Arge Chapter 134: Waiting for dreams

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Arge Chapter 134: Waiting for dreams

(This Chapter is Arge’s POV)


「Well then, have a safe trip」(Kutira)


Kutira-chan shook my hand with stronger power than when we first met.
Right now we are on Pisces. Others are lining up on the ship and facing her.

「Well then, My Queen, next time I will pick something that matches your expectation」(Zeno)

「Well! The books that Zeno-kun had and the tools of other countries were very interesting! If you bring me more, I’m willing to buy them all!」(Kutira)


The negotiations between Zeno-kun and Kutira-chan seemed to be good, Kutira-chan is in a good mood.

As I look at Zeno-kun’s honky face, I figure it would probably be 『nice deal』, but I will keep silent about it. If both side are convinced with each other, it will not be a fraud.


「Hey Arge, I didn’t do anything this time …」(Felnote)

「Well, uhm … but I think it’s better if we don’t have to fight」(Arge)

「Surely it is, but …」(Felnote)


It seems Felnote-san was relaxed in the town while we gathered up business talks and letters.
Kuzuha-chan seems to get along well with the children of the marine demons, if we look from the ship’s edge, we can see they are waving at the submarine city just below. They are probably seeing her off.


「Well, if you have exchanges with the kingdom, normally I may be able to help with the negotitaion. However, I already retired」(Felnote)


I wonder if she felt she wasn’t useful. Felnote-san said so and had a big sign.

Originally, she was a knight captain of the kingdom. And it seems that she was quite a celebrity, so it would be true that she might be able to help with the negotiation.


「No, acutally there’s something that I need Felnote-san’s help, may you pass the letter to Samaka-san」

「I do not like that you involve that stallion …!」(Felnote) (T.N: I don’t make a mistake, Felnote call Samaka stallion)

「… Felnote-san, do you dislike Samaka-san?」(Arge)

「It is natural, do you know how many times have I been struggling with that stallion…!」(Felnote)


From how Felnote-san talked, she might have gone through a lot of hardship, so I should stop pursuing.
Well, she is a very serious person, while Samaka-san is someone who’s fond of love, so their compatibility maybe bad.

When I took a glance at Richelle-san, she looked up at the top of the sky – exactly the direction of the sea level.
Because the demonic continent is near, I wonder if she is worried about that.
I also talk to her about exchanges with undersea City.
However, Dark Elf was a tribe who lives in the forest, and it seems that she didn’t want to make such extensive exchanges.


「Well then shall we go?」(Arge)

「Well, as Arge-san is holding the letter now, I will appoint you as a goodwill ambassador for us from now!」(Kutira)

「Eh, thank you, I guess」(Arge)


I was appointed before I knew it.
When saying goodwill ambassador, it’s a job title for externally exchanging.
In this case, it would have been appointed from the role of delivering a letter for interaction with other countries.
Or Is that title the painful one? But she was talking about the letter just now. So, I don’t have to worry, right?


「… Ah, that’s right」(Arge)

「Umu, what’s wrong?」(Kutira)

「No, I mean do you have the name of this city?」(Arge)


I remembered with the word title, but I don’t know the name of this city yet.
That is also important when delivering letters.
I gave you a place to move the city on the map, but it is hard to call because there is no name.
Kutira-chan put her hands on his chin and made a slight way of thinking.
It seems like this city doesn’t have a name.
As expected, Kutira-chan had a troubled face.


「Well, I forgot to mention that, goodwill ambassador, I will leave the naming to you」(Kutira)

「… Is that okay?」(Arge)

「I honestly ask you for something that is not shameful to showing the outside world」(Kutira)


It is a fluffy order, but thanks to it, it made me feel hard to name it sloppy like usual. (T.N: Arge knew?)
It should be properly named because it will become established in this world, so I needed to be careful a little. (T.N: just a little?)


「Well, how about R’lyeh?」(Arge)


That’s the name of the undersea city that came out my mind, I had read from a certain novel.
I don’t change what is right, it will be much better than I name.
At least, it should be much better than 『the country of marine products』that I thought of at the moment.

Kutira-chan seemed to love the name I gave, her eyes became like a crescent moon floating on the bottom of the ocean.


「…It’s a good name …well then, let’s pray for the safety of the trip」(Kutira)


When Kutira-chan said so, she began to concentrate her magical power.
The enormous magical power is filled in the sea, it’s ticklish in my skin.
Even if she don’t use it to attack, the density of magic itself has enough pressure.

… This girl, her magical power is outrageous.

I can’t tell if her Magical Enhancement Skill 10, but I feel that she has a quite unusual ability.


「Oh ocean current, ocean tides and sea wind.
By my name as the marine demon queen, Kutira, I order you」(Kutira)


The words involve magical power and resonate in the sea.
The sound of the magic, *Kiin* , stimulated the auditory sense many times.
And the magic was completed.


「Fulfill my dream with this ship」(Kutira)


And a forced force wraps the ship which we are riding on, Pisces like a foam.
It’s similar to the spell inviting us to this deep ocean, but its power is another level.
Instead of confinement and dragging us down here, I feel gentle enchantment enveloping in the sea.


「Is this…?」(Arge)

「With the power of the ocean demon queen like me, it’s even possible for traveling under the sea.
With this magic, I guarantee a comfortable voyage!」(Kutira)

「That’s why it doesn’t shake! Isn’t this amazing?」(Felnote)

「U fu fu, you can praise me more, guest with tits」(Kutira)

「I want to retort to that guest of tits way of calling, but it’s certainly amazing!」(Felnote)


It seems that Felnote-san, who is weak with traveling, is also very impressed.
Although I and Kuzuha-chan don’t have a problem, Felnote-san is delighted, now that we are free from the rough sea.
It’s a pleasure if it improves our comfort. I also don’t need to work.
Protection of the Ocean Demon Queen.

With this, we would reach the Demon Continent faster, I’m thankful for that.


「Well then, the destination is the Demon Continent?」(Kutira)

「Oh, yes, that’s right, because we have to send Richelle-san back to her hometown first. After that, I think we will return to the Republic, maybe I will hand over the letter by then」(Arge)

「U fu fu …Okay then …
because the distance isn’t so far … make adjustment of the output …
Well, I should also protect the hull …」(Kutira)


Kutira-chan looks at a certain direction, muttering something.
While thinking so, it seemed that she decided something and hit her palm.


「Let’s send you near that」(Kutira)

「Oh, are you sure?」(Arge)

「Well, I don’t mind, I also want you to finish your previous appointment earlier」(Kutira)


I am grateful for the offer.
There were also many monsters in the ocean, and there were often times when we had to deal with it, so it would be encouraging and comfortable if the ocean demon queen can keep them at bay.
In other words, because it’s an all-you-can-eat, I’m very thankful…




I felt disturbing signs when I was about to feel delight with the help.
The sense of stinging on the skin is definitely the same quality as I felt before.

And that is the magical power of the Queen in front of us.



「Don’t talk to me right now, I need to concentrate」(Kutira)

「… Why do you need to concentrate?」(Arge)

「Well, I will carry this ship to the demon continent」(Kutira)

「Wait a moment! You mean…」(Arge)

「Oh… ocean flow turn that ship into a fist for a moment」(Kutira)

「Not good … everyone, hang on tight!」(Arge)

I felt restless from the chant and threw words to everyone.
Felnote-san was quickly responding and gripped a nearby pillar with immediate action. Zeno-kun nearby was also doing the same.
Kuzuha-chan used her alter ego and fixed herself at the edge of the ship with the vagrant Richelle-san.
I had spare time doing it even when I spoke by using the speed specialization capabilities, cling to handrail.
And the magic invoked.


「Come now, go straight to the demon continent! Torrent!!」(Kutira)


*Zun*, and the floor swaying.
Batting by magic, perhaps using seawater.
There was a fluffy weightless in a moment, just like the ship was blown away.
The Pisces have a protection magic that made it didn’t break, it cut through.

Even though the blow came from behind, not beneath but the force didn’t affect directly to the ship’s center of gravity, so it made the ship moving forward while slowly start rising.

(T,N: It is like the jet fighter. force from behind and not from beneath but it can still take off)


「Uu… There’s no reason to guide us like this!」(Felnote)

「Felnote-san, becareful, or you will bite your tongue …!!」(Arge)


She seemed angry, so I told her to be careful for the moment.
Certainly, as she says, this is a launch away rather than a guide.

But as we were already on it, might as well go with the flow.
It’s not relaxing when going through the ocean floor at high speed.

As the ship goes, it’s cutting the ocean and heading to the Demon Continent.


And it made a loud sound 『bam』, and pierced through the surface of the sea (like a dolphin jumping or a torpedo)

Author’s Note:

With this chapter the underwater edition will be finished.

So, how was it?

This time the theme is 『as it is』

Well, it have such feeling.

This time it ended relatively quickly, but the meaning of the morning stone was strong, including the appearance of other girls.
Just who in the world that you love to dream about?

Well, from next time I think I will start with Demon continent.

Thank you very much for your support.

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  1. Welcome to R’lyeh, the happy place under the sea? Seems a bit off for some reason.

    Thanks for the chapter.


  2. R’lyeh ~ if the Queen know the Origin of that name… LOL

    [And it made a loud sound 『bam』, and pierced through the surface of the sea (like a donphin jumping or a torpedo)]
    and that become the legend of [Flying Dutchman] the Ghost ship that come back to sailing from the depth of the Sea.

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  3. The city name… It kinda feels weird, but that is how arge is huh… So many trivia knowledge

    Thx for the chapter


  4. Suggestion:
    {Kuttilla}->{Kutira} put her hands on his chin and made a slight way of thinking.

    With {is}->{} this magic, I guarantee a comfortable voyage!」(Kutira)

    She {seemd}->{seemed} angry, so I told her {beware}->{to becarefull} for the moment.
    Certainly, as she says, this is {an injection}->{a launch away} rather than a guide.

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  5. At first I thought, “wouldn’t Atlantis be a more appropriate name” but then I remembered.
    Yes, there’s something very important about R’lyeh that makes it appropriate for Arge:

    It’s famous as a city where someone is taking a very long nap.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. 「… Felnote-san, do you dislike Samaka-san?」(Arge)

    「It is natural, do you know how many times have I been struggling with that stallion…!」(Arge)

    Last part was said by Felnote.

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  7. It is a fluffy order, but thanks to it, it made me feel hard to name it sloppy like usual. (T.N: Arge knew?)
    It should be properly named because it will become established in this world, so I needed to be careful a little. (T.N: just a little?)

    NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Arge understand this((( We need more funny nicknames!

    Thanks for translate!


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