Sei Manga Chapter 1-3

Mangaka: Fujiazuki

Author: Yuka Tachibana

Official English Name and Novel Update name:

The Power of the Saint is All Around

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Sei Manga Chapter 1-3


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Sei 2
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  1. Nice speed! Is this also a light novel too? Sorry if that is a stupid question. Wait… Looks Like CloudyTL is doing it… Time time slam more meaningless light novels into my brain!


  2. Suggestion:
    Page 1:
    {The next day I also visit the royal garden}->{The next day, I also visit the royal garden}/{I also visit the royal garden on the next day}

    Page 3:
    The royal garden is so wide and it has {a considerately}->{a considerable} distance with the research institute

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    • Actually, on page one all of the text that is in the boxes should be in past tense with the exception of, “He is…” The verbs need to be in the past tense because she is reminiscing about things that have been completed in the past. Only the fact that he is a researcher is still something that’s going on—in other words, he hasn’t stopped being a researcher, even at the moment when she’s reminiscing.

      “From the next day, he tell me…” ->
      “From that day on, he told me…”


  3. Thanks for the update

    But please, don’t misunderstand me by my comments in the previous chapter

    If she decides that she is happy in this world, it is her own decision. She would can interprete as a new life in a new world (most summoned in other stories do it too, even take a new name sometimes)

    I just said that I never would do like her if I was in her situation. Also, even really being imposible to return, She won’t can live a normal life in the current setting. With the skills shown in latter novel chapters, it doesn’t mind if she really is the Saint or not, they will try to control her somehow


    • The big problem isn’t your goals, it’s your massive underestimation of the problems involved and the assumption that anyone hostile to you is so stupid as to help you along.

      No money, no food, no means of self defence, no shelter, no clothing, no knowledge of the geography (city OR country level) or social cues, your situation would be classed as ‘in deep shit’.

      I’ll give you a very basic example. How are you going to start a fire to keep warm without a lighter or fuel? You know how hard is it to start a fire by ‘rubbing 2 sticks’? Go try it then come back and tell us how it went.

      SERE is not that easy, it’s why it is reserved for aircrew and SOF only. Neither Sei nor you are at that level.

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  4. I’ve done sometimes, to run 2 sticks to start a fire

    Anyway, although I understand your ideas, it is for this reason that I said “once get the chance”

    Obviosly She would need first to learn about the common sense of this world, inclusind as you said “knowledge of the geography and social cues”, for money she would can get working as a lealer and selling creations

    But the biggest risk is that while these world’s problems are happening or even once done, they wouldn’t let neither live a normal life or investigate how return to Earth. The most probably is that they woill force both girls to marry either royalty or some important associate


    • Don’t you hear me.
      They are worship as Saint, as goddess.
      No-one dare to force them, touch them, bad mouth them nor go against their will.
      Even the King is really hesitate to request for her help.
      The King and Minister really want to have her but they all hold their head in agony

      I read far ahead and (Spoiler) I said the only bad thing happen to Sei is that childlish Prince that Sei wondered he world go bald, ignored her in the first chapter.
      Even the King must appologize to her.
      The Prince is about to lose his right to the throne…


      • Don’t bother any more, he’s got his ideology and he’ll blindly follow it even if he has to die. Even after he dies, I bet he’ll still not admit he’s being stupid. It’s like Communism, fanatic believers don’t admit it doesn’t work even now. Logic does not work on ideological extremists and Irina’s case is ‘Freedom at all costs, even if I feed myself to wild dogs’.

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    • right, you ‘run’ 2 sticks to light a fire. Forgot your lighter or matches? Did you succeed? Unless you stay somewhere deep in the jungle or forest without civilization, I severely doubt you do that. Even survivalist fundamentalists use at least flint or lighters, ‘cold start’ survival living is almost non-existent in the world these days. I think you’re lying just to try winning a stupid argument and frankly, your degree of hubris and careless stupidity is dangerous to health. Go run out into the forest with only a coat and a lady’s handbag for just 2 days and see how far you get. If you don’t get eaten by the wildlife first.


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