Sei Manga Chapter 1-2

Mangaka: Fujiazuki

Author: Yuka Tachibana

Official English Name and Novel Update name:

The Power of the Saint is All Around

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Sei Manga Chapter 1-2


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Sei 2
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    • Sorry but you can’t and MC can’t.
      And soon, this series will become too sweet to handle.
      As you wish I will tell (no more details to avoid spoilers)
      You can read novel available on Novel Update though.

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      • I’ve read the avaiable translated chapters, so it wouldn’t be spoilers for me at least, and my opinion doesn’t change

        As I said, “If I was in MC’s situation” and “once get the chance”


    • She couldn’t. It’s covered in chapter 1 though the novel covers it in more detail but the roads outside are dangerous, a single woman walking out on the roads is like a free buffet (figuratively) for thieves and literally for miasma beasts.

      It’s like saying a Western girl should walk through ISIS territory, you know what’s probably going to happen.

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      • I read the novel, and for this reason I said “If I was in MC’s situation” and “once get the chance”

        Once get to learn a bit of magic, either for work and/or self-defense, and sell “certain things” to get money, I would go to other country, for both rencour to be kidnapped, and search some method to return to Earth

        While being in royal palace, I would priorize to learn all the avaiable material about the summoning, or try to copy, to be posible search similar material to other countries, and some clue to return

        The biggest risk in this route, is that the kidnappers finally decide to retain me by force, and/or even escaping, they decide to realize other summon, creating other victim


        • There was no chance and never was a chance.
          That world is dying.
          The people were so desperate that they needed to summon the saint after all.

          Repeat what Owl said, what you are plan to do is like some stupid female character in Honor movie like to do.
          Those girls and other people get stuck in some isolate land. With a lot of man eater monster.
          There were a lot of knights / soldiers willing to die in order protect those girls.
          The first thing, those girls were doing is sneak out once they get a chance. Dreaming about coming back alone. Just to get killed or make everyone get killed too when trying to save those girls.

          Magic in this novel isn’t all mighty like some OP novel. What she had is only OP healing magic.


      • I would prefer risk to die than be used for some fanatic kidnappers

        Also, this setting remembers to me to other web novel, “Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru!”.
        Do you think that even saving all the world, they let to these girls simply try to return to Earth? They would force them to marriage with royalty or some other important noble, to be sure that the Saintess bloodline is preserved and loyal to the country

        If She even wish a little chance to return to Earth, or at least live a normal quiet life, she has to get out the country as fast as posible. Once learnt about healing magic and medicine, she would can sell the services for money


        • What in the world are you angry about ?
          Don’t put your own selfish thinking on others.
          Do you even read the Novel properly?
          Or you just read some chapters and decided that for yourself?

          First, THAT WHOLE WORLD RESPECT HER, the only one rude is that prince, the one that she wonders if he would go Bald in the future.

          The King and Prime Minister won’t hold their head in agony if they use force.

          Now, she lives in a better condition, more like this is what she dreams about. Unlike a white collar slave back in Japan.

          This is a rare summon Isekai manga/novel that only has 1 Anti-Protagonist that the only bad thing he did was ignored MC and all other characters are like-able.

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      • I’m afraid that you misunderstand me

        I said at first “If I was in MC’s situation”

        If the MC decides that she like this life in this world, it is her own decision and I respect, but I wouldn’t accept if suddenly I was in her situation, and I would try to realize my previous ideas. I recognize that my explanation can be applied to all “isekai” story, but it is my opinion

        You speak about “angry” right?
        Even interesting, I hate the settings like TateYusha, Isekai Mahou, Log Horizon, Arifureta (to say some of the most known stories) where some people or self-proclaimed god kidnap people to use them

        You said “This is a rare summon Isekai manga/novel that only has 1 Anti-Protagonist that the only bad thing he did was ignored MC and all other characters are like-able.”
        Anyway, in my opinion, and I’ve re-read the chapters with other characters’ POV, they are just trying that the MC lives a good life in this country, to try to avoid that she want to go. And I remember in the novel version, some character trying to retain her, saying the she would be unable to survive for herself
        I think that if she was to say suddenly something like: “I’ve learnt enough to survive for myself, I have no more reason to stay in this country, so I will to travel, to search how return to my own country, bye”, they would try to retain her somehow

        And even travel would be risky, I would wish to return to Earth, and staying in this country would be imposible to get it. Because I think that with this setting, even resolving all the problems, both girls will be forced to marry with the royalty or some other important family, to try to attach them to the country



          The country allow her to do anything she wanted. Check the forbiden spell and evrything. But there isn’t a way to go back to Earth.

          Second, she go with everyone in the monster cleansed mission, she about to die if everyone don’t shield her. (She is Over Power but never enough for self-defend. Not to mention holy magic won’t work on human / bandits.

          Third: It’s only your opinion to hate the summon type novels / mangas .
          Imaging our world the Earth in reality will be crash by a meteor in about a month,
          would you hate your country’s president for summon SUPERMAN to change that meteor direction ?
          Of course the whole world (Earth) love / worship him like a god/saint and his beloved Lois Lane is here too.
          The only hater is Lex Luther on Earth Ignored Superman. Not insulted, not hurting nor do anything to SUPERMAN.

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      • Don’t you know, it’s easy to fight a war, you just see the bullet flying at you then you step out of the way and run very fast and use your finger to poke the enemy to death. lol.
        Talk is cheap.

        If I was a kidnapper without morals, I’m sure you’ll follow me willingly after I break one finger for every time you resist. No worries, you got 16 joints for both hands, I’m sure you’ll reconsider your stance after 3 or 4 of them get broken.

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      • Loli

        I remember that they said to the MC that they have no method to return them to Earth, but you should consider that they simply have never investigated because they never needed

        Both Isekai Mahou and Arifureta’s MC decide to discover for themself how retuen to Earth. And of course they are OP, but I consider Mushouku Tensei’s Shizuka in this group too, and most similar to this story’s MC, being no OP. The most important thing is the will to ivestigate new things, and never surrender

        You’ve used a Superman-ike example, but on this case, even accepting, I think that the government should completely guarantee his/her identity hidden, and compromise to do all the posible to return them to the homeworld once done
        But this setting, is already complicated in our real modern world, in a medieval world, would be impossible


        You’re really brutal with this example

        And speaking for self-defense, if I was in MC’s situation, I would ask to be trained for the knights, to learn for self-defense. They would to be a good idea that the saint can defense for herself, so be prepared once she get out to the world


        • Sigh, the knights can’t even defend themselves.
          It Sei Saint Power trigger when the knight in danger that save everyone.

          Well, just read more and you see.

          In Manga, it really show how happy she is.


      • …so you’re asking your enemy to teach you self defence. One that wants you to rely on them. lol.
        Yeah, right, I can tell you the answer right now.



    • I think that this is a romance story. That everyone is too blinded by their emotions, either friendly or hostile, to think clearly, is kind of the whole point. Yes, they hide things from her, make all sorts of false assumptions and end up inflicting “care” upon her that is actually harmful, and in many ways engineer a situation in which she has no alternative but to be a prize for the kingdom’s forces to win. But she is just thrilled with that because she gets to fawn over pretty boys and crush any insults to her just by existing. That is just how romance works. If you actually think about ethics or the practical requirements for “happily ever after” the you will have a bad time. If you want a good time, then just enjoy seeing characters smooshed up against each other like a six-year-old holding dollies heads together and saying they are kissing…Strictly “brains off and enjoy the feels” entertainment. It is very entertaining if you don’t approach it with any rationality and actually like the relationships.


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