Mitsuha Manga Chapter 11-2: A Hairy Customer (continue)

Mitsuha Vol 1
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Official English Full name: Saving 80,000 gold coins in the different world for my old age

Mitsuha Credit Page.jpg

Author: FUNA

Novel Author. “I will save 80,000 gold coins in the different world in preparation for the old age” and made a debut post as “Become a novelist”. Other works, “I said that the ability is average value!” , “Survive with a potion”.
This time, a very ordinary girl, Mitsuha, that can teleport between the worlds.
No, where in it is “ordinary”! (^ ^) /
Mitsuha has child-like body, but her brain is apparently beating other girls in the comic world! No, I like her already !! “(FUNA)

Novel Illustrator: Tozai.

Covering and drawing illustrations for “I will save 80,000 gold coins in the other world for old age”.
“Character information, pictorial information, thank you for enjoying the work with both.” (Tozai)

Mangaka: Motoe

manga artist. Born from Aichi prefecture. In 2007, won the 8th Sirius Rookie Prize.

In his book “Oya dances at a martial arts association” “Hamamura Nagisa’s calculation note” (original work / Aoyagi Akito).
“A child-like girl Mitsuha is a story about doing business while playing with young girls in different worlds and fighting enemies with modern weapons.
I hope you enjoy the powerful Mitsuha chan.
A handsome little man and a lot of old men will also appear! “(Motoe)

Mitsuha Manga Chapter 11: A Hairy Customer

Translator’s Note: I finally installed back Photoshop CS6 and all needed fonts.

From now, I will translate manga first.

Who know if the HDD will break again and I will lose Manga raw fille.

Novel will always be there to translate when I have time but Niconico will delete manga after some time pass.

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Page 2Mitsuwa Chapter 11 Page 14 a.jpg

Page 3Mitsuwa Chapter 11 Page 15 a.jpg

Page 4Mitsuwa Chapter 11 Page 16 a.jpg

Page 5Mitsuwa Chapter 11 Page 17 a.jpg

Page 6Mitsuwa Chapter 11 Page 18 a.jpg

Page 7Mitsuwa Chapter 11 Page 19 a.jpg

Page 8Mitsuwa Chapter 11 Page 20 a.jpg

Page 9Mitsuwa Chapter 11 Page 21 a.jpg

Page 10Mitsuwa Chapter 11 Page 22 a.jpg

Page 11Mitsuwa Chapter 11 Page 23 a.jpg

Page 12Mitsuwa Chapter 11 Page 24 a.jpg



Mitsuha Manga Chapter 1 Page 02 a
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  1. I feel like the progress is so fast, but that is just how it is in manga right?

    Thx for the chapter 😀


    • It’s the same as Novel.
      Only minus a few blah-blah-blah to explain every action that can be explained by picture in manga.
      Actually the manga is even longer and more detail than Novel in some part. (I use Novel as standard to translate manga)


      • yeah cause she doesn’t need to explain how something looks like a dress or how a location looks cause in mange you can just show it and throw in some dialogue about it instead like people whispering its beautiful and such


        • I think this manga is made from Light Novel instead of Web Novel that we read.

          It was rearranged, minus, plus many detail parts.
          I can find about 90% words/dialog/detail of manga in the the Novel
          and about 80% of words/dialog/detail of the novel in the Manga.

          That’s why only 10%-20% is my own translate, about 80%-90% can be found in Onichan-translated-novel in different time-line than the Novel.


  2. Page 3:
    You remember well, {Pritta}->{Britta}

    [It is girls ABC and their name is “A”nke, “B”ritta and “C”arla]

    Liked by 2 people

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