Sei Manga Chapter 1-4

Mangaka: Fujiazuki

Author: Yuka Tachibana

Official English Name and Novel Update name:

The Power of the Saint is All Around

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Sei Manga Chapter 1-4


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Sei 2
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  1. Thanks for the update

    I pray that you’re all right

    Because there is no guarantee, that as the story develops, appear problems
    For the material that I’ve read, the usual setting in similar stories and yours words, It exists 3 main threats now, from short to middle and long term:

    a. The crown prince, for rancor, considers the MC responsable of his current bad situation, and try to kill her somehow, usually paying assassins or threatining someone of the place where Sei works, to poison her

    b. Once it happen some problem with the monsters or similar, some people will begin to proclaim the the Saints are either false or they aren’t doing their work correctly

    c. Even you say “They are worship as Saint, as goddess” and “The King and Minister really want to have her but they all hold their head in agony”, I think that most of them are just hesitant for the very delicate moment of this world. Once the inmediatly threat be either eliminated or controlled, I’m sure that they will priorize to “preserve the Saint’s bloodline” than “their human rights”

    Also, unlike Kaoru of your other tanslation and very similar behavior to Sei I think, this MC neither have any divine protection hurting or killing any person trying to hurt them nor are inmortal


    • Uhm… SPOILER

      In that world, as long as people still have bad thought, those malicious thought will materialize into monsters.
      That means the world will never attain peace.
      Saint will be always needed and worshiped. (Go against her will lose people support, that Prince about to lose his right to the throne because he will bad-mouth Sei once more time in the future and the King reprimand him)

      There are many saints before but her descendant won’t have anything special (No forced marry because there’s no use)


      • For your spoilers, both “a” and “b” can happen anyway

        And “c”, there is not guarantee that some crazy person, either believe it, or simplt want to integrate the Saint magical potential to his family or something like this. this matter happens in some future chapters of other of your translations

        Anyway, we both have stated with our opinions, so till appear some important material, I’ll finish this debate


      • …. nothing like what you wish to happen is going to happen for the next 2 volumes.
        No poisoning, no problem with monsters, no murders, no forced marriages, no people dying, no sword stabbing people’s guts, no rapes, no evil demon king.

        You’re in the wrong story, you might want to go read others which you’ll like more like Shield Hero or Arifuta.


      • People are NOT psychic and will absolutely assume that bloodline is a thing if they have a bloodline concept in their society, which they do because they have royalty. Sainthood doesn’t even need to be hereditary for this to be a thing, they can just want her in their bloodline to increase their legitimacy. So the genetics of saints has no significant impact on whether or not they have political reasons to believe that they should force* her into the royal family for the good of the kingdom.

        *force as in deprive them of choice. Physical force is unlikely, but they rule the country, they can manipulate her environment to an extreme degree. For example *spoiler* they don’t tell her about the saint’s position in their society *spoiler end*. They can tell her where it is safe, they can tell her who can be trusted, they can tell her about all the most heroic people and their deeds, with whatever biases they care for, they can control her food and living arrangements… With the extent to which they can study her responses and control her circumstances they don’t need to touch her once nor do anything to harm** her to completely control her life.

        **”Harm” as they see it. It is truly amazing what people can believe is in another’s best interests…


        • The problem is they don’t even know about it.
          They don’t know what they don’t know to tell her anything.
          There’re a lot of Saint before Sei, none of their descendants have any power nor politics.

          The Saint is more important than the King himself, lose the king that country just lose a leader, a prince will replace.
          Lose the saint, that world will perish.
          The king know what, Prime minister know that, the knights know that, everyone know that.
          No-one dare to go against the saint here.
          Not even the Royal, or the Citizen will riot or the knight will go against their orders. etc

          The King know about Sei but the first thing he do is “Hold his head in agony” about how to protect Sei or not make her angry.


      • It’s not a spoiler when it didn’t happen. They told her about the importance of the saint. Don’t edit the story to your own convenience.

        Sigh… She’s the SECOND saint from another world… and only one of a long history of saints. EVERY TIME the miasma acts up, a saint will pop up, only twice was there a gap for the saints of that world. With so many saints, you think they don’t know that her powers are not bloodline related? As for ‘guided relationship’, don’t see anything wrong with that, it happens everywhere, from you going out of your way to cross paths with a girl, to ‘marriage interviews’, to dating sites, you’re just shading it with innuendo and bad faith assumptions which makes it look bad. It’s like office politics where you use tone to imply someone is bad without saying it.


    • …WTF, You’re totally reading the wrong series, nothing like that happens and if you’re expecting it to, you’re reading the wrong series. This is a slice of life rom-com, not edgy politico-adventure thriller. You’re reading the wrong genre.

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      • Even if the power is random, the potential to be able to use this power probably isn’t random, and there isn’t guarantee that some crazy think that he will obtain big benefits if he get to control the saint

        Even if the genre of the story be “officially” different, and the individual actions too, the main matter is still the same, some egoist magical person or self-proclaimed god kidnapping innocent people to use either for political tools or for fanatism, with the excuse to “save the world”

        For my POV, perspective, it doesn’t matter if their reasons are legitimate or not, they have robbed some innocent people lifes

        It is for this reason that if I was in some of these caracter’s situation, at first I would pretend to cooperate to learn about the common sense of this world and other iportant things, similar to your points,even if I act a bit distrustful most would consider logical n this situation. Finally once get the chance, I would escape


      • Yup, I thought so. Ideologue bigot.
        Your mind is fixed in place so there’s not much point in continuing.


        • Or, maybe he is just a troll that has fun when we become angry ?

          Or his favourite is Horror, Tregady, Guro that he saw even shoujo, slice of life, romcom in that light ?


      • They did pretty much murder her. I mean, she is still doing things, but most people believe that about death. The confirmed things about death is the matters of separation from your existing life, and by all accounts, that is absolutely consistent with what has happened to her. The difference is that they did it because they wanted her, rather than wanting to be rid of her, and could guarantee that she would have an afterlife(in a deadly world that she can’t travel in nor be free to choose her own responsibilities), but the fact is that they did it wilfully and the outcome is identical to murder in every verifiable way. That is a really really really bad way to start your relationship.

        They immediately control her life. Limiting her information and freedom. Oh, certainly, she could have just demanded to do whatever, but she didn’t know. Seems innocent enough “She just didn’t know, how is that their fault?” but considering that she is from an alien world, it is upon them to assume that she doesn’t know anything about her situations and requires an education upon such things. ***spoiler*** At the point I last remembered from the novel, they were actively avoiding telling her that the saint could basically demand anything they wanted, which is very clearly not compatible with the level of respect that they were supposed to have…***spoiler ends***

        Irena’s position is absolutely valid. I don’t agree that that is the best way to handle it, but the concept of this situation being extremely fishy and that trying to attain independence should be a constant and primary priority and that the protagonist consistently fails to achieve this is not wrong. Irena’s mistake lies in thinking that there is anything sensible about romance stories. She only has the people’s word for it that there are monsters, and ***spoiler*** when she sees the monster infestation first-hand there is nothing there, the evidence points to the forest being a place that she could wander through easily with her failing to get any first-hand experience of monsters at all,***spoiler end*** and there is no evidence of inclement weather that she would need shelter from. She could just wander out with a string hammock and a moth’s supplies and trek upstream to get the lay of the land with no issue. No cold to need a fire against(and fire really isn’t a good choice for that), no storms to need shelter against, and no dangerous wildlife in evidence. She would, by all evidence, have actually been successful if she had done so. The story is completely ridiculous from a perspective of her doing what is needed to live happily. But she is surrounded by pretty boys who are all too thrilled to let her play with her little hobbies, which is all that any girl needs to be completely foolfilled! Such a lovely romance story! On the other hand, if this were a tragedy, then… Well, in Les Miserables she would be playing the role of a naive moron who ends up broken in a gutter, but it was probably despair what really did her in. Different stories have different rules. She is free to be silly and trusting in this one because that is in the script…


        • You just don’t read the Novel nor remember the details at all, do you ?

          SPOILER: there’s no plot twist. Everything they said is true, they never lie to them.
          There are many different POV chapters that point out EVERYTHING.
          I said EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING.
          This series is simple Josei + Slice of Life + Fantasy + Isekai.
          There’s no death because Sei can heal them. There’s no dangerous because Sei is the Saintess (She will activate her plot armor) to save the day, the world.

          You can think however you want but I read way far ahead.
          The series has a simple plot, everything Sei do is over power and save the day.
          Make too much potion? A crisis that need a lot of potion.
          Try cooking? Over power meals that boost ability.
          Make cometics? Super Cometics that work better than Modern Science.
          Enchant Item? Nation Treasure Item can be made with no effort at all.
          Bad mouth Sei? Reprind by the King in public, about to lose the right to throne.

          Want to spoiler more ?


      • ….why do your ‘spoilers’ never happen?

        As for wildlife and hammocks, it reminded me of one very funny incident in my army days. We were a recon team sent to survey a road junction during an exercise so we tied up cloth hammocks to trees, cloth hammocks being more compact and lighter than sleeping bags we were issued with. I and my buddy were watching the road when I turned around and saw a huge ass monitor lizard about 2m long nose one of my teammate’s hammock where he was sleeping. I yelled at them and my teammate woke up, poked his head out his hammock in my direction…..then turned to look at what I was yelling at….less than half a meter away from the face of the monitor lizard. lol. He screamed. I’m not sure who was more shocked, him or the lizard, both ran in opposite directions.

        On a more relevant topic, in the wild, I’ve crossed dogs I had to kick away with my boots, black cobras and mambas, spent nights freezing in the Australian desert with no water (army exercise, look up Talisman Saber), and all the while, I had the support of modern conveniences with me and a whole army support structure behind me. I do not think an office lady with only a handbag and coat is going to survive solo in the wilds. One wild dog pack and bye bye. If they don’t kill you, you got wound infections to worry about, not to mention environment exposure. I know of even SAS soldiers that died from exposure (look up Bravo 2-0, Desert Shield, ~half the team died from hypothermia when they lost contact). If even special forces can die from environmental exposure, you think an office lady has a better chance? Even these days, we get hikers lost in national parks and getting rescued days later half dead.

        I think modern people these days seriously underestimate the dangers of going into the wild unprepared because they’re too used to hiking with stoves, tents, bush knives, prepackaged food etc. It’s not wilderness survival, it’s a camping trip.

        Not to mention I doubt Guest knows how far a person can walk in a day. 2.5 mph/4 km/h. I’ll be generous and assume 16 hours walking time. That’s 40 miles a day/65 km, not assuming you need to stop and hunt for food. Take your country as an example, from the middle, try to figure out how long you have to walk before you can even get out of the country.

        Irina’s biggest problem is that he is reading one thing and expecting a different genre. You are right, this is a romance story. He was expecting a world domination political murder thriller. Which is why his ‘suggestions’ are all leaning towards that direction.


      • Sorry, Guest’s spoilers. Loli’s ones are in line with the novel. Guest’s ‘spoilers’ never happened.


  2. Some slight mistakes

    -Here it came
    -Here it comes

    -You also need high level production skill as well
    -You also need a high level production skill as well

    -How to pour the magical power
    -How do I pour magical power

    -Sei is really talent
    -Sei is really talented

    -Isn’t it still too soon to make potion
    -Isn’t it still too soon to make potions


    It’s just some tense errors, nothing too serious.

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    • Also, the second thing you called a pot, the final container the finished potion was put into, is a bottle, in American English at least. Usually, a container that is tall and thin is a bottle, and one that is short to medium-sized and is also wide is a pot if you can use it to cook on a stove or a bowl otherwise. On the other hand, I have seen people discuss a “pot of jam” before, but I think that was in British writing and I’m not familiar with their usage of these terms.


      • Page 8, last panel:
        “Let’s make it! Potion” [Note that you forgot the ending punctuation at the very end.] ➡ “Let’s make it! That potion.”
        “Let’s make some— Some of that potion!”

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