Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1: The Great Escape

Disclaimer: I didn’t owe the manga nor the novel chapter

Everything belongs to their respected Author

I just simply copy / download from internet, translate and paste it here.

Raw: http://seiga.nicovideo.jp/watch/mg233785?ct_now

Novel Author: FUNA sensei

Mangaka Artist: Kokonoe Hibiki sensei Pixiv acc

Support the Author and Mangaka, buy a copy whenever it ready in your country

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Translator’s Note:

Greeting everyone. I just translate this chapter from Thai to English by google translate.

And check that “English” with the Novel,

choose the words from Novel

Please Remember

I don’t know Thai language at all,

I don’t even know if I type the correct Thai words for google translate,

nor know the google translate give the right meaning.

Even I choose the most suitable words from Novel,

but this isn’t a correct translate because I don’t have the Japanese Raw to check. And The Thai version already has cleansed once, the imagine got heavy damaged.

We will continue to have 4 more chapter: 4-2 , 5-1, 5-2, 6-2 with this bad quality

Kaoru Manga Chapter 4-1: The Great Escape

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  1. For you guy who wanna know what’s on the first page.

    เด็กสาวเกิดใหม่ต่างโลก นามคาโอรุ
    ทั้งที่ได้พลังโกงมา แต่ความแตกอย่างไวซะอย่างงั้น!!

    The girl who reincarnated to another world, Kaoru.
    She got a cheat ability, but her power got reveal too fast!!
    Can she escape from the shitty baron!?

    ตัวเป็นเด็กอายุ 15 แต่สมองเป็นผู้ใหญ่
    ศิลปะการหนีอันสุดบรรเจิด กำลังจะเริ่มขึ้นแล้วค่ะ♥

    Even with body of 15 years old girl, she got brain of adult.
    The art of escape is about to start desu.♥

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  2. page 2

    It’s necessary for my escape… ==> As for the water, I can just crate the potion and drink it.


    Page 3

    And then, the baron invited me for a meal with his family ==> During the lunch, I asked baron that I will try to fix the tool.

    The conversation during meals is bland …. ==> I lie to him that it might take a while and I have no intention to escape / go out.


    Page 4

    The baron accept it easily …. ==> Although I explained it ambiguously, he accepted it easily.

    You, the short blond hair ……. ==> You can go to your room to rest. I will call you when I need your help.


    Page 9.

    The criteria for “the helping girl” ….. ==> The maid was put to sleep due to the effect of the sleeping potion.

    Even kaoru is 15-16 ….. ===> Although it might seem that she is 15-16 year old, she is just 12.


    page 10

    Kaoru put her on the bed ==> She started preparing the clothes

    And she started storing clothes … ==> The clothes was stolen from the baron’s daughter when she was taking a bath.

    The clothes drawer ==> Candlestick

    The desk, the chair , the bookshelf ==> the Painting, desk,chair, bookshelf, carpet, futon & wardrobe.

    Carpet ==> the dish

    The dinner that I asked them to prepare. It is a dry food so that can be kept for a long time.

    Kaoru also stored the snacks’ …. ==> I might be able to sell dishes of the noble house for a large sum of money.


    Page 11

    Gently putter her on the floor … ==> Then, she kept her own clothes in the item box.

    And kaoru stored the bed as well ==> After putting the maid on the floor, she stored the bed as well.


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  3. Suggestion:
    Page 4:
    And the Baron {acept}->{accept} it easily

    It’s natural that he agreed because there was nothing bad {}->{about the request}

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    • I think having more source is more better, can combine both picture to have more better picture.

      Btw Marumaru always have watermark in all of their page

      I can redraw like i did at page 10 but not really that great after all.


  4. Really excited for “Goddess” appearance in the next chapter (or maybe in two more chapter i don’t know)


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