Kaoru Manga Missing Chapters Noticed

My HDD was broken a while back, and the most damaged is lost Kaoru Manga Chapter Raws that I already downloaded that was already deleted from NicoNico site

For understanding, please read these Novel Chapters to catch up.

Chapter 6: The Great Escape

Chapter 7: fugitive-temporary-goddess

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    • Nico Nico is a special website.
      Img only appear to member and when it still available.
      Not even download website on Phone nor PC can view it offline.
      It’s only appear a website with no Img.


      • >prince screen
        >Save as JPEG

        Specially for you I made this short tutorial. It is for Firefox, but I’m sure, that this can be done in most other browsers too.
        1. Open “Web Inspector” (Ctrl+Shift+C)
        2. Find element with the image on page. You can find it by searching keyword like “page_0” in “Web Inspector”, or choose on webpage (try button in the top-left corner of “Web Inspector”). You need the element.

        4. Copy “Image Data URL”.

        5. Paste it into the address bar and press Enter.

        6. Right mouse button click; “Save Image As”

        And please, don’t save manga pages in JPEG. It is a lossy file format. It uses discrete cosine transform to represent pixel data, and that’s why it blurs images with highly contrast contours.
        Here is example. On the left is a JPEG image from this site. On the right is a PNG image, retrieved from Nico Nico.

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      • “You need the element.” -> “You need the “canvas” element.”
        Tag was removed from previous message.

        And welcome to the world of DRM bypassing!


      • Also, have you tried to recover images from broken hard drive? Images can be found on hard drive by their signatures (common parts) even if the file system is completely broken. If you are familiar with *nix operation systems (or know someone, who are familiar), try using the tool named “scalpel”. It does exactly what I have said. Obviously, don’t do it on half-broken HDD itself, make dump for it.


    • >Wait, JPEG is worse than PNG ?
      JPEG was designed for photo-realistic images. It achieves high compression rate by slightly damaging the source image.It is almost imperceptible with real photos, but it is unacceptable with most of computer graphics.

      PNG uses a compression algorithm similar to those used in file archiving programs. So, it doesn’t damage images, but does not achieve such big compression rates most of the time. But there are examples of images, which can be compressed better by PNG than JPEG.

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      • i did tried the print screen -> paste method before but the img quality is bad tho. i tried the web inspector method u mentioned but couldn’t find the option for copy “Image Data URL”. I mainly use chrome btw


      • I’ve tried to do the same in Chromium, and it seems like the option to simply copy image from canvas is a unique feature of Firefox. But I found out that canvas element has .toDataURL() method in JavaScript, which does the same thing. So, you can choose “Copy XPath” and use it in JavaScript Console to get image.

        In console you need to write
        to open new window with image. Here “//*[@id=\”page_0\”]/div/canvas” is XPath with escaped quotes. $x is function, available in Chrome/Cromium’s Console (but not in Console from Firefox), which retrieves list of elements with specified XPath. “[0]” gets the first element from retrieved list. .toDataURL() converts canvas to vee-ee-eeery long string. And window.open() opens that loo-oo-oong string as URL in new tab for us, so we don’t need to scroll and scroll and scroll the Console while pressing mouse button to select the image string to copy/paste it.

        I hope, that filters on this site will not cut that line with code.

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      • mile manga thai version also there. its only up to chapter 12. but if you thinking about translating that s well you can find it there tho


        • I don’t like Mile Manga, they skipped almost everything, change the settings and the art style is quite bad compare to the LN

          (Even to the lastest chapter, Red Oath still didn’t know detail of Mile average abilities) But in Manga just chapter everyone knew it was 7.800 times.
          They also skipped “Wonder three” , Marcella the heroine that I loved the most. (Mile is the protag / MC, not heroine)


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