Mitsuha Chapter 29: Reward

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This post battle chapter is way too long.

Well, with this we done with this arc.

Mitsuha Chapter 29: Reward

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***A few days later***


The Imperial Army lost most of their supplies and ran away.
Some aristocrats and soldiers were pursued by the kingdom’s troops, others were attacked by the monster and some of them returned to the empire safely.
As for the nobles, if we captured them we can demand ransoms from the empire. As for soldiers, we should reduce their numbers (don’t have enough power to capture them all and stray soldiers may become bandits)
Farmers, please go back to your village and continue working.


And it’s finally time to visit the royal palace.
No, this time, I will be in trouble if I don’t do it.
This time, it was an official audience.
Yes, it seems to be a public announcement for reward.
Many people line up during the audience.
No, only some people got rewards, other great men were just attending.
Of course, Marquis IceBringer, the commander was present.


Ah, it’s true that I and Wolf Fang dealt with the enemies in the battle near main gate of the capital, but others also struggled with a lot of risk. Like gathering information, also some lords and troops that are near the invasion route fought hard to earn times, etc.
There are a lot of people made a big contribution or achievements.
If any one of them was missing, we might not win this war. Yes, it’s really so.
What if the enemy’s invasion was one day earlier?
What if I couldn’t grasp accurate information?
That’s why, I never took it for granted.
No matter how I and the Wolf Fang fought.
Huh, the first one is me?


「Mitsuha Yamano, for this success and contribution, yours was superb, please take a reward, say anything you want」(King)

「Yes, there are three things I wanted to ask」(Mitsuha)


Three? What a greed! This is why commoners … (People chattering)
It seems the surroundings became noisy.


「Good, please tell me」(King)


I started talking with the king permission while other people were surprised…


「Yes, the first thing:  actually there’s one person who is a lot more worthy of getting a reward than me」(Mitsuha)


「Yes, I’m talking about the courageous loyalty young aristocrat who had protected me and the general commander Marquis Icebringer Marquis from the bolts that were supposed to penetrate us」(Mitsuha)


This time, those who was complaining just before, raised their voice Oh Oh.
Yeah, everyone is convinced.


「Where is that courageous young man now?」(King)

「Yes, he took a bolt on his shoulder and another one on his abdomen. He is wandering around the border of life and death at the treatment center」(Mitsuha)

「Was it so?」(King)


The king had a mourning face.
Yeah, in this world it is synonymous with death.
Oh, the Earl Boses was also sad. Well, sorry…


「Yes, without that person’s action, there was never anything I could do other than dead at that time. That’s why that person is more worthy to get this achievement and reward than me」(Mitsuha)


The feelings towards me of those who had previously condemned raised up. Yes, it’s a wish for others, the hero that doesn’t mind death to protect other.


「I understand. Although he belongs to aristocratic of our kingdom, he isn’t a noble until he succeeds his parents’ rank. I would like to give him a nobility rank to honor his achievement, a position as a baron. Later, whether he succeeds his parents’ rank or not, this grace shall be kept, and can pass down to other child that doesn’t have a rank. In that case, this achievement for that person will be permanently kept」(King)


Everyone heard the king’s words. Then the Earl was moved… I guess it’s a really honorable thing.


「Is there anyone who is dissatisfied with this?」(King)


No one complained about the king’s decision…




Hey, hey! … isn’t that Marquis IceBringer? The one who got helped?
Everyone was surprised by the unexpected event and chatted so.
Marquis Icebringer continued.


「I can’t accept it at all. If we are to give a baron position with such achievement. Then others can’t receive any suitable reward」(Icebringer)


「Unless we reward him with a better rank, I can’t face the one who saved me!」(Icebringer)


「It was unexpected, so the rank was too low.
So, is there anyone who have complaints about the rank?」(King)


No-one dare to say anything. Otherwise, everyone will not get any reward.
Marquis Icebringer, you do a good job.
Oh, he is saying something as he approachs the Earl Bozes.
Eh… 『Sorry … I am sorry …』… Did you two know each other?
Well, it’s natural, because they are both powerful aristocrats.
And yet, my turn again!


「Thankfully for your kind consideration, my heart will feel a little calmer.
Now, my  second request …」(Mitsuha)


Actually, this is the most important thing.
It is the main purpose for me today.


「It is about the warriors who fought in front of the main gate」(Mitsuha)


Everyone in the audience became noisy.


「In fact, I could not overlook the crisis of the kingdom and asked for a reinforcement from my motherland that I thought I would never involve again.」(Mitsuha)

Motherland? What country is it!
How! A Country of thunder!! (People chat)


Yeah, peoples make a big fuss.


「Unavoidably, I went to my homeland in a moment using the secretive 『migration』to cut down my lives,
But in order for the country to move officially, I can not make it in time, due to procedures, meetings, approvals, documents, etc.
And we have no diplomatic relationship with this kingdom.
It is also difficult to bring troops to the country without grasping circumstances …
So, my friends participated personally.
However, abandoning mission by bringing out the national treasures, exhausting the power of the magical equipment in large quantities …
Perhaps they may be faced disposal …」(Mitsuha)

Oh, what’s that!
Something like that!
Those strong and kind braves! (People chat)

Yeah yeah, here I came again. (Mitsuha’s thought)

「In addition, we couldn’t afford to wait for the stars to come together.
And forcible make a large-scale migration without strong preparation, some of the priests who cooperated in the invocation of the technique had lost their lives」(Mitsuha)

Ah! Such things!
Oh God… (People chat)

「If you can send an appreciation letter for justifying their behavior were just helping other countries, compensate for the damage of the sacred treasure a little,
Their punishment might be reduced…
And it also to compensate for the deceased priest’s children…」(Mitsuha)


Oh, everyone started crying.


「Finance minister, give out as much as we can from the treasury.
It’s cheap if you compare to the capital might be crushed or even our country may have been destroyed. It’s a reasonable amount!」(King)

「Yes, please leave it to me!」(FM)


All right! Will the payment for Wolf Fang be managed somehow with this?
You will not say something like 3000 gold coins, will you?
Even though I don’t take any other expenses into account, the payment alone is already 40,000 gold coins, converting it to Japanese yen will be 1 billion yen!
It’s comparable to half of my savings goal, budget for one world of safe for my old age plan.
It is about 4 billion yen if you count the money value here.


「…3000 gold coins!」(???) (T.N: Sorry, I don’t know if the Finance minister or Earl Bozes say this)

Bufu~! (Mitsuha’s surprised voice)

「Our family will offer 3000 gold coins!」(Earl Bozes)

Eh, Earl Bozes. Really!?

「I offer 5000!」(Marquis Icebringer)

Marquis Icebringer …

「2500 gold coins!」(Lord A)

「Sorry, I have a lot of damage this time, 1000 gold coins is the most I can offer … I am sorry …」(Lord B)

「3000!」(Lord C)

「2000!」(Lord D)


Offering support from the nobility one after another!
This was unexpected.
Even there’s no other one with 5000 like the Marquis, but it seems that it will be easy to reach 40,000.

Oh, if I didn’t receive 40,000, how was I planning on paying?
Such a thing can be managed by selling pearls in other countries.
Before the talk spreads, I will go around many aristocrats in several countries and sell it at a high price before it lose value.
It’s also within that range of 『stop holding back』that I decided this time.


「Thank you very much for all of you,
With this, I think that the punishment on my friends can be reduced,
and the children of the deceased priests will also be able to continue studying to succeed to their father’s work…」(Mitsuha)


I pretend shed tears and gently wiping my eyes.


「The territory that suffered great damage this time will require a lot of funds,
such as support to the ravaged people and orphaned children …
I will ask the 『Oto…』 … I will ask the king for some kind of support from the country as well.
I will have a consultation what help I can offer later」(Mitsuha)

Oh, going that far! What an unselfish and merciful thing … (Lords near the invasion route)


As the voice of admires continued, some of them were thinking in their minds.


(Just now, She tried to say 『Otouto (Younger Brother)』, it’s『Young brother』, right!?) (Lords)


That was a misunderstanding about Mitsuha. Of course, she did it on purpose.
Well, until now, there would have been few people who thought that Mitsuha was the daughter of an ordinary aristocrat.


「And last request, I want you to make me a citizen of this country」(Mitsuha)

「「「Huh?」」」(Many person)

「I already abandon my homeland and flown in this country.
Right now I’m just a rootless person.
But right now, I want to be a citizen of this country, I want to be the same with people in this city to have this city as a new hometown」(Mitsuha)


Empathetic nobles.
After all, the wishes of Mitsuha didn’t contain anything about her own interests.
And that patriotism for this country.
No one doubted that it was more than enough.


「Well … I thought that Mitsuha was our kingdom citizen long …」(King)


The king thought a little about what to do, but had a bad smile with a good idea emerged.


「Well then, Mitsuha herself has done a great deal for this country to the extent that no one can deny it.
Let me give me a seal that showing Mitsuha is our country citizen」(King)


Alright, I got citizenship officially with this!
It is an official seal by the king himself!
It will make my business easier.
Is it okay for me to think about some new way of making money?

While Mitsuha was smiling, the King continued.


「I hereby decleare, you will be given a rank, Mitsuha von Yamano」(King)

Yea… Eh~~? What?


I don’t remember anything after that.
Somehow, everyone had a variety of rewards and confirmation of hope, but not for me, Mitsuha.
How did this happen!?




And a few more days passed.
Meanwhile, although I opened the shop, but a lot of customers who weren’t buying anything keep coming, there were a lot of trouble.
I can’t just refuse customers who don’t buy.
Because the product of this store is expensive, many customers said that they decided to buy some after they dealt with their trouble.

I would like to cherish those customers.

Sabine-chan was coming more and more to Mitsuha as she heard about Mitsuha’s success and rewards.
However, due to the large number of customers, the number of customers talking persistently to Mitsuha, Mitsuha didn’t even have time to talk let alone time to watch DVD.

Commoners didn’t really get involved too much with Mitsuha, it’s a feeling of gratitude, and they wanted to see the face of this country’s hero at a glance, so it isn’t a big deal.
But as a noble or a big merchant … It’s troublesome.
And although the sales increased, it isn’t in proportion to the increase in the number of customers at all.
Uguu… I wonder if I should review the product lineup …




I went on a journey to change my mood. Although going back and forth only took a moment with teleport.
For the moment, should I go back to the Earth?
The general store Mitsuha was closed for a few days.
My real destination is Colette’s village.
I didn’t forget about it.
Actually, it isn’t a distance that I can easily come and go, so I just didn’t go there right away, only until a period of time passed so not to make it unnatural.


「Colette-chan, it’s been a long time~」(Mitsuha)


It was greatly appreciated.
Yeah, I brought a lot of souvenirs and so on.
No, not only the souvenirs were welcomed. I want to believe so.

The story of the capital has yet to travel here.
As long as the lords, peddlers, which are sources of commoners’ info haven’t gone back to the territory yet.
Lord Bozes is still at the capital.
Most of the soldiers he led would be on their way home now.
That’s why, I only told about other cases like opening the shop, helping the aristocratic party at work, etc. to Collette and her parents Tobias and Ellene.
Yeah, a small rental house shop, a bit of subcontracting work for the party, very average.

Of course, I chose words that weren’t lies as much as possible.
I couldn’t say that there wouldn’t be anyone coming to the capital.
Be careful.
Huh!? I don’t grow any taller? Shut up…

Everyone was pleased with my great success.
No, even I only told a small extent of report, it seems to be a great success for the people of the village.
It seems to be a great story of a lifetime that anyone come to the city by themself and open up a shop in a short period of time to make profits to live.
It’s a rural village after all.


Once before, the country’s soldier seemed to come and ask a lot about Mitsuha, everyone was worried.
Well, well, if a suspicious person with unknown identity became close to the princess, then of course they should look it up.
However, I told it was an identity survey in relation to borrowing a store.
Oh, no one asked why the country’s soldiers was coming?
Yes, they didn’t really care about that, they are rural country farmers. No, I’m sorry for the trouble.

Because it’s unnatural to go back and forth in a day, they asked me to stay for 1 night and played with Collette. Today it seems that I got home help exempt.


The next day, I left the village.
Although I was detained to go more slowly but I replied with『actually I came to investigate the product in the village of the beach』and departed after I promised to come back to Collette again.
Yes, let ‘s go to the sea.
I’d like to check out the seafood, and once I go, I can easily teleport there next time.

I thought of seeing Beatrice-chan but I stopped.
Because the Earl is still the capital and I will meet him again later,
so if he happens to listen to Beatrice’s story, he will notice a contradiction, absolutely.
I told everyone it’s a skill that cut life.
I can’t use it unless there’s nothing extraordinary and it will be bad if the strange requests from the country and aristocrat come.

Among audiences at that time, although Mitsuha was blessed with quality, but she still told that it would exhaust considerable life force only by teleporting an appreciation letter and compensation moneys.
『I think my growth was slowed down at the age of 12 , With the burden of the skill so far …』I told that with a pitiful face.
It’s a painful setting that I was 12 years old! And I said it!
Ah, the return of Wolf Fang was said to be the effect of automatic return, that was incorporated from the beginning in the art.
I’m good at thinking about settings.


The seaside village was… well , it was small.
It’s a scale that not much different from Colette’s village.
Wasn’t the Earl a pretty powerful aristocrat?
Even so, he still has individual villages are like this.
Well, it was a small town even though it was the main city. (T.N: a way to speak, I guess)
How is it a『city』?
Well, it’s a rich village, as there are no starvation or children sold.
If you think that you can afford to buy children, it may be awful things.
Honorable, Earl of Bozes!


Oh, the Collette Village, it seems that Collette is the ruler of the village.
Well, I’m not good at memorizing names of people and places.
Okay, I called it like that because easy to understand.
After all, I still don’t remember the country name of the empire that was the enemy.

Oh, I guess the person who said it speaks something like a country name.
I don’t care.
Anyway, Bakabon’s dad is good with 『Bakabon no Papa』, nobody knows his name, but nobody is troubled and it may be easy to understand.
I do not even remember the name of the shop owner of that restaurant and the merchant who had bad attitude.
A cook shop owner, a good merchant, or something good.
If distinction is necessary then shopkeeper A, shopkeeper B and so on.


Seaside village, yes, 『Fishing village』is good, and they seems to do nothing other than fishing.
Well, that’s a fishing village for you.
The fish and shellfish that they have acquired are sold in the village and carried to other village in the territory for sale.
Although they sell directly in villages, they seem to sell to the stores in the capital.
Make a direct sales office? Well, because the profit of the store will be gone, it isn’t good.
The merchant is also a citizen, it’s a fine source of taxation.
Dried and salted, and. This is a very small amount, but also to the capital?
Perfection Fishing boat … eh? What’s that?
Yes Yes, well, I guess that’s all for today!


Go back home, check e-mails and postal items, buy ingredients and everyday items, and so on.
If I have a car, it will be convenient for large volume purchase.
Oh, I have to occasionally come around the neighborhood and showed my face to everyone in the vicinity.
Because I was often absent that made them worried for a child to live alone.
I’m 18 years old in Japan, but I should look like 15!
It’s enough for them to treat me like a kid, isn’t it?




Go out to the royal palace. Today is Rank bestowal ceremony.
Besides Mitsuha, there are some other people as well.
It’s only a few, but this time, it seems to be a major incident involving the survival of the country, because some nobles opportunistically betrayed and responded to the empire invitation, they just got rid of, some houses and lands were emptied.
Well, if you go steadily, it will be tough to become a senior aristocrat.

The new dress I ordered from the store manager was in time.
When I said 『I was invited to the ceremony of aristocracy in other country』, she stayed up all night.
Can’t I take her with me as well? If there is another opportunity.
The previous dress? It became blood clot. Ah, my left shoulder is already completely healed.
And we prepared for the ceremony. For details, after the ceremony then.


Today, the number of adults exceeds the announcement from the other day.
Of course, there are Marquis Icebinger and Earl Bozes.
Furthermore, although it isn’t a social season, it seems that quite a lot of noble families came to the kingdom from all over the place.
This time, I think it’s the last.
Because it’s an important point?
Well, because it will become annoying if they mess this up?


People went smoothly and steadily, and finally my turn.
Somehow, everyone is squatting as they look at me. Because I’m a child!
Oh, the dress is nice, isn’t it? I will tell the manager.
Well, she would be pleased if I take an order, the manager.
The Payment is in gold coin, though.


「Mitsuha von Yamano. I hereby give you a rank」(King)


After the words of the King, Sabine gave me a dagger.
Oh, this is a little knife with something like『Punish enemies and demons with this, defend the territory and the people』
When I betrayed the expectation of the king, it would be meaningful to use the dagger to puncture my heart. Well, it’s harsh.

The Prime Minister handed over to the old people, but it seems that Sabine would absolutely not allow anyone but her to give it to me.
Yes, I received it gratefully.
As I went down from the hall as it was, the king spoke to me.


「Lord Yamano. As for the one who is absent in this place, he doesn’t even have single son, that’s why accept the prize for Alexis on his behalf」(King)


When I looked at the Earl Bozes, he nodded.
Yeah, as I expected.


「I refuse」(Mitsuha) (Daga Kotowaru)


A surprised King, the whole room became silent. Earl Bozes is also dumbfounded.
Mitsuha turned herself from the seat and walked towards the front door.


Unfaithful! Capture her! (Lords)


Several harsh voices raised, but no one did anything yet.
The king is still stunned and doesn’t give any instructions.
Finally, Mitsuha arrived in front of the door.
She can’t do anything to overturn the guards. Mitsuha opened the door by herself without permission. A large door is fully opened.

There was a man standing there.

A young man, whose age is in between of a boy and man is walking slowly towards the throne where the king sits.
His right arm is hung from the neck with a white cloth, and the bandage wound tightly over many times in the abdomen.
He only wore the shirt, the outer garment was only hanging over the shoulder through the left arm alone and wasn’t button, it was giving the impression of fearless rather than crude.


There are no footsteps on a carpet. However, everyone seemed as if he could hear the footsteps with “ka~tsun, ka~tsun”

Tears overflow on the cheeks of Earl Bozes.

The Marquis Icebringer standing nearby nodded many times while hitting the shoulder of the Earl.
While being wrapped in silence, the boy, no, that dignified youth stopped his feet in front of the king.
And Mitsuha’s voice echoes.


「Please give that to him directly.」(Mitsuha)

Awaaa!! (Everyone)


The audience was wrapped in cheers.


「I am sorry for such a figure」(Alexis)

「Good, that’s good … …」(King)


The king admitted with a joyful face.


「Alexis von Bozes. I hereby give you a rank」(King)

「I will accept it prudently」(Alexis)


Because he is covered with bandage, Alexis lowered his head awkwardly.


「You are the eldest son of Earl Bozes, when you succeed your father’s rank, you should have rank as a second rank or give it to your brother or your child in the future」(King)


As the king spoke so, Alexis shook his head.


「There is no necessity」(Alexis)



The King was dumbfound again.


「I will let my brother Theodor succeed my father’s rank.
And, more over this rank isn’t inherited from my parents but from my achievement, the title directly received from the King!
The Founder of the prosperous new aristocrat! Who follow the path of knight?
In addition…」(Alexis)

「In addition?」(King)

「By the time my father retires, I would have already been reached the Earl title」(Alexis)


The king had a good laugh with that word.
Earl Bozes had a bitter smile among the participants.


At the signal of the king who finally finished laughing, when Sabine was about to give the dagger.
Ah, let’s give a little service to the celebration.


「Sabine-chan, Sabine-chan already did it once, let your sister do it this time」(Mitsuha)

(T.N: It wasn’t clear who said it, maybe the King said it or the Princess wanted to take over and said it herself)

「Oh, yes, that’s right!」(Sabine)


Sabine’s esteemed sister, her beloved sister who is sitting with the Queen and the Prince at the diagonally back of the King. The second Princess, Chii nee-sama beckoning to do it.

(ちぃねえさま: Chii nee-sama mean smaller/shorter body big sister compare to younger sibling = Legal Loli)

Yeah, I don’t know her name, of course.


「Eh, me? 」After a little surprised with the face of saying so, the second princess trying to stand up from her seat.
Handed from the beautiful princess of 17 to 18 years old.
Alexis’s face became red with relaxing his fearless face.
Yeah yeah, I’m glad he is happy!
Sabine is very cute, but he is a healthy boy after all.


Suddenly another princess who looks like age 25 – 26 years old got up, restraining the second princess.
The princess handed over to Alexis while deflecting her eyes away.
He received the dagger quickly.
Well, what’s going on?
Anyway, don’t you look like a bit discouraged, Alexis?
Do you want to die?

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    「Unless we reward him with a better rank, I can’t face the one {}->{who} saved me!」(Icebringer)

    「If you can send {a}->{an} appreciation letter for justifying their behavior were just helping other countries, compensate for the damage

    Even {}->{though} I don’t take {anything}->{any other expenses into account}, the payment alone is already 40,000 gold coins, converting it to Japanese yen will be 1 billion yen!

    I {imitate}->{pretend shed tears and} gently wiping my eyes.

    Somehow, everyone had a variety of rewards and confirmation of hope, but {Mitsuha wasn’t}->{not for me, Mitsuha}.
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    When I betrayed the expectation of the king, it would be meaningful to {}->{use the dagger to} puncture my heart. Well, it’s {hard}->{harsh}.

    A young man {around}->{,whose age is} in between of a boy and man walking slowly towards the throne where the king sits.

    through the left arm alone and wasn’t button {that}->{,it was} giving the impression of fearless rather than crude.

    「Alexis von {Beauzes}->{Bozes}. I hereby give you a rank」(King)

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    It seems the surroundings became noisy. »

    Ok. Definitely a stupid novel. Still calling her commoner after all that..


  6. That “I refuse” part is so hamfisted. We already know that Alexis is not dead, and the other people’s reactions weren’t really funny, so Mitsuha’s interruption just makes her look stupid. Considering the implausibility of Alexis just waiting outside the room with Mitsuha being the only one aware of it, it’s not really a scene worth adding. The corniness of the punchline simply overrides any emotional tug the scene may have carried.


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