of course …
Ehhh… from when?」(Kutira)

「About a while ago! So, you didn’t notice?」(Arge)


I never thought that she didn’t notice us even when I spoke to her.
She seems to be really surprised with her purple hair floating around.
They are fairly thick, and perhaps that hair is different from that of a human being, and its move somewhat like a tentacle of sea anemone.


「…wait, …again」(Kutira)

「Again, right?」(Arge)

「Good, so… once again!」(Kutira)


She even said it twice and I decided to wait.
Kutira-chan reconfirmed her appearance and coughed once.
She probably wanted to have dignity, she put on the air and said.


「Welcome to my mansion! This is the center of the ocean floor city and where the queen live! You don’t need to worry about etiquette here!」(Kutira)

「Haa, aa, thank you」(Arge)


It would be better if I played along here so I decided to thank her for now.
Kutira-chan seems to be satisfied with my reaction and nodded many times.
Zeno-kun was cutting in because he thought that was a good timing.


「My queen, we had stayed in this town for a few days, and I think it’s a nice place」(Zeno)

「Hoo! Is that true?」(Kutira)

「Yes, this town has been well maintained for the residents to live in. The culture and the surroundings as well, the crops are also delicious and I think that the amount of marine products is also great」(Zeno)

「Ho ho … That’s right, if I develop the city a little more, we can even grow fish in this city as well」(Kutira)

「Is it aquaculture?」(Arge)

「Umu, that’s it! If we can raise the production rate. Our soldiers won’t need to go hunting. Easier work and less danger」(Kutira)


When I asked her, Kutira-chan smiled at once and affirmed it.

… She is really thinking ahead for the city.

Although I don’t know her actual age, she looks young no matter how I see her, and I also had the impression that she tried to show up.

But she certainly is the ruler of this city, she thinks about policy properly and working hard for it.

I can see it as I’m walking around this city, people never stop smiling, well-maintained townscape. It’s certainly happening because she wanted it.

It’s her pride and it’s important to her as well. Otherwise, she won’t have fun from the bottom of her heart like this.


「… Kutira-chan, please tell me one thing」(Arge)

「Not yet, I want you to tell me first」(Kutira)



Why did you invite us? Before I could ask her that, she took the initiative.
Kutira-chan has a serious expression, unlike before.

Her cheerful girl just now disappeared and she firmly looked at me.

She is definitely a queen. Her loose atmosphere before looks like just a lie.


「You wanted to know why did I invite you to my city, right? However, before that I needed to ask my guests」(Kutira)

「What do you want to hear?」(Arge)

「Well, how about the town that I made?」(Kutira)

「It is the same opinion that Zeno-kun said.
Personally I’m happy that this place has a little sense of time, I think that it is a nice place to take a nap」(Arge)

「Hehehe, to take a nap. I heard that silver guest like to sleep, and it seems to be true」(Kutira)

「Yes, because it’s the most important thing for me」(Arge)


My purpose of reincarnating is 『to have 3 meal per day and nap whenever I want』
In other words, the comfort of a nap is more important than anything else.
If I apply it, I can evaluate that this town that sleeping like a water bed is a nice place at all times.
Kutira-chan nodded satisfiedly listening to my evaluation.


「Okay guest, let me ask another question …
Does this city seem to be made by humans?」(Kutira)


An unexpected question came up.

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  1. Just a little, good job!
    Not good, I can’t go {amd}->{and} see the guests {with}->{like} this …」(Kutira)


  2. The queen live in mansion, it reminds me of Remilia from touhou who live at scarlet mansion, and one of her move queen of midnight. Both of them are long life loli.


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