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Onii-chan is busy with new semester now. So I will take over Mitsuha novel too.

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Mitsuha Chapter 25: Overkill

(T.N: In case you don’t know, Mitsuha Novel is always either Mitsuha 1st POV or Narrator 3rd POV)


「Is this the place that you can eat Mitsuha’s cuisine?」(Beatrice)


A young girl suddenly opened the door, came in and asked so just when the restaurant owner was puzzled about what to do with the guards.


「Ah, Mitsuha!」(Beatrice)

 「Beatrice-chan …」(Mitsuha)


And then Earl Bozes-sama, Iris-sama, Alexis-sama, Theodor-sama entered the restaurant right after.
Everyone, if you don’t line up properly … it will be impossible to…

Wait, other aristocrats are pretending as commoners, but the Earl’s family are wearing nobility clothes, no one can complain.
Oh, some noble turn their faces away. They know the Earl’s group, aren’t they?


「Oh, Bernt-san, I’m sorry … they are my acquaintances, can you take their order first?」(Mitsuha)


Bernt-san nodded with excitement.


「Is this place that my daughter is working?」(King)


Another big guest came in from the door again …


「Oh, your majesty!」(Mitsuha)


Heard Mitsuha’s word, Bernt-san fells down on spot.
Is his right arm okay?
Absurb? No, I already told you, there are only 4 customer serving people: Stella-san, Grit-san, Ilse-san and one more.
Well, do you think Sabine can endure not playing for days?
She came everyday to this store.

Because I was busy and she had been helping me carry the dishes.
She seems to have enjoyed as well.
Sitting on the seat of the favorite guest, speaking, getting meals shared.

I’m glad that customers are happy though.
Well, there’s no man who dislikes being called『Oji-sama』by such a pretty girl. As expected of the face! Woman is about the face!!
But after talking to Sabine, a nobility-like person had made a note of something, but what was that? I was a bit scary of asking.


And as expected, he is a guard!
Unlike the royal guards, city security guards who are maintaining public security are mostly commoners, their positions are low and their level of skill are also low.
But it seemed he had informed the royal guard and the king about Sabine whereabout.
The old awesome royal guard also came along with the King and Prime Minister this time.
The Prime Minister nodded. I hope this will make his career advance on occasion.
Ah, that’s right.


「Uhm, guard-san, Bernt-san was attacked. Well, maybe it’s just a random bandit, but can you please check it?」(Mitsuha)


Saying that, I will move my line of sight from the city guard to the restaurant owner who felt in the floor.

Heard Mitsuha’s word, the king saw the restaurant owner, then moved his eyes to the guard and lightly nodded.


「Yes, immediately!!」(Guard)


Answering with tension, the city guard-san.
Well, he can’t refuse here.

Yeah, it’s also the chance of career advancement further! Do your best!!


The 2 guards took the restaurant owner and the former assistant chef home. Probably, they went to the guard office instead of home. The old Royal guard was waiting outside of the shop properly, so the awesome old man had instructed it?


Former assistant chef, he has done things he should never do as a chef.
『Gratitude to teacher, bond with friends, affection for juniors』
Among them, the most important is『Gratitude to teacher』, for him to betraying this, at least it’s impossible to hire as a cook in a decent restaurant or a noble family residence in Capital. The network between cooks is great.


Well, at least these guys will never have a chance to lay their hands on 『Paradise Pavilion』anymore.

A restaurant where the nobility is favoring, the king also visits and the princess is serving … ,

Hey! Where is it, such a shop?! It’s … here, isn’t it?
No, I did not have any plans for this! It’s true, please believe me!
But isn’t it overkill?
But you don’t have to worry about me being sentenced to death, owner of that restaurant.


Eh, you would like to have the cooking dishes that I made, Beatrice-chan. Huh, you too, Theodor?
And Sabine, you also order as a customer with the king?
I’ll take the money properly from the king.
I would like to especially prepare a child lunch with omelette and hamburger.




Everyone saw it and started to order for children’s lunch.
It’s troublesome to make children’s lunch!
Besides, it doesn’t appear on the menu in the first place!


「So, is the request failed?」(Arina)


Mitsuha was dumbfound as she heard Arina’s words.


「Eh… what?」(Mitsuha)

「The matter with goal in, goal in!」(Arina)



I forgot.


「King, would you please help me a little with matchmaker」(Mitsuha)



Bernt-san desperately stops.
Yes, the father doesn’t want to marry off his daughter.
Well, isn’t that it? Will it good if he has a good son-in-law?

The reason for stopping isn’t such a peaceful reason, is it? Then what…


The news about Yamano cuisine came out, the aristocrat went there with encouragement, occasionally the king also came to see the state and the princess served, an average city dining room, 『Paradise Pavilion』
Today too, a packed long line. Bernt-san You’d better hire an assistant chef as soon as possible or you will collapse.


I did not make much money.
That’s right, they requested it because of management difficulties, so they can not afford to pay so much. And they must pay for Grit-san and Ilse-san, too. I only have a little gold coin left.
Well, it was fun. Let this gold coin enter the saving hole. Eyeglasses sale worth is different from the money I got this time.


Sabine had took a liking to do the the customer serving, she went to help occasionally.
Oh, she got a firm share of the tips and dishes from the customers, and she was enjoying to do it. Sabine can’t have enough of food.
The escorts are followed properly.
They either pretended customers in the store, disguised outside the store and took a walk or a break.


Two of the female mercenaries are returning to their original job after the contract period expires. No, they seem to be able to continue as a customer server, but then it’s too irresponsible to left the guys behind. Besides the request fee, there’re a lot of income from the tip, which seems to have earned quite a bit.
A face! After all it’s about the face!!

No, I just didn’t get the tips because I was in the kitchen. Yes, that must be it.




「So, you can’t find anything after all?」(King)

「Yes, that’s right …」(PM)


This is the royal palace, the king’s office. Before the king sitting in the office seat, the Prime Minister was standing and reported.


「One day, she suddenly appeared in the area of Earl Bozes,
annihilated the flock of wolves and rescued the village girl,
recovered safely after getting a major injury,
then gained Earl’s support and gave him some knowledge to develop the land,
opened a strange store in the Capital until now」(King)

「Yes, and I can’t believe how can she get such fine products with unknown origin, good knowledge and the skills to arrange the debutant of the Liner’s daughter …. She must be a daughter of a nobleman in a small country somewhere」(PM)

「Princess of thunder or princess shrine maiden… However, there’s no harm for our country.
She stopped a kidnapping without preparation, and she is doing a job that seems to be helpful for people. My daughter was also helped. She seems to be a good friend of Sabine … And you are saved with these glasses」(King)

「Indeed … …」(PM)

「Well, then there’s no problem, on the contrary, it would be better to get her on our side」(King)

「Yes, because She is an interesting girl」(PM)

「Well, she’s interesting, certainly」(King)


Hahaha, the King and Prime Minister were laughing at the office.




「Eh, an invitation from the King?」(Mitsuha)

「Yes, because my onee-sama who went to the neighboring country with my onii-sama as messengers on the expedition come back today.

Because we want to introduce you to them, we want you to come to the dinner party only for my family」(Sabina)


Sabine has brought another troublesome thing …
In the first place, why did the royal family need to introduce me to the Prince and the Princess?

I can understand with the last time I helped Sabine, as parents they would want to meet, but it’s already overkill.

And now, once again I was invited.
But I guess it would be even more troublesome to refuse.
He is the king after all. It’s useless to refuse.




「I came …」(Mitsuha)



When I arrived at the gate of the castle, Sabine was waiting.
Since when has she been waiting here?
She seemed like having so much fun, is this 『friends come and go home』event for her?
Well, it’s much better than being guided by a strict soldier.

What I like is 『a dandy old man』not a 『Hairy Old man』
So, it was relatively plain to know where I was guided to… the same room as before. Yeah, it’s the least unexpected room.

The king was sitting in the king seat, the queen was beside him and had a thin presence.
No, she is absolutely beautiful, she was just quiet and not talking much.

And the (Kira kira) Sparking Prince is about twenty years old,
the Princess is like mid-twenties …
Is it okay for the princess to stay at home at this age in such a world?
Don’t go back after your honey-moon,
No, it’s nothing, so please don’t stare at me.
Ugu…damn, Monthly New type!

Also, a Princess that is about 17 ~ 18, Sabine and Rufen.
Is this really the royal family?
I wonder what this is.
It’s an eye to value, the eldest sister or eldest brother.
Oh, the lower Princess is little elder sister.

(T.N: it’s not a mistake or typo, a big sister that have smaller body than the little brother or sister, in other word legal loli)

Well, because there’s no maliciousness or hostility, it seems to be good.
Are they wondering if their cute little younger sister is okay?
No, I hoped it was so …
What are you talking about, Sabine? Wait… I’m scared to ask.


… Finally it ended.

No, I was glad that I could hear some interesting stories about the local products and economies in this country.
However, why bother telling me something about the situation with neighboring countries, my king?
The eldest princess, too. Why would you want to hear my opinion there!
I’m just a merchant, even if I heard about neighboring countries, I don’t know how to deal with it.
And the prince, why did you want to shoot the topic of the cutlery.
Is he like Theodor?


The shop is closed today.

No, I need to rest occasionally.
An irregular holiday.
There are also errands in Japan.
But today I will not return to Japan but to the forest that went with the mecernaries Sven before.
No, I need to bring something for the captain to join a barbeque.
Yeah, not only the captain, but I also get along with everyone else in the mercenary group.

For some reason, I have the instructor role.

Everyone’s country of origin is disjointed but they are pleased because I speak in their mother language.
Oh, if I think about it, it’s the same with Sven’s mercenary group.
Even if the world is different, it does not change very much.
Both of them are good people.


Well, that’s why I should prepare meat for souvenir.
No, I will not catch deer or boar.
Although it can be caught, but it can’t be carried, it’s too heavy.
That’s why I will bring rabbit.
Even if I bring a bird, it will be a hard time to stroke the wings.
If I have time, I can bring vegetables and herbs to stuff it and bake it or simmer.
That’s why I caught four rabbits.
I am not using only Crossbow, but also Slingshot.
Now I have two animals in each hand. It’s heavy. It hurts, the horn is on my leg!
Oh, I haven’t told you about that?
The rabbit here isn’t really called rabbit.
It is understood as 『rabbit』in my head. Horned rabbit or something.
Well, the base of the mercenary team has moved to a place that isn’t popular at the time.


Charcoal is burning red in a number of barbeque tables made by cutting drums.
Yeah, I thought it was about time, I could image their reaction  『Miss. Did you come? What is suspicious object hanging on both hands』


「I came …」(Mitsuha)

「Oh, oh …」(Captain)


[ By the way, what is that form.
What kind of hobbit is that, such as funny clothes. (Hobbit in katakana)
93R and revolver on both hips, dagger and knife.
A sling shot on the back waist, a bow gun on the back.
A 11 to 12 year old cute girl with a small face and smooth black hair.
…An elf came out of nowhere!!

Oh, by the way, you first paid in Japanese currency, young lady.
Japanese are said to have 『fairy』for hotels and business people.
They said to be small, polite, always flying around and flourishing where they are.
But when they get something disgusting, they will not immediately disappear or say any complaints.
However once they disappeared, the luck will not be there anymore.
And the place where they disappeared, it usually collapses soon.
In the past, someone in Japan told me about『Zashiki-warashi』, but I didn’t know what it is.

Well, as long as my main business is idle, you are a fairly good customer, payment is good and no trouble.
You are quite funny person. It’s awesome.
But you, what do you say? Why do you insist that it’s a rabbit?
Well, rabbits don’t have a horn, don’t you know? ]


We ate it. It was delicious feast.
The young ones took photographs to their homepage.
A photograph of suspicious creatures with the photo of a young Lady.
『Princess Elf, visit our barbeque with some suspicious horn rabbits』or something.
Don’t you know the Privacy Protection Act, or there’s none at all.

Looking at it, weird guys came.
Saying that they are scholars, show them the horn rabbit, and so on.
We already ate them a long time ago.
When they heard that garbage was buried, they went to dig.
What is it? They gave out business card and came home.
Also, some idiots who made noise by wanting to meet the elf and taking pictures.
Young lady doesn’t like it! Go home quickly!


Thus, except for me, the peaceful days continued.
Oh, don’t raise the flag by saying about the peaceful days?
Is that so?

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Also, it’s tips(チップ), not chip(チップ); tipping is the custom of leaving money for the serving staff.

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  2. Please get a good editor for this series, someone who can not only fix the constant grammar mistakes but also improve the writing quality. I’ve already had to drop 4 promising novels because your translations are barely readable, I don’t want to drop this one too.

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  3. Suggestion:
    {Bernd}->{Bernt}-san nodded with excitement.

    Among them, the most important{}->{is}『{Benevolence}->{Gratitude} to teacher』, for him to betraying this

    never have a chance to lay their hands {to}->{on} 『Paradise Pavilion』anymore.

    But you don’t have to worry about {}->{me} being sentenced to death,{}->{as the} owner of that restaurant

    I would like to {specially}->{especially} prepare a child lunch with omelette and hamburger.

    Everyone saw it and started {orders}->{to order} for children’s lunch.

    Sabine had took {a like to do the the customer serving}->{a liking/pleasure to serve the customer}, she went to help occasionally.

    and she was {enjoy them}->{enjoying to do it}. Sabine can’t have enough of food.

    No, they seem to be able to continue as a customer {serving}->{server}, but then it’s too

    No, I just didn’t get {it}->{the tip} because I was in the kitchen. Yes, that must be it.

    She stopped a kidnapping without {preparing}->{preparation}, and she is doing a job that seems to be

    What I like is 『a dandy old man』not a 『Hairy Old man』
    So, it was relatively plain {that}->{knowledge/to know where} I was guided to… the same room as before. Yeah, it’s the least unexpected room.

    No, I need {}->{to} bring something for the captain to join a barbeque

    but I also get {long}->{along with} everyone else in the mercenary group.

    If I have time, I can bring vegetables and herbs {and}->{to} stuffed it and bake it or simmer.

    That’s why I caught four rabbits.
    {Not only}->{I am not using only} Crossbow, but also {by}->{} Slingshot.
    {}->{Now I} Have two animals in each hand. It’s heavy. It hurts, the horn is on my leg!

    Japanese are said to {be}->{have} 『fairy』for hotels and business people. They said to be small, polite, always flying around and

    they will not {}->{immediately} disappear or say any {omplaints}->{complaints}.

    However once they disappeared, {everyone}->{the luck/the visitors/the guests} will not be there anymore.
    And the place where they disappeared, it usually collapses soon.

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  4. Mitsuha is zashiki warashi? Hmm… May be, after all Zashiki Warashi is usually potrayed as a little japanese girl with bob hair cut.


  5. Summary:
    There was case with restaurant owner and former chef assistant that being take care of by Mitsuha and the city guard

    Suddenly Bozes’ noble family and King’s party come inside the restaurant.

    It’s surprised the restaurant chef Bernt.

    Mitsuha saw this opportunity and ask the King to help order the city guard to solve the case also ask him as a matchmaker although Mitsuha almost forgot.

    Then the restaurant continue it activities. With the King’s arrival, Princess Sabine halt her server job for awhile to accompany her father.

    Mitsuha especially make child lunch for the king’s party but this make all the guess want to order it also.

    Restaurant scene end.


    • In the Royal Palace
      King havr a discussion with Prime minister about Mitsuha identity and background.

      And at the next days Princess Sabine tell Mitsuha that she is invited because her older aister and brother has returned.

      Mitsuha reluctantly go to palace where Princess Sabine arrive first to greet her and escort her.

      Mitsuha end her day having talk and meeting King’s family during Royal Family’s dinner.

      Scene Palace end

      On the free day, Mitsuha had been invited to mercenaries’ barbeque. So, to give thanks mercenaries for the past events she decided to hunt 4 “horned” rabbits

      She bring the rabbits to mercenaries’ barbeque while wearing her hunter suit. Her looks is like a hobbit or fairy that make captain Sven remember about zashiki warashi he had heard before.

      During the party a mercenary take her photos with the rabbit and share it online

      Awhile later there are scholars came who interested at the rabbits Mitsuha bought in the photos and ask for it. The rabbit already had been eaten and buried. So the scholar dig the bones out

      End of chapter


  6. thanks for picking this one. i’m glad you pick this one as well. i kind of like funa sensei’s novels. and it’s good to have all in same site


  7. Ugh. This novel is so god damn hard to read, and it has nothing to do with the translation. Why the author decided on this format for writing is… a mystery. Because all it does is make it more difficult to read, discombobulated and confusing.

    This is the first time where I’ve read the manga for a LN/WN and found the manga to be infinitely superior to the source material. Actually, 80K for Retirement’s manga is actually one of the better mangas I’ve read lately. Really well done, paced well (better than the damn novel…) and showcases how awesome Mitsuha is without having to read the schizophrenia-simulator that the novel is.

    It’s too bad, because reading the manga shows you just how good this story and its characters COULD be… and how badly executed the novel was. I honestly hope Funa-sensei hires someone to re-write it to where it doesn’t look like an insane person wrote it on cue-cards and then shuffled them.


  8. LOL did she ask the King to marry the owner’s daughter to the assistant chef? Kinda hard to turn that down…


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