Mitsuha Chapter 28: Dragon Buster

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Mitsuha Chapter 28: Dragon Buster


(Ancient Dragon’s POV)

I was born in the Valley of Ancient Dragon. I’m a 328 years old Ancient Dragon.
Because the Ancient Dragon is a long-live race, their birth and growth rate is very slow,
I was treated like a child for a long time in the tribe.
At last, a girl was born. she is 127 years old now.
The next child is boy that became 76 years old now.

Finally, after more than 200 years, I wasn’t treated as a child anymore but became an older brother with superimposition.
And to get both a boy and a girl, it was a great pleasure for the tribe.

After those two, there weren’t any more child has been born for a while.
That’s why in our tribe, it’s natural that those two were adored and spoiled by everyone.
And those two were also conscious of it.
Especially the girl, Ryuryu, that girl is childish.
As for me, I admit that girl is somewhat cute with pretty colorful scales and the exquisite line of her tail, I can understand why everyone adored her.
Well, at least I’m grateful because she didn’t cause inconvenience for others.


The problem is the boy, Tiery, recently he suffered from that disease.
Yes, that disease peculiar to the dragon child 『I am a strong and wise Ancient Dragon, I will reign over the world and lead the foolish humans』
I’m in trouble, but he is respecting me as older brother. well, I guess I am going to entertain him a little.

In the past, the fun of playing with human beings was spoiled
I was scolded by strange biased grandfather, who lived alone in a cave in the mountain immediately 『Do not involve with humans』, 『Shouldn’t lay your hand on humans』
Well, since he already passed away sometimes ago, there’s no problem.

For now, we should lend our power to one of the human countries,
Let the boy enjoyed doing a stupid throne in that country,
If he can successfully dominate the surroundings, he can enjoy reigning by manipulating from behind.
I also wanted to play that kind of thing when I was a child,
but I couldn’t do such play because of the grandfather and other elders.
No, I wasn’t affected by disease.
However, I still wanted to play a bit.

Oh, the boy wanted to invite someone else.
He invited Ryuryu?
Okay, you are very welcome.
And then, we told some ambitious words to an ambitious country, so that they started training with monsters to be a little bit useful.
After that, it’s observation without giving out a hand for a while.

Although I thought that, but what’s with them, struggle with only a few humans from the first country?
The play will not start unless they seige the capital of this country.
I shouldn’t expected much from such lowly creatures.
However, those two can’t enjoy themselves this way.
It can’t be help it, I will help the humans a little.
It would be nice to crush these guys and destroy the gate with my breath.



(Mitsuha’s POV)


Something amazing coming!  1 big one and 2 smaller one.
Oh, It seems I was able to speak their language now because I have a first contact.


「Oh mighty Ancient Dragon’s gracious」(Enemy Commander)

(T.N: the raw is ancient dragon-sama but it sounds weird so I use Oh mighty instead of -sama)

「Don’t talk to me, my mood isn’t good right now, it’s all your fault, stand back」(Ancient Dragon)


Such hot headed creature, it’s unnecessary to ask questions, is it?
Even this dragon is the enemies’ ally but it don’t even want to talk with them. The negotiations will break down in a moment.
It can’t be help, we will shoot it for the time being.

Gun shot on Dragon.jpg

Papa pan, papa pan (Pistol shot SFX?)

「What is that?」(Big Ancient Dragon)

It doesn’t get hurt, does it? (Mitsuha’s thought)

「I will do it!」(Boy Ancient Dragon?)


Are they teaching the young one about hunting and killing?
I remember something disgusting and my left arm feel hurt. (Chapter 2: Mitsuha fight the wolves)
It’s a bit messy. But young one is easier to manage.


「Well, I will leave the rest to the young one」(Big Ancient Dragon?)

What are you saying? Are you in a relationship? (Mitsuha’s thought?)


Oh, the big dragon is falling back.
Stand beside it, is another small one.
Let’s call it the adult dragon and the child dragon.
Tentatively, it was also another child dragon in front of us right now. (Mitsuha’s thought)


「Uhm, … let’s talk」(Mitsuha?)

「Die」(Boy Ancient Dragon)

Oh, as expected, it’s useless. (Mitsuha’s thought)

「Assault rifle, shoot!」(Mitsuha’s wireless Microphone)

Tata Tatatan (SFX)

「But earlier, Big brother didn’t get hurt」(Boy Ancient Dragon)


Oh, his eyes are blinking from hurt.
The assault rifle power is completely different from the pistol bullets.
Besides, it’s 7.62 mm instead of 5.56 mm.
Or is this small dragon’s skin weaker than the big dragon?


「All arms, fire at will.
Machine guns, shoot」(Mitsuha’s wireless Microphone)


Yes, we can’t just use our best hand and give a deathblow right away.
This is part of a survey to collect information.
How much do each type of our weapons work on Dragon?
Only with the young dragon, we might afford to do so to find the weak point and so on.


Dotatatata (SFX)

「Hurt…it’s hurt!」(Boy Ancient Dragon)


Oh, the child dragon is …, does it just get hurt? Maybe it’s weaker than the big dragon? Because the big dragon doesn’t seems to get pain this much.

Oh, is that dragon’s language just now?
Did it use the mother language to moan about pain?
Was that the dragon language or something else … or the language of the monsters?
Hmm… the languages I got from the adult dragon just before.
It seems that the dragon knew several language other than human language.

I guess it really got hurt.
It folded its wings to cover, did it try to counterattack?
It glanced at my eyes, no, more like it was aiming captain’s men who shot at it.


「Heavy machine gun, shoot」(Mitsuha’s wireless Microphone)

Dodo~dodo~do! (SFX)

「Ugyaaa~aa!!」(Boy Ancient Dragon)


Its scales were blow away, the bullets digged into its flesh. Scattered blood and meat pieces.
The adult dragon and the other child dragon still didn’t move, their eyes wide open with surprised.

Well, they have thought that human being’s weapons should not be able to hurt the dragons.


「Yo…youuuu~!」(Boy Ancient Dragon) (T.N: it use low way of calling you)


Oh, a crazy face distorted by pain and anger.

It opened its mouth and breath in, did it plan to attack us with Fire Breath!?


「RPG, Fire!!」(Mitsuha’s wireless Microphone)

Bohi~yu Bohi~yu Bohi~yu (SFX)


Three RPG-27, anti tank rockets are flying one after another to the dragon.
One hit into the oral cavity from its opened wide mouth, the other two hit the chin and head then all exploded. The child dragon collapses on the ground.


「Tieryyyyyyyy!!」(Girl Ancient Dragon)


Another child dragon that goes crazy with anger and despair and approaches Mitsuha’s group.


「Help 『God』!」(Mitsuha’s wireless Microphone)

Dodo Doodo Doodo Doododo (SFX)


With 20-millimeter cannon rapid fire, the other child dragon can’t endure it and collapse.
The adult dragon still doesn’t move at all while looking at the scene.
The child dragon that fell from the machine gun sweeps lost a lot of blood and flesh from its body that has been shoot full of holes. It’s depressed and crawled toward the other child dragon. Jiri, Jiri, little by little.
Finally, It reached the front legs and touched the body of another child dragon and stopped moving. Eternally.


「Uaa, uaa, uaaaaaaaaaaaaah!」(Big Ancient Dragon)


Finally regaining movement, the adult was semi-frenzied.


「Aaa, Aaah, Ryuryuuuuu, Teiryyyy!! Dead, they’re all dead!」(Big Ancient Dragon)


Cry in the dragon language. Only Mitsuha understand it.


「After 200 years… I finally have a little sister and brother. It’s big brother! It’s my fault, my stupid play, aahhhh~~~」(Big Ancient Dragon)


The adult dragon who is crying for a while, suddenly noticed that the 『God』 20 mm cannon, heavy machine guns, and RPG-27 antitank grenade launchers were all aiming towards them.


「Aaaaaaaaah~~」(Big Ancient Dragon)


I will be killed!
An Ancient Dragon like myself.
Will be killed by humans who I thought was weak and helpless, as a lower creature!


The Ancient dragon ran away.
It ran away in desperation.
Running, running, running through the human beings it allied with (trample the empire troops), crushing, skipping, running quite a bit, after having escaped from the one that can bring death to it.
And when it finally reached the place where it can’t be seen, it jumped, flied to the sky and escaped to the Valley of the Dragon.


The Imperial Army was suffering great damage.
Because the Ancient dragon ran straight from near the castle gate to where it could easy run away, that is… the highway.
It crushed and blown away almost the center of the imperial army.
The front line headquarters was there.
And in the road, there are still a lot of food and water, horse manger, replenishment arrow, various other supplies were in transit.

The supplies that already arrived were also put on that straight line.
It would be easy to put goods near vicinity of the road where you used to carry goods over.
As a result, the empire lost a lot of goods, the command system in a blink of an eye and was in a great disorder.

Now that they lost both the aerial cavalry which was a trump card to succeed unreasonable invasion, the support of the ancient dragon, and furthermore they lost control of monsters, all that left is just 『how to withdraw with less damage』


Not only the soldiers, but even the monsters realized.
Died, the ancient dragon which is a symbol of strength, and 2 of ancient dragons were killed so easily, the last one lost and ran so miserably.
Everyone, soldiers or monsters, they all witnessed that appearance, were greatly confused.
Mitsuha ordered the sweep again with heavy machinery, and even the Orcs and Ogres learned from the Ancient Dragon『They were drove to death by the human behind them』『They will be killed miserably』
and they ran away with all their strength. Cross through the Imperial Armies.




I don’t have much time left.
Let’s leave other matter like the post treatment or pursuit etc.  to the kingdom military or the reinforcements from the lords that would come in several days
I have to finish the work of the mercenaries.
Oh, it seems that the army of the traitor lords came to other gates.
It seems that they were planning to block Royalty and Aristocracy to escape, but some troops also tried to break the gate.
It seems that they were sweeped by heavy machine guns and the grenade barrels.
Yeah, people who left to protect other gates also seemed to have had their turn. They won’t complain later.


Let’s get back to the city.
When I thought so, I tried to call the captain, somehow, everyone was loading one of the child dragons in the truck.
Well, that’s good, though.


When I got tired and came back to the city without thinking anything, it was a serious thing.
Thunder shrine princess, no, that story is over.
The anger of God? Oh, did you hear everything?
Did you fall in love with that? Suspension bridge effect, perhaps.
Became your son’s bride?
What are you trying to pull here, my King?
I will still refuse even if the partner is sparkling person.
Ah, that might be a bit better.
You can recover, that girl.
Oh, please stop messing around.
Left shoulder, ah, the wound opens, blood, blood is ahhh!

(T.N: キラキラした方 Kirakira shita kata, sparkling person, in shoujo manga, handsome men often sparkling)

The Wolf Fang are very popular!
They are treated like heroes.
A woman holding a baby says 『Please touch her child』, please touch the child.
Ah, why do you touch the mother, there are children nearby watching!
Is there any girls saying『Touch my chest』? I don’t think so!
Well, this will be a problem if the Wolf Fang stayed too long,
so I will return everyone home promptly. It’s for variety of reasons, and most important is prevent a gun get stolen.
Well, I can’t just transfer everyone from this place, so I will do it in the courtyard again.


After teleport the Wolf Fang back, I met with the people in the courtyard and after talked a little, I got back soon because there were various things to do.
Of course, I also visited Alexis’s place.
It seems that he was very anxious, but he was pleased with the victory of the kingdom.


I will go to bed now.
The shop is also closed tomorrow.
No, because I don’t think that I can do some business even if I open it tomorow.




After a very long time passed, young dragons were talking about playing in the valley of the dragon.


「Hey, why don’t we go and play with the human?
As soon as you trample them, they will die so easily, but it seems fairly interesting to trample them as some kind of game」(Ancient Dragon Child 1)


One child dragon invites, but the other child dragon shows difficulty.


「Well, but, you know, there is a uncanny grandfather who lives alone in a cave in the mountain.

I always get yelled by that grandfather『Do not involved with humans』, 『Do not lay your hands on humans』

I just get yelled at everytime. I wonder if anything happen in the past, like he was hurt by human beings or something」(Ancient Dragon Child 2)

「Oh, that grandfather … Well, it will be a while … other people also don’t really want to get involved with that grandfather」(Ancient Dragon Child 1)

「That’s right, see you tomorrow!」(Ancient Dragon Child 2)

「Oh, see you!」(Ancient Dragon Child 1)

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    • A VERY bad idea.
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  5. Suggestion:
    Because the Ancient Dragon is a long-live race, the {birth}->{growth} of each child is very slow,

    Especially the girl, Ryuryu, {girl are premature}->{that girl is childish}.

    The problem is {}->{the} boy, Tiery, recently he suffered from that disease.

    I’m in trouble, but he is {longing for}->{respecting} me as older brother. well, I guess I am going to entertain him a little.

    Something amazing coming! 1 big one and 2 smaller one.
    Oh, {I seem to be}->{It seem I was} able to speak their language now because I have a first contact

    Oh, the big dragon is falling back. Stand beside it {}->{,}is another small one.

    「{All armed, ready to shoot at any time.}->{All arms, fire at will.} Machine guns, shoot」(Mitsuha’s wireless Microphone)

    Well, they must {never think about}->{have thought that} human being’s weapons {would}->{should not be able to} hurt the dragons

    It {openned}->{opened} its mouth and breath in, did it plan to attack us with Fire Breath!?

    The child dragon that fell from the machine gun sweeps lost a lot of blood and flesh from {the body whose meat has been gaudyly}->{its body that has been shoot full of holes}.

    The adult dragon who {}->{is} crying for a while, suddenly noticed that the 『God』

    they all witnessed that appearance, were {great}->{greatly} confused.

    and even the {Orc and Ogre}->{Orcs and Ogres} learned from the {Ancient Dragon}->{Ancient Dragons}『They were drove to death by the {human}->{humans} behind them』『They will be killed miserably』
    and they ran away with all their strength. Cross through the Imperial {Army}->{Armies}.

    {Feft shoulder}->{Left shoulder?}, ah, the wound opens, blood, blood is ahhh!

    Well, this will {}->{be} a problem if the Wolf Fang stayed too long,

    No, because I don’t think that {it can work even}->{I can do some business even if} I open it tomorow.

    「Hey, why don’t we go and play with the human?
    As soon as you trample {}->{them}, they will die so easily, but it seems fairly interesting to {play as a frame of the game}->{trample them as some kind of game}」(Ancient Dragon Child 1)

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