Cathia Chapter 2-10: To The Next Destination

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Cathia Chapter 2-10: To The Next Destination


She was asked to participate in the funeral as well, but Fina-san refused.
She said that 『From here onwards, it is time for family and family members』
We were currently returning to Raza town on horseback.
We advanced through the forest road and when we reached an uphill road, the time was around noon.


「It was a nice speech, Neil」(Fina)


Fina-san already returned to her usual condition, made fun of Neil-san.
When I’m looking at her like this, she looks like a different person than when she draws the picture.
Well, being energetic is also good.
I’m smiling cheerfully as I’m watching the siblings.


「Please stop it, … I said that on a surplus moment … It’s embarrassing」(Neil)

「Hee, your onee-chan is just happy that her little brother grew up straight!」(Fina)


So, Fina-san can talk with Neil-san like this, as if she doesn’t care how Neil-san hates it.
They are really sibling-like.


「Right, Cathia-chan?」(Fina)



So, do you want to involve me as well?


「Ah, yes, I also like it, the word you just said」(Cathia)



For some reason, Neil-san’s face became red.
He goes ahead by hastening his horse.
I could see his back.
He is mad, isn’t he?
Did I step on a landmine?


「Fufu, that’s it. Both of you reacted strangely」(Fina)

「Eh, did you say something that makes Neil mad? …I …」(Cathia)


I verify the words I just said. 『I also like it』
In other words, did he think I say that to tease him like Fina-san nor just out of consideration?
If it’s really so, isn’t it kinda bad?


Spring finally came to that child and here came a dense one
Yes, there seems to be some misunderstanding, but it would be more interesting to keep it as it is!」(Fina)


Fina-san was muttering something by herself and laughing.
Spring? That girl?
Well, certainly it’s spring now.

After that, even if I tried to speak, Neil-san who still had a red face didn’t even meet my eyes.
Fina-san! Help, please!
If this keeps up, I won’t be able to apologize until we get back to town, Fina-san


「I’m telling you, it’s okay, it’s okay!」(Neil)


I decided to give up on those words.
I’m not quite sure why he even said it twice.
He got mad, but for some reasons, he seemed to be relieved by this.

We arrived at the town, so we reported it to the soldier guild.
Fina-san seems to have done well, Neil-san also returned to the usual state.
The branch chief and Gale-san welcomed us when we entered the guild.
Gale-san seemed surprised to see Fina-san was going together with us for a moment,
but as she told somethings to him, he had the look like give up immediately.
…… It was the face of someone facing their usual hardships.
And all of us went to the office as usual.


「Well done, I’d like to raise your rank with the capture of an empire’s agent in the suppression of Wyvern …」(Branch Chief)


After the branch chief said that, he turned sideways and urged Gale-san to continue.


「That’s right.
Regarding of the capturing of this agent, you are supposed to report it with an official announcement.
As you already knew, the notifications are supposed to be sent from the information department」(Gale)

「Eh, why?
Isn’t it better for you to spread the news yourself, father?」(Fina)


Fina-san protested.


「No, because the accuracy of the information we know is low,
We do not know even how he can manipulate monsters,
the scale that he can manipulate,
how many people can do it,
I don’t want to create any more useless confusion at the moment.
Well, as for the soldier guild, we already did our jobs」(Gale)

「Uhm, can’t it be helped?」(Fina)

「Well, news spreading out in the form of rumors is probably a matter of time.
And it’s not possible for people on top to receive inaccurate information,
There’s nothing else we can do about it」(Gale)


That means we don’t have anything else to do.


「In the end, we must depend on the information department for a matter like this after all」(Cathia)


Just like putting surveillance near the border, or putting the suspicious person on the list, or catching any disturbing movements.
Is it enough for preventing in advance?


「Did you call me?」(Nanasi)



Nanasi-san was standing right behind me.
I was scared! It’s bad for my heart!
I raised a bizarre sound, It’s so embarrassing.


「How long ago did you get here?」(Neil)


Neil-san also has his face frown.


「A little while ago, I heard a story from that man…」(Nanasi)


Nanasi-san spoke while moving to the place that facing everyone.


「So, how was he?」(T.N: someone asks Nanasi, I don’t know who)


Nanasi-san shook his head.


「It is useless, he is in confusion state and I can’t get a decent reaction,
his memories are ambiguous, they chose such a human … or there was something else…」(Nanasi)


Did that mean something brought him to that state?
It was quite obscure.


「But, there was an odd thing」(Nanasi)


Nanasi-san took out an object from his pocket.
Was that…




I received it from Nanasi-san.


「Please try blowing it. Ah, don’t worry because the mouth is clean」(Nanasi)


I certainly don’t want an indirect kiss with that man.
Why me though?
Oh dear, but oh well.
It has a characteristic teardrop shape.
I hold the appropriate hole and breathe in.


「… Sound, can you hear it?」(Cathia)


Even if I breathe in firmly, there is no response.
I asked to confirm with Neil-san.


「I can not hear it」(Neil)

「There is no sound. Isn’t this suspicious?」(T.N: Someone isn’t Neil)


Yes, it’s really suspicious.
Apparently, there seems to be no damage to it.


「Do you think that the monsters can be controlled with this Ocarina?」(Cathia)


It’s just like a snake whistle…


「Although it’s possible,
But maybe this only a camouflage.
For now, I’m waiting for the analysis of experts of magic tools.
The information that I gained from that man is only that degree.
Well, I will return for now」(Nanasi)


Nanasi-san collected the ocarina, handed out a report to Gale-san and left.
Is there troublesome information?


「Tch, isn’t this problem already postpone?」(Gale)


Certainly, we can’t deal with the threats that easily by only capturing that man.
However, I don’t know that important information.


「Okay, we need to tighten the management of people’s access」(Gale)


Gale-san was quite upsetting.
The Branch chief wrinkles his eyebrows.


「As a soldier guild, it won’t be enough for strengthening the patrolling security of the villages … additional budget, can you supply it, Gale-san」(Branch Chief)

「I am sorry, but I do not think so,
I will do something about it, but only the budget from the country won’t be enough」(Gale)


I feel a little uncomfortable with the conversation between two higher-ups.


「Oops, I’m sorry, you must be tired,
the reward is…
this is it.
you can go home and have a good rest today」(Branch Chief)


The branch chief noticed us and prompted us to leave as he giving us the rewards.


「Oh, it’s a lot of money」(Fina)


Fina-san muttered.
One hundred fifty thousand Rusi (about 500 thousand yen)?
It’s a lot of money, it might include the payment for the information as well.
As the 2 adults began talking about future policy again, I left the guild with the Raza siblings.
The 3 of us took a breakfast and lunch meal after the day passed, I have a rest in a private room at Raza House.

The next day, we plan to leave Raza town.
Gale-san-san said he can not see us off because he is at the meeting from early in the morning.
He already said goodbye with us the night before, but it was a bit disappointing.
I plan to leave soon, but Fina-san still doesn’t come out of her room.
I am waiting near the entrance of Raza House.


「Neil-san, how is Fina-san doing?」(Cathia)

「 This pattern is “that”!」(Neil)





「Is it a picture?」(Cathia)

「Yes, a picture, definitely」(Neil)


And the door opened swiftly there
Of course, it was Fina-san who came down from the stairs and opened it.
It seems the preparation for the journey has been completed.


「It was done! Cathia-chan series first work …!」(Fina)

Battle with Dragon.jpg

Fina-san makes me look like a protruding picture.
Is it my picture?
There was a red-haired girl who jumped at the sky slashing her sword, and a picture of Wyvern with an agonizing expression as it was burned in flames.
It’s very powerful picture, but what is it …?


「It’s flashy, isn’t it?」(Neil)


「Beautiful, right?」(Neil)


Neil-san tells various of his impression but Fina-san seems dissatisfied.


「I can still understand that Neil said it cool looking, but it’s only flashy because Cathia did that way of fighting!」(Fina)



But I still think it’s flashy on top of what I did on my own.


「Oh well, I will distribute this picture for printing and photocopying for you!
There’s a service in the commercial guild!」(Fina)


There is no problem because we have obtained permission that we don’t have to hide about the Wyvern part.
I guess.


「Will this picture be going to be on the market …
What will you say about it, a screening …?」(Cathia)

「I give up, I said I will accompany you such reasons from the beginning,
And I thought the same as Fina-nee at the time when I was watching…」(Neil)

「The attraction of Cathia-chan must be spread by all means!」(Fina)


Then we left the Raze town after leaving the picture to a merchandiser dealing with art objects of tje commercial guild.
Let’s pray from now that three of us can safely return home at Raza.

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  1. Thanks for bringing this back. Went and re-read all previous chapters since I couldn’t remember everything.
    Though wasn’t the money conversion 1 to 10, thus meaning that it should be 1500 thousand rather than 500 thousand in yen?
    Also, there are a lot of small errors that doesn’t change the meaning that I can’t be bothered to write down, but one thing you can think of is that you don’t use both the and a name, you wouldn’t say “I left the London”, either use “the town” or “Raze”.


    • Money converion make by the Author.
      Either the Author made a mistake in writting or the money conversion with that rate.
      (Just like fifteen and fifty doesn’t really different must in writting but mean 15 and 50)


  2. okay, dear translator i wanna ask about something and it’s been bothering me after i reread this novel again from ch.1….in one of the comment section at vol.2 ch.7 someone said that this novel is yuri….cuz if that’s true i’ll drop this novel from my list xD
    don’t get me wrong i don’t have anything against shoujo-ai or yuri novel but i read this novel cuz this novel had gender-bender tag in Novel Update (yeah, i’m gender-bender lover xD) and right now i really don’t want to read shoujo-ai or yuri novel.
    (Sorry for my bad english xD)


  3. Thanks for your work…

    「This pattern is Arez!」(Neil)
    Arez? Ah…

    RAW :
    kono patan wa aressuyo (are desu yo)… (Neil)
    are?.. ah..
    Translate :
    This is that patern…
    That?.. ah..


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