Sei Manga Chapter 2-3

Mangaka: Fujiazuki

Author: Yuka Tachibana

Official English Name and Novel Update name:

The Power of the Saint is All Around

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Sei Manga Chapter 2-3

NOTE: Even if you scream “Cliff-Hanger” , the next chapter part won’t be availble anytime sooner, so please calm down. I already try my best


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Sei 2
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  1. Suggestion:
    Page 2:
    It’s not {}->{one} of the dragon species but it’s still a high-ranking demon

    Page 3:
    All injured {people}->{peoples} were in a room in the royal palace

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  2. Wait. Pretty boy prince being distracted by cute girls is one thing.

    But if you summon a saint with OP healing powers, and DON’T bring them to scenes of bad injury . . . why the hell did you even bother?!?

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  3. Would you please stop wasting time translating such weak stuff and would please focus on quality mangas/novels?
    In this SEI manga, nothing happens and the chapters are like super short…


    • Well, Nico Nico began to delete manga.
      I already saved them on my HDD but last time my HDD broke and I lost about 7 parts of Kaoru manga because of that.

      GYYAAAA, WHY!?

      My HDD is just cost half my monthly pay so I don’t really mind. Lost my savegames that I play for years, well I can play to that state back later. Lost HDD of my anime and image, well, I can download it later.

      But 7 chapters of Kaoru.
      7 Chapters of Kaoru, I’m telling you.


      Should I skip 7 chapters and translate Kaoru then?
      You can understand with the Novels though.


      • Worst new ever.
        So they’re lost in the warp for eternity. And I’ve been wondering why there isn’t any potion manga chap for a while.
        There’s no way we can see them again? I think skipping is fine, too late to regret now.

        This stuff happened to me before, and I decided to put most stuffs that I think can’t be found anywhere on my Google drive storage. HDD these days fail so easily, your own comp isn’t the safest place to keep things anymore.


      • Well it’s not like we don’t already know what happens for a good while anyway so it’s not as much of a tragic moment of torture as it could be.

        rip evil loli action though.


      • I vote Kaoru.
        Even if it was only the “Potion” Novel not Manga (preferably both).

        But it is sad I can not find raws on the net. Maybe on purely japanese websites. But those require actual Japanese.
        Maybe someone would create a thread on some board (imageboard?) in manga section and ask there for raws?


    • And until I’m done with the Manga, I will not translate Novels.

      Novels always there to translate but not with Manga.
      Nico Nico will delete and leave only chapter1, 2, 3 and 2 last chapters.
      Once we miss it, we can never get it back just like Kaoru.

      Because this time I only translate manga, so here is your choice:

      1, Translate Kaoru manga that skip 7 chapters?
      2, Continue Translate Asley manga from chapter 2+ ?
      3, Mitsuha Manga new chapter will release soon so translate it as soon as it’s ready ?
      4, Continue with Sei manga ?


  4. It’s like a Komodo that breaths fire. A commode (toilet) that breaths fire is scary in a different sense lol.
    -crosses legs in terror-


  5. These chapters are oh-so-short… I mean, 6-7 pages? I’m used to 20-30 pages. Maybe the history is not that popular…

    On the other hand, thanks for your efforts, translatorLoli-O-Mamoritai sensei. I feel better after reading this.

    For those that want to know what happens next, you can always look for the light novel…


  6. Thanks for the update

    I vote for third or fourth option

    Although I recognize that Kaoru has gained my respect, saying clearly “not” to the prince before all the nobles. If Mile was able to do the same to her homecountry’s king, it would be easier get an average life style


    • Oh, I thought you hate Sei manga?
      May I take it that you love Sei manga?
      But you saw many BAD / WORST manga/novel similar that make you PREPARE FOR THE WORST in your mind to avoid hurt ?

      Well, I can at least reassure you until… let’s see… Chapter 200+ (Base on Web Novel, Light Novel info and the Manga info itself)
      Because that’s all Web Novel available.

      At little spoiler

      That childlish prince already had fiance,
      a super nice girl and really pretty,
      the King also treat her as daughter in law/future queen,
      which means no force marriage.

      Sei breaks common sense about 9-10 times until then, the King and the Prime Minister hold their head in agony about 5 times (that can’t compare with Mile, Kaoru or Mitsuha though)


      • Please, don’t misunderstand me

        Personally I like the story, both manga and novel version. I simply explained to be disagree with MC’s decisions, and explained what would be my actions if I was in MC’s place
        But if she decides to accept the life in this world as her new life, good luck and go ahed. Finish

        I haven’t enough details about your spoilers to imagine the probaly development, so I’ll wait for now

        And your last point, If I understood correctly, Sei provoke more headaches than the others characters, you should consider:
        – Mile is hidden from the homecountry, and she is avoiding the formal encounters with current country’s king, that wish to use her obviosly (no more details to avoid spoiler future arc)
        – Kaoru has already acted against the commonly assumed common sense, since she rejected the crown prince before all country’s nobles, and other later complications. But most people think that she is either a demi-god or their goddesses’s messanger, from their PoV the common sense can’t be applied to her.
        – Mitsuha is the most simple. She is a merchant, and later get good relations with some important people, so she is using it in her own benefit. From my PoV, the most reasonable MC in this website

        Pd: Anyway, from this website’s stories (including Arge and Mira to the previous list), the MC with more potential problems to get her wished life is Mile, for a key factor
        All the others MC, either the other people know that they are from a different world or from a very far away land/country. In this setting, I think that most people can, at least in an unconscious level, understand that their usual common sense maybe can’t be applied to these characters
        On the other hand, Mile or Adel was born in this world and her feature with otherworld soul is hidden, so the peopkle is unable to imgine that “their common sense” doesn’t work in her

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        • Then, you are my friend.
          I’m a simple person,
          anyone insult the novel/manga/characters is my enemy.
          Neutral is anyone who hate the series but don’t insult because people have different taste and option,
          anyone love/enjoy it is my friend.


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