Arge Chapter 132: The place of Hope

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Arge Chapter 132: The place of hope





It was a bit unexpected, so I raised my surprised voice.
Kutira-chan wondered rather than nodded. I guess she understand that we didn’t get the question she just asked.


「Well, just a moment, I will give more detail for that question!」(Kutira)


Kutira-chan declared so and shook her fingers.
She seems about to say the magic word that is necessary to activate magic.


「Dancing with the flow of water!」(Kutira)


Her voice resounded in the water, and something happened.
The flow of water started to drift with clear intention.
The directional ocean current floats many books arranged on the bookshelf in the room and carries it before Kutira-chan.

The language in those books are in different world languages ​​and can’t be read as it is.
However, the meaning of all of them can be deciphered by the effect of language translation.


「Are these…?」(Arge)


It was all kinds of books.
There were many language: the empire, the republic, the kingdom, and even some languages ​​that I haven’t seen yet.
But there seem to be no ancient spiritual language.
Those books are obviously old, probably due to seawater. It is regretful.
In other words, the books here were sunk in the ocean long before this undersea city was built.


「So many books…」(Arge)

「Yes, I have studied, learned, and dreamed, how great was it if I could manage a city just like the world on the ground」(Kutira)

「Kutira-chan, are you … trying to reproduce the outside world’s city?」(Arge)

「Well … You’re right!」(Kutira)


As I heard that, I finally realized the identity of my discomfort.
The feeling of incompatibility that I had all the time.

It was because this city is too close to that of a human being.

There are many kinds of marine demons with different breathing type, the number of feet is also different. Some are good at swimming, some aren’t, some are carnivorous and some are herbivorous.

For a city with so many diverse tribes living,『It is too neat』
It was as if someone decided this from the beginning, the houses were made the same, the width of the road was exactly the same.

It’s an undersea city like a whole castle city on the ground.
However the place that Kutira-chan live is a mansion rather than a castle.


「I wanted to create it. A place where I can afford a great deal for those who live on the seabed. Therefore I read innumerable books and fish them and apply what I thought was good from there to this city」(Kutira)

「In other words, the reason you invited us…」(Arge)

「Yes, I wanted to ask if this city is really going with the right direction」(Kutira)


It’s like a little child boasting a sand castle made by herself.
Kutira-chan narrowed her golden eyes and laughed proudly.


「And I also wanted to know if it was any good to have an exchange with the other countries on the ground」(Kutira)

「Exchange, is it?」(Arge)


That was a surprising word.
Because this town completely self-sufficient.
There’s no need to exchange anything, it’s peaceful and complete.
A complete environmental city in the deep sea.

There maybe some foreign enemies or problems, but there’s still no need to have exchanges with the outside.


「Queen, I don’t think there’s any need for exchange here」(Zeno)


Yes, just like Zeno-kun said. Which is why we don’t understand the reason she invited us.
And also the reason why she brought something she doesn’t need.

We were at a loss because Zeno and I couldn’t understand it.
Kutira-chan looked at us with her golden eyes.
It’s very pure, like an amber swaying between waves.
She told us a small question with that innocent gaze.


「We don’t have to exchange? Who decided that we shouldn’t exchange?」(Kutira)


「I just want to do it.
I want to see more things than to live quietly in this bottom sea.
I want to know more. I won’t get it from a wet and dirty book, it’s better to see with my own eyes」(Kutira)

「Kutira-chan … Do you really want to do that?」(Arge)

「Well, I can’t say that it’s good for my people …
but still, I want someone to know about this country,
I want it to be known somewhere else not just here
There’s a place that people can live, calmly, richly, freely, even at the bottom of the ocean」(Kutira)


It wasn’t necessity but rather what she wanted.
She is surely longing for the outside world. Just like me who was imprisoned.

That’s why this city was built. For her own wish.
Just like I am searching for a place where I can take a nap. The place that I want.

… It was easy.

Whether it is necessary or not, others can’t decide for us.
Zeno-kun must be the same, just like Felnote-san, Kuzuha-chan and Richelle-san.
Just as much how dangerous to keep traveling and working as a merchant.

Chasing a vampire who just lived together with her for a while, and she needed to leave her birthplace.

Calling with someone she just met for a moment as her friend, coming all the way with that person so that she can be by her side.

Even if she abandons the position of a lord, she still wants to protect her people.
No matter anyone say, I just want to live idly.
Everyone decides by themselves whether it is necessary or not.


「… Then there will be a better way to do it.
This is just confinement like Kuzuha-chan said」(Arge)

「Um … It certainly is. However, it’s unusual for ship to sail pass through this area.
Therefore, I wanted to talk.
I wanted you to see it. I wanted you to know」(Kutira)

「We were … intersecting?」(Arge)

「Yes, that’s right」(Kutira)


It’s a simple hope that we acknowledge her city values.
She has done so far for that reason. I guess that was enough.
Then, what we can do right now is decided.
Fortunately, we have one excellent merchant.


「Zeno-kun, how do you think?」(Arge)

「The items here are amazing, it will be easy to find trading partner, so … let’s go with the negotiations, My queen」(Zeno)

「Umu …?」(Kutira)

「I am a peddler, and now there are some things that I’m pleased with in this city.
But this city, you can say that it’s already a country.
There is a rule that pedder can’t involve with country’s matter.
So, I’m only dealing with private goods …」(Zeno)


Then Zeno-kun looked at me here. I knew what he expected from me.
Zeno-kun and I had been talking about what happened after we parted way in Arlesha.
We talked to each other about what kind of journey he had traveled with Felnote-san or what kind of journey I had with Kuzuha-chan and Neguseo.
So, of course he knew that I was in contact with the lord of the port town Arlesha and 1 of the leaders in the republic.


「… Okay, I get it …
I think I will go back there again anyway.
I will tell the great person in the republic at that time.
I think that that Samaka, the lord of the port town will be pleased as well」(Arge)

「Is that true?」(Kutira)

「Well, for the time being, I would like to know the location of this city on the map, and a letter …I wonder if that’s enough, Zeno-kun」(Arge)

「Yes, I think that’s fine.
But since the area around here is rough, if only we could have the territory that is closer the continent instead…」(Zeno)

「Umu, it’s alright! In that case, I can just move my country!」(Kutira)

「Eh, you can !?」(Zeno)

「Of course, who do you think I am?
For now, let’s write the planned location of the move on the map and write a greeting!」(Kutira)


Kutira-chan headed to the desk, taking out the paper and the pen and continuing to write words.

I thought that it wasn’t nice to check the contents so I left it to Kutira-chan and talked to Zeno-kun secretly.


「Is this really okay?」(Arge)

「I think that problems such as territorial waters will occurs.
But that is the country’s matter.
Above all, there are so many rich seabed, however only marine demons can cross and live in such dangerous place of the sea.
Sometimes it is felt as a wonder …」(Zeno)

「Do you think it’s good enough?」(Arge)

「That’s what I like to be left alone」(Zeno)

「… is that a good thing?
Well, at least, you won’t be fooled with that personality」(Arge)

「Well, at that time I will just say that I don’t know enough.
I will make various lists for business negotiations, so I don’t even know what will work.
I want to get it while I can receive it, I am glad if I succeed」(Zeno)


Indeed, he is sharp. Although he is normally gently, however Zeno-kun is a passionate merchant after all.
I saw Zeno-kun took out his memo and started writing.
I sigh.
I don’t think that he would take on troublesome things.
Kutira-chan’s hope is quite simple to fulfill as well.


Was I planning to go back to Arlesha and the Republic again?
Just, why.
For some reason, I felt that I would visit that place again anytime soon.
I couldn’t understand why did I have that feeling (Author’s flag), and I was sighing again.

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  1. Suggestion:
    That was a surprising word.
    Because this town could {complete self-resupply}->{completely self-sufficient/resupply by itself}.

    Which is why we don’t understand the reason {we}->{she} invited us.{Reason}->{and also the reason} why she brought something she doesn’t need.

    coming all the way {this that one}->{here} so that she can be by her side.

    「{Mum}->{Umm} … It certainly is. However, it’s unusual for ship to {in}->{sail pass through} this area.

    「Of course, who do {}->{you} think I am{}->{?}.
    For now, let’s write the planned location of the move

    Although he is normally gently, {hoever}->{however} Zeno-kun is {an innate}->{a passionate} merchant after all.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If Kutira can move her country on the sea region of port town Arlesha, It will be helpful when the port town have abyss call event again.

    Will Kutira become Samaka’s harem member? I hope not.


  3. Maybe i’m the only one but Zeno isn’t that great of a character and i wish he just made an appearance at the start of the story. I’d much rather have a group of girls only going on adventures together. Also i think the story could have made Zeno a female instead of a male. Not much of a loss to the story and might even help with the story.


  4. oyyy. … on the noe the chapter ended on i am in doubt as to whether Arge had the feeling that “won’t” be going back anytime soon OR if she will be going back “sometime” soon. I know it’s just me nitpicking but it this word usage completely changes the meaning of what is being said


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